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Case Analysis Form

Participant Name Amir, Ahmed, Mujahid, Wasi, Mansoor

Case Title Smith Financial Corporation
Key Facts
Smith Financial Corporation is a 100+ years old company serving many Fortune 500
With primary need being a new manager for Data Management, company had also
been looking for someone to bring about some changes in the organizations cultural
habits as well.
Frank Miller was hired as Assistant Vice present and director of Data Management as
well as to bring fresh ideas and to change the norms within the organization.
Frank Miller had spent his last professional decade working as a consultant with major
work being in fields of data management. He was a credible source of knowledge with
updates on his field of expertise.
Company had many Loyal and old employees serving since many years.
Company had invested heavily in Lotus notes for Email and Internal applications, with
dedicated staff.
Key Players
1. Frank Miller - Assistant Vice President & Director of Data Management
2. Brain Jones - Millers Manager (VP Systems & Programming)
3. Mike Campbell Jones Manager (Senior VP Information Services)
4. Mary Han Millers Colleague (Senior Systems Manager)
5. Tom Bradley Marys sub-ordinate (Lead Programmer)
Core Business
Problem &

1. Miller hiring was to fill the position of Director Data Management as well as to bring in
fresh ideas and to shake things up
2. To evaluate the existing architectural structure and then define a new one for future
Smiths application development efforts.
3. Millers chose the wrong approach (arrow approach) to point out system in-efficiencies
and used nonprofessional approach in meetings.
4. From time to time, Miller focused on imposing his decisions/view points, neglecting
other senior employees concerns.
5. Miller mostly used technical jargons in his communications to explain his position,
trying to get over the head of others.
6. Miller kept important information from his direct manager, even from the higher
7. Miller persuaded the company into buying a third party application which could easily
been replaced by applications created within the company, by the existing employees.
8. Smith Financial had already invested considerably in a system (Lotus Notes) which
Miller felt would not have helped the company in the longer run.
9. By Millers attitude, many senior staff members left or were planning to leave the


There wasnt any time constraint; miller shouldnt use commanding and aggressive
style. He should choose a less direct, circuit managers approach to tackle the existing
organizational culture.
He should adopt some definitive plan to earn respect and acceptance for his credibility
among individuals.
He should use a combination of sell and consult approach. He had the required
technical skills, but lacked interpersonal skills that alienated people.
He should respect the fact that there are team members working with smith much
longer than Miller. He shouldnt impose his ideas on experienced staff members all of a
He should do some homework before presenting his ideas; lay out the benefits, pros
and cons, take people onboard by making them understand why he wanted to adopt
any alternative approach.
Avoid using technical jargons when making his explanations to make his ideas more
accessible/implementable to the rest of the department.
Propose technical skill enhancement trainings for other group members which would
help them understand and back his proposals.
Include his boss in all of his decisions and convey complete facts to help develop a
more informed conclusion & decision.
Avoid outright rejections of the ideas of other group members, acknowledge their
position. Use logic and convince them to change these practices and assure resolution
of the problems if any.