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to the openSAP course ABAP Development for SAP HANA. The course will start on Se
ptember 25th, 2014.
Registration and more information about the course can be found here.
Why this document?
This document is designed to support the official course material with technical
information such as information about trial systems. Please bookmark this docum
ent to be informed about updates.

How to get a trial system
In order to get an SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP SP8 trial system using
Amazon Web Services (AWS) as cloud provider, please follow this video tutorial: (Please note: The video demos the predecessor versi
on AS ABAP SP7. Make sure to use the "AS ABAP incl. BW 7.4 SP8 on SAP HANA 1.0 S
P8 [Developer Edition]").

For our SAP colleagues, please use this link to get a trial system.

As described in the video, necessary prerequisite is an active AWS account. Foll
ow the steps described in the video, how to prepare your account and how to get
an instance of the ABAP trial edition. As shown in the video, go to the document
Developer & Trial Editions: SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP and SAP Busin
ess Warehouse powered by SAP HANA to get your ABAP trial instance and choose the
"AS ABAP incl. BW 7.4 SP8 on SAP HANA 1.0 SP8 [Developer Edition]" (you may use
this link if you're already an SAP CAL expert). The instance creation and initi
al launch will take approximately 45 minutes during which you can get familiar w
ith technical information about the systems.

After the initial launch you can access the system. However, to make full use of
the system, you have to import an SAP NetWeaver license.
Just follow theses steps to import it:
Logon to AS ABAP via SAP GUI with user SAP* in tenant 000.
Start transaction SLICENSE
Get a âMinisapâ license at .
As system ID choose A4H - SAP NetWeaver 7.4 AS ABAP (Linux / SAP HANA). As hardw
are key use the hardware key shown in transaction SLICENSE.
Choose Install new License and select the downloaded license from step 3.
After license installation call transaction SECSTORE and run a check for all ent
ries using F8. This is needed to enable RFC after the change of the installation
number from INITIAL to DEMOSYSTEM.
Information: Installing the Minisap license will change the installation number
from INITIAL to DEMOSYSTEM. The developer access key for user DEVELOPER and inst
allation number DEMOSYSTEM

Installed the license? Perfect, so now you're ready to use the instance as descr
ibed in the openSAP course.