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Streetcar Named Desire

Explore how William’s presents the struggle for identity in Streetcar

named desire with a focus on sexual identity

- “Meat!” Stanley instantly presented as a brutish, monosyllabic

‘caveman’ this shows his strong stereotypical character precedes

- “centre of his life has been pleasure with women” again showing
Stanley as an emotionless man that thinks only for himself and what
can bring him the most “pleasure”.

- “richly feathered male bird” presenting himself as ready for mating,

building character as a person with a one track mind.

- “gaudy seed bearer. He sizes up women at a glance with sexual

clarifications” Shows how he perceives women in the same way that he
sees himself, and defines himself only by his ability to reproduce, this
implies that the only thing important in his life is desire.

- “Sister Blanche” sister has connotations of nuns. This implies that

Blanche follows the practices of the time by presenting herself in an
innocent and chastised.

- “Some buttons in back. You may enter.” Blanche’s flirtatious nature

contrasts how she presents herself, this suggests her love of illusion
and secrecy.

- “It isn’t on his forehead and it isn’t genius” Stella implying that the
relationship between herself and Stanley is lust and not love.

- “something downright – bestial – about him!” Stanley again

represented with animalistic qualities, this shows he is driven by simple

- “I need kindness now” Blanche is dependent in her relationships

despite the fact that she probably doesn’t need it.

- “Punch me…” Mitch and Blanche’s awkwardness on their date shows

that Mitch is unsure of himself, it also implies that Blanche is again
being deceitful, pretending to be sweet and innocent when she used to
go out with the soldiers “They would call for me”.

- “I’ve never had a real look at you, Blanche.” Blanche’s deceitful nature
shows her need of mystery and romance, it also suggests that she is
ashamed of her true self from past sexual relationships.
- “geyser of foam” Williams shows this to show that everything Stanley
does and is relates to his sexual identity and it is all he thinks of, it also
precedes the rape scene to imply that it is a premeditated occurrence.

- “We’ve had this date together from the beginning” this shows Stanley’s
dominance and the fact that he gets what he wants and has no
decency, as he is about to rape his own sister-in-law.

- “his fingers find the opening of her blouse” again showing how Stanley
is always ready sexually an doesn’t let anything affect him.