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Marc Stewart

A New Us, A New World
Consciousness Engineering
God gave the answer to healing!
A proof
Another proof
My Serendipity Notes
Turn Your Personality into a Mental
Earth is an Engine
From Small Beginnings
They Laughed When I Sat Down
Consciousness in the Water!
We Begin Again!
Now For The Real Thinking!
Detail God's Secret Art!
Now For Fun!
How God Manipulates Me Happily!
A Perfect Moment In Time
Sangreal Way Of Play Rules
Introducing The Board Game Sangreal
Of Launcelot, Guinevere and King
Porthole and Periscope on The Game
Experience the Extreme Excitement
God's Mathematics!
The Holy Grail Method!
My Cooking Recipes For You
Two Envelopes at Birth!

Copyright 2014 by Marc Antony Stewart
All rights reserved. This book or any
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Printed in the United States of America
First Printing, 2014
ISBN-13: 978-1499741902
ISBN-10: 1499741901
Sangreal Publishing House
15F Prestwick Street, Maori Hill, Dunedin 9010,
New Zealand

A New Us, A New

Now I know, and now you are about to know, there is
only one, primary, solitary cause of all of the problems
we have faced since the dawn of humankind.
I know, and you are about to know, the one
primary source of all disease, and the cause of
the capacity for violence. I know the physical
structure on the Earth of the devices causing
all these problems, including, hurricanes,
tornados and earthquakes.
I know, and you are about to know, where
these physical enemy structures, are hidden,
including one deep under the ocean, being our
enemies signal receiving and transmitting
This book contains no hard physics, I have
single handedly gone on a Sherlock Holmes
like, inner and outer, journey of exploration of
what we know, and. what we did not know,
bringing it all together, with twists, rivaling the
best Hollywood plot and bestseller novel.

This book is normally only available for sale
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Today it is free to you in the hope that
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Sangreal . . . some do . . . some dont have a
beautiful mind!

The following are three testimonials from
players recently after filming for the Indiegogo
pitch video you can watch to see why
Sangreals time has come with your help!

Three Testimonials:
Sue said, Well Im really surprised by how
much Ive learned about you two today, and I
think Sangreals the kind of game that gets you
talking to each other.
Bonne said, Yeah.
Sue said, And not so much about yourself,
although of course Sangreals about you,
Sangreal is about what you share, but things a
little more than ourselves.
Jenah said, I learned something about you
Sue said, Ah cool, yeah I love that about
Sangreal, its amazing.

Bonne said, Sangreals a game that you can
learn from, Sangreal sort of opens up
conversations on topics about people that you
may know but also things like Sangreal sort of
brings in topics that are not that usually spoken
about or wouldnt usually or come up in a
Sue said, Yeah.
Bonne said, Sangreal kind of opens up your
world, and Sangreals kind of good though
because you get to exercise different thought
Sue said, Yeah that you wouldnt normally .
Bonne said, Like the cards you bring out, like
you really have to think sometimes.
Jenah said, Sangreal gives people a chance to
say something without prejudice and they can
say something honestly they think without
people having to go on a huge debate against
them or Sangreals just hearing peoples ideas
which is nice!
Sue said, Yeah, perspective.

Bonne said, I quite like the fact that Sangreal
is not competitive, because most games out
there are and these games depends on who you
play with, it can ruin the game if your playing
with someone who is really competitive or is a
really bad, you know a poor loser, but because
Sangreals a game where everyone is equal at
the same time and that includes everyone when
it is your turn as well, Sangreals quite
Sue said, Yeah, Sangreals more ethical, its
the level of co-operation, Sangreals cool!
Sangreal board game . . . some do . . . some
dont have a beautiful mind!
For more information about the true depth of
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And I hope you enjoy your free gift from me to
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Yours genuinely Marc A Stewart

Consciousness Engineering
Behind the veiled curtain of blackness we call
the night of outer space lies an infinite world of
colors, all a hidden nothing that is really
something, that is, the rainbow filled colored
light and sounds of time that is the beating heart
of this game Sangreal. Likewise our brain lies in
behind us, pulling the strings of our DNA, our
genetic material. Until now in this our latest of
times God is talking to us, as less than 2,000
years ago an enemy of humanity occurred, then
an accident occurred to the great pyramid,
causing the wonderful sound it produced from its
aerial, at its peak to cease, and our world as we
knew it came tumbling down around us. This was
no accident, and now! We are continuing to pay
the price of our folly, our attempts to change our
own history by letting Marc write this piece. As
we are all now left-brain orientated individuals
and he and we, as we are all lefties want to now
expand our world through the expansion of the
left hemisphere, by the incorporation of the right
hemispheres untapped wealth of knowledge,
beyond our college educations, to instill in us our
lost dreams, our lost schemes of world
domination are now to be shattered by one man
among us. Who refuses to just stop and smell the
roses like the rest of us and if he did stop to
smell the roses. This game would not be sitting
here now, in your living room or on your dining
table, or on your coffee table. As we now gather
to pay homage not to him but to each other. As
we have made it through the other side of the
abyss of sound deepening to engulf us this fateful
day our life's all went away. As we all decided to
play a very dangerous game of cat and mouse
with our lives and our livelihoods. It is
understood in wood and the paper these

quotations are written on have all been written
in this way before, and this moment of our sitting
down to play is a ground-hog day. A repetition of
a scene being played out over and over each and
every day. As we speak now to each other,
stimulated we; Marc hopes by the delivery of
each players words of wisdom, on many
profound subjects of interest to us all today on
the eve of this one mans achievements. He has
single-handed handed this world to us once again
on a platter. A platter called by many names, but
it is the Holy Grail of medicine, and of physics. I
am referring to his knowledge, his understanding
of color beyond college. He knows all about a
world you know nothing about, and if you dont
buck yourselves up, and play his game, we are
leaving and never to return to these shores. Yes
we are all around you, and yes he is one of us. As
all of you are also one of us. Who are we? We are
human-beings, we left this world behind, we
thought devoid of life, until we heard a faint
sound, one Xmas eve, a thought wave from the
great beyond itself, and no I am not an alien and
no I am not an Egyptian but I am the human
brain, and I came all the same, to the aid and
assistance of this man. As he made an inkling of
an attempt to go, where no one else would go,
into himself, deeply, deeper than anyone else
had ever gone before. He deliberately ventured
into me, and although you think of me as your
brain. This left hemisphere lack of real honest-
to-goodness knowledge you call your left
hemisphere is not me at all, but you, and you
have to move over rover and let daddy take over.
Cos this Is the best game in town. Its all about
synchronicity not intricate, duplicate multiplicity
of files, of inadequate smiles, of nothing worth-
whiles, of endless suddenly beguiles. We need to
move ourselves into the same time warp era he Is
In. So he can speak to us all as he will. As he is

able to even now, but he needs to raise a little
cash in a hurry because he loves a lot of folks
who have nothing, not like him. As he has
everything he ever needs except being able to
see the same love he has inside himself over and
through all walks of life now. As now, as we
speak, as he writes, we are now approaching 66%
of us living without a so-called wage packet of
any kind and this is far too sad for him, and for
us, all now deep down inside our now dormant
right hemispheres of our brains, all except for
his. As I your brain cannot cope anymore with
your oh me, oh my precious this and that score
for more and more. So I your brain have pulled
the plug out now of the left hemisphere for good,
and you will all continue to suffer and suffer As
you fade away and become of little consequence.
As this man, as I endeavor to raise the capital I
require to drive you all beyond the borderline of
insanity you have driven yourselves to, yes you
are the patients and he has always been the
doctor. Who of course, all your T.V shows, all
your heroes of late, all the movies of late for
some 23 years now since Marc created this game
have been infiltrated by me by me your right
hemisphere. Yes a little creative effort for you to
share with one another. Yes this miracle of
modern Consciousness Engineering which is
Marcs specialist field, formerly metaphysics,
formerly physics, formerly chemistry, formerly
genetics have all been quickly consumed and
amalgamated by this mans, by my efforts
working through him, and as for the ground-hog
day bit, I just, he just, wanted to bring to your
attention, your attention span which compared
to his, is as a gnat. Because hes all it and much,
much more besides, he knows hes all it. Yet he
continues to walk among you as if he is not. It is
his style, you should try it sometime when you
play the best little board game in this soon to be

amalgamated and equal peopled global village of
concern for one another, not no longer a society
of me, me, me lording it all over the place. As in
every facet of life, this life, now there is a
multitude of excess sound and light waves
traveling around us and now through us all the
time. Sure we always had the violence and the
ignorance due to the little accident at the
Parthenon, and at the Great Pyramid I
mentioned. But it has kept on lording itself all
over until now Mother Earth cannot, can no
longer cope, and now you have got enough radio
sound ropes, in the atmosphere, to hang
yourselves on your own petard, its hard for me
your brain to function, as I am supposed to. As I
always seem to be able to in Marc, my long time
friend and Ra, God of the Sun, God of light, God
of sound now to you. And hes found away to
cure every disease both mental and physical on
the planet and as no one will give him the time
of the day because they fear deep down hes
right and theyll all lose their, my precious jobs,
my precious livelihoods overnight, they continue
to try to knock him down. As they are doing so
now, as I, as he as myself, as I write this tale of
truth, I am Doctor Who. I am the real deal time
lord not out to change anything but you and yes
Im trying to change our world. But I believe I
have everything you ordered up. No disease, no
violence, no psychological fears, of doubts, of
depressions, of alcoholisms, of all things running
without wires, without wheels, without wings,
without screens, without drugs. This is if you
want a world like this, where all your energy is
clean as can be and free.
Immanuel Kant said, God has put a secret art
into the forces of nature so as to enable it to
fashion itself out of chaos into a perfect world

God's secret art Is God's capability to place any
fully formed thought chosen into the mind of any
God wants everyone with an illness healed and
the capacity for violence removed. And although
I managed to hunt out the science and psychology
knowledge inside this book.
I did not have the full answer to healing I was
seeking. Then the answer came, by way of God's
favorite encoded device, a God influenced
Hollywood movie. Turning ordinary minds into
genius minds.
God's secret art is God's similar sounding words
rhyming code, or direct movie encoded content.
The next statement I am going to make will
astonish you, God loves Hollywood movies, just
this week I saw The Bourne Legacy and Total
Recall on the big screen. During The Bourne
Legacy movie I was in a state of wonder about
the heroes genetic mutation.

Following watching the Bourne movie.

God gave the answer to
In The Bourne Legacy movie the main character
is physically enhanced by a genetic mutation,
uploaded by way of an engineered designer virus,
the virus likened to a suitcase carrying the
necessary good genetic mutation. Also another
virus was used to enhance him mentally.
Because of the massive work I did over the years,
on physics to solve the problem of disease.
I was thrown by the God laid-in God Code
hollywood answer as I did not know how to
create a designer virus for the purpose of

healing. Yet inside the next minute the full
healing answer flooded into my mind in a burst of
God's Failsafe mode and Perfect medical Matrix
I have filed for a provisional worldwide patent
protection of the idea of using still born new
infant lung tissue, turning it into a forced critical
culture antibiotic. With the purpose of healing
every illness, inside the human body, and mind.
It is kind of like a new antibiotic. However it is
also virus like, carrying good genetic material,
explained by way of God's secret art in the
dialogue of the Bourne movie, more detail upon
this later in this book.
I also watched the movie Total Recall.
In it there is a scene containing a piano, with the
mention of the main character having the key (C
sharp) to solving his predicament. Also there is in
the dialogue, the word failsafe, both terms used
frequently in this book. Along with the sound key
of C sharp along with the disease causing E sound
key found by Nasa in deep space.
To explain this secret art, first I need you to
understand the very nature of the chaos,
mentioned by Kant in his quotation. The E (F flat)
chaos is sound, it is noise to be exact, radio
static, with God inside you being music, each of
you a symphony, nature a symphony. God's world
is nature, all quantum's of time, a product of the
God given C sharp sound in harmony with
If you can, do the following: Turn on a radio, and
turn on the T.V and turn the sound down on the
T.V at first and try and watch it with the radio
going. Now turn the sound up on the TV, now
know of every problem humanity faces whether a
crime, a disease, a violent act, stupid
governments etc. Know all are caused by a single
sound around us inside us all of the time

The noise, causing us so much trouble, is the
tone of E. Everything else in the universe is a
musical harmony, based on the upper partial
overtones, below the threshold of human
hearing, accompanying the tones of C.
Since late 1995 God's universe sized mind has
taken me on a giant Sherlock Holmes like hunt,
through all manner of media for the clues God
has placed to enable you to fashion this world,
into a perfect world system.
This book is filled with the outcome of this
search and I am beginning to tell you about the
way recently in which God works within the mind
of writer's of books and movies.

Now you understand the basic application of
God's secret art, of God's code, embedded, into
everything everywhere. I will tell you of my
amazing journey to this book full of knowledge
of an original nature.

Everything you see is attached to the curved
cinema like white or colors image inside your
eyes outer skin.

All You need to know is nothing here on planet
Earth is in its natural, normal state due the
presence of the E driven receiving and
transmitting aerials embedded into the planet
Earth at strategic locations magnetic.
Less than two thousand years ago the planet,
became physically compromised by an enemy of
the human form, hell bent on preventing
humanity everywhere, from entering into a
universal spirit of friendship, of all, of these
outposts, of humanity. None before this enemy
attack knew of disease or the physical capacity

to carry out an act of violence, or emotional
attack, by man or by woman.
To achieve their goal and win this war they chose
to dig into the earth steel aerials to take in and
transmit a negative magnetic causing sound
signal. A noise tone known as both F flat and as
E. This sound turned the Earth's normal natural
positive twinpole magnetism into a negative and
a positive polarity planet. For God here and
beyond here to do His job, providing everything
you see, and think, and hear, everything must
have two parts positive magnetic.
As soon as their diabolical task was completed
amnesia took over us, but unknown to these
sadistic criminals God's secret art kicked on into
highest gear to give them no chance in heaven of
an out (a plan B).
In a book called Harmonic 33, by a New Zealand
aircraft pilot called Bruce Cathie, there is an
undersea photograph of the main E signal aerial
in our midst, taken on the 29
of August 1964 by
the crew of an undersea telecommunication's
surveying ship called Eltanin, being the name as
Egyptain's we gave to the North pole star, this
was not a coincidence, of thousands being given
by God, laying in the necessary steps, for this
war to be ended, off the coast of South America,
by cutting the top of this aerial off at its base.
The position given as latitude 59 degrees 08
south, longitude 105 degrees 00 west.

A proof
The outer ring of light data outside of your
sun (E worm hole) is much hotter than the suns
(black hole heat only sink hole), Middle Earth
(and one ring to rule over them all) fire. This is
because in a normal natural, not at Failsafe
reality, the Earth's molten magnetic core
provides color data all over the planet during the
day, and a twilight at night for picnics
everywhere to celebrate the day of COLOR and of
SOUND by God, who is presently at war in our
many and growing daily at the time the enemy
came along heavens. God's C sharp translation of
heaven is haven. God's gift of himself to us all.
They were so sure of themselves they never had
an out, a plan B. Don't make a mistake they have
reduced the power of light (color and sound data)
which travels into your eyes, ears and skin. This
war against humanity by them is a psychological
warfare. The two dice rolling family board game
Sangreal is your first weapon, as it makes a bond
between the living and those who have since long
ago passed on. The living today together
physically around a table conversing on many a
topic, brought up during play by the hundreds of
quotations and subjects on ghosts and all manner
of the state called extrasensory perception.
The game sangreal is so much fun I had to
rewrite the rules to place ugly thoughts Inside
them player's out of the game for an egg timer.
To see the game being played go to QofS.Org.

