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Ways of Seeing 27th September 2014

Creative Independence:
I looked at monologues and my play this morning and looked
into what I am going to be doing this week as well as thinking
ahead about ideas for WOS. When we came together as
company we had to think of the concept for our schools tour,
a list of contacts and our company name. Harriet, Daniella,
Amber, Levi and me were trying so hard and the rest kept
going on breaks and just not focused or listening. There
participation within the thought process was evidently
missed, they had nothing to put into the pot while the rest of
us were doing the work and that is what it is like most of the
time the girls and Levi's and Connor and the ONLY people
who do and care about the work. I don't personally want to
look stupid on stage in front of the rst years that we are
going to be going and directing because it won't inspire them.
We need to be better than them to put all out skills and
knowledge into practice and show them what we can do! This
got very frustrating easily and the company name was just
ridiculous we could NOT come up with anything we agreed
on because everyone wanted there idea or didn't care enough,
when it was only Harriet, Daniella and me that were
researching and thinking of names to call OUR company!! We
went on a break after this and when we came back there was a
better atmosphere and we thought of a name we all agreed on
"TIGHTROPE theatre company".
Ways of Seeing:
We started our ways of seeing piece and we went with so
many di!erent ideas, Levi suggested like we have discussed a
little while ago that he wanted to individually take two words
from each section and do physical movements to them and
My Strengths
Even though this week I haven't done
much leading with other companies
this week but I have been a strong
leader within the HND company. I
have got stuff done and made sure
that we strive to work things out.
When we had our massive discussion
I was the one who tried to organise it,
it felt like I was Jeremy Kyle at some
points with Levi and Lewis. I tried to
bring control to the situation and we
ended it on an agreement of what we
are going to try and do, which should
have already have been there in the
first place.
I feel like my idea has hit everyone
because they are in operating my
idea and evolving it to make it better
in some respects. We want to be as
creative as possible and try to
incorporate all we know from our two
years and not look as inexperienced
as the first years. I feel that I have out
many ideas into the pot this week and
majority of them have been used, I
need to continue this throughout the
year and process.
Creativity Autonomy
I used to not like doing things alone
but I have learnt I'm not afraid now to
go away and do work independently,
this week Levi's workshop was to
work independently or with people
and I worked by myself creative a
piece of work and worked with Sam
but I was the leader of that because it
was my idea he was helping with.
Ways of Seeing 27th September 2014
show the group and chose. We started this and then charley
stopped us because they couldn't do it by themselves and be
creative so they got us to do it as a company, ne. Then Sam
stopped our creativity ow where the boys were unfocused
anyway and tried to lead a workshop because he thought it
wasn't beneting us; it was but the boys were focused! Sam
lead a workshop with the music so loud I couldn't even hear
him but there were some good points in the workshop where
we got inspired and discovered some uncovered ideas about
what we could add into the piece. We were all elements and
circled Levi, making him feel like the feather which was
intimidating, it also happened to me and I felt the same
benet of that. We battled each other in these elements to
show the conict and reactions when these elements collide. I
thought this was benecial and inspired us to start our piece
we start 'sculpting' each other into what we want them to do
along with the music and we created some good movements
as a company, without taking and having fun because we just
went with it and let go which I feel we could do a lot more if
only the boys would concentrate! We then started to be
moulded by Lewis's idea of coming in and out of each other's
circles and we thought this could represent earth and growth.
We focused on this movement for a while to perfect it but we
still need to be stronger in our movements so they are denite
and we still need to work on this for next time. There is a
start to our creative ow but I don't think that it is going to
be the beginning of our piece. I still really want tot use
shadow theatre and my idea but it can evolve but I denitely
think this is a good movement we created through
improvisation and we just need to carry on, as a company!
My Weaknesses
Keeping Well
All week I have been feeling ill
and I did take a day out because I
felt run down and very ill, I do
need to keep my energy up and
stretch more because my body
was aching as well. I need to
keep fit to help my immune
Going With The Flow
I will admit I have been one of
the people in the company that
have an idea and what mine to
be the one chosen and even
though some of my ideas have I
wanted to show everyone my
vision before they just neglect it.
Then we can move on but I have
stuck with this so much I need
to let go more and accept other
people's ideas and go and try
them out as well.
Getting Annoyed
This week I did develop an
attitude that wasn't the most
productive because during the
leadership workshop I said to
the company I denitely wanted
to lead something because I
didn't last week. Someone
people respected that and others
didn't and carried on ignoring
me. I had an idea do to and I
wasn't annoyed about I didn't
get to do my idea I wouldn't
have mind running any game, it
was the principal they didn't
respect what I said.
Ways of Seeing 27th September 2014
1st Year Workshop:
We had planned what we wanted to do with the rst years and that was gain focus, because they
always seem unfocused and can never get any work done without talking. I had an idea that would
help them and us and be more fun than just games which was getting into groups of four and creating
the elements and doing a workshop on that. However not all the HND's were in this talk when we
were organising because they went o! and went for a fag or went on their own break. I posited that I
lead something and I came up with an idea that everyone agreed on as well. When we did the games
but then the boys that weren't in the meeting went on their own thread and did what they wanted
shying away from what I was going to do, I am aware sometimes if you plan it might not happen but it
was the moral of NOT being there and making a company decision about what do to. In my opinion
observing the workshop the boys are useless at running workshop as when they stop them they then
talk about what they are going to do next losing focus of everyone in the room.
