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Project ITOM

An Integrated Approach of The Illegal Trade on Online Marketplaces

Project ITOM
The problem: online trade of illegal goods

Develop an Integrated European Approach

Law enforcement and other public and private parties
Europol EC3, Portugal, UK, Germany and Netherlands

Ask you to participate and help

But firstly, our experience

Project ITOM
We would like to achieve:
Coordinated investigation and prosecution
Sharing of Information and intelligence
Involve other public parties
Coordinated media campaign
Involve private parties
Create a permanent network and corporation strategy
stay present

National Prosecutors Office
Project ITOM
To achieve this we need:
To identify and involve the appropriate authorities and
persons per MS
Further develop empirical knowledge
Organize meetings with law enforcers, decision makers,
public parties to determine best interventions
Assist in implementation
Disseminate knowledge and implement permanent

Planning And Activities:

April 2014: meeting on law enforcement cooperation

June 2014: meeting on multidisciplinary intervention(s)

June 2014 March 2015: implementation of intervention(s)

January 2015 June 2015: evaluation of intervention(s)

September 2015: final seminar

December 2015: dissemination and final report

National Prosecutors Office
Jan Dobbelaar
Dutch National Prosecutors Office
+31 6 531 847 93

But also via your EC3 network!