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CSCE 235/235H Assignment 2 Spring 2014

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Instructions Follow instructions carefully, failure to do so may result in points being deducted. Clearly
label each problem and submit the answers in order. Staple this cover page to the front of your assignment
for easier grading. Be sure to show sucient work to justify your answer(s). If you are asked to prove
something, you must give as formal, rigorous, and complete proof as possible. The CSE academic dishonesty
policy is in eect. Print out a copy of the cover sheet and include it with your assignment. Hand in the hard
copy during recitation. For those in the rst recitation, you have until 4:30 p.m. on homework due date, to
hand in your homework to the second recitation instructor.
Question Points Score
1 8
2 10
3 10
4 8
5 8
6 10
7 14
8 12
9 4
10 6
11 12
Total: 102
1. (8 points) Use a proof by contraposition to prove that if x +y 2 where x, y R, then x 1 or y 1.
2. (10 points) (Rosen 1.5.30) Rewrite each of these statements so that negations appear only within pred-
icates (that is, so that no negation is outside a quantier or an expression involving logical connectives).
1. yxP(x, y)
2. xyP(x, y)
3. y(Q(y) xR(x, y))
4. y(xR(x, y) xS(x, y))
5. y(xzT(x, y, z) xzU(x, y, z))
3. (10 points) (Rosen 1.5.34) Find a common domain for the variables x, y, z for which the statement
xy [(x = y) z((z = x) (z = y))]
is true and another domain for which it is false. Explain your answer.
4. (8 points) (Rosen 1.7.16) Prove that if m and n are integers and mn is even, then m is even or n is even.
5. (8 points) (Rosen 1.7.26) Prove that if n is a positive integer, then n is even if and only if 7n+4 is even
6. (10 points) (Rosen 1.7.30) Show that these three statements are equivalent, where a, b R: (i) a < b,
(ii) the average of a, b, is greater than a, and (iii) the average of a and b is less than b.
7. (14 points) (Rosen 2.1.10) Determine whether these statements are true or false.
1. {}
2. {, {}}
3. {} {}
4. {} {{}}
5. {} {, {}}
6. {{}} {, {}}
7. {{}} {{}, {}}
8. (12 points) Let X be a set and P(x), Q(x) be predicates over X. Consider the sets
Y = {y X|P(y)}
Z = {z X|Q(z)}
Complete the following sentences with quantied propositional formulas involving P, Q.
(a) Y Z if and only if
(b) Y Z = if and only if
(c) Y Z = X if and only if
As an example: the statement Y Z = X (regarding sets) can be restated as the quantied propositional
formula, x X[P(x) Q(x)].
9. (4 points) Let A, B be sets such that |A| = n, |B| = m. What is the cardinality of P(AB)?
10. (6 points) Let A
denote the cartesian product of a set A with itself n times, that is:
= AA A

(a) What is the cardinality of A
(b) What is the cardinality of P(A
11. (12 points) Let A = {1, 2, 6}, B = {0, 3}, and C = {1, 3, 9}. Find the following
(a) AC
(b) AB C
(c) B B B
(d) What would the cardinality of AB C B A be?
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