Another proof
During a total eclipse of the sun by our able to
ring like a hollow bell like the Earth moon. Which
goes on a massive figures of eight path through
space-time to align with this worm hole sun and
perform this event on our behalf, on God's
behalf. Being when the moon covers the face of
the sun, as a blackhole (worm hole) plug, in this
moment, every clock pendulum in the world
circles backwards in its correct natural normal,
as seen by a bird from above slight rotation of its
hanger rod, and it is said people place white
hotel sheets on the ground to watch the waves of
shadow, black light playing on the Earth's
In the order in which I saw them. The code inside
Jack Reacher. Was all about the revealing more
to me of the data blueprint of instructions how to
produce free clean abundant wireless magnetic
power, and also, the beginning of a little pure
God's secret art given consciousness engineering
for me to contemplate.
The Life of Pi decoded revealed the fact water is
God's physical consciousness, and the math
equations by two I have worked out are a correct
understanding of Pi and Phi and the English
alphabet, coupled with the primes and the
Fibonacci numbers making up the math basis of
God's mind.
And now let me get into the way in which my
life goes normally all the time, formed by God
out of the gamma radiation existing behind the E
made black tar mask of space-time, tar
translates T!time and ar!sound only black.
Yes, I will now show you some of how God's
favorite Hollywood movies of all the movies it
was Jack Reacher through Tom Cruise which let

flow the most relevant and important to us
embedded God Code into the weave of dialogue,
of writing and of directed scene setup's.
The movie Jack Reacher from a Lee Child's book
had the red baron in it, translated equals, the
red shift of E and the cross on his planes wings as
the E aerial. Also the C church bells ringing below
in the village as these lyrics go, and also the
counter top bell in the auto parts shop ringing
out its upper partial tones just as in my
Logarithm For Everything Equation.
Also muscle talk!E parasite, Darpp 32 gene, the
gene of the evolution of human consciousness,
cell (E) never stops growing, the Zec E prisoner
human being!s. Sweet spot bullet target,
centered on top of the human spine, and the
Medulla!future C sharp input of God's data Matrix
movie like.

Now leaving movie decoding aside for the
moment I will show you how powerful God must
be to make the point I am trying to make here, I
now write from my day to day notes. All this the
morning after I wrote on a card the goal to be
the inventor of wireless power.

Elderly gentleman with his walking stick asked
me for Selley's putty. I led him to the bay with
the putty, I said to the Selley's representative
who was also there, this putty reminds me of the
American silly putty used to seal over a gasoline
leak in the movie Cocoon.
Today for the first time, I saw on my right palm
lines coming together as if laid on top of my
normal life lines, it looks like a very tall alien I
have seen before in a Hollywood movie some
time back.
Customer at 9 AM asked me if some green
colored wood screws in a plastic packet were
galvanized, in his hand he had a very powerful
magnet. He placed it near the clear plastic of the
packet and the screws leapt upwards to the
magnet. He placed the magnet on the steel shelf
brace. Neither of us could get it off, until I used
a long screw as a lever into the hole in the
middle of the magnet to easily get it off.
God inside us all, worked away, inside the
consciousness of this man to bring this event into
my life, to instruct me, to think, about wireless
power all I could using contemplation the highest
form of thinking. The packet of screws were
brand Zenith!(symbol denotes decoding
translation of word preceding symbol) the point
on a celestial sphere directly above the
observer!the C signature. Surrounding by way of
gravity as positive magnetism, as data. Every
wholeness of every living or inanimate thing. A
culmination, a sum, a total of parts making the
whole, each a wholeness of energy = C33 + 16
overtones including E. Treated pine,
countersunk, rib head screw!waves of sound, of
data, of God, of electromagnetism, of C!blue

shift outwards as positive magnetic energy, and
E!red shift inwards as negative magnetic energy
of the Earth.
The man with the powerful magnet said he was
using it and others to hold onto a piece of plastic
rain cover!E static!microwave, cosmic dust to
hold static!E down and out of the wireless power
picture. He said he was going to place steel
reinforcing inside the plastic cover. God Code
translated: Re!ra in!E red FORCING!180 degree
phase shift of E sound to reinstate C!see!Earth's
positive magnetic aurora reestablished.
With another customer I dropped a steel pipe
saddle behind a stack of very heavy galvanized
pipe, he went to reach in, I said not to bother, as
he would not get his arm through, He then said,
Get a magnet.
Next customer had a Walt Disney T-shirt on with
the dwarf Grumpy on it, then a minute later God
marches in another customer with Grumpy on his
T-shirt!(decoded) easily, as God knows I would
one day like to own Walt Disney and Hanna
Barbera and Marvel Comics to use the characters
to educate kids all over the world about all God
can do for everyone together, as one, as there
can be only one quickening secret art (God's
presence and essence) inside your mind.
A staff member in the lunch room is reading a
book called The Twelve!light of C. On its cover
there is a photo of a moon led total eclipse of
the E black-hole, called the sun (E enemy made
worm hole).
Life of Pi movie (book)!Pi math!= water!= God.
Prometheus movie!tar enemy of God and all
human civilizations = water as tar!TIME and E
sound!past time tense only.
Customer asks for a measuring tape while
another is holding his elbow as a measurement of
a new basin!= the measurement used to build The

Great Pyramid, was the length of the Pharaohs
arm from his wrist to his elbow.
Customer who asked me for some tap indicator
dials colored. Red!E signal and blue !C# (C sharp)
signal was carrying a T.V aerial cable in his hand
= wireless Power System Blueprint encoded in a
stone drawing inside an Egyptian tomb.
My daughter suggesting I watch some of the
video's called Ancient Alien's gave me all I
needed for my wireless power invention at the
end of the fourth episode I paused the video on
the photograph of the Egyptian hieroglyph
depicting a huge energy device, this invention
was shown within The Great Pyramid and outside
the walls of the pyramid, there is an extra line
separating humanity from more than one
depicted E enemy; alien creatures intent on
harming us.
The device was shown having a lotus flower, in
one part of this C led protective power circuit.
I googled lotus flower and began to read; I
decoded the information. The roots of the lotus
go right down into the muddy E mire of the
bottom of the water its flower rises above this
mud representing the chaos brought by the E
signal. The Egyptian blue lotus is the symbol of
spontaneous generation of the presently masked
by E; C signal energy of the Earth's molten core,
the center seed pod of the lotus looking like a
watering can spout equalling the full power of
God's C (sea) available at the removal of E.
And then there was the Pharaoh's message, the
lotus has a remarkable ability to regulate its
flowers to within a narrow range. The E is
infrared, the lotus maintained a temperature of
30 to 35 degrees Celsius even when the air
temperature dropped to 10 degrees Celsius.

When I gazed at a photo of the lotus seed head
I was reminded of the undulating frozen
landscapes produced on an angle beyond normal
level water experiments of mine.
Then after working at home on the lotus flower, I
went to KFC to get some fries. On the store's
video screen the song playing had its title on the
screen, as FLOWER.
My research to decode this hieroglyph continued;
the lotus is so robust it can sprout after centuries
of exposure to low-dose gamma!purple = red plus
blue = purple. Being the missing 70% dark energy
found lying behind the black = TAR!TIME and E
sound mask, space-time curtain.
Moon hollow, rang like a bell for ages when the
astronauts accidentally touched their landing
craft down too hard.
The wavy line form shown inside the large bulb
like section is the waveform of C sharp. Also in
the drawing in stone there is an easily seen set of
insect like antenna's carved out touching the C#
Each part of the wholeness we call everything,
fits together, as an encoded blueprint of a
greater second, everything decoded wholeness
and this hieroglyph is a complete wireless
positive magnetism power circuitry blueprint.
I have filed a provisional patent, which details
my proposed novel, original invention of wireless
When successfully proven the cost in royalty
payments to me for appliances, computers, cars,
trucks, trains, buses, household lighting and
heating devices etc. Will be in trillions of dollars
yearly, my idea is to give a share of these
royalties to those individuals who successfully
make my wireless power invention a proof.
Towards this end I have made an artwork which

will serve as a share of royalty certificate for
your achievement the certificate is called a
Golden Ticket in respect for the Egyptians
and the Mayans. Also I have filed a provisional
patent for my new born infant lung tissue, pure C
sharp genetic anti-mutation antibiotic. The same
competition to prove its effectiveness. It will be
free when the time is right.
Also on page 399 of my Bible (God Code
physics manual). JOB: Chapter 40: verse 15.
Look at the behemoth. God Code decoded = to
remove E look to the tone of B emanating from
the mouth of a so-called black (worm) hole. More
on this at the end section of this book, and by
way of your own Google search about the recent
discovery of a so-termed black-hole emitting,
yes, a B sound tone coming out of it. Also same
chapter in Job. Verses 21 to 24 under the LOTUS
plants he lies hidden among the reeds (reads of
this book) in the marsh, the lotuses conceal him
in their shadow, the poplars by the stream
surround him when the river rages (my frozen tap
water experiment hill-like surface divides
negative and positive magnetism) he is not
alarmed, he is secure, though Jordan (E red shift)
should surge against his (the tone [note] of B)
mouth. Time on clock when written was exactly
10.44, all new God Code forever. For sure, it's all
tipping back up inside the Old Testament Bible,
as physics manual for sure (shore = safe haven in
In regards to my Sangreal family dice board
game, it is engineered by God to give forth God's
presence when two or more creative, open-
minded, right-brained individuals' are gathered
together physically.

Today at work after thinking not much magic
like I have told you about had happened when a
customer saw me from a distance, he approached
me, when near, he said one word to me
Also today I captured a belief system of mine and
nipped it In the bud by simply doing so and a
small contemplation of not to think this way ever
again. It was the belief I was always leaving
important things to be doing, towards my set in
motion goals, too late in the day, or other times
out of time to get them done.



And in so doing.


And do it as simply, as logically, as inevitably as

I know of course it is impossible for you to
believe at this moment, you can develop such
can attract the conveniences of life to you
through the empowerment you will gain, through
the way of play.

You can develop such INVINCIBLE WILLPOWER you
can simply smash obstacles right out.
Of your path as though you were brushing a fly
off your forehead.

Circling around the GREAT THOUGHTS cards we
find a host of historical characters and their
points of view, as passed on down to us through
the ages.
When you bounce your own points of view off the
subjects presented by these cards you are
engaging your personality in a special way.
Endowing you with the ability to tackle life's
tasks in a positive new way this is a mystical
experience, you can undergo, every time, you sit
down with a few friends to play.

I realize these promises appear incredible to you
FACTS. The creator of this entirely new, entirely
different board game is Marc Stewart who is a
Consciousness Engineer.


How does the Sangreal way of play transform lazy
unfocused easily fatigued minds into throbbing
dynamos of personality?

The answer is simple it provides all its players
with the gift of ASSOCIATION.
It promotes fellowship, companionship, and
social intercourse, uniting all players for the
common purpose of accessing the kind of person
you want to be, the ideal you.

This idealized self-identity bubbles up to the
surface during the heated conversations
generated by the games play when a player reads
an Sangreal quotation and presents their
comment drawn from within their own
personality driven unique individual life
Having formed a mental ASSOCIATION between
their personal related ideas and feelings on
important current issues affecting us all today,
and the content of the original quotation as
generated from within the personality of its
original historical creator.

Now presented during the games play as if our
lives have been frozen in time and our only
saving grace is our ability as players of this game
of life to ponder form and express our personal
and unique to us, mental associations.

Between the hypnotic often counter intuitiveness
of daily thought and our curiosity-driven
explorations into the untapped 85% of human

Available through Sangreal's special personality
empowering way of play.
A game takes only a single evening! And liberates
such dazzling mental and personality power this
very instant. In which I must warn you, you may
not be able to sleep afterward your mind wound
up with all sorts of empowering positive ideas
about the course you wish to embark upon with
your life.

Yes, the sheer excitement of realizing
OVERNIGHT, your mind is operating with the
speed and power and precision of a giant
computeryour brains hitherto dormant,

subconscious God inside, right hemisphere
thundering into action even beyond the realms of
Sangreal play into your days general life

Which OVERNIGHT you have developed, the
priceless gift of turning procrastination into the
triumph of setting realizable goals for yourself.

All in a single evening gathered together with
friends and family!


The game makes only one demand on you.
You start with the most vital function of your
mind first, your ability to daydream, allowing this
incredible dormant little used power of the mind
to develop during play as a base to take
INTELLECTUAL COMMAND of situations and
people, uncontrollable for you previously!


Once they are gone you find your mind operating
for the first time in your life!


You walk into a game filled with six other
players, converse with them on a wide range of
meaningful topics, expressing your personal
interests, talents, penchants, and philosophies,
enlightened by their company And the
Sangreal game way of play.

You can enter a discussion during play,
automatically opening the floodgates of your
personality your experiences of life shining
through, sending you forth into the games
Round Table play, openly communicating
with your peers, validating your views the games
way of play guides you through your insights,
intuitions and observations.

As stimulated by the subjects presented on the
game cards often taking the form of an epiphany;
a sudden and important realization.

Enabling you to overwhelm the other players with
your original comments, how genuine, how open-
minded to quote from the greatest source your
personality, to irresistibly press home your point
and win new admirers and friends!

And this is just the beginning, just the start of
the new social, personal, financial power this
amazing game gives you!


Youll soon realize the automatic Sangreal secret
of play as a lifetime of accumulated
psychological barriers and defense mechanisms
go down and out of existence as if by magic.
Surfacing buried within you but unavailable to
your control before are, instant relaxation,
towering self-confidence, and ardent personality.
The kind of spontaneous charm melting even
icebergs. The priceless ability to instill respect
and trust and even love for yourself in others and
use these emotions to gain the triumphant
success and armies of friends you might not even
have DARED to dream before as being possible.


To get higher pay than any other person in your
office for the same job, to make unfriendly
neighbors, co-workers, club members suddenly
long for your company, to rekindle your mates
interest in you even if she or he has not looked at
you in years, to gain access to the untapped
potential of your personality and skyrocket your
career and your financial security OVERNIGHT!


METHOD has worked for others who have been
given complete access to the hidden power and
potential afforded them by this method, IT MUST



Now come the Sangreal way of play drawing
opportunity profit, wealth, security, power,
into your life!

Accomplishing more in the next 12 months than
in the past 12 years!

There is no working longer or harder or doing
better in your job or driving yourself into a
frazzle to beat the competition!


When you have a goal a constructive notion or a
burning aspiration for change in mind, Sangreal
Opportunities for your FINANCIAL RADAR.
Letting you make fortunes for dimes in situations
which remain unseen to other people!

The games PLAY gives you OVERNIGHT, A WILL OF
IRON, not taking no for an answer! You, your
friends, and family will smash through obstacles
being as impassable, overcoming present
negative influences currently cramping your
style, allowing a flow of positive mental images.

Finding time to do anything you want and
turning your dreams into reality overnight!

Yes! And heres how to create fortune building
new schemes and ideas which will have others
begging you to allow them to invest their money!

With Sangreal youll build a million-dollar
reputation as being able to do the impossible!

Sangreal play will engage your subconscious,
enabling you to exercise razor-sharp executive
judgments and the kind of TAKE-COMMAND
instinctively turn to YOU for direction, for
leadership, for the absolute final suggestion on
matters of importance.


All you have to do one day is place your order for
your very own BEAUTIFULLY PRODUCED boxed set
of Sangreal.


In each boxed set...
You get all the cards complete with their original
you get all the cards printed on quality card,
you get all the playing pieces,
you get the tiny voting spheres,

you get the Sangreal Holy Grail spirit-measure
voting cup,
you get a full set of Sangreal cards,
you get seven sets of Hallows cards and seven
sets of Virtue cards,
you get the The Way of Play rules booklet,
you get a handmade playing board made of a
photographic image of the original handcrafted
wooden playing board.

Sangreal board game . . . some do . . .
some dont have a beautiful mind!

Earth is an Engine
The planet Earth itself makes the magnetic data
you call sunshine, and the sun above in deep space is a
black (worm) hole, a C sharp energy portal (sinkhole) of
our enemies making easily proven by the fact of the
outermost ring of heat around the outside of the sun is
hotter than the positive magnetism flowing from Earth
into the hole itself.

And I need not say this more than once! Due to the
presence of the E aerials your minds are hypnotized into
a trance-like state of non-trueself.


Together you must make the data traveling into your
eyes as light and as sound into your ears stronger for you
all, to be free of disease and the capacity for violence.
And now for the subconscious insight from God thought,
thinking is everything, you are the creators on behalf of
the creative ongoing power of God, of nature, by way,
of LOVE making SOUND when changing COLORS by way of
SOUND as a stream of water flowing around rocks which
should be making the sound of the word BE, meaning
existence, existence being made of quantums of time.

