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We Care Program Newsletter

September 2014
A big thanks to the volunteers
who helped us at the September
Cornerstone Yard Sale!
Stephen Tagge
Dora Tagge
Tori Tagge
Katy Tagge
Johnny Vines
Don Loftis
John Stanley
Doug Metcalf
Darin Jimenez Sr.
Darin Jimenez Jr.
After months of endless paperwork, meetings and reaching out to the
SF Consulate, We Care Program participant Michael Lennox
Matthews was finally able to get his permanent resident card replaced
thanks to our very own, We Care Program Office Coordinator,
Jennifer Zessi and Melody Maldonado from Jeff Denhams office.
Meet Johnny!
Johnny is the latest participant in our Rapid Rehousing program. Although he is a
native of California, he spent a couple of years working in Kansas City and
Atlanta before moving to Turlock. Johnny is a private, and shy, person who is
easy to get along with, an avid bike rider, and a movie buff. He also finds
happiness and some fun in any work he does, describing his latest job as being
similar to a fun field trip. What Johnny looks forward to in his new home is
keeping it up to his cleanliness standard and watching movies!
Meet John Stanley

Meet John!
“My Name is John and thanks to the We Care Program of Turlock, I have a home!
About 10 years ago I had a heart attack and went in the hospital and had open-heart
surgery. 5 years later, I had another heart attack and now have a pacemaker. I am
disabled and the doctor’s orders were not to strain myself. I went to the We Care
Program and they let me take a shower every night, gave me a change of clothes, a
hot meal every night, and a bed to sleep in. Thank you We Care!”
Yard Sale
October 3, 4, 5
• Volunteer to set up for the Yard Sale on October 1,2,3
• Donate Items that can be sold at the Yard sale
• Volunteer During the Yard Sale and Clean Up
Contact us at 664-2003 or email us at to
volunteer or donate!!!
Yard Sale will be at:
219 S. Broadway
All proceeds will go towards supporting
the Cold Weather Shelter
We Care is happy to introduce our latest clients
who we were able to get off the streets and into
their own homes! This last month we were busy
placing Johnny V. in our ESG Transitional
Program and John S. through our CoC HUD
Supportive Housing Program.
Our Latest Success

Board of Directors
Bill Sturtevant
Retired Executive Director

Vice President
Jeremiah Fair

Maris Sturtevant
Lay Missionary of Charity


Glenn (Andy) Elder
Local Business Owner

Chuck Fair

Kelvin Jasek-Rysdahl
CSUS Professor

Upcoming Dates
October 1
Online Dinner Calendar Opens! Reserve your date by visiting
our site or calling 664-2003

October 24
Visit us at the final Farmers Market of the year

October 3,4,5
Yard sale at We Care

November 8
Winter Shelter Opening

A big Thank You to
California Realty
for helping us get
ready for our
We Care Program
Yard Sale!

How You Can Hel p?
We Care Program counts on donations from people like you
to help us keep the homeless warm and fed during the winter
months. Remember, just $20 a day houses and feeds one
person a day. Giving back to your community is EASY!
• Use the attached form to make a tax deductible
• Go online to
In response to cuts in federal funding we are looking for
volunteers who would be interested in helping with fundraising
activities, shelter greeter, and office. Email with your information
Like our page on Facebook (We Care Turlock) and
remember to visit it to find out the latest We Care Program
For this upcoming shelter season, we need cleaning
supplies, vacuum, furniture, backpacks, bed sheets,
toiletries, allergy & cold medicine, towels, and more! Email

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