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Ridhwan Boston Group 4 is now accepting

a limited number of applicants.

The Diamond Approach

is an original Inner Work path aligned with the Western tradition,

and developed in response to specific spiritual questions of modern Western society.
It was introduced by A.H. Almaas over 45 years ago and continues to evolve.

More details are available at our website at

Everyone has an curious relationship to truth. Most of us will say we like the truth, we like being truthful, we ap-
preciate others truthfulness, we want our kids to tell the truth. The truth is important, after all! People who arent
truthful are people who get into trouble with the law, people who dont do well at the office, people who dont
have good relationships, and the like. But when it comes to our inner life and while we hold these ideals dear, most
of the time we are lying to ourselves, and in ways we can exploit to understand ourselves and the nature of reality.
In this weekend were going to explore the nature of Truth, our relationship to it, and discover some important
ways we might relate to truthfulness that can launch us into new and compelling territory.
Oct. 17-19: Friday 7-10 pm, Sat. 9:30 am - 5:00 pm, Sun. 9:30 12:30 Tuition: $250.
If you have questions please call Elizabeth at 617-515-5344 or email her at
To register send your name, contact information and check to Elizabeth Slayton, 30 Sedgwick St.,
Jamaica Plain, MA. 02130. Make checks out to Duncan Scribner, LLC.
All events will take place at the Walker Center, 144 Hancock St., Auburndale, MA

When we speak of presence, most of us have vague or abstract ideas of what that is. In this path, presence
is central to the process of self-realization and is experienced in various forms, according to the needs of each
situation. It is substantial and recognized as distinctly real when experienced directly. In this weekend we will ex-
plore presence in a variety of forms, and teach ongoing supports for the experience of presence in our day to day

Fri., Dec. 12, 7-10 pm, Sat. & Sun. Dec. 13 & 14, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm. Tuition: $250.
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Explorations in Truth
Presence: The sacred land within