Physical Activity Action Team Meeting Notes October 24, 2007 3:00pm- 5:00pm Philadelphia Department of Public Health 8th

Floor, Conference Room 1 Facilitated by: Angela Jones-Womack 15 People In Attendance 1) Introductions Each individual identified their name, organization they are representing (if available), area of experience or expertise that brought them to this meeting today 2) Overview of PUFFA by Angela Jones-Womack 3) Recruitment by Taraya Gibson Activity: 1) Identify the segments present 2) Identify which segments need to be present **Please refer to the attached document for a list A) Ideas for Recruitment “Get community partners to help advertise to the community, flyers without the seal of approval is not as effective” “Alternative option of evening meetings” “Change of location of meetings” “Send a representative to other collaboratives & community meeting to inform and invite them about PUFFA” Attend health fairs and conferences Everyone bring one member of the community to the next meeting 4) Open discussion surrounding system change and the action team goals key statements -Definition of terms “community member”, “grassroots”, “bottoms-up” -Use zip codes to identify the community -Example of system changes “1 day of gym per week does is not enough, can we work towards developing a policy that will mandate a specific amount of physical activity in schools -Mention of template to identify the expectations of the action team -Get information from previous town hall meetings & surveys -Let the data inform the problems that the group desires to attack -Should look to find out the opposite, why are the people that are physically active, physically active? -Be mindful in the choice of terms and acronyms that are used -A request to have participants identify if they feel that a group is not being represented

-Description of physical activity action team lacks “empowerment” -Idea to develop a survey to get the information needed 5) Current Physical Activity Efforts (identified by participants) Bright Bodies & Smart Moves- Yale University Shape up Sommerville- Sommerville, Massachusetts School District Wellness Policy Implementation Plan Planet Health- Harvard School of Public Health Project Challenge- Baltimore, Maryland Take 10Philadelphia Physical Alliance 6) Schedule for future meetings Future meetings were not scheduled 7) Next Steps Taraya Gibson will forward the minutes from the meeting, the announcement of the next meeting, and any information regarding data that was requested. Data/ information requested: 1. Retrieve information from the other 8 cities 2. YRBRFS 3. PHMC Household Survey 4. Data about obesity from Gary Foster- Director of Center for Obesity Research at Temple University 5. School District of Philadelphia- Joan Nachmani 8) Evaluation Component- Flash Survey conducted by Abbie Santana

October 24, 2007 Physical Activity Action Team Meeting Recruitment Activities 1) Identify the segments represented at the meeting South East Philadelphia Collaborative Zhang Sah Martial Arts Steps to a Healthier Philadelphia Consortium Fit In Inc. Healthy Environments Collaborative Black Women in Sports Foundation Christ of Calvary- Winning at Weight Loss Program Jefferson University PUFFA Monitor & Evaluation Committee Please Touch Museum- Get up & Grow Program Former Personal Trainer Studying Functional Training East Park Revitalization Alliance West Philadelphia SouthEast Philadelphia East Park Philadelphia Strawberry Mansion Philadelphia 2) Identify which segments need to be a part of the physical activity action team United Way Philadelphia Safe and Sound Out of School Time Resource Center (OSTRC- University of Penn) Recreation Department Philadelphia School District Youth Development Collaborative (4 Funded by William Penn (YDI’s) PAL PSD- Student Union YMCA’S Community Centers Foster Organizations Senior Centers Childcare Centers Faith Community American Academy of Pediatrics Association of Family Physicians Local Politicians City Harvest Community Gardens Other Community Organizations 61 Street Community of Churches Entrepreneurs

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