After the workshop we discussed and I said if everyone was here then they would have heard what we
discussed about what we wanted to do but they weren't there and that frustrated and upset me. The
boys didn't seem to take it on board or to care and especially Charley who throughout today was being
very argumentative. They said lead the workshop for the inters but I feel the inters should learn
similar things to the other company members because they need to know basic focus games. I said lets
do the same in both workshops and do mine next week. We agreed on it and hopefully if they are
polite enough to respect me and let me run at least one thing which I didn't get to do today then that
will be appreciated. I don't want to act argumentative in front of them with our company because it
makes us look lie, we don't know what we are doing.
Inters Workshop:
When I said play the same games as we did I didn't mean the same people run them, I did have input
into some of the games and I was the more strict one out of all of them because they need to be in
neutral. Going into neutral when told for one second isn't taking it on board, I said if you don't
project your voice then we will go back to the beginning but because charley was running the game I
couldn't keep changing it! I tried helping with tangled but the others kept taking over. I preferred
working in a smaller group of leaders so that we could all agree and shared the leadership so that we all
take control and the company get to know us more and work with us more closely. It's much harder
leading with the whole HND company because other people will just cut in and say something that
isn't right or change it completely and it's too much. I think the games were all benecial for the
actors to learn but I don't feel these workshops today were fun AT ALL. we got them focused by
already walking into the atmospheric set room with music playing, which did work. After that it was
just very serious with everything and I didn't like it but because someone was running that game they
weren't getting everyone reved up, working like a company with energy and having fun!
Ways of Seeing:
Ways of Seeing 27th September 2014
We did a little warm up not as a company because most of the boys weren't present, or wanting to get
involved. After this we decided what we wanted to do I posited that we go with the idea of mine we
agreed upon and then create stories to do with the elements get into groups devise it and come back
and show each other. One idea something to do but no we had to have a 2 hour discussion about it.
There were people who agreed disagreed, didn't want to be literal, wanted to just do devising
movements. It was all over the place and people think we are just sticking to one set idea but we were
just trailing it out! No one understands if we did that today I might not have worked and we can move
on from that and change it up. Charley and Lewis think we are getting to strict and bogged down with
sticking to the shadow idea and the elements, they think we are going o! on so many tangents to get
our discussion about how we wanted to go about it I said "right, this is what we are going to not!"
Tomorrow we will be in at 10am! Great one down, next each one of us of what we wanted to do are
going to run workshops during the day Levi with his way, Erol with his and Harriet with hers. After
this we will show each other decide and get inspired about the work and start to structure and
beginning, middle and end.
Company Discussion:
I always hate this but charley brought it up because he thought people
were talking behind others backs, not the case. We just say where are the
boys we want to start the work. Levi made a comment about Sam only
working when he wants which is ignorant of him and just swanning in
and running a workshop because he now wants to. That is a fair
comment and that is unfair. This didn't need to be said as Levi said
this about Sam. I said we just all need to be here and honestly talk
to each other to stop these little annoyance's because we all know
what's going on. Erol asked if I got upset earlier and I said I did but not
because we didn't do my idea because we didn't listen to what each other wanted and
were acting like a company. Just because we don't have a director doesn't mean we should now act
childish about everything! There is not a director to tell us what we can and cannot do and the boys
take that as "let's waste "4999 on not creating theatre and train together and getting in drama school,
instead lets go for a fag!" Erol isn't as bad it's mainly Lewis and Sam, you can wait two minutes we are
just not working as a company at the moment and I think we need to workshop run exercise lead by a
director to make us become a company because at this rate nothing is going to happen and we won't
create theatre or get without words done to the standard we should be at. It's hard to want something
if everyone else doesn't want it and are willing to make it happen.
Ways of Seeing:
Ways of Seeing 27th September 2014
Today was a lot better in terms of we stuck to what we agreed on and the
boys asked if they could go for a fag and not just leave. We all agreed on
taking breaks as a company; although there was some tension in the
room when Lewis put some bad energy into the space. We did Levi's
challenge of going o! into pairs or individually and creating moves. I
found this quite hard for some of the elements more earth and wind. Fire
and water were easier to devise, I paired up with Sam because I had an
idea for water. Fast hand movements always covering the face. At rst
when we were trying to devise the hand movements I had an idea of
what to do but it wasn't going well and when I lmed it it didn't look as
good as I imagined so instead we took a frantic assembled approach to
the work. I made a movement and then sam out and after we did two
each we added a di!erent movement in, when lming it it looked so
much more impressive and more complex especially when done at a
We shared the work and viewed what everyone else had done, the girls
created a lovely routine and it reminded me of a swan and I really liked
what some of their movements represented or came across like. At the
beginning they laid across each other and opened
up like a ower which represented earth. I could
see clearly the words they chose and I loved the
use of lifts and counter balancing. The boys didn't
come up with a whole routine like the girls but
they came up with a few movements that were
very a!ective which was nice seeing them work
together and create something. They walked into
the space limping and it reminded me of DV8 but
was memorable. Levi did one movement but looked very a!ective it was
as though he was cracking out of an egg, although the I think the music
help set the mood I felt he reacted nicely to that and it wasn't literal. I
did the task but after seeing everyone else's I thought mine looked to
dandy so just showed Sam and my devise FA piece. The response was
positive and I think it would look very a!ective if everyone good into
pairs and did this all at the same time with speed on stage, or their own
little devised one. I feel there was a movement that we could use in
everyone pieces, although Connor did not contribute and everyone else
did it makes me feel like he is not so involved in the work as we are and I
want us all to be one the same page.