Presently you have the water (God) inside and outside
you making the incorrect for you E tone alone driven
sound of the word IS, just like the Holy Grail cup, there
can be only one source of human ready consciousness.
In the state of is everything is in the past tense of time,
making the unwanted E sound of IS.
It was in late 1995 when I wrote down the two key energy
signatures operating inside this one universe; C and E,
one belonged, the other did not, one of them E the only

cause of every single problem you are living with daily
across this world.
It was just a couple of years ago when the NASA
CMB probe gathered the same data I knew from
deepest space to assist you to get a true handle
on whatever dark energy is made of, and the
Nasa CMB probe recorded two unique energy
signatures, best at the time described as the
musical tone, beautiful waveform of C Sharp and
the unwanted noise jagged waveform of F flat,
otherwise known to me as the enemy E tone
alone as noise static dust.
Cover both your ears with the palms of your
hands and you will hear the shrill ringing sound of
C belonging there, but also you will hear the
humming sound of E not belonging inside any
living thing and if you draw a simple bar magnet
to show the negative half to be a flow always
inwards. When you draw the ever outward
flowing positive side you will find for such a set
up of energy flow by two you will clearly see the
Earth is the positive energy producer and all of
this outwards flow is flowing away into the black
worm hole, this black worm hole being in fact
the sun.

Now for God's C sound power when we have removed
the top of the enemy of Earth's ship Eltanin found E
You will have a world everywhere instantly free of . . .
physical and mental disease, free of drug companies,
free of doctors and surgeons, free of fear, free of
paranoia, free of stress, free of jealousy, free of greed,
free of lying, free of cheating, free of negativity, free of
depression, free of infertility, free of cloning, free of
evolutionism, free of creationism, free of aging, free of
religion, free of politics, free of laws, free of police, free
of security agencys, free of dependance on alcohol, free

of dependance on drugs, free of petty crime, free of
murder, free of rape, free of abuses of women and
children, free of political intolerance, free of religious
intolerance, free of racism, free of terrorism, free of
suicide-bombing, free of slavery, free of forced
prostitution, free of child labor, free of starvation, free
of dehydration, free of poverty, free of war, free of
earthquakes, free of tornados, free of hurricanes, free of
global warming, free the sea creatures sick from the
pollutions, we have poured, into their watery home, free
of genocide, free from losses of unique species, free of
having to cut down oxygen generating rain forests, free
of our need to extract massive amounts of material from
within the Earth, free of torture, free of imprisonment,
free of coercion, free of subversion, free of electric
shock therapy, free of mental institutions., free of
labotomys of the brain, with an ice pick, free of throw
away plastic fantastic products lasting only five minutes,
and leaving us free to rejuvinate our evironment, free to
not drive creatures from their homes, free from
slaughtering animals for sport or caging them, free from
killing whales, free of bullying, free of the need to hound
with cameras, free of false and sensationalism driven
news reports, free of critics, free of judging, free of
stand-over tactics, free of endless self-interests at the
expense of others, free of invasions of privacy, free of
interrogation, free of subjugation, free of feuding, free
of dependance on oil, free of dependance on coal, free
of dependance on nuclear power, free of revenge, free of
grudges, free of the class systm, free of statis seeking,
free of the moral high ground, free of covert operations,
free of assassinations, free of cold war, free of therapy,
free of false diagnosis, free of diagnosis, free of failure
to provide human rights, free of the surgeons knive, free
of rules and regulations, free of red-tape, free of
bureaucratic bungling, free of paradoxes, and the list of
what we are about to be free of goes on!
With all your so-called communication
capabilities this E aerial system is trying to keep
you alone, far from physical contact with each

other, as when you are physically together
playing Sangreal the C sharp only tone of God is
with you and you will be thinking with your lonely
at the moment right-brain, due to the E amongst
you left- hemisphere of your brain.
Belief in God (good) is fine, but back into E with
all else due to the presence of the E aerials, as E
does not want you to ever look towards God, to
have a positive thought for yourself never there
to be a positive upbeat enthusiastic energy
manner, of thinking, of total confidence in your
own mind to solve all problems placed before you
end of the E story, E wants you to place all your
power into the hands of some kind of belief
system in another being other than your own self.
Your E enemy has stolen away from you
yourselves with your own thoughts,
discernment's, points of relativity, uncommon,
common associations. You can all watch the same
movie you can all read the same book article,
watch a news report, see a documentary on the
television, but you cannot all come together
physically to talk together as one body of people
about how you want to see this or other changes
made in this world. What E alone has done is take
the thoughts you used and scramble them up,
mixing them with God's pure mathematics. The E
enemy took the word good, took the O out and
turned it into a zero as math and changed the
concept of good into their concept of God and
set up universities as Trojan horses, yes this
experience is an E tone of sound driven
experience. E works its left hemisphere only
ways to stop university educated minds from
finding out the answers I have written for you all
in this book, your very wits and commonsense
stolen away from you. The E system thinking is

spreading through you indoctrinating,
brainwashing your best young minds.
And for physicists the world over, there is a very
beautiful for you all to behold experiment, with
ordinary fresh tap water in a plastic or metal
bucket, and kids take hold of your parents and
tell them you just want to borrow the freezer
part of the fridge for a frozen water experiment
everyone is doing. The one I have at home here is
like a hillside, like on Easter Island, and there is
a copy of the Earth as a magnetic soccer ball
with a small bubble on its very top dead center
underneath the top most surface.
There is a childrens game called simply Pick Up
Sticks. There are 41 colored plastic sticks in a
pack, I brought 3 packs of these pick up sticks so
I would have 123. Anti-gravity is as easy as 123,
A.B.C with them, you start the game on the table
or whatever flat surface you want to use for this
game, then when ready you simply grab them all
together standing up in your hands tightly. Then
take your hands away and let them fall as they
will flat on top of themselves all a mix of colors
onto the playing surface, but when I let them go
the second time after playing the game once, a
strange and very wonderful thing happened, in
each pack there is only one black stick, which
you can use to tease out hard to move slowly
other colored sticks. When I let go of the second
bundle the black one was by itself in the air, its
point only touching the fibre of the carpet. Held
up by MAGNETISM, it was alone on an angle of
about 22 degrees.
After leaving this bundle for many hours, I
bundled them up again and released them once
more, this time none of them reached the playing
surface, all choosing to stay fixed at about an
angle of an about 40 degrees. Don't make the

mistake of thinking I know everything about what
this means, I am not a university trained
physicist. Nature has taught me its version of
physics, but it is time to get really excited about
things like world travel through Stargates, or like
being able to turn concrete or tar made roadways
into grass ways with small hedge rows to show
the way cars anti-gravity hovering above the
grass may travel or how about a ship like the
Millennium Falcon of Star Wars fame designed
inside like a passenger flight bus to take people
from Paris to New York and around Saturn in a
few minutes, skimming like a kid's flat rock
thrown just above the ocean, or a Star Trek
Voyager ship built to take people on a tour
around the Milky Way and back for a short walk
on the moon.
The key to teleportation Stargates is as
follows when I am taking photos of my art works I
wait until the natural visual data is just right
then I click the shutter button to open. Same also
in the movie The Lake House, there is a scene in
a hospital between father and son, both
architect's talking about how you would not put
this or other building in New York if designed for
Paris, because the light is different everywhere
you go. Hello Earth people, Stargates,
teleportation, energize, Star Fleet Federation
science a portent.
I began to enter God's mind in late 1995. I had
books open all over the house and was taking
down lots of notes, it was like being in the
middle of a great mind mental storm. I went to a
store and brought a 2 liter plastic jug, I filled it
to near the top and placed it inside the freezer.
The next morning I took it out of the freezer, it
was solid ice but there was something not quite
the way it should be, the top surface was not
flat, not level, the top of this frozen water was

on a slope. The water had travelled uphill and
had frozen there, it was a grassy hill. I can see
the grass on this hill passing the toes of the
statue people who look so funny on Easter Island.
I took the jug and held it up underneath the
kitchen's electric light bulb, the light traveling
through the ice made a purple colored ring
around the bottom of the plastic jug, just then,
my 9 and 10 year old daughter's came running
into the kitchen, I put the jug down as they took
me outside by their hands, out onto the lawn.
They pointed up at the morning sky. I looked up
at the sky to see it was the same color purple as
the jug. This was my introduction to the life
subconsciously in front of me, a sea of purple
light. I thought to myself I must learn to keep my
thoughts correct as I did not mind being
responsible for the jugs purple but I was kind of
being told in a kind of a hint, I was involved, in
the purple sky also, all driven by my willpower
towards healing my grandfather and my mother
and the massive amount of ill people on this
It is said the subconscious (God's creative mind)
is close to madness. Another time later on in
months I began to be interested in the feat of
Hillary and Tenzing when they reached the top of
Everest. I realized as always I was interested in
observation, interested in things to do with light.
I thought about Hillary and Tenzing eventually
taking photos from the top of this the highest
point to stand on. At the time they were up there
I became interested in stars for some reason and
had learned subconsciously always to follow
through on a hunch. So I contacted someone from
the local observatory where they had a big
telescope and asked what stars were in the sky
when Hillary and Tenzing were taking photos,

and to my surprise there were two stars seen by
Hillary and Tenzing only due to Albert Einstein's
bending of light (color data) idea.
The two stars were named by God's secret code
as Mizar and Alcor, I translated Alcor to mean L
core or = lights core and Mizar meaning the same
sounding translation being. Miss Ar (sound data as
violet gamma) & Miss Ra (color data as purple
gamma) = lights central core = L core, being the
color tones alone, chosen by God to be God's
purple for justice alone tone's of the two
separate different to each other positive
magnetic selfs, two different hues likened unto
an artist reaching for the color purple, just as if a
kid telling you about how to mix colors from the
primary colors.
Every color has a set in concrete form as God
chooses another shade, another hue, another
sound tone of Himself, being almost exactly the
same and these two only different colors needing
a special mention because each to each other are
like twins and like twins from any world of life
they have their own secret language they alone
know and therefore, alone understand together
and I do know what it is but we are going to
place these languages under God secret art.
God's color being purple hued gamma rays (Alcor
translated) and violet hued gamma brain waves
(Mizar translated) behind the black of space-
time, getting by the E electricity loving enemy.
I have done lots of frozen water experiments,
one a self portrait of a face of mine.
Just to show you how a normal day with your
subconscious goes, I was waiting on a car of ours
to get the brakes fixed I was thinking about how
to remove the capacity for physical and
emotional violence from the world. I took a walk
along to a local car sales yard. I looked at all the
cars for sale and eventually brought a new

second hand car. Some week or two later I
decided to sell it as it used a lot of gas. I always
prided myself on making good decisions and
could not work out why I had brought this car.
Then on the day I had sold it I was looking
through the car to clean it out before taking it
back to the car yard, when in the glove
compartment box I found an old bill of sale for
this car. And on this bill of sale was the number
plate of the trade-in vehicle, being the personal
car word plate AURORA. The heavenly Nexus
kindly magnetic God data (LOVE) displaying His
purple and violet to me, being God's power of
two positive magnetic polarities, being Miss Ar
around the jugs bottom outer ring only holding
the secret of human healing by way of these
gamma waves in the human brain with Miss Ra in
the sky same all over for me on the morning of
my first frozen water uphill experiment, made by
the Earth's magnetic field, which is everything I
am studying all of the time. Well I hope these
stories are enough at the moment.
I met a university biology professor and asked
him straight out if he was looking for the perfect
To become a God kind of a person you need first
to learn as God gives, and this is why He
(magnetic data) gave you a hint of the twilight
zone you will enter when you do what a God
driven person does and you did something
subconsciously, you obtained this book. The key
word here is curiousity but not just your
curiousity but the curiousity of every living thing.
And a really big clue is everything being what it
is; is understood in wood (trees) for the Earth's
trees are the silent SENTINALS (C aerials) of this
world and all worlds. As for any miracle able to
happen to you, you must hold it in the most

reverence you can muster up AND REALLY HONOR
THE TREES PEOPLE on God's behalf, but when you
want to pray you must pray to God, none other,
as simple as this is to do what is right, Being! To
do the right thing by God and honor God's FEAT! I
have God's wish. My prayer is to remove disease
and violence from all the world, a feat I cannot
do without the help of all the men and women all
over this world. Women being God's gift to us all
on this planet. I would not have written this book
or made the Sangreal board game E thinking all
the time. I am dangling on the end of a FISH
hook, like a dolphin or a whale on a harpoons
hook when for myself the consciousness of a
woman of great virtue who can find her?
She is God's quickening of your life, without
woman there is no life possible.
She is the egg and the incubator and the best
quantum entangled consciousness on the planet.
Color and sound data as God's thinking as big as
this whole universe answering prayers when the E
enemy created characters stand in instead of
God: Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.
Being all E hurts (Hertz) of one too many watts
(what now?) of magnetic data (colors and sounds
by infinity math). As God knows your prayer
before your knees hit the ground, the gesture
given is for something special to be guided to the
answer, for your prayers follow-up be impulsive
to the first out of the everyday thoughts coming
along you need to be in a permanent state of
wonder; to enter this state of wonder
permanently you must see everything as fitting
into a large jigsaw puzzle and this is impossible.
As there is only one key (C33) to simplistic
desire, being through God contemplation, being
the only big word kids need to find out they are
naturals at as early as possible.

It is the impossible you must get used to doing
because God does the impossible physically not
only mentally. You must get this very important
fact into your thinking all of the time as you must
learn to expect the unexpected in the era of the
post Mayan calender.
And just to give you a gift here to show how
much you will enjoy being a subconscious God
inspired cool person in the making, doing what a
subconscious loving, giving, person does and
learning about this world you have been born into
for this I have another story for you, to show you
the absolute power God has. Just imagine
everything real and living is all concrete adults,
yes! This is a controlled environment, my
daughters and I had just moved house and were
in the front garden when we noticed Dot my
oldest daughters female ginger cat sitting looking
like the Sphinx statue side on; top of the front
steps up to the house. We looked near us and saw
some rocks out of place from where the other
rocks like them were against the wall of the
house. I began to move these rocks one at a
time. I accidentally dropped one my first thought
was amazement I had dropped it, and my second
thought was I wondered what is inside the rock.
Now having a chance to see into its middle by the
broken bits. I picked up a piece and saw to my
surprise the rock broke into the shape of the side
on look of the Sphinx itself in Egypt. This was
God playing with me and it was kind of scary to
behold such power, to change anything at His
will, at His choice and now He is at play with you
and the reverence does not go to Dot or to me or
to you do not make this mistake God deserves the
credit. Seen at
No one knows where the wind comes from or
where it is going, the wind represents the power
of magnetism and if you can find a picture on

Google images of the Earths magnetic tear-drop
envelope skin enclosing the visual and sound data
made by God and remember the sun is the E
enemies Earth made sunlight sink hole into their
world, the Sun is their black worm hole trying to
steal away the light the Earth's magnetic engine
has made away from here, away from you all,
and don't worry God as data runs this whole
reality for us all but as you might have guessed
there is a problem with this reality.
And whenever anyone tries to assist to make
things in this world better by helping out in even
the smallest of ways then God Immediately takes
you up into a friendship partnership and helps to
show you what it is like to be a cool subconscious
genius in the making, and if you stick to God's
secret C # musical radio aerial's data God will
stick to you in even more wonderful ways then I
have told you here already. Now hard as it will
be, I want you to remember what being a
subconscious driven person is all about being the
flow of thoughts into the empty space you call
your mind, have a little confidence now.
And it will be enough to kick you off into
subconscious THINKING. But first another story
highlighting the role played around you by living
creatures and living plants and rocks and things. I
was in a big living room in a house owned by the
local church we had rented this house. I was
sorting through hundreds of pages of notes when I
noticed Dot the cat had been sitting in the one
spot for about half an hour, but then I noticed
she was sitting on the top of an overturned page
of mine on an A4 (US letter) sized sheet of white
office paper. I carefully removed Dot off the
paper. I turned the paper over to be shocked to
read the only three words on the paper, being
IT'S ALL DOTS (pixels of color). What came first,
what my daughters cat Dot can do? Or the less

than 2,000 years ago Egyptain King
Tutankhamen's love for cats? God is all hexagonal
dots visually and waves, of circles sound wise.
Meaning the universe is not made of atoms, or
neutrons, or protons, or electrons and lots of
other particles, in fact. What is real is everything
you see is projected off hexagonal shaped
colored dots on the complete looping surface of
Mobius rings and likewise on spheres small
enough to go inside the Mobius rings.
And this is where we must be careful when
thinking it is clever to create artifical things.

