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maxDNA based EHTC Calibration Procedure
1. This calibratio !roce"#re is base" o calibratio carrie" o#t at 1 $ %&'
(W Paras !ro)ect.
%. The act#al test a" setti* istr#ctio s#b+itte" b, E- Ba*alore a"
car" locatio .or the cocere" !ro)ect is to be .ollo/e" /hile carr,i*
o#t the calibratio.
A) For Position measurement of EHC
EHC position is measured by LVDTs Collins Transmitters)
Typical data of Collins transmitter is as belo!"
Excitation" #$ VDC
%cale factor" &'()V*+N )',, to &'$,)
-irin. detail"
/ED 0) and 1LAC2 3) 3333 +nput supply
4ello! and 1lue 33333 5*P 6olta.e
Follo!in. table s7o!s typical Position 6s 6olta.e cur6e
Position +nc7es) Volta.e
0 8'9 &'(##
09') :',$9
09'; ,';:#
09'$ (':&$
09'# 8'&9$
9 9
39'# 38'&9$
39'$ 3(')9,
39'; 3,';&$
39') 3:',:#
38'9 3&'(),
0 ) for E<TEND position and 3)
For /ET/ACT position
+n =A< panel position of EHC is read by A2C module Collins
Transmitter module)' Typical connection detail and its !rite up is
a6ailable in T> 5?= manual supplied by EDN 1an.alore
Calibration of EHC Position
1. EH0 Positio 1:
a. Si+#late -12olts at P3.14P3.% o. the A50 0ar" .or EH0 1 !ositio .ee"bac6.
A")#st b, Pot P% 78..set9 to *et '.''2olt at A:4B:.
b. Si+#late 12olts at P3.14P3.% o. the A50 0ar" .or EH0 1 !ositio .ee"bac6.
A")#st b, Pot P3 7*ai9 to *et 1'.''2olt at A:4B:.
%. EH0 Positio %:
a. Si+#late -12olts at P3.14P3.% o. the A50 0ar" .or EH0 % !ositio .ee"bac6.
A")#st b, Pot P% 78..set9 to *et '.''2olt at A:4B:.
b. Si+#late 12olts at P3.14P3.% o. the A50 0ar" .or EH0 % !ositio .ee"bac6.
A")#st b, Pot P3 7*ai9 to *et 1'.''2olt at A:4B:.
c. Gi;e a o..set o. '.% 2olts to the EH0 Positio so that bet/ee EH0 1 a"
EH0 % or+all, EH0 is i ser;ice b, +a$i+#+ selectio.
Abo6e steps are 6alid for t7e condition if 6olta.e comin. from LVDTs Collins
Transmitters) of EHC for 9@ position of 899@ position of EHC is 3:'9 VDC
and 0:'9 VDC respecti6ely'
9@ and 899@ position for EHC can be decided by positionin. t7e EHC in
field and measurin. HP secondary oil pressure for 9@ and 899@ lift of HP
control 6al6e'
+f 6olta.e correspondin. to 9@ position and 899@ position of EHC are not
3:'9VDC and 0:'9VDCA t7en 5*P of A2C card can be adBusted to 9 to 89VDC from pot P# 5ffset) for 9@ position and from pot P( .ain) for
899@ position'
8) Normally t7ere s7ould be sli.7t difference in EHC 8 and EHC # position approximately #3(@)' T7is is done to taCe care of =ax selection
in position controller card !7ere Bumper settin. is done for =ax selection.
#) =odule fault" =odule fault of A2C module is indicated and
correspondin. relay 5*P contact is used for indication' Fault condition
monitors po!er supply loop to Collins transmitter by detectin. %a! toot7
!a6e .enerated form Collins transmitter' +t may 7appen t7at function
!ise Collins transmitter in field may be 52 but still A2C modules may
s7o! fault because of absence of sa! toot7 !a6e' Collins transmitter in
field s7ould be replaced in t7is case'
1) Final Control Element"
Final control element for a typical turbine controller #,9 =- and ,99 =-) is EHC
coil in t7e .o6ernin. racC'
%econdary oil pressure for control of turbine 6al6es is .enerated correspondin. to
different positions of EHC' For c7ecCin. EHC position and correspondin. HP ? +P
secondary oil pressuresA startin. de6ice s7ould be at 899@ position'
1. Positio 0otroller: -o the !ositio cotroller car" setti* as !er test a" setti*
%. 0oect the cables to the Electro-h,"ra#lic *o;eror.
3. 0hec6 the i"icatio o. EH01 a" EH0% i the cotrol "es6.
:. 0hec6 ;olta*e at the i!#t to the !l#*er coil. 7A34B39 o. A2L car". <t sho#l" be
bet/ee % to -1'2olts.
&. (a6e !l#*er coil 8N .ro+ !l#*er coil !o! #! i EHT0
=. Re+o;e oe /ire .ro+ the !l#*er coil at the .iel". The EH0 sho#l" *o to +a$i+#+
!ositio. <. this "oes ot ha!!e, the a")#st +echaicall, to *et EH0 +a$i+#+.
1. 0hec6 a" a")#st the o#t!#t o. EH0 1 a" EH0 % to *et 1''> at the cotrol roo+.
?. 0oect the /ire to the !l#*er coil. <t sho#l" co+e to +ii+#+ !ositio. 7As the
!ositio set !oit is '>9
@. (eas#re the ;olta*e at the !l#*er coil. <t sho#l" be aro#" -12 Si+#late a set !oit o.
&'> at !ositio set !oit. The EH0 sho#l" *o to &'>.
1'. (a6e ;ariatio i ste!s o. 1'> a" ta6e the rea"i*s.
11. A.ter chec6i* abo;e, +a6e !l#*er coil 8AA .ro+ EHT0 !o! #!. EH0 sho#l" *o to
(AX !ositio 1''>.
Note :a9 Coil resistance of EHC is around ;9 57ms'
b) For control fluid application as in ,99 =- sets) EHC coil body is different
metallic)' +t s7ould be 6erified in initial sta.e' +f it is not t7e sameA coil s7ould be
+mportant" The )#+!er setti*s i the <8P3%' car" .or 7set !oit *eeratio9 /ill be
"i..eret i. there is a si*le <8P3%' or there is re"#"at <8P3%' car" /ith a BCD coector.
". <. there is oe <8P 3%' car" the the )#+!er setti* /ill be W1-i, W%-o#t,
W3-o#t, W:-i, W=-i
e. <. there are re"#"at <8P3%' car"s the the setti*s /ill be :
i. Aor !ri+ar,:W1-i, W%-o#t, W3-o#t, W:-o#t, W=-i
ii. Aor seco"ar,: W1-i, W%-o#t, W3-i, W:-o#t, W=-i