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The profession of Architecture calls for men of the highest integrity, judgement, business capacity and

artistic and technical ability. An Architects honesty of purpose must be above suspicion; he acts as
professional adviser to his client and his advice must be unprejudiced; he is charged with the exercise of
judicial functions as between client and contractor and must act with entire impartiality; he has moral
responsibilities to his professional associates and subordinates; and he is engaged ina profession which
carries with it grave responsibilities to the public. These duties and responsibilities cannot be properly
discharged unless his motives, conduct , sence of moral values and ability are such as to command
respect and confidence.

Architect in relation to public
1. Safety, health and wellbeing of the people and the community. Such as restoration and
preservation of general amenities and architectural/cultural heritage
2. Share technical information to allied professions
3. Observe the Law of government and comply with the code of ethics and national standards.
4. Shall not use paid advertisement nor not use self-laudatory, exaggerated and misleading
5. Architect shall not solicit nor permit to solicit his name
6. Shall not mislead the public through paid advertisement stating the specialization services of an

Architect in relation to his client
1. Architect must explain to client the scope of his/her professional services. Shall not offer free
services/preliminary sketches without the agreement.
2. Shall explain to client the exact services and professional fees.
3. Architect shall explain the estimates since nagbabago ung cost of materials every year.
4. Consider the needs of the client and effects of his work on the well being of the whole
5. Shall charge the client according to the services offered stated in the Architects national code /
standard professional practice.
6. Shall not undertake the construction of any project based on plan prepared by him. If you are a
contractor you cannot be the AOR of the project.
7. Shall be compensated for his services through this professional fee and shall not ask for
anything in return
8. Personal business shall not affect his services to the client. If he has other business related to
the project he should inform the client. (if you are a supplier, u should inform the client )
9. Act as an arbitrator in any disputes

Architect in relation to Contractor
1. Help the contractor understand the contract documents by providing complete and detailed
documents to avoid unnecessary mistakes
2. Architect can reject or condemn materials which are not related to the contract documents to
avoid delays and addl expense to the contractor.
3. Shall not accept any gifts, free services favors and commissions from any contractors /
4. Shall inspect the phase of work and shall issue final certificate of completion and certificate of
payment as per completion based on contract documents.

Architect in relation to Manufacturers, Dealers and Agents.
1. Shall not solicit free engineering/allied services which may adversely affect the architects
2. Shall not accept any form of gifts, favor, commissions and discounts

Architect in relation to his colleagues and subordinates
1. Shall not render offer professional services to civic and charity projects.
2. Shall not compete with other architect.
3. Shall not seek commissions
4. Shall not enter/join the design competition if he knows well the program organizer or has been
the professional adviser in the competition