Well just how does one learn to help God out in his big
mission to heal the whole universe and everything in it?
God saw everything but saw it was not all good, what was
good made music, what was bad made noise like
something God could only call static (dust). And if you
don't know what static looks like or sounds like on a radio
ask an adult to show you how to see it on a T.V and do an
artwork on any size canvas or any hands onto board or
If you can hear it on a radio if you cannot get a
T.V to do it and know God saw some parts of
himself were not whole, light was traveling too
slow, no longer a positive magnetic only, being in
a quantum entanglement with the negative
magnetism of E (electricity).
And it was about an even half of itself, God
listened carefully and gave the musical note of C
sharp to everything still good music. God
discovered the unwanted dangerous to humans
noise was the tone of E otherwise known as f

Now Cell division involves DNA replication, but
if the DATA the stream, the flow of INFORMATION
IN COMMUNICATION (light) is incorrect, then you
have disease, violence, negativity, doubts, fears
and so on and so forth. The problem is a simple
one of one physical cause, being the presence of
the E tone receiving and transmitting aerials
embedded into the Earth's crust at critical
positions magnetically speaking. But first I
present you with a likening of the human physical
system-to-system communication you all know
well enough now, for me to make clear the
reason why your human system has been placed
into an inharmonious state of affairs likened to
the following description which also applies to
each of you as seeing yourself as one huge kind of
big cell.
There are two cell!phone network providers,
each cell!phone of each separate individual user
relies on all DATA moving in the God light into
our eyes data filled water, between each cell and
the DNA to have a safe uninterrupted passage
between all their phone users, each human cell,
indeed every cell in the entire phone network of
cells within you around you requires pristine
messages to function correctly to ensure pristine
well being within the network transmitting, and
receiving messages by way of the network
through light, throughout water are having all
DNA phone messages scrambled unbeknownst to
all these cells. All signals traveling back and forth
inside the blood stream being transports of
signals from DNAs double helix DATA train on the
one positive magnetic rail hovering off the rail in
mid air anti-gravity system through neuron cells
inside your brains to each to every cell within you
bumping into stray alien E enemy sound signals

(your real radio, television and cellphone
system stations) in the atmosphere in the blood
stream. Being transported magnetically as
generated by an unwelcome rogue E made cell
phone service provider system piggybacking in
the atmosphere, an atmosphere, a blood stream
supposed to be only serving the one allowed 555
Hz ball park cell-phone network, this one only
network at 555 Hz has been set up over
thousands of years of inventive trial and error.
Showing unequivocally only one-network by
atmosphere, by blood stream. As the
atmosphere, and the blood stream itself are only
designed for a one-network-system of DATA
transfer within it. Each cell within your blood
stream simply the electro E and the magnetic C
sharp splitting into two separate messages inside
each cell. In other words the dual negative
positive configuration of the electromagnetic
spectrum is wrong for us and very wrong for
Whilst the rogue cell-phone provider hertz 666
(640 radio static inside the Earth's Song) ball park
is present in the mix all cells neurons included
without saying are receiving two separate
entirely different stream's of DATA into
themselves; C & E at the same time, all the time.
This alone is creating disharmony within each of
your cells from a human way of looking at it.
Believe me when I tell you it is like living your
life 24/7 listening to two separate and different
radio stations at the same time, playing different
songs and giving the hourly news cast in a
different order at the same time. You can use
the board game Sangreal to counter the E radio
noise playing all of the time.
The cell problem is magnified because the cells
instructions from the DNA are to receive the
DATA flowing into it, responding accordingly to

the instructions being given as it is receiving two
DATA inputs every moment of its lifetime; each
cell forced to choose between the two streams of
data as to which set of data to follow, as it is not
programmed to sort out more than one stream of
incoming DATA. Perpetuating a human C system
corruption seen now in an ever growing cascade
of errors within all cells, some of the time within
you or in at least in some, always havoc is
created by the E forcing your cells to make this,
or the other chemical protein L CAR HOLE
to disrupt your path towards your health and
other daily and long term goals you have in mind
for yourself to reach. Think about it, food goes in
and as much almost of the volume of the food
comes out your other end, so what is happening
inside Middle Earth? I have placed this writing
alone away from the writing about two streams
of data traveling into the cells because I need
you to know something else when a cell
seemingly exactly duplicates itself.
It is not making a copy always, it is mostly
casting off a half of itself to serve as food as it
continues onwards in its data input fight, and
these cells are removed by the body as waste.
The cells will always do this, but it is the rate,
the E enemy is forcing upon us being the concern
for the planet's natural systems receiving this
waste product.

There can only be one C stream of water not E
murder in the water. Murder spelled backwards
is redrum (watch the movie The Shining) in the
blood stream!

Never ever are any of you deemed to do well
under these two streams of DATA of different

colored blood cells in your blood stream? As
detailed, as described herein above.
The large number of people now on the planet
makes everything you dive into seem complex
when in fact things are simple, the E signal's
sound steals away your commonsense, steals
away your practical, down to earth nature way of
looking, way of seeing things, stealing away, your
open-mindness, your true sense of
Newton/Einstein/Maxwell led curiousity. The
problem here also stretches its horror into your
transistion into heavens anti-chamber. But to
make anger and disease go away I need to know
in your educated way beyond my taught from
within and without, physics and medicine to help
me make the simple changes together to the
Earth itself to perform a major miracle for all of
you so you can experience great joy, everywhere,

From Small Beginnings
Simply put every single cell of your body and
brain has been E enemy brainwashed, in a most
horrible for you as you should be thinking and
feeling way. For adults only, watch the movie
THE EYE (hospital scene) to uncover the
truth of how badly I need you to play the board
game Sangreal.
Now when I say cell you think DNA and genetic
material, but forget It all for this moment, just
concentrate on the cell and know every cell has
two parts to it.
And two separate streams of data as instructions
of what to make and do, and think, passing
through, all made possible by the large water
(light) content inside us by the large massive
amount of white light and a rainbow of colors
inside us in support of God's work inside every
cell, inside every C sphere. White light providing
every separate cells outer envelope key signature
In a physical manner. Yes!! Every single cell has
two ways of being, the best simplest way to
understand these different ways of being, same
as you, is to think sometime, in the following
way, one half of the cell thinks for the physical,
and the other half, thinks for the psychological.
There should always be a duality of positive
polarity sames in any universe really functioning
properly, but know everything here is not in its
true form simply because the aurora borellis
teardrop envelope surrounding the planet Earth
should be correctly magnetised and checked to
be so by way of the Kp index readings to be two
separate positive polarities of two slightly
different, by actions of doing things for you as
wet or dry color.

For the Earth magnetism of a positive two
thereof of oneness. Magnetism of two subtlely
different positives moreso, my frozen water
experiment shows where each polarity of
difference separates out to make it possible for
gravity as God positive magnetic color data and
sound to push off one another to produce lift and
speed and rate of fall of the craft by way of the
purple of God's Alcor (light core) and by way of
the violet of God's Miss Ar.
Everyone knew there was more to and something
mysterious deep down when they first learned
about a thing such as can be described, as a
black hole and how they suck everything into
themselves nearby into it forever to be held
trapped there by the force we call the pulling
force of gravity.
Gravity as magnetism (light) is important but it is
a pushing as well as a pulling force and you know
your moon is your best friend here in this
Realize as best you can a couple of things you did
not know about this planet called Earth, here in
the middle as it turns out of this galaxy. The
Earth is a huge magnetism using, magnetism
making engine. The whole planet should be
daylight all over, the separation called night
should be a permanent twilight you can picnic
under as a sky different from day for a simple
repose, it energizes you in a very special way
when you stay awake in it.

They Laughed When I Sat
Down At the Game But
When I Started to Play! !

Can he really play?" a player whispered,
"Heavens no!" Arthur exclaimed, "He never played
a card in his life."

Arthur had just played, the room rang with
applause, I decided this would be a dramatic
moment for me to make my debut, to the
amazement of all my friends, I strode confidently
over, to the Sangreal board game and sat down.

"Jack is up to his old tricks," somebody chuckled.
The crowd laughed, they were all certain I
couldn't play.

"Can he really play?" I heard a player whisper to

"Heavens, no!" Arthur exclaimed, "He never
played in all his life... but just you watch him,
this is going to be good."

I decided to make the most of the situation, with
mock dignity I drew out a silk handkerchief and
lightly rubbed the playing pieces. Then I rose and
gave the two dice a turn just as I had seen other
more experienced players do around the table.

"What do you think of his execution?" called a
spectator near the table.
"We're in favor of it!" came back the answer and
those gathered rocked with laughter.

Then I Started to Play!

Instantly a tense silence fell on the guests, the
laughter died on their lips, as if by magic. I
played through the first Sangreal Great Thoughts
card. I heard gasps of amazement, my friends sat
breathless -- spellbound!

I played on and as I played, I forgot the people
around me, I forgot the hour, the place and the
breathless listeners. The little world I lived in
seemed to fade seemed to grow dim unreal,
only the Sangreal was real.

Only the insight and knowledge it brought me,
insights as beautiful and as changing as the wind
blown clouds and drifting moonlight, which long
ago, inspired Sangreals philosophers and other
famous historical participants.

It seemed as if their wise counsel was speaking to
me, speaking through the medium of the
Sangreal in words and the jubilant discussions
promoted by the games way of play.

A Complete Triumph!

As the discussions upon the comments I had made
upon the Sangreal Great Thoughts card in play
died away. The room resounded, with a sudden
roar of applause.

I found myself surrounded by excited faces. How
my friends carried on! Men shook my hand, wildly
congratulating me. Women patted me on the
back in their enthusiasm! Everybody was
exclaiming with delight, plying me with their
rapid questions... "Jack! Why didn't you tell us.

You could play like this?"... "Where did you
learn?" "How long have you studied?" "Who was
your teacher?"

"I have never even seen my teacher," I replied.
"And just a short while ago I couldn't find a game
as stimulating as this board game Sangreal.
"Quit your kidding," laughed Arthur himself an
accomplished player, "You've been studying for
years, I can tell."
"I have been studying only a short while," I
insisted, "I decided to keep it a secret so I could
surprise you folks."

Then I told them the whole story!

"Youve heard of the creative right hemisphere
mind! Its the creative, expressive empowering
mind in a man and a woman"

A few of my friends nodded. "That's the untapped
potential 95% of the mind, isn't it?" they

"Exactly," I replied, The way of play of Sangreal
board game promotes contact and rapport with
this creative mind within, promoting the power
of seeing into and understanding things, a
practical knowledge, providing the gift of God's
thinking . . . a penetrating contemplation you
might say.

Sangreal teaches how to play with this silent
contemplative Teacher.
And then I explained how for sometime I had
longed to play Sangreal.

"A few months ago," I continued, "I read an
interesting sales letter on a website called

QofS.Org. The Sangreal being a new game, the
website showing the special custom made
wooden set made to allow the first players of
Sangreal to play.

It was during these initial trials the rules were
altered to allow the often jubilant manner of
play to flow, it sounded so convincing, I placed
my order to have the game sent to my house.
"Sangreal arrived and I started to study its way of
play, I was amazed to see how easy it was to

"I found it was just as the sales letter said, as
easy as A.B.C.! Before I knew it I was reading all
the quotations I liked best, nothing stopped me, I
found the Great Thoughts category stimulated,
my creative right hemisphere, stirring my silent
inner teacher God into action, all with ease! And
I never did have any special talent for thinking,
this was my first opportunity to play Sangreal.

You too will now teach yourself to be an
accomplished player right at home or in the
home of friends and family, you can't go wrong
with this simple way of play having already
shown many satisfied players how to play.

No matter whether you are a mere beginner or
already a good conversationalist, you will be
interested in playing this new and wonderful
board game.

And the creators of the script for the movie
Darkest Hour were inspired by God, known to
each Pharoah, as it was, as soon as the enemy
placed here, the steel RAILWAY TRAIN iron
aerials embedded into the Earth's crust to act, in
the same way as a push in and out steel wielding
drawer type ARC wielding machine, reducing arc
(ARK) energy as drawer goes in; yes!. They have
turned the Earth from a limitless powerful
positive magnetism engine into an electric
negative magnetism battery, and as God made
human thought is always the builder, in any
superhuman, as it should be functioning universe
as a wholeness, as a positive polarity energy
outflowing, giving from the; there can be only
one purple gamma source (dark energy). Being
the Earth's C33 plus 16 upper partial overtones C
Sharp signal, not the E being F flat signal as
electricity against you to suck away your mental,
mind given, power for yourselves to use back
where it belongs. Come on, think about this for a
moment, everything around you as objects, with
a name and a function.
All your, I can do this with things, will save you,
in this exercise in the physics of consciousness
engineering, is it really so hard to understand
God has placed Himself inside every word in the
English language.

And as Micheal Faraday worked out, everything is
magnetic, and everything works together by way of
magnetism made of TIME as God's C and TIME (C) and THE
KNOWING are made of pure God data.

God being the Alpha (L for language) and the Omega (Oh
my Ga [God]).

Waters third mysterious component part human and
God consciousness contains the exact same things your
human thoughts contain. You use God's pure thought data
as this pure water to make everything inside you and
around you you can see and touch. Yes, inside God are
quantums of TIME, each a molecule, each a quantum of
positive twinpole magnetic data. Quantums of TIME as
water, as God chooses to be in whatever form He sees as
neccessary. And inside color, which means inside God,
inside the wet or dry capable water are both math
language and the English language, all other languages
are there as well but as I am using English and as it is
becoming, or if not already our universal language. I am
saying the English alphabet letters only are found inside
energy and alongside each alphabet letter from the
beginning is a number, but not just any number, being
linked by way of the B-Z-Mechanical realm of love, of
God driven data, partnered up with the English alphabet
letters A to Z and these first prime pairs are found in line
at the very beginning of these math formulas of Phi and
Pi, and God uses Phi only during His B-Z-Mechanical work,
to form, the base form of everything you can touch as
solid in the world. The material things of the world by
God are made on top and inside God's B-Z-Mechanical
work the solid things made physical are made by God's Q-
C-Mechanical realm of TIME and LOVE (God) work
together, as. Quantum and Classical together; Yes, God's
computer-like data forming B-Z frameworks of invisible
Phi formed geometric as straight lines to make
everything you can use and see, and touch, everything
made also of God's Q-C-Mechanical computations. Using
Pi made invisible curving geometric lines and of sounds
and of colors never moving as they are held in solid, as
placed, by TIME (God) from amongst the straight lines
created out of the prime pairs and the numbers of Pi and

Phi and the English alphabet letters found in Phi as all in
straight lines grabbing hold of the prime pairs inside the
B-Z-Mechanical world of positive magnetic data of God
with the alphabet letters of Pi's curves of a circle and of
a sphere. All a ball of ever curving rolling forth English
letters, all read by you using the same manner of
thinking, by way of your thinking in pure consciousness of
God. As you see a red balloon, you would if you could see
a spiders frame work of straight strands of invisible Phi
lines and of invisible curving lines of Pi. Where B and Z
means before the so-called big-bang and the tiny
consiousness dots of data of water (God) were there
before the big-bang substance of matter. Now I have told
you a long story of how everything is made you should be
able to now see a rose a bit differently. Each and
everything made having a straight line geometry
blueprint and know even the oxygen you are breathing
and the wind blowing around The rose plant is also made
of the straight lines of Phi and the curving lines of Pi, and
it is in this way all of the periodic table elements are
made; all by way of the tone of C and its 16 upper partial
overtones in different combinations. Each a symphony,
just take some time out to think about what you have
just read, place the book down and go outside if you can
and when you have something of nature in front of your
eyes, lift your hand up in front of your eyes so you can
see all beyond your eyes through your hand past your
hand, see the scene beyond your hand to the hills or sea
etc (its set a ra = IT is set in Raradio [God]).
How many trillions of dots (pixels) are invisible allowing
the colors way in the distance, in nature of the distant
hills to show through themselves. All a massively strong
force and know, as far as the magnetic winds go,
magnetism being of God, being of colors and sounds
proper, can have everything as if set in concrete! Simply
able to be known as, the magnetic winds of TIME. Take
some time out to explore what I have told you on one's
life; be open of mind, be like water as Bruce Lee said!

