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Micromax Unite 2 A106 is a budget android Kitkat(4.4.2) smartphone hich as recent!" !

b" Micromax. #t is packed ith $uite a good specs. %e&ore going &urther i'!! !ike to point a thing that
(ooting )oids "our *arrant" but once "ou ha+e rooted it "ou can unroot it an"time too.
(ooting is con&using &or a!! nebies, but b" &o!!oing the guide be!o "ou can easi!" get "our &acts
and doubts c!ear and can success&u!!" root "our Micromax Unite 2.
*h" to root "our Unite 2-
*e!!, there are a heck.!ot o& mods and customisations that one can tr" on their Android de+ice but
&or a!! o& them the basic necessit" is (//0. (ooting is a process hich he!ps "ou to gain
administrati+e access so that "ou can edit1modi&" the s"stem core &i!es.
2/M344 # rooted but hat bout m" arrant", hat i!! happen to m" de+ice--

5es "ou !ost it, but ca!m don one can a!a"s &!ash the stock (/M and get back "our de+ice as it
as on "our &irst boot.
2# rooted m" de+ice, but nothing happened-

(ooting a!one on't do an" magic, but i& "ou see c!ose!" there ou!d %e a 6U app insta!!ed and that
app is !ike a gatea" hich i!! grant permission &or specia!!" made apps and that i!! make "our
phone do onders.
2*i!! it damage m" de+ice, i!! it %!ast--
7o nothing !ike that ou!d happen i& "ou &o!!o the process per&ect!" and rooting on't make "our
de+ice b!ast.
6o no e'!! mo+e toards the procedure o& rooting but be&ore it there are some goodies that "ou
i!! need to don!oad.
%oot #mage and 8*M (eco+er".!oad1cxc:2u;;pxrg<i&1(oot=Micromax=Unite=2=>?A.rar
6@ A!ash 0oo!.!oad1kmt<b;cga<p""m&16@=A!ash=0oo!=exe=+<.1<44.0.212.rar
M0K U6% ?ri+ers Aor Micromax de+ices(/n!" #& not insta!!ed).!oad1xcm2!a11<uh!m1?ri+er=Auto=#nsta!!er=+1.12<6.00=*inB.
6uper 6U.!oad1<$6:Da2;e!hcumc1U@?A0E.6uper6U.+1.D4.Cip
And !ast but not the !east
6catter Ai!e."2baco"$o<mo1M06FB2=Android=scatter=emmc.txt
And Make 6ure "our de+ice has at!east :FG H %atter" and "ou ha+e enab!ed U6% ?ebugging i& not
3o 0o 6etting2About @hone20ap the bui!d number 4.F 0ime and 0hat *i!! Enab!e ?e+eo!per
7o *e'!! @roceed &or the (ooting @rocedure.
Io 0o (oot Unite 2-
1)#nsta!! the U6% ?ri+ers #& the" are not a!read" insta!!ed on "our @8.
2)8op" the 6uper6U Ai!e on "our de+ice's interna! memor", don't keep it in an" &o!der ;ust !et it be
<)@u!! out the de+ice's batter", and hi!e it's turned o&& connect it to "our computer +ia U6% cab!e.
4)Extract out a!! the &i!es o& 6@ &!ash too, and doub!e c!ick on A!ash=0oo!.exe to open it.
F)8!ick /n the scatter !oading button and se!ect the J6catter Ai!eK that "ou ;ust don!oaded. 0he
rea! name o& the &i!e is MT6582_Android_scatter_emmc.txt
6)0his i!! then !oad up a ne section in the region be!o here "ou'!! be ab!e to see a !ot o&
checkboxes ;ust c!ick on %//0#M3 text and se!ect the boot image "ou ;ust don!oaded and then
&o!!o the same procedure &or (E8/)E(5 text and se!ect the reco+er".
:)8!ick /n the don!oad button and there i!! be a arning popped up but don't orr" about it and
8ongratu!ations "ou ha+e success&u!!" insta!!ed 8*M (eco+er" on "our Unite 2.
B)7o A!! 5ou ha+e to do is boot up into reco+er" and "ou can do that b" pressing and ho!ding
)o!ume upH)o!ume donHpoer ke" simu!taneous!". 0hen se!ect the reco+er" mode and se!ect
insta!! L#@ &rom 6? card and then use the +o!ume rockers to scro!! up and don and poer button
to make a se!ection.
D)6e!ect the 6uper6U.Cip that "ou p!aced in "our phone.
And 8ongratu!ation "ou'+e success&u!!" rooted "our Micromax Unite 2 A106.
#& "ou sti!! ha+e and doubts !ea+e em be!o in the comment section.