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Name of the student teacher : Roshni Pillai Standard : VIII

Name of the school : Division :
Name of the Subject : Social science Strength :
Name of the Unit : Indian National Movement Duration : 45 minutes
Name of the Subunit : Indian National Congress Date : 19-09-2014
Main Objectives of the Topic:-
1. To highlight the importance of the formation of the Indian National Congress
2. To aware the students about the aims and objectives of Indian National Congress.
3. To develop an awareness about the students about the prominent leaders of the Indian National Congress.
4. To highlight the role of Indian National Congress in the Indian National Struggle.
5. To develop the feeling of nationalism and patriotism among the students.
To develop an idea about
the leaders who participated
in the Indian freedom
To recalls the present and
early leaders of the con-
To critically evaluate the dif-
ference between the func-
tioning of the present and
early congress.
To explain the formation of
Indian National Congress
To learn the names of the
prominent leaders of Indian
National Congress
Teacher shows the pictures of many popular lead-
ers of the Indian national movement and the vot-
ing aymbol of Indian National Congress and asked
the students to identify the picture and name it.
Teacher ask questions about the KSU or the con-
gress party. Teacher also asked the students to
name the present leaders and the early leaders of
the Congress
Teacher divided the students into groups and asked
them to write the activities conducted by the con-
gress party. After that teacher asked the students
to compare it with the activities and functions of
the early Indian National Congress. Teacher also
asked to take the help of textbook.
Teacher explains the formation of Indian National
Congress and writes the main points in the black-
board. Teacher also the names of the prominent
leaders of Indian
National Congress.
Teacher provides
hints in the form of
flash Card
Textbook of stan-
dard VIII
Chart paper show-
ing the name of
the prominent
leaders of Indian
National Con-
Students visualizes the pictures
and identify it
Students response
to the questions
students writes, discuss, read
text book
student reads the chart paper
discuss and visualise.
Teachers Presentation/Activity
Learning outcome Students Activities
Teacher asked the students to discuss the aims of
the Indian National Congressand write their points
. Teacher also give an explanation about the topic.
Teacher restate all the points once again and clear
the doubts of the lesson.
Teacher try to mingle up with the students and cre-
ate some free atmosphere and asked them recall
the points once again.
Teacher ask questions in the form of a competition
between girls and boys.
Teacher asked the students to prepare an album
containing the pictures of the national leaders of
Indian National Congress and their contributions
towards the freedom struggle.
Teacher provide
hints in the form of
flash card
To write their ideas related to
the topic
To recall the main points of the
To kept alive the interest of the
To develop the quality of
enthusiasam and zeal.
To develop creative power of
the students
students writes, visualise flash
card etc.
student recalls the points
students express ideas , take
student participate in the com-
petition activity.