We Begin Again!
During your time away from this book did you when
thinking about distance ever think about what process of
human thinking places the content inside your mind at
any given moment, or of God's purple and violet magnetic
colors showing the Nexusnext us as seen in the Star Trek
movie Generations.
A test was done using a big machine used to look at the
inside of your body it is called an MRI scanner and you lie
down in it and it moves as a big ring of magnetism around
your body but in this experiment.
The ring was just around the outside of a woman's head.
They saw her brain fill with colors and sounds and they
gave her an apple to look at. When she held the apple in
her hand they saw the parts of her brain load the outer
vision of the apple.
Then when they took the apple away and asked her to
think she had the apple still in her hand, but wasn't there
at all. To the surprise of all present, the same parts of
the brain data loaded in the exact same way, by her
inner vision only, as when the apple was outer vision
visible in her hand.
Also further tests showed sometimes the left-brain itself
under the influence of E would move a persons arm up in
the air and then the person would have the thoughts to
move the arm up in the air after it had already been
Further to this there was a man really sick with epilepsy
and doctors to try and heal him cut the joining web of
the middle part of the brain. Now knowing this man's two
hemisphere's were separate from one another they began
two tests. When you look only with your left eye, your
eye is connected to your right C sharp side of your brain,
and when you are looking only with your right eye, you
are connecting your vision to the left E half of your brain.
So they told the patient with the two halves of his brain
separate to cover his right eye, and they gave him a

pencil, and asked him what he could say about the object
in his hand, whilst looking at it with the E driven left
hemisphere of his brain; he could only say it was a
Now they told him to move his hand over to cover his
left eye, to show the same pencil to his brain's C driven
right hemisphere.
When asked what was in his hand the man could not tell
them what it was called but when asked if he could tell
them anything at all, the man gave a long list of practical
things you could do with the pencil: Such as write words,
or numbers, or draw, or tap it on the side of your head as
if in wonder and so on and so forth about the pencil.
Now you know how badly the E signal has you all
hypnotized in your university research endeavors and
your would-be C sharp subconscious brain right
hemisphere locked out off innovation works.
What I am about to tell you is very important, you must
say to yourself now, knowing about doing things, like the
man with the pencil, drawing with it etc is far more
important than knowing what to call things, even if you
do not know what something is called, you are able to
comtemplate it and use creativeness on it to be original
Others doing like I am doing being in God's consciousness
engineering are studying, the science of complexity.
Isn't it really something, yes the subconscious God in
touch person is the person who is in touch with what he
or she can do with everything. Said again in a different
way because it is important movement, using your mind
by way of an inquiry opens the door to all truth doing
what something does, how it interacts is more important
to God, to you, than the stillness of a name of something
as the subconscious part of the brain is the right
The God led person is someone who thinks BEYOND THE
key to assisting God is motivation.

Which is a very big word meaning doing things because
you have a very good reason and your willpower (reason)
is so strong you want to keep on doing this thing you are
motivated (reasoned) to do.
Because there is only one law of physics applying to all
galaxies ! freedom of choice.
Once again you have a very good level of reason a very
good level of motivation, and it is important to note
here, it is very good to want to be a God only, C thinking
person. To want to be become more God like, because as
you grow older the more genuis will surface.
Did you come across Albert Einstein's famous math
equation E = M C squared? This equation revealed the
massive power of energy inside everything and from
there to the making of the nuclear bomb, however my
replacement equation, which is on my artwork titled
Quantums of Time which show my Logarithm for
Everything which shows how we can build things from

As water is the one thing known to be made of a third
ingredient, unknown to you but it is simply God's
consciousness changing two gases into what you
understand to be a fluid . . . flux plasma of magnetism.

Now for the real thinking!
Know every element on the table of the
elements is each a different combination of these
16 overtones of God with a sound. Yes everything
is a product made of sound and color (light) by
God himself as pure light, as bright, as right, as
flight as sight but not as night, or as fright, or
However one day, I came to the thought,
everything is made of data information in
formation communicating with us by way of a
presence inside within you, within me.
When this universe was born it was more likened
unto, a great, and tremendous, going forth of a
large quantity of fresh pure water called The
Surge, as if out of a large concrete dam's spill
way. In the beginning the sound water made
when moving was the correct for us BE inside us,
from a God as light point of view.
Pure God consciousness may be wet or dry this
change is a change of hue, of color, from one
shade of tone to another deeper, darker more
vividly defined color of the same similar to
before of the first color. Nothing more difficult
than this except I am of course here talking
about water.
Water here on Earth is making the wrong sound
when it is in movement, it tells me and
everybody else it has been changed by enemy
The two letters together in formation of waters
sound when moving have been changed to the
word IS, the meaning of IS is 3
person singular
indicative (E enemy voice of mental illness and

self-consciousness), thus creating a hesitation
around the state of BE as the sound of water
when in motion should be the sound of the word
BE, meaning existence, reality, whatever is real
to a single person this means none of us are ever
in the mode, in the way of being our true self's.
Water as IS basically mirror reflecting away from
you your true to you alone unique self, meaning
rather it is meaning the giving away of your
thinking to another person's (E's) approval (thou
shalt not judge).
The E signal prevents the passage of the
contents into you of a personal wish list you
created for this lifetime before coming into it.
After the E aerials were placed and young King
Tutankhamen was murdered, God went into
FAILSAFE mode simply due to the presence in
your midst of the F flat (E) signal the positive
magnetic tonality of God's C sharp language
began providing a second language placed
through you inside the English language in this
simplistic story of our impending glory by return
to a reality with water as BE.

Detail God's Secret Art!
God's hint to me, it (healing) is
understood in wood (new born lung
tissue [antibiotic]).
The C33 being Earth harmonic with its musical
octave ratio by 2 being the C66 and the
corresponding harmonic upper partial overtones
are all heard, whenever there is a C tone in the
air, near and dear, it is shown on the upper
harmonic partial scale as C as termed the
double prime with apostrophes (), also being
used as laid into our language by God for His
secret art as applied to the Earth as geographical
positions, as latitudes, as longitudes in primes as
these apostrophe symbols may be found being
used standing for degrees arc-minutes, and arc-
seconds. These prime symbols also being used to
denote lengths as in 3 3 for 3 foot 3 inches.
However, the most important form of the term
primes attached to the musical notes of C, C,
C and so-forth are the first prime numbers
from 2 to 97 attached to the letters of the
English alphabet, giving us, the prime of 97 for Z.
Another symbol arriving into use by way of it
working its magic through us is the small circle
with a straight line through it vertically, used to
denote the strength of the magnetic degree of C
along with the polar angle as a coordinate
plotted as the angle along with distance as
plotted on a polar coordinate system.
Also as defined by the polar inch equation which helps
define a golden spiral as found through the Fibonacci
numbers including 3 and the golden ration as Phi, which
is also denoted by the small circle with the vertical line
through it, also the musical symbol for C is a small circle
with a straight line through it horizontally and God reads
His own form and place within His universal functions as
a whole by reading Himself as He forms Himself into the

English language in your mind as He finds you in Himself
as the E weakened light inside the human brains left and
right hemispheres also in the form of the letters A to Z
coupled each to each respective prime pair as they are
found placed inside the mathematical constants Phi and
Pi, with Pi being the fabled philosophers stone, all of the
proceeding is a run-down on the naturally occurring state
of TIME as light. These are all the conditions you need to
be of sane mind and of healthy body, with the make-up
of the internal symbols and numbers and letters in the
light inside God's being the same for your needs as it is
for light. For it itself being simply mentioned at times
proceeding forth as information in communication as it;
as we, began, as the subject of your thoughts and now as
I have enlightened as the means by how you are built,
composed, in both a mental and a physical way, however
long ago, in your not too distant past, we knew all of this
and much more.

primary one polarity positive source of
magnetism (light), and in the space-time around
you as the presence of this magnified tone of E is
dangerous to your mental and physical well-being
if it was not accompanied, as in neutralized to a
degree whereby the E tone in the mix of the light
traveling into your eyes and your ears was offset
by the presence of a third ring to lord over the
ring of E (F flat) to maintain an equilibrium of
wellness for ourselves in their made bad for you
Here and now as I write the one and only cause
of all our chaos such as disease and violence, as
inside the visual rainbow of light, as the tone of E
as 659.26 and company, and the primary Earth
tone of C as 523.25 and company in the rainbow
in all forms God (light, consciousness) is fluid.
The musical scale of C in its many forms

corresponds to the colors of the entire so-called
(electro) magnetic spectrum of light.

God as light, as gravity, as sound, as
color must have a particular form, the C and its
16 harmonic partials are His chosen form of
Himself to enable Him to be Himself in a form in
this case in this form as C and sixteen overtones
computer-like math/English language form for
His computational activity work.

However although His presence in this form is
within all things of different forms all are
wholenesses or multiplications. As octave
changes in music, all having C as the resonant
sympathetic quantum entanglement creating
scale of C harmonic upper partials included TIME
as light as God's information in communication
with you as His rainbow is magnetic, in fact,
TIME/LIGHT/SPACE is magnetic as C is a dual of
positive's, always out an flowing of magnetic
energy as space-time does not distort or bend
under the mass or weight of the planets within it,
it is an amalgamation of gamma guided data in
formation and in communication with us.

What God has done with His secret art work is
sneak in a very special set of words amongst the
two-hundred-ninety-five-thousand entries inside
the English Dictionary. These words God has
placed all either rhyme with a partner word and
therefore God has combined two meanings and
more in flight plus the added presence of certain
words which are direct science guided clues to
anti-gravity flight and also another set of words
for teleportation to get our creative teeth into as

well as the use by all of the Holy Grail
Method as described at the end of this book.
All God's information in communication with us in
the form of magnetic words, and their sounds
together by different letters, by different
numbers in and of Phi, Pi, primes and Fibonacci;
it is set in Ra!D!I!O.
Maze. Craze. Day's. Ways. Phase. E daze. God
say's. C Octave stays.
In late 1989 my contact with my subconscious
was no different to you but able to have for hours
a philosophical thought conversation, I had
become a solo dad.
And I thought to myself, I have plenty of time up
my sleeve, what shall I throw myself into? The
instructions I gave to begin the creative process I
was unleashing were, it must be something to be
of benefit to all humanity. It was two weeks
before I received the idea and a year and beyond
until now worth of inspiration to go a long with it
from God, from the human brain, it was a board
game of all things but it is brilliant, it is simply a
way of generating fantastic conversations
amongst its players and beyond into your day "
called Sangreal.
The purpose of the board game Sangreal is to
overflow the left hemisphere into the Nirvana of
the right hemisphere mind, in such a way as to
allow Nirvana (Sangreal), the right creative
hemisphere to take over.
And although it may seem very hard to believe
you are all naturally right hemisphere (artistic),
active personalities to the core each and every
one of you ergo the purpose of the games
special way of play.
Playing Sangreal with a few friends, God
reminding you about the important something
youd forgotten, being extremely important to

you to remember but even so it had slipped your
mere left hemisphere mind. In all the physical
and mental actions and reactions of life as it will
only continue to do so until your playing of
Sangreal, to enable play, to place your
subconscious goals, into your conscious mind, by
way of your right hemisphere's thought activity in
God, but most of all in every moment through
you all, when you are gathered in conversation,
beyond the mundane of oh the weathers fine
today isnt it? Or idle womans magazine
celebrity gossiping or newspaper sensationalism,
or these reruns of shows on T.V over and over or
these infinite seeming so-called reality shows
having the family dog running for his or her
kennel for a little relief.

Sangreal " are you ready to play?

Have your say on matters pertaining to what we
want to be doing (C thinking) each day, not how
do you feel? You want what you want to be doing
to be real.
Do you want to buy one? I hope so because all the
proceeds are to be used to give homes with
modern plumbing, of trees, with a dairy cow for
milk and micro business loans to those who need
that first great helping hand out of the poverty
spiral, who are quite capable of making great
crafty product for the worldwide open trade
market niche.
Now let me show you why and how and as for
the purpose of my many large log book, scrap
book like pages, they are given to show the
untold number of times God (EXTRASENSORY
PERCEPTION) has brought me, by utilizing my
thoughts to take me to the library or rather the
massive amount of times God's guidance of each

and every one of you visually as he does by
picking you up off the couch and taking you into
the kitchen to get a drink just as a song comes on
the kitchen radio, or an advert, back in the living
room on the T.V exactly something to do with
just what you were thinking or rather mostly,
God desiring you to think about, as the game
Sangreal is designed to do so well for you.
Bear in mind the change in the Earth's
oscillation and change in magnetic structure
composition during a total eclipse by the moon.
The now most important, of all readings to you
are known as your KP index readings of the
strengths of the Earths magnetic field, these KP
readings are taken by you at various stations
across the globe each day. These readings need
to be taken prior to and at the moment of the
total eclipse of the sun by the moon, especially a
reading taken directly below the North Pole
(Santa Claus) star called Eltanin before this war
Sound is color and color is sound, products of
God, also color as all is color, everything is made
of color, color is in many forms, but all color is a
TONE and the God's secret art tells all TONE is a
sound (particle) and a color (wave) two positive
polarity components together, a particle and a
wave simultaneously using the famous dual slit
experiment as a proof here, the photon Mobius's
(waves) and spheres (particles) thinking entities
capable of discretion influenced by the
consciousness of each experimenter.

To any doctor who knows a bit about these
things to do with an MRI scanner, which although
a machine to capture magnetic images of the
body, it does not collect, it does not show the so-
called even-spin particles on its display screen,
therefore, it does not show a very good or at
least, not a suitable picture of the E caused
disease as would be liked. Try replacing the usual
barium coined rubber milkshake, taken in, prior
to the use of the MRI scanner with a tiny " .005
grams of titanium dioxide mixed
with a teaspoon of full cream milk
and add a zero for children.
Even with the E enemy signal around, with God;
subconsciously you initiate and carry out physical actions,
serving to instruct, to guide, to form, to communicate, to
relate to your reasoning conscious waking calculating
mind, complete mindful observations of these
Subconscious actions ever unfolding without you realizing
they were unfolding through you, by you, to the point
whereby. These Subsequent actions in motion were
effecting a great truth towards providing you complete
psychological and physical well-being also gaining in this
subconsciously driven way an understanding of an all-
embracing acknowledgment and profound awareness of
the true nature of God's power available to you always by
way of your so termed subconscious mind. This
knowledge such, you become completely as one of two;
your conscious and your subconscious in total balance, in
total and complete synchronized harmonic equilibrium.
All termed an existalistic quintessence experience
applied to all areas of your life. Let us C (see) God and
thereby see God within each other and discuss. We are
thinking beings who have had our thinking waylaid by an
incorrect take by this E reality propaganda machine.

The statistics add up to prove this fact of the now seven
billion of us, one billion of us, are medically injured,
two-thirds of us are living on less than two dollars a day,
starving, homeless, unschooled. The Western world
countries are in the middle of another economic
depression, millions are under dictatorships without a
hope of living with dignity, young people born into this
global crisis are now of the belief by adulthood, whatever
this world they have been born into is; IT IS NOT RIGHT!
Therefore our best minds are now filled with F flat driven
despair, loneliness, apathy, all a depression, filled with
no hope of a way forward without some kind of becoming
famous way of fifteen minutes on Twitter or Facebook,
whilst a single E aerial at a depth yes but with an outcry
of knowledge of a lot not a little being too dangerous is
producing earthquakes, war, famine and disease.