We played some games and had some fun which was nice to just forget
about stu!, clear the attitude in the air and bond as a company, which I
feel we did. Erol and I went to ask for the scrim to start practicing
shadow, we couldn't get the scrim but got a light to practice on the wall.
We had a lot of fun just exploring and experimenting at the beginning,
but I don't think I realised how di#cult it might be, however it will look
Company Strengths
During the week we have
improvised on play as exploring and
I do think we need to start settling
down to piecing together the nal
piece but we don't want to loose
that sense of play we have now
During the week we did have a dip
where there wasn't focus and there
was absence on the oor during
work times. After the discussion we
had about the negativity in the
room I feel that we have improved
on working more a company and
hopefully we will continue this and
respect each other. This will show
by next week leadership workshop
as I said I wanted to lead
something as I haven't yet and I
want that opportunity to so we will
have to see if we can work together
I feel at the beginning of the week
we were having arguments about
what we want the piece to be about
and some company members were
pointing out they don't want to
stick to one idea just yet and
explore, but as I said time is against
us; if we had a month then yes $ we
have two weeks. I think we are a
creative group it's just agreeing on
which route to take a whose idea to
chose. I think we have many
creative ideas we want to use its
just putting them into practice.
Ways of Seeing 27th September 2014
di!erent with the scrim compared to the wall. I think the idea of
being literal and just seeing a human body behind there will look
a!ective enough even if we don't create massive images. It was great
to explore and we had a go of Sam narrating the Peter Pan story and
we had to act it out in shadow, although the story was not quite the
original I thought it was fun messing around to see what we could
create. We looked at some attraction clips from Brittany's got Talent
and tried to recreate some of the images as a company so see how far
we could get. I think they are very trained but it was fun having a go
to also see the full extent of our bodies and see how far we can push
our own limits as well as a company.
We were not called in but we called ourselves in to do some work
although we didn't get much done. I signed some papers, the people
who saw the shows review it and the rest of us looked at monologues.
I need to start doing my applications to be ready to sent them o! and
edit my personal statement. I like Hamlet's Speak the Speak
monologue although I do want to look at more classicals to have a
range up my sleeve; Maxine Peak is Hamlet at the Manchester Royal
Exchange theatre as we speak! I like 'The Ritual Slaughter of Gorge
Mastromas' for my contemporary but I don't know where to go for
more contemporaries, I'm nding classical a lot easier than my
modern. We then came together as a company and spoke about the
nal ideas, Levi's is the one we have gone with, although it is my
original idea in the rst place! We have gone with the idea of having a
literal human beings behind the scrim and more abstract movements
in front. We are going to tell stories between lovers, father daughter
relationships to even a friendship between a dog and their owner. We
are going to show life and the feather is a representation of loss as
when life happens and if they split up or die the person left is the
feather. We looked at a clip of shadow theatre as a company that
Attraction from BGT was inspired by, this for us looked more do able
because they used more stencils. We had a discussion about the
possibilities of what we can do as actors with our bodies and
continued to agree on ideas, we were agreeing!!!! Starting from next
week we are going to put this into action, think of a storyline and
portray this with shadow.
Company Weaknesses
Last week and the beginning of this
week the boys had been
disappearing on their own little
breaks and was not consulting the
company to if they could which
made it harder to make decisions
and company choices. We did have
a chat about this and it's been
cleared up and now they ask to go
for a fag but I just think we need to
do the work together and it's hard
when most of the company aren't
We need to listen to each other
more and understand what one
another are saying because in the
discussion this week there was a lot
of misunderstandings and people
going around the houses instead of
getting to the point. I don't think
we should have had that negativity
in the space after a day's work
unless it was useful and quick.
It's very hard working with so many
opinionated people because we all
have so many things to say with the
way we want things to be done.
When we are creating the work
there is always a disagreement we
need to just get over ourselves and
try that persons idea and if we don't
like it move on or if someone gets
inspiration from that we could
expand it. We are just not giving
each other chance and we need to.
Ways of Seeing 27th September 2014
Action Plan:
-To lead a game / workshop or warm up.
- listen to the companies ideas
- work and connect like a
- continue to use play
- don't loose your