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Global Country Study Report

Agriculture and Processed Foods Industry of Morocco
Business Opportunities for Gujarat / India
Submitted to
Institute Code: 7! " #!
Institute $ame: S%R% &ut'ra Institute of Management
(nder t'e Guidance of
)r% Ra*i )% +aidya ,Guide-s $ame.
,Associate Professor.
In partial Ful/llment of t'e Re0uirement of t'e a1ard of t'e degree
of Master of 2usiness Administration ,M2A.
O3ered 2y
Gu4arat 5ec'nological (ni*ersity
Prepared by:
Students of
MB (!e"ester # III / I$)
Group $o% 6
Mont' 7 8ear:
)ecember9 :!;<
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!tudent&s 'e%laration
,On separate page.
=e9 follo1ing students9 'ereby declare t'at t'e Global" Country
Study Report titled >Agriculture and Processed Foods Industry> in
(Moro%%o) is a result of our o1n 1or? and our indebtedness to
ot'er 1or? publications9 references9 if any9 'a*e been duly
ac?no1ledged% If 1e are found guilty of copying any ot'er report
or publis'ed information and s'o1ing as our original 1or?9 or
e@tending plagiarism limit9 1e understand t'at 1e s'all be liable
and punis'able by G5(9 1'ic' may include
AFail- in e@amination9 ARepeat study 7 reBsubmission of t'e report-
or any ot'er punis'ment t'at G5( may decide%
(nroll"ent no) *a"e !ignature
Place : CC%% )ate : CC%%
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Institute +erti,%ate
DPlease attac' signed and scanned copy of t'is
>Certi/ed t'at t'is Global Country Study and Report
is t'e bona/de 1or? of attac'ed student list 1it' enrollment
numbers9 1'o 'a*e carried out t'eir researc' under my"our
super*ision% I"=e also certify furt'er9 t'at to t'e best of my
?no1ledge t'e 1or? reported 'erein does not form part of any
ot'er pro4ect report or dissertation on t'e basis of 1'ic' a degree
or a1ard 1as conferred on an earlier occasion on t'is or any ot'er
candidate% I"1e 'a*e also c'ec?ed t'e plagiarism e@tent of t'is
report 1'ic' is CCC G and t'e separate plagiarism report in t'e
form of 'tml "pdf /le is enclosed 1it' t'is%
!ignature of the Fa%ulty Guide/s
(-a.i ') $aidya/ sso%iate Professor)
!ignature of I/+ 'ire%tor
(0)M) 1apadia)
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Plagiaris" -eport # for Integrated -eport of all
(Student Groups must also check their Reports for
The !tudent Group 2eader / Fa%ulty#in#+harge needs to
paste the 3
page of plagiaris" report of the Integrated
-eport of all Groups of !tudents)
P-(F+( (!(P-T( PG()
+1*O52('G(M(*T (!(P-T( PG()
!6B0(+T I*'(7 (!(P-T( PG()
!uggested "odel for Indi.idual Group8 !e"ester#
!6MM-9 OF P-T : 3 -(PO-T (; # 3< pages)
P-T : I8 +O6*T-9 !T6'9 *' B6!I*(!! OPPO-T6*ITI(! FO-
G60-T / I*'I8 M+-O
o S5IIP&I) Analysis of selected sector"industry in t'e Country !e" :
o O*er*ie1 of Industry9 5rade and Commerce in t'e Selected
Country (Total
o S5IIP&I) Analysis of selected sector"industry in Gu4arat "
;< : 3<<
o Analysis of Selected Industries " Segments- 2usiness Potential
bet1een t'e
Selected Country and Gu4arat " India
ary of
o Present 5rade Relations during last < to years by t'e
selected industry9 as
; #3<
1ell as 2ilateral In*estment
o 5o study designated Indian state and its ma4or Industries and to
carry out S=O5 analysis of selected sector"Industry
o Anne@ure containing )ata " 5ables ,C'arts " Grap's may be in

!uggested "odel for Indi.idual Group8 !e"ester#

Parti%ular Page *o)
!6MM-9 OF P-T : I -(PO-T (MB III !e"ester) (; # 3< pages)
!6MM-9 OF P-T : II -(PO-T (MB I$ !e"ester) (; # 3< pages)
P-T : II8MI+-O *29!I!8 +OMP*9 /P-O'6+T /!(-$I+( !T6'9)
(!5OT nalysis of !ele%ted +o"panies (if appli%a=le) /
+hallenges/ 5inning the Business !trategy Ga"e/ and
Proje%tions for (>port#I"port Trade and In.est"ent =et?een
the t?o +ountries / !tates)
Introduction of t'e selected Company " Firm and its I@port J
Import 5rade or
In*estment ,actual or potential. 1it' " in t'e selected Country "
o S=O5"5O=S Analysis of t'e Selected Companies " Firms (if
Sem J
o Mar?et Opportunities for I@port J Import 5rade and"or
In*estment in
selected country
;< : 3<<
o ,or In1ard In*estment into Gu4arat " India.
o Policies and $orms of India for Import or e@port to t'e
selected country
ary of
including licensing " permission9 ta@ation9 5rade 2arriers etc%
Part I (;
o Global Strategy Problem of t'e company " /rm 1it' reference
to selected pages) @
Country " Pro*ince " State
ary of
o =inning Strategies for t'e Company " Firm
Part II (;
#3< o Future Pro4ections of 5rade ,I@port B Import. of t'e Company
" Firm-s pages)
products or ser*ices 1it' selected Country " Pro*ince " State
during next <
to years
o Resources re0uired to tap t'e business opportunity in
selected country
o Findings 7 Suggestions
o Conclusion In terms of Proposed 2usiness Plan " Model"
o Anne@ure
o 2ibliograp'y