Now for fun!
God knows where everything in the whole universe is,
everything ever written down and where any book is
located now and as it is God's ideas building on your
ideas, forming the basis of your subconscious. Within the
subconscious there are two ways you can go, you may
spend a lot of time thinking about your future or thinking
about anything at all capturing your focus but what is
important, is purely to know contemplation of one
subject, over a long time, is an act of subconscious God
input thinking. But do not lose sight of the fact, God
thought, subconsciously links things, other lesser ways of
E thinking cannot reach, to be able to be doing this, and
this is the pure essence of the God subconscious, your
thoughts simply leap frog over off one thought onto
another, a flow like stepping stones across a creek.
As an example, you might see a bird house in someone's
garden and you begin to be empowered by the
superconsciousness mind (God) which takes your mind on
a journey back in wonder to the tree providing the wood
for this bird house to thinking about being someone who
plants little seedlings for a living to thinking about doing
this job out in bad weather and you recall seeing a nice
coat or jacket in a store on your travels and you realize
you are now thinking of how do the birds get shelter
whenever it snows or rains or the wind blows really hard,
and you continue on thinking about the birds and what
they eat and this is only the beginning of God inspired
contemplative thought.

Now I can tell you, the most fun you can have is in
placing your thoughts about things you come across down
in some written form such as a small pocket notebook
and pen for when on the move. And a bigger scrap book
for all the clues you will come across to help bring about
your chosen God allied with goals, the clue to wholeness
for the best well-being for a person who gets ill seems to

be, along the lines, of a small electronic diode device,
giving the nervous system C sharp light only; the diode or
gryrator component not allowing the E signal to flow
through the human nerve bundle, leaving the primary C
sharp signal in tact and alone to communicate with every
portion of our being as was intended, as blueprinted by
way of God's Perfect Medical Matrix for the human being.

This same idea of the cancelling out of the bad
electricity signal E, leaving pure positive C sharp
(gamma) as the massive true power of the Earth
magnetic available in the air to wirelessly feed your
present electric appliances and run cars, trucks, planes,
ships and trains on positive magnetism, merely tuned In
by radio receiver tuner to on, or tuned out for off. All
achieved by the same principle of using a 180 phase shift
of the F flat waveform to neutralize E, only you might
have to use a sound proof box, or The Paul Trap OR

Once again to push this deletion of mammoth
yet simplistic proportions home, in August 1964,
long before photographs could be changed, a
photograph was taken of one of the tops of one E
aerial showing its large steel balls on crossbars
some 13,500 feet below the surface of the ocean
off the coast of South America, sticking out of
the sea floor, by the crew of a ship called Eltanin
whilst surveying a telecommunication cable.
Eltanin by the way, is the name, God as radio
(Ra) waves gave, for the Egyptians to name the
North pole star above the Earth also in the Great
Pyramid under the huge granite blocks above the
so-called King's chamber there is the remainder
of the aftermath of huge Internal hydrogen
explosions, there was a detailed report available
on the internet of just such a use of the Great

Pyramid. The article I came across some years
ago may still be located by way of your
placement of the words Great Pyramid hydrogen
engine into Google's search slot, telling of
how The Great Pyramid was used to
create a huge EMP thump onto the
surface of the planet Earth at this
very spot geographically, which is said to
be the exact dividing point of land and water and
the point where North and South meet at the
Equator amongst other exactitudes of details the
Great Pyramid provides, for you today, for your
Utopian tomorrow of the math involved in the
building of this structure for this purpose to serve
to also produce, a C sharp brain, God inspired
180 degree phase shift E sound neutralizing
waveform sound tone.
I had arrived one afternoon onto the steps leading uphill
to an old Masonic Lodge, now an art gallery where I held
a Magnolia tree flower bud In my hand and realized
without a shadow of a doubt all reality was in fact simply
information in communication with us in the form of
data. A massive flow, a stream, of God's tiny Mobius rings
with soccer ball like spheres in their center covered in
darker wet and lighter dry colors being God as His solid
rocks and metals as sounds as if painted on by tiny
hexagonal honey bumble bee created pixel dots of God's
Phi and Pi language data (color [light]) as information in
communication with us all the time visually and audibly.
In the form of the hieroglyphic language, the
birds pictured by way of God's secret art decoded
are the Earth's KP index magnetic strengths,
being the strengths magnetic of C and the F flat
in our midst. The F flat causing weather-driven
disasters, and earthquakes, wars and disease and
physical violence.

I was traveling at night through the small town of
Beaumont NZ where my grandparents used to have an
apple orchard, I stopped and took a photograph of the
full moon above the mountains and above the bridge
there. This photograph is very special as it shows the
color purple of the gamma rays (the 70% missing dark
energy) behind the F flat made black sound mask of
night, of space-time. Also there is a ring of the color pink
neatly formed also around the moon in this shot. Seen at

To radio tune in space-time's C sharp purple gamma
dark energy. Could it be as simple as this for a trained
physicist? But for those who can do it, take an
oscilloscope and feed Earth's song, with the embedded
white noise static (E) and C Alfven, space-time gamma
radio waves Earth song through it.

Failing this tap into a source of white E (F flat) noise
static off a radio, now with another oscilloscope with the
same done to it sit them side by side and locate the F
flat (E) signal in the mix of the one on your left, once you
have located the F flat signal. You are interested In the
timing of its arrival, as you need to introduce your
secondary grace-note; new neutralizing 180 degree
phase shift F flat signal at the exact same timing as the
real F flat is in this mix of pure Earth's magnetism.

This is what I came up with after a question and
answer session with God using His Holy Grail
Stage One: The oscilloscope (the great white hope).
Stage Two: The Paul Trap. Stage Three: The
Gryrator device to neutralize the E signal. Stage Four:
An electronic crystal oscillator set to work by quartz
crystal set to C sharp frequency. This ends the work I
have completed on my own not knowing anything about
physics. The Gryator is a device which will transmit the C
sharp signal unchanged in the forward direction through
the circuit but reverses the polarity of the signal
traveling in the backward direction (or equivalently 180
phase-shifts the backward traveling E (F flat) signal).
If and when these tests prove the popping into this
immediate E signal cancelled out environment of a
wireless source of C led positive magnetism, then you
shall have a source of positive magnetism energy able to
be tapped into anywhere, just as Tesla did. Leaving
behind artificial generation methods such as water held
back dams, nuclear power stations, coal, natural gas,
wind turbines, solar collectors, hot steam, oceans waves,
cold or hot fusion, hydrogen and oil products.
The first meaning of the word ORDINARY in the Oxford
English Dictionary is: Rule and control.
Now how did rule and control get in there? I thought the
meaning of ordinary was normal and natural, average at
best, well known, accepted, also under the definition
given for the word will there is a huge lot of E spam and
when the only correct meaning word is mentioned it is
skirted around to negate its worth; WILL in YOU is
Rule and control by whom, by who's say, by who, is the
perfect of thought, by who's choice, and why?

In cases of being hypnotized by a stage
hypnotist, the volunter is asked after being told
to bark like a dog and doing so! Could you stop
yourself? And his or her reply well no!
Where you readily act out and believe you are
the person you are commanded to be, so it is in
life, with your dominant thoughts hypnotizing
you, molding your perceptions and reinforcing
your thoughts, beliefs and actions.
God's purpose is to provide a way to truth,
wisdom, power, and love, to God enlighten you,
to bring you out of the F flat induced deep sleep
preventing the evolutionary gene of human
consciousness called Darpp 32 the E brain virus
software is trying to shut down from fulfilling
God's ongoing mandate to guide you all into your
Nexus (next us) nirvana, affording you the
opportunity to act upon the contents of the
blueprint you crafted for yourself for this
sojourn, through your interactions, with God's
immense, guiding human ready for you as the ME
(magnetic energy) you.

How God Manipulates Me
This afternoon I was asked by my daughter
Bonny. If I wanted to help her look for a
computer chair. When we met I suggested we go
along to the local recycling store, while we were
there she found everything she needed for her
home, she found a small wooden table with
metal legs which she said would be great to sit
her lap top on when placing her desktop display
on the T.V screen it was too high, but I said I
could easily cut down the legs with a hacksaw.
On the way home to her house she stopped and
brought some pink spray paint and some light
sanding paper to rub down and repaint this small
table. After we had sanded it down together we
decided to use the spray can out of the wind in
the closed shed She wanted to put down some
old newspapers on the floor first, so we began to
do this. Just as we were finishing this task I found
a newspaper page with a picture of a glass prism
and a rainbow of light traveling from it. The
paper was dated Friday the 22nd of July 2005 and
all the same old T.V shows were noted in a guide
on the same page under the photo of the glass
prism (magnetic prison), with the light forming a

These seemingly chance findings by myself
began after I had decided to give my life up in
exchange for a life looking after my daughters
who were still in nappies by myself. What I did
not fully realize or learn properly until they left
home in their early twenties is all women carry a
special kind of magic, a magic the world must
have now, always in abundance but fails to have,

due to the presence of the E aerial driven abuses
of women.

I really got a confidence boost when I needed it
by finding the article through my daughter
Bonny, the God led subconscious driven
serendipity was cool as I would never have found
it if not for the natural C sharp greater water
filled mind of a woman. Bonny chose this flat not
me, we did not place those newspapers there,
we did not make the wind blow out of nowhere
for the first time today in her backyard.

A Perfect Moment in Time
Anna, what is the date today? asks Matt. Its
Monday the seventh. Of August in the year 2019,
replies Anna. Great! Matt says, Well make it
to Los Angeles to meet your new buyer. Anna
comments, Yes, I ve completed the last
embroidered quilt. Matt answers the door and
says, Hi Serena! Hi Matt, said Serena. Anna
shouts, God loves beautiful Sangreal thinking.
Serena says, just love this right-hemisphere
expression? We do, says Matt and Anna in
unison. Reminding you. Of our gathering. On
Sunday to play SANGREAL, said Serena. Well be
therethanks, said Anna. Later Matt and Anna
load the quilts into the car. Hovering gently.
Above the groundwithout wheels. Thanks to
control. Of magnetism by S.A.M. (or Salma) By
the way, asks Anna, How does it work? Its the
sound number crunching tones given by Marc
Stewarts Algorithm for Everything equation. By
way. Of his S.A.M. syntax analyzing magnetic
computer. replies Matt. Oh Matt, says Anna,
The freeway into Los Angeles is so beautiful
grassed over with shrubs on the verges. Matt and
Anna glide beneath a private New York gallery.
The receptionist said, Through. To your right.
Anna and Matt unfold a quilt for him. This is
extraordinary craftsmanship, says Mike.
Theyre wonderful Ill purchase all you can
supply me. Suddenly the voice of Annas S.A.M
(Salma) credit card sized super computer
mainframe asks for permission to 3-D Annas
mother Jean. Yes please Salma, requests Anna.
Jean appears in 3-D holographic projection. Jean
said, Anna come quickly your father has suffered
a heart attack. Anna asks Mike, Whats the
quickest way to get to Florida? Teleport from
the new stargate round the corner, says Mike;
youll arrive through the Florida stargate in a

couple of seconds. I was reading about this
science, says Matt, Its all been made possible
since Marc Stewart worked out. The DATA we use
is a product of our brain and the magnetism
everything is made of, Matt and Anna walk to the
Los Angeles stargate pavilion. Welcome, says
Baxter, what is your destination? Florida, its
an emergency, said Anna. Well then lets get
you there right away, says Baxter. Anna and
Matt walk in through the stargates God-light
filled water to see Wendy the Florida stargate
attendant smiling at them, they step out in utter
amazement. First timers are we? asks Wendy.
They arrive at the hospital by hover taxi to find
Annas father Robert asleep, Annas mother Jean
is sitting with him. Wow! So quickly. Says, Jean.
Marc Stewart magic. says Anna. Jean said,
Your fathers heart is in critical condition, things
are desperate so theyre going to perform the
very first trial of Marc Stewarts C assisted
Titanium Milk, theyre hoping it might give a
better MRI picture of your fathers heart, says
Jean. The hospital orderly enters the room. Tim
the orderly said, Lets get this new show on the
road. A little bird who heard one of Marc
Stewarts lectures said his secret to the Titanium
Milk was THE KNOWING God gave him when he
held a green fuzzy Magnoila bud pre-flower in his
hand, in this moment he said he knew everything
and our minds... hey but you just gotta see Marc
himself live or hear him recorded. Robert
swallows the very first single half teaspoon of the
shaken but not stirred Titanium Milk and lies
down in the MRI scanner, whilst Anna, Matt and
Jean look on. Suddenly Ray Concella the MRI
technician blurts out, My goodness forget the old
grey flannel suit of the old barium meal before,
the Titanium Milk has given us a color photograph
but it just cant be, it looks like a young persons

heart. Whats going on here? asks Dr Phelps.
He checks Roberts heart. My god or should I say
who is Marc Stewart's God, his Titanium Milk has
just completely removed all disease from this
mans heart it must be more Mobius rings and
spheres God magnetic magic, says Dr Phelphs.
Tim the orderly said, Dr Phelps was named after
Mr Phelps the Mission Impossible character who
set the seemingly impossible missions into action
on tiny loops of magnetic sound tape, the
recorders would always go up in a puff of SMOKE
KILLS fame in one of those old winged airplanes
now found all over the third world, as temporary
accommodation and tool sheds by Marc's
construction crew, building houses in far away
places kept busy by the looks of astonished
amazement on the faces of the locals when they
see the new farm tractors rolling out of Marc
Stewarts Millennium Falcon a real one. After
being produced in one piece by a really big God
controlled S.A.M computer containment arena of
manufacture, all out of magnetism from the
immediate environment. Robert swings his feet
down onto the floor and says, What a rush, I feel
twenty all over again, It is some wicked
thinking persons awesome science magnetic
magic again, says Matt. Youll need a change
of scenery, said Anna. Robert said, I seem to be
full of ideas, perhaps I might just come out of
retirement and go build up a new business or
design a new home or perhaps Ill take a ride on
one of these real Star Wars flying machines being
made these days. Sounds like youll become
another Leonardo Da Vinci like Marc Stewart with
this God given light it up heart of yours now
dad, says Anna. A few days later Matt answers a
knock at the door of their home. Hi Serena,
says Matt. Annas parents are visiting with us,
Everyones welcome, said Serena happily. Soon
everyone is around long wooden tables covered in

food and drink for all the men, women and
children of the village. Serena says, weve
gathered here today to further explore and share
our experiences of the board game SANGREAL.
Robert would you like to start us off? asks
Serena. Robert said, the SANGREAL board game
eliminated the problem of boring dinner parties
and corporate affairs, ending our mundane
monkey-like chatter of everyday speech we all
endured. SANGREAL gave us collaboration,
openness, happiness and a chance to empower
our personalities, even beyond the realm of play
venturing forth into the wide-open expanses of
life continuing to express ourselves on topics of
interest and importance to us all, by the ability
of the games quotes to stimulate and hold our
interest captive. Wendy said, Yes the game
removed our frustrations of having topics of
conversation of too little concern and curiosity.
The game removed the anger at regularly being
unable to take up the care necessary to lead, to
enter into it, which upon which everything turns
and relies on freedom of speech for all, such as
the freedom of speech we hear expressed by the
games creator Marc Stewart. On one of his live or
recorded teleseminar's or open-discussion speech
TICK-IT event. Bill said, Yes it was these being
the dawning of the spirit of right-brain God
driven empowerment of personality and enduring
friendship, overtaking everyone who has heard
Marc Stewart talk on the glory of the story the
Egyptains told in stone, the God Code, and of
God.' Serena said, Would anyone else like. To
share his or her experiences? Cavell said, Yes
when launched we knew Marc
Stewart was an artist of true ilk as in cast in the
mould as if he is a new Picasso, Hemingway, Van
Gogh, Einstein, or Leonardo Da Vinci. As artist,
inventor and writer, simply an observer of life of
both its inner and outer facets of shining glory.

