Meeting Minutes

Action Team Name: Built Environment Meeting Date: Nov 29, 2007 – 1845 N 23rd Street Note Taker name: Jim Plumb Attendees:
Last name Missing, Brenda; Brown, Leona; Brown, Helen; Chalmers, Valeria; Chalmers, Robert; Cheeseborough, Jackie; Clark, Florence; Frink, Denise; Green, Dolores Harrigan, Karen; Hoffman, Roy; Ingram, Karl; James, Calvin; Jaraton, Bonnie; Kappler, Anne; Kirch, Jonathan; Major, Mary; McBlain, Gladys; Pennick-Howard, Shelli; Plumb, James; Rogers, Joan; Ross, Alma; Savage, Chris; Shabazz, Jerome; Shamwell, Dorothea; Sloan-Green, Tina; Small, Laverne; Smith, Gloria; Stewart, Kedian Taylor, Tiffany; Walker, Darlene; Wiener, Skip.

Telephone #: 215-955-6340


Agenda Item Introductions

Discussion: Main Points Brief introduction of Project Presentation on Built Environment by Roy Hoffman MD Each attendee – “who, where from and why here”

Follow-up Actions


Continued engagement of attendees James and Plumb

Previous Meeting Follow-up Review of working definition of Built Environment – “means to change physical and social environments, which shape behavioral choices, particularly physical activity and nutrition, thus affecting overall health” Next Great City Coalition – calls for next mayor and City Council to take the following actions” 1) Create Public Riverfronts Issue – Residents do not have access or views of the rivers from many points along its shore Action – Rezone riverfronts and obtain rights of way to preserve public waterfronts 2) Clean and Green Vacant Lots Issue – city has successfully cleaned 10% of Follow-up on issues and actions; contact Coalition Leadership Plumb and James

vacant lots to date Action – continue and expand nationally recognized programs 3) Adopt Modern Zoning Issue – Forty year old zoning code fasils to protect neighborhood character and community parks and gardens and does not offer incentives for good building practices Action – Rewrite zoning text with extensive community input 4) Maintain Healthy Parks Issue – Parks need better oversight, new sources of money, and better coordination with nonprofit and private stakeholders Action – Update Fairmount park Commission’s commissioner appointment process, increase coordination, and allow money generated in parks to be used for park improvement 5) Replant Neighborhood Trees Issue – City has cut down 23,000 problem trees and did not replace them Action – Replant 23,000 shade trees Philadelphia Parks Alliance – Better Parks for a Better City – A Reform Agenda for Philadelphia’s Parks (March 2006) Review comprehensive recommendations Review status of 2004 Fairmount park Strategic Plan City Council Vote on restructuring of Fairmount park Commission Ballot Initiative Status???

Penn DOT – Safe Routes to School program Clean Air Council’s Philly Walks Initiative 1) To work for a safe and functional pedestrian environment 2) To promote walking as an activity and a form of recreation 3) To educate government, transportation officials and general public about pedestrian concerns 4) To create greater public awareness of

Determine what they are doing

pedestrian issues

New Topics

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia 1) Promoting the bicycle as an environmentally friendly, healthy, and economical form of transportation and recreation through advocacy and education Open Forum: • Teenagers selling drugs • Frightened for safety • Playgrounds are littered • “Feel stuck” in my home

Determine what they are doing

What is the safety/policing plan for the neighborhood

• • • Next Steps

No safe walking pathways to park Will be going against City Hall and developers King Center – not safe – who is on Advisory Board??? Neighborhood has “no initiative” Find out who is involved? Shelli Pennock (Project HOME) Plumb, James, Weiner- Set up next meeting to assess/address this question

• • • •

Who are Recreation Center Advisory Board members? Clean the neighborhood and open spaces Traffic calming Clean up the Blocks Power of pen and paper

What would we do with open spaces? Convene another meeting focusing on open spaces

Synergy: List examples of synergy provided at meeting Data/Information Requests

History of block\ Link to Urban Tree Connection Link to Overbrook Environmental Education Center Next Great City Plan status Fairmount Park Strategic Plan Philadelphia Parks Alliance Plan

Next Meeting Date

Clean Air Council Philly Walks Recommendations Rec Department Strategic Plan TBD – early January – West Philadelphia