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Carmen Lidia Javier Ruiz
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Key adjectives in academic...
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Key adjectives in academic English (adjetivos clave en ingls
Adjectives and prepositions
Adjective Adjetivo Ejemplo
relative to relativo a Language development is conceived as
relative to one's own past performance, or
relative to that of others.
relevant to relevante
How can we make science relevant to
environmental policy? Poor communication
between scientists and politicians is
characteristic of the situation today.
specific to especfico
Some of the responses to the questionnaire
were specific to young male respondents.
Others were common to all the respondents.
common to comn a
We need to plan technologies which are
appropriate to the needs of small farmers. It
was typical of the farmers in the study that
they had a negative attitude to technology.
typical of tpico de
Adjectives and their opposites
Adjective Adjetivo Ejemplo
abstract abstracto We cannot discuss drug abuse as an abstract
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problem without considering concrete
examples of abuse and their social
consequences. Abuse is rarely a simple issue;
it usually results from a complex set of
circumstances. Both quantitative and
qualitative research is necessary to gain a full
picture of the situation. By combinng research
methods, we may obtain an accurate picture of
the causes and results of abuse, in contrast with
the inaccurate assessments which often result
from purely quantitative studies. A significant
amount of fear and prejudice surrounds the
notion fo abuse, and the media have a role
which is also not insignificant in promoting
such fears. The dissertation concludes that
rough estimates of the number of drug addicts
need to be made more precise by properly
defining addiction.
concrete concreto
simple simple
complex complejo
quantitative cuantitativo
qualitative cualitativo
accurate preciso /
inaccurate impreciso /
no veraz
significant significativo
insignificant insignificante
rough a grandes
precise preciso
Other important, frequent adjectives and typical combinations with
Adjective Adjetivo Ejemplo
apparent aparente There was an apparent discrepancy between the two
sets of results.
potential potencial We noted a potential problem with the experimental
design which we had to deal with first.
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principal principal The principal cause of the failure was a sudden
temperature change.
rigorous rigoroso The research used a rigorous methodology which
had been tested on many occasions.