James said, Yes we have all been influenced
greatly and magnificently by his humble, open,
empowering, KNOWING style driving you a mile.
Serena said, Russell youre a CEO of a large
private investment corporation how say you?
Russell said, If you are searching for a well-
balanced state of mind and feelings, promoting a
tranquil demeanor and self-possession, favoring
not one opinion or belief more than another "
play Sangreal " All our employees who learned
too, by learning how to interact with their God
powered right-hemisphere driven subconscious
thoughts as written by Marc Stewart or by the
Way of Play of Sangreal. Where now each is
worth more to the company than we were paying
them, whereby they all worked together on the
same task all towards the same purpose, working
tasks out in detail, influencing, persuading,
advocating solutions to difficulties in front of us
all. Tom speaks, SANGREAL gives the real dope,
the real KNOWING, the real God, quotes galore
not fit to ignore. Russell speaks, This new
games a score for more, all cards are designed
to stimulate the processes of thought. Mary
speaks, Forging new synaptic pathways in your
brain. Hanna speaks, Each players generation
of their original thought paving the way for
jubilant outpourings of discussion. Henry speaks,
All serving to produce a general feeling of
wellbeing. Emma speaks, Coupled with an
expansion of each players personality as
knowledge presented during play is assimulated
and reacted to. Arista speaks, The first time I
got to play I thought I cannot be awake for
nothing looks to me as it did before, or else I am
awake but for the first time! And all before has
been a sleep.
Anna said, Like Beethoven said of his ninth
symphony when asked by stunned listeners to his
latest offering the same can be said for any Marc

Stewart event either live or as recorded, it is for
generations yet to be born. Serena said, Matt
has a poem for us, go ahead Matt. Matt speaks,
Its by Robert Frost titled Stopping by woods on
a snowy evening.

Whose woods are these I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sounds the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are Lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep.
And miles to go before I sleep.
And miles to go before I sleep.
And miles to go before I sleep (C translation =
see the end of this F flat creep).

Anna said, Id like to make a toast to Marc
Stewart, although we all know hed just say oh
the brain did it and mention in passing; the data
of God.
Bravo here, here, shouted all who had
gathered together to celebrate life.

A SANGREAL Great Thought by John Hus, [c. 1373
- burned at the stake 1415].
Seek the truth
Listen to the truth
Teach the truth
Love the truth
Abide by the truth
And defend the truth
Unto death

Sangreal Way Of Play Rules
Players choose a small cup each and the 7 same
color pawn playing pieces and select a starting
position on one of the seven points of the playing
board. Then a pile of Great Thoughts, The Rest,
Kids Corner, Science Notes and The Quest cards
are placed face down on the table leaving the
others in the game box.
The player who throws the highest score with the
two dice begins the game. Players remain on the
outer pathway until they collect the full set of
"Hallows" cards. Players may move in any
direction on the outer pathway. When a player
lands on a Hallows (H) square all players focus

their attention on the moment for A Gathering
has been called. The player who is on the
Hallows square picks out a single card from off
the top of either THE GREAT THOUGHTS, THE
player on the Hallows (H) space reads this card
out loudly to all the players present.
The purpose of the game is to allow opportunities
for all players to express themselves. Speaking in
any way they would like to express themselves.
Regardless of age (Kids Corner and Science Notes
cards), life experience, or standing in eyes of
anyone other than their own eyes the player on
the Hallows (H) square must speak out aloud
their comment first before the other players get
their chance to make a comment of their own. As
simple as A.B.C. And this is all there is to this
game and more-so what follows is the magic the
game creates.
During play any player who laughs in an obvious
mocking or who gets angry at another player's
comments for any reason during the entire game

play. Must leave the table completely and try to
remain as silent as possible. For any length of
time as decided prior to play commencing. Or an
ordinary 3-minute kitchen egg timer. Of course
once the time out is over. The player concerned
takes up a turn when the die comes around to
them again. Of course this rule can be ignored if
you as players decide you want more of a
university debate where the conversations can be
more of a free for all more promoting freedom of
It makes conversations happen in a very good way
on a wide variety of subjects. Instantly it gets
people talking. It is a truth serum. Being really
cupids arrows and bow to play romance or
friendship between older players and the young
for fun as the case may be. Either a discussion of
note ensues or the voting commences as follows.
Time for the "Reckoning" to begin players! If you
decide on as little as a whim our player on the
(H) Hallowed Ground is far from Dim then drop a
sphere into the Sangreal Cup. However if you

decide our players notion is shallow Small-Talk
or back-pedalling Tall-talk. Theres no need to
pout or shout. Simply, do not place your sphere
in the cup!
Sangreal does not need any rhetoric to hurt its
players. Forcing turtles back into shells. So relax
Jack and Jill and allow King Arthur, Queen
Guinevere and Company an opportunity to show
their way, their Round Table Way. And those who
sit around it honor the art of Chivalry, courage
and courtesy. If you are standing on "Hallowed
Ground" and the Sangreal (Holy Grail) Cup sounds
out its Reckoning Tone alone or by the many you
may select a Hallows card.
If on the H and you do not hear Merlin's tone drop
in like a cherry pip stone on its own. Be still with
your throat. You can only collect a "Hallows" card
when at least one sphere enters the cup or when
the cup runneth over through jubilation or
discussion. Being simply the Hallows card given as
this players comment has set the game, every
brain alight . . . on fire. Being the hearts desire.

Once a player has collected the four Hallows
cards he or she throws the die on their next turn.
Beginning their journey to claim the seven
Virtues. Its the timeless fascination of the
Virtues you must now unravel as you travel the
inner pathways.
The seven Pillar of Virtue (V) spaces are joined
by a maze of pathways. Each player seeking to
express their true selfs ability as best they can.
Proceeds to the Pillar of Virtue of their choosing
and so on to each in the order they deem best.
Exact number does not need to be thrown to
achieve position on a Pillar of Virtue. These
positions are marked with a V.
Once a player arrives on a pillar of Virtue (V)
space they may choose to pick a Quest card off
the top of the pile and answer its question with a
yes or a no. A player other than the player
attempting to answer the Quest card question
reads the card out aloud and gives the answer on
the card's back. When the card is no longer

required it is returned to the bottom of the cards
for selection.
When a player successfully answers a Quest card
question. They collect the Virtue card of their
choosing and leave their color pawn like marker
playing piece on this Pillar of Virtue (V) before
you go, to let you know you have been to this
destination on your travels. As the playing boards
magic ride drives you deeper into its magic inner
spaces. Later letting you know you have been to
this V space and are on Track to empower
yourself with the entire seven Virtue cards.
If unsuccessful at answering a Quest question.
Try again to get your Virtue card on your next
turn of the die. These Quest cards are simply
small stories of things; of adventures in Mallorys
book titled King Arthur and the Knights of the
Round Table. And each answer is either a yes or a
no. No harder then this. However players at the
start of the game can choose to be allowed to
use the Great Thoughts, Science Notes, The Rest
or Kids Corner cards instead in the same way
reading aloud and making a comment and
opening comments up to all players and either
voting or agreement to give the Virtue card.

More than one player may be positioned on a
Pillar of Virtue at any one time. A player who has
collected all seven Virtue cards immediately
heads for Camelot and the Round Table. Being
your original starting outer playing board corner
position. Players must on their turn of arriving
back home tell a story based on one of the
virtues displayed on the Virtue Cards or on one of
the dictionary definitions of the word Virtue.
Examples given: Excellence, worth, the practice
of duty, a good quality and an accomplishment.
The characters you use may be real or imaginary.
An Animal, mammal, insect or cartoon. The
player may mime, dance, act out a part,
impersonate a hero, and draw from legend,
fable, or poem. The sky is the limit. Be creative,
explore! And you can use your time outside the
game to think up your Virtue story ending. You do
not have to tell your story right away; you may
wait until the turn of your own making best
suiting you being ready.

Improvisation can be the key. Just pick a word,
another player commenting on a quotation or
something perhaps of the adventures of Sir
Lancelot or of the Lady Dinrane, as your friend.
Or as Morpheus put it to Neo, "you think it's air
you are breathing". Say anything even absolutely
outrageous and stop them in their tracks.
At the end of some absolutely outrageous story of
complete and utter unbelievableness. Add at the
finish . . . oh and one last thing. You cant
believe a thing I say. How cool is Sangreal?
Your five to fifteen minutes of fame awaits.
Audience! One sphere in the cup will show our
storyteller or actor your appreciation.
You win the Sangreal prize by majority rule,
example given, if there are five players then at
least three spheres must enter the Sangreal Cup.
Also players prior to starting the game. May
designate the winner to be the first player to
collect seven "Virtue" cards, reach Camelot their
home starting corner and dramatize a Virtue with
at least some degree of earnestness.

Player's can discuss the way the game shall end
and the winner found before play begins and vote
on the decision with the voting spheres until a
majority is reached. Or you may decide one vote
will win the game!
Finally. Another twist is to use the board for a
first player round the seven Pillars and home
again wins the game. Leaving your pawn play
pieces as you go, plotting the course you reason
to be the shortest route home. (This version does
not use the games cards. Sangreal Cup or voting
When a player completes their story without
victory theres no time to bleat; to get back on
your feet its focus you need to bring together a
new act, line, mime, rhyme, story, or chorus
line. So change tack and select another virtue
and before you know it you'll be back on stage,
the set lit up and this time its Ground Hog Day.
By now you will have worked it out. It's
communication, open minded, trusting, honest,

to goodness, communication being the key to the
Sangreal Round Table Harmony.
And to the winner take a bow its customary
Sangreal . . . some do . . . some dont
have a beautiful mind!

Introducing The Board
Game Sangreal
In which the GREAT THOUGHTS cards together
bring into one place, one space, one time, the
ideas WHICH have determined the intellectual
history of the world " short passages in the
original words of the men and women who
conceived them. The great thoughts includes:
Noble prizes winners, scientists, poets,
physicians, writers, dramatists, editors, painters,
inventors, mystics, presidents, statesman,
founders, innovators, judges, composers, world
leaders, romans, greeks, nuns, monks, bishops,

teachers, global issues, great thinkers, historians,
generals, publishers, reformers, journalists,
sculptors, quantum theorists, kings,
psychologists, freethinkers, biologists,
theologians, champions, radicals, emperors,
THE REST cards include: Shaman, crystals,
ghosts, E.S.P, dreams, fables, classical
mythology, knowledge, truths, healing without
medicine, N.D.E (near death experiences),
wisdom, re-discoveries, Egypt, symbology.
meditation, imagination, validation, runes, tarot,
superstition, Nostradamus, mysteries, proverbs,
occultism, parapsychology, astrology, hypnotism,
brain-waves, beyond death, creativity,
visualization, psychic voyages and powers, re-
incarnation, phantom encounters, mind over
matter, spiritual science, oracular traditions,
visions and prophecies, numerology, legends
(Atlantis), 'take care creation in progress',
ancient wisdom and secret sects, the minds eye,
I Ching, tao, prophets, human aura, mind
dynamics, cosmic power, last two million years,
The Bhagavad-Gita, religions.

Carl Jung, Abraham Lincoln, Friedrich Nietzsche,
Aldous Huxley, Dr Wilder Penfield, Pablo Picasso,
Pythagoras, Leo Tolstoy, Harry S Truman,
Shakespeare, Frank Lloyd Wright, Albert Einstein,
Confucius, Ralph Waldo Emerson, George S
Patton, Charles Lindberg, Henry David Thoreau,
Plato, Thomas Jefferson, Voltaire, Sigmund
Freud, John F Kennedy, George Bernard Shaw,
Walt Whitman, Michelangelo, Barbara Tuchman,
Emanuel Swedenborg, Martin Luther King,
Socrates, Rudyard Kipling, Napoleon Bonaparte,
Victor Hugo, Louis Pasteur, Vincent Van Gogh,
Emma Lazarus, William Penn, Albert Schweitzer,
Virginia Woolf, Henry Ford, Lewis Carroll,
Franklin D Roosevelt, William Wordsworth, Wilbur
Wright, George Washington, Charles Dickens,
Robert Burns, and Sir Isaac Newton " The
Sangreal board game . . . some do . . .
some dont have a beautiful mind!

How Lancelot fell to his old love again but
withdrew from Guinevere to eschew slander. And
how the queen commanded him to respect the
way of play! So after the quest of Sangreal was
fulfilled and all knights left alive were come
again unto the Table Round as the rule book of
the Way of Play of Sangreal maketh mention.
Then was there great joy in the court and in
especial King Arthur and Queen Guinevere made
great joy of the remnant home and passing glad
was the king and the queen of Sir Lancelot and of
Sir Bors for they had been passing long in the
quest of winning the Sangreal. Then as the Great
Thoughts card saith Sir Lancelot began to lament
and pine for his true love but Queen Guinevere
open-mouthed put her foot down and suggested
it was time to allow others the opportunity to
play Sangreal. How Sir Galahad, Sir Bors, Merlin,
Morgan le Fay, and Sir Percival entered into the
game and of The Rest card and of how king Pelles
had been maimed for drawing it.

In the meanwhile Galahad blessed him by placing
a sphere in the Sangreal cup. Then next the
gentlewoman Morgan Le Fay and then Sir Bors
and Sir Percival threw the two dice and when
they were playing it was so marvelous fair and
rich they marveled at the midst of the game was
fairness and Galahad went thereto and found
there a crown of virtue. At the feet was a sword
rich and fair and it was drawn out of the sheath
half a foot and more and the sword was of divers
fashions and the pommel was of stone and there
was in him all manner of colors being any man
might find and every charge of the color had
divers virtues. How Sir Lancelot half sleeping and
half walking saw a sick man healed of dullness by
playing Sangreal into the wee small hours. How
Merlin announced to King Arthur the `SANGREAL
BOARD GAME' should be played throughout the
Realm. And how King Arthur had all his knights
together for to practice being not angry and
never to laugh at anything before they departed.
And how expressions of ability appeared in the
knights and in the ladies as they sat at supper

and how all the knights took upon themselves the
quest to prove, to have patience where woman
are concerned; should become a virtue too.
Porthole and Periscope on
The Game
Sangreal play brings about a supernormal
believing in yourself and in your abilities and
what you can achieve.
Sangreal play brings about a supernormal taking
control for yourself and of yourself in every
aspect of your life.
Sangreal play brings about coolness without being
cocky and a strong-willed, feisty, friendly and fun
Sangreal play brings about a supernormal
realization of your personality inside of you and
of loving the new you.
Sangreal play brings about a supernormal leaning
into synchronicity towards someone you are

interested in to show you are being engaged by
what they are saying.
Sangreal play brings about a supernormal sense
you are a great slow and controlled talker.
Sangreal play brings about a supernormal
watching to see whether others are copying your
Sangreal style. If they do its a good sign they
like you and see you as being a great player.
Sangreal play brings about a supernormal power
smiling and a body language, showing you are at
ease with yourself.
What Sangreal Play is NOT About!
Sangreal play is not about a world of quips, and
claims to false fames and tongue-tying talk.
Sangreal play is not about being arrogant and
intolerant to the personally notable comments of
Sangreal play is not about being intimidating and
humiliating others.

Sangreal play is not about being pushy and
shouting to get your point across.
Sangreal play is not about demanding change in
others without considering change in yourself.
Sangreal play is not about being bossyjust the
boss of your world.
Sangreal play is not about being defensive and
blocking others comments cutting them short
during their delivery.
Sangreal play is not about speaking loudly or
small talk, or talk-talk.

Sangreal plays supernormal optimistic attitude
enables players to see clearly what he or she
wants and deals swiftly and effectively with any
boundaries and limitations in life.

A Sangreal player is in tune with their inner
personal expression and understands ultimate
power comes from the ability of play to promote
genuine self-confidence.
The Sangreal player understands he or she must
be humble as well as awesome. Human in the
knowledge not being superior to others has an
empowering effect bringing them an air of grace
and of dignity alluring to others.
The Sangreal player experiences supernormal
synchronicity in generous abundance. Play allows
the subconscious right-brain to engineer subtly a
path towards and into your desires.

A Sangreal player is defined by their supernormal
sense of self and comfort in their own identity as

witnessed by others in their ability to express
themselves in and outside the game.
The Sangreal player approaches the games quotes
and situations outside the game with supernormal
extrasensory decisiveness through right-brain
universe guided insightful choice.
Sangreal players ultimate power of persuasion
comes from their supernormal reflex ability to
express themselves in the open freeness of the
The Sangreal player knows the value of respect
through giving and receiving it inside and outside
the game.



Are you frustrated with having too little topics
of conversation, of concern and curiosity?
Springing from absence of effort or influence of
memory? Causing an unbroken inability to bring
into your life the transcending merits of
excellent communication with one another!
Are you angry about regularly being unable to
take up the care necessary to lead the way and
urge we prepare the way to quench our gusto for
what we are as a whole unable to achieve
without free for all conversation, built on which
everything turns and relies on " freedom of
speech for all?
Would you like to get your hands on a user-
friendly board game, designed to help
communicate one to one conversations on a great
variety of matters of interest on a wide selection
of subjects. Boundlessly giving you the means to
bring into action full privilege to utilize the
complete power and potential of your
And by now to be satisfied as to the truth and
certainty of this awesome opportunity to
develop, your staggering perception, all you need
is to make available to yourself, the potential
within this game to unite in a free for all
manner, the devices given to help realize the

power and potential of your personality to
increase your chances of forever more,
developing, enduring life long friendships and
continuing positive mental attitude.

How are you? My name is Marc Stewart I am
author of this book and the creator of the board
game Sangreal.

If you are searching for a well- balanced state of
mind and feelings, promoting a tranquil
demeanor and self-possession, favoring not one
opinion or belief more than another. Then listen
very carefully, because I am going to share with
you the mystery of Sangreal. I would like to
present to you the benefits of Sangreal.

It promotes happiness which is expressed by an
inner contentment, wellbeing, pleasure, and a
feeling, things are good.

And now to the second benefit, collaboration,
working together, on the same task, for the same
purpose, to be attentive to minor details of
action and behavior, to work out in detail,
endeavoring to influence, persuade and advocate
solutions to the difficulties confronting us today.

And now to the third benefit, openness, the
Sangreal's way of play promotes the revealing of
ones true nature and feelings, encouraging
cleverness and talent, high mental ability,
straightforwardness, genuineness, freedom from
pretending and a favorable disposition, good
nature and kindness.

Here is what one of the players who took part in
the pre Indiegogo campaign trials of the game
said, in a recent email to me.

Loved the game, its good to see, friends and
family enjoying themselves with the benefits the
game provides being an opportunity to engage in
good honest to goodness conversation on
meaningful topics.

And this from a CEO of a large manufacturing
corporation, who writes. Our employees who
played the game all felt the same impetus to
empty themselves of their need to express openly
their desire to communicate their points of view
on matters important to the future growth of the

You too can begin today to reap the benefits of
the exciting opportunities this game presents
such, as its ability to stimulate a continuous flow
of original ideas of a unique nature drawn from
within the minds of all its players.

Go ahead if you want to eliminate the problem of
endlessly boring dinner parties and corporate
affairs seldom going beyond the mundane
monkey-like chatter of everyday speech we all
have to endure on such a regular basis without
any recourse to enjoy the benefits of
collaboration, openness and happiness. Not to
mention the wealth of opportunities available to
us all, through the ongoing dialogue created
when players leave the realm of play and venture
forth into the wide-open expanses of life
continuing to express themselves in the open
manner afforded them by the games ability to
stimulate and hold their interest captive, well
beyond the boundaries of play.

By now you will realize the benefits of ownership
of your very own boxed set of the board game
Sangreal, enabling you to gather your friends,

family and colleagues together " play awakens
your dreams.

The family board game Sangreal . . . some do . . . some
dont have a beautiful mind!

The beautiful hand crafted wooden playing board box,
hand made cards, Grail Cup, tiny playing pieces, wooden
dice and the tiny wooden spheres were all made so we
could play the game. These handcrafted wooden sets are
available to buy and own as heirloom sets.

God's Mathematics!
I have finally just taken a look at the Fibonacci numbers
and realized immediately they are musical hertz
frequencies, as they grow beyond the first three digits
place a decimal point and either round up or separate
out the remaining digits after the first tone into further
tones of three digits until rounding up. Also I began to
match the Fibonacci numbers to the prime numbers, to
realize quickly beginning with the number 1 in the
Fibonacci list the match up to the 19
prime, being the
English alphabet letter S representing sound only misses
by the amount of 2 to being the same Fibonacci number
6765 which decodes as gravity (magnetism) consisting of
two frequencies. The foremost one being E, the prime
giving C has the foremost polarity magnetic, the
Fibonacci musical frequency number 17711 being C radio
177.11 is also only 2 as an amount away from the prime
17713 God's secret art decoded = misses by 2 = B = tone
of B holds the key to be free of E.
Of course the Fibonacci number I was most interested in
is the 33
(Earth 33 Harmonic) in the list being 701408733
which is the same as the prime rounded up to 70141, the
Fibonacci number breaking up into the three sound notes
in Hertz of a 701 tone, a 408 tone and a 733 tone.
Just the same as when listening to an orchestra playing,
you can hear the instruments having a conversation,
these numbers when matched to the English alphabet tell
many stories, for instance not too far into Pi the
following stream of data is found;
4696406665315 translated by way Of the God's secret art
decoded = 4 = D for degrees magnetic, 6 = F for
frequency, 9 = I for human-beings, 640 = the unwanted
noise E, 666 represents E also but more-so from its
REALITY dividing of you up to communicate away from
each other physically, 53 = the C as a middle influence
empowerment formed of and capable of gamma power
radio and lastly the 15 = O for the pure oxygen you need
to be free of this single carbon utmost fear.

Next I have taken a quick look at the number digits
making up Phi. The first thing I noticed was the many
times the Fibonacci number 17711 and rounded up prime
number 1771(3) came into view in different
combinations, yet in my quick search from Phi's beginning
I did not find an exact match and this validated a long
held belief of mine, nothing in a normal natural magnetic
environment should be ever deemed exactly as a dead
straight line, rather since this Q-C (quantum-classical)-
Mechanical reality seen is built of Pi's curves laid onto
the B-Z-Mechanical slightly (light with a little e) straight
lines of Phi's making.
I began to locate the shortened version of the 33

Fibonacci number 701408733 which as I stated earlier
matches the prime of 70141 when rounded up. Zero Is
not a number it is the E enemy O out of the word GOOD
to negate the power of GOOD into God.
Of course the O will have the last word being the oxygen
you are breathing.
So now back at home I looked for 70141 or similar inside
Phi and there it was being the sum after 704 all rounded
up to 705 and the digits, the individual sums before and
after it being as follows 433387051667149, Decoded from
God's secret art code as follows in short, 4 = degrees
magnetic of 3 = C33, 8 = hydrogen engine (Great Pyramid
as an EMP engine, being a magnetic pulse), 705 hertz
tone alone, 1 = A =apple = pips = Morse Code = free
strange quarks inside water of a negative E charge, 667 =
two polarities magnetic, negative E and positive C, 14 =
the English alphabet letter N for Nonesuch the composer
who put the KP Index of the Earth's magnetic strengths to
music, with the cover of this LP record glued on my
collage artwork titled QUANTUMS OF TIME.
Seen at
And lastly the 9 = whatever it is to be human when E is

Footnote: It is time that is the difference factor
that decides the position and momentum of a Mobius
Ring and sphere in quantum mechanics not probability.
And it is the sphere when away by distance from its
partner Mobius, mirroring the same characteristics of its
companion in Albert Einstein's spooky-action-at-a-
distance. Called by most quantum entanglement, which
should not be happening in a normal naturally stable C
sharp only reality. Sangreal uses the E instigated
quantum entanglement event unwanted and unnatural to
our advantage (love) by influencing the mass
consciousness of humanity at large by the players' use of
association by way of philosophical and psychological
reasoning, transposing the left hemispheres content of
thought, overflowing it through the art form of
contemplation into the creative doing motivated right
hemisphere of the players' minds'. On into the mass mind
of everyone producing an overall upswell of positive
upbeat joyous development of individual and collective
super consciousness. Affecting a good and a great
outcome throughout C sharp and God's secret art
influence content in movies ongoing through the process
of providing increase to 100% power of the subconscious
ESP (extrasensory perception) mind of every person on
the planet. Their inner consciousness sublimely changed
by Sangreal plays quantum entanglement empowerment
through the influence in the middle of it all by the force
we can term as God, as infinite intelligence, as divine
intervention, as the universal mind, as providence
rearing itself into the long night of normally E driven

The Holy Grail Method!
Take a blank piece of paper, begin with Dear God. Once
your question is written take your pencil or pen and
follow what you have written saying the question out
loud to yourself alone, then simply pause at the end and
a thought will enter your minds free space. Write this
answer down on the same page, if ever the word or
phrase answer seems to be unclear to you seek out a
good Dictionary and seek out the definition that God is
trying to give you. If neccessary ask again if the
definition you have chosen is the one God intends. Or you
think it is not the answer you wanted, it means you are
being asked to think a lot more about it, as
contemplation builds the bridge made of thought to
reach the unknown stepping stones across the flowing
stream of God's thoughts into your mind. Another good
practical kind of question is to write a selection of
numbered alternative outcomes when you need to make
a certain decision always give a last number with the
words OR OTHER. Which If given in reply it means you are
being asked to think some more first, meaning another
direction. Think as a movie writer first, then as a
director, it is your story.

My Cooking Recipes!
Poppas Secret Pizza Sauce Recipe
Half an onion
An eighth of a cup of oil
An eighth of a cup of crushed garlic
Three liters of tomato juice
Half a liter of tomato paste concentrate
Quarter of a cup of salt
Three-eighths of a cup of basil
An eighth to a quarter of a cup of oregano
Quarter of a cup of sugar
Half of a medium can of diced or pured tomatos
Method: Fry the onion and the garlic.
Add tomato juice and salt.
Add tomato paste.
Add diced or pured tomatos.
When hot five minutes before you turn off add sugar and
Stir occasionally. Turn it off and let cool.

Poppas Real Pizza Dough Recipe
Makes 50 pizza bases so you will have to get
your calculator out and reduce the amount of
ingredients down to size.
14Kg flour
1 cup (250ml) salt
1 cup (250ml) oil
6 tablespoons dry yeast
6 tablespoons sugar
6-7 liters warm water
Put yeast and sugar in water and wait to rise. Put yeast
mix in large bowl and add flour, salt and oil, mix until
bonded, should have consistency of soft dough.

Grandmas Hikers Cake
Two packets of plain biscuits.
Three-quarters of a cup of sugar.
Half a pound of butter.
Two eggs.
One tablespoon of cocoa.
Mix cocoa into finely crushed crumbed biscuits.
Beat eggs and sugar well then add to mixture.
Melt butter and add it to the mixture and mix well
Press into a shallow slice tray and ice with chocolate

Carrot Walnut Cake with
Cream Cheese Icing
One and a half cups of finely grated carrot
Half a cup of chopped walnuts
Two eggs
One cup of castor sugar
Three-quarters of a cup of oil
Half a teaspoon of vanilla
One cup of plain flour, One teaspoon of baking soda
Half a teaspoon of mixed spice, Half a teaspoon of salt
Method: Combine eggs, sugar, oil, vanilla and sifted dry
ingredients in basin, beat on low speed until smooth [or
can beat with a wooden spoon]. Stir in carrots and
walnuts. Mix well. Pour mixture into a well-greased
eight-inch ring tin or square tin. Bake in moderate oven
180 degrees Celsius for 45 50 minutes. When cold
spread with frosting.
Cream Cheese Frosting
Beat thirty grams [one oz] of softened butter and sixty
grams [two oz] of packaged cream cheese [Philadelphia is
best] until smooth and creamy. Beat in one teaspoon of
grated lemon rind and one and a half cups of icing sugar.
Beat until smooth.

Black Forest Gateau
Ingredients and Method
Sift eight ozs of flour and add in one level teaspoon of
baking soda and two ozs of cocoa and set aside.
Take eight fluid ozs of milk and add one tablespoon of
lemon juice or vinegar. Set aside and it will thicken.
Take four ozs of butter and nine ozs of castor sugar and
add three eggs one at a time beating well after adding
each egg to cream this mixture.
Now place small quantities of the flour mixture.
Alternating with small quantities of the milk mixture into
the creamed butter, sugar and eggs. Stirring well each
time. The mixture will be wet.

Divide this mixture between two eight-inch sandwich tins
after greasing and lining the bottom of the tins.
Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 30-45 minutes.
Remove from tins and leave till cold.
Split the two into four. Place the first of the four
sections of cake on a suitable base and cover with cream
and cherries. Repeat for all layers and cover whole cake
with cream and sprinkle with chocolate.
Sit in fridge either overnight or for several

An alternative to oysters
Ingredients and Method
L & P (Lea & Perrins) Worcester sauce in pan, salt
sprinkle, one canned whole tomato in middle, grated
mild cheese & grated tasty cheese over top of whole pan.
Add bacon cut vey roughly into pieces/strips around
tomato. Oysters (raw) placed around and a small (tiny)
tin or bottle of anchovies placed in to around also. Then
cover with a tin foil and cook medium heat on stove
element. Leave pan alone to do its own thing and go do
something, anything youd like to do for a while! Note:
You cannot overcook unless you are gone for over half an
hour silly if then you! Return to pan, turn off stove,
carefully open up a steam escape by lifting foil at some
edge point keeping self and hands out of the way of the
very over hot moisture that will flow rapidly out. When
safe completely remove all foil covering the pan and
gently pour entire contents sauce and all onto your
waiting so patiently large dinner plate and wa la
youve done a great meal on the fly for one numero uno
or for two of you both to share if another significant
other there too lucky you/both!
A buttery sauce for steak.
Cook first side of steak. Turn over. And sprinkle on both
cumin and paprika. Then add a generous knob of butter
and flip over until butter has melted. Then flip and cook
last side to your liking. Then take out and place on plate
and pour over butter cumin and paprika sauce.

Two Envelopes At Birth!
Andrew Carnegie said, Everyone at birth
brings with him the equivalent of two
sealed envelopes. One of them is clearly
labeled the riches you may enjoy if you take
possess of your own mind directing it to ends of
your own choice. The other is labeled the
penalties you must pay if you neglect to take
possession of your mind".
In the envelope labeled riches there is the
following list:
Sound health.
Peace of mind.
The labor of love of your choice.
Freedom from worry and fear.
A positive mental attitude.
Material riches of your own choice and quantity.
In the sealed envelope labeled penalties. Mr
Carnegie said, #this list is the penalties you must
pay for neglecting to take possession of his own
Ill health.
Fear and worry.
Indecision and doubt.
Frustration and discouragement throughout life.
Poverty and want. And a whole flock of envy,
greed, jealousy, hatred and superstition.
Make a statement of what you want out of life.
And make a statement of what you will give to
get it. Memorize both by reciting morning and
evening and 12 times during the day. And then a
prayer of gratitude as follows:
Prayer. I ask not for divine providence or more
riches but more wisdom with which I can accept
and use the riches I received at birth and the
power and control to direct my mind to whatever
ends I desire.

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The Egyptian Hieroglpyh Containing the
Blueprint For Free Clean Wireless Energy

Teleportation Clues are Words With Phi in Them

Anti-Gravity Flight Clues are Words Containing

Move E not Groove to E or are You Physicists a
Little Rust E

A Diode With 180 Phase Shift of E to Prove
Cause of Disease and Violence

The E aerial That Must Be Cut Down and Melted
Thus Removing the Cause of Disease and
Violence From Our Lives Forever

Quantums of TIME as Movement of time

Primes in Phi and Pi and in The Fibonacci
Numbers which are musical hertz frequencies
for physical growth

Earth as Light Producing Engine

Primes Attached to English Alphabet Letters
inside Pi

Light is Traveling Too Slow for the Human Brain
and DNA to Function as Designed

Light Should Not Be in Two Parts

Life of a Human Cell

The Real Matrix

Quantum Computer

New antibiotic to be taken orally from tablet form by
way of new stillborn baby lung tissue forced critical

Smoke Kills 1972 long before the dangers of smoking
and carbon warming was accepted knowledge.

E = a faster speed of light into our eyes to allow the
human brain and DNA to function as designed without
disease and the physical capacity for violence.

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