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Delta Kappa Gamma, Xi

Iota Chapter News
Volume 30, Issue 3 October 2014
Joy Branham, Editor
Chapter website:
Presidents Message
Dear Iota Sisters,
Can you believe that Fall is upon us? Where did Summer go? I am looking forward to
the beautiful colors that utumn will bring but I will not think about the cold weather that will
come later!
We had a wonderful attendance for our September "" Iota meeting! #hank you HG 4 for
the beautiful decorations and Jane Bowlin for her humorous and thought provoking moment of
Inspiration! Special thanks to Linda Fontaine and Jane Bowlin for filling in for $roup %
members who could not be at the meeting! #he food was fabulous and the program presented by
Rita Sims Quillen was both entertaining and informational! She shared snippets from her novel
and her two books of poetry! She is in the process of writing a se&uel to Hiding Ezra!
In the lively business session that followed the program, the chapter voted to dedicate the
pursuit and attainment of the distinction of Visionary Chapter in Memory of Marie Hunter
and Betty lam! 'arie and (etty)s presence and dedication to Iota Chapter of D*$ will be
missed! #he +ision Foundation provides financial assistance to conduct educational research and
to develop special pro,ects related to the improvement of education in #ennessee! If you wish to
make a contribution to the fund in memory of 'arie or (etty, please make checks payable to "#
State and in the For line write$ Vision Foundation! Sue will make sure -ancy Davis, .I State
#reasurer, knows it is from Iota!
We have been invited to a #ea honoring "# State %resident Be&erly Smith on /ctober
"0 in Chattanooga! 1lease let me know right away if you would like to attend as we must 2S+1
by /ctober "! I have to attend the #ennessee 3ducation ssociation (oard of Directors meeting
in -ashville on that day and will be unable to attend the #ea! 4opefully, someone will go to
represent our chapter!
'ur ne(t meetin) is '*to+er , at 5it6 'anor at 789:! #he meal will again be catered by
(;<s Catering! 1lease let your 4ostess $roup Chair know if you will attend or not! #he Chair of
each 4$ will notify ;oan 4olt of the names of those who will attend the meeting at least % days
before the meeting! Hostess Group -. will provide the decorations and carry out their other
responsibilities for the meeting! /ur program will be presented by /ianne Bar0er, author of I
Dont Chase the Garbage Truck Down the Street in My Bathrobe ny!ore and Cabbages and
"ings# 3n,oy the cooler weather and I hope to see you on /ctober =!
Fondly, Jo1nn
#ota Chapter 'ffi*ers ,2344,235
123SID3-# ;onn Smith
+IC3>123SID3-# 'artha 2hoton
+IC3>123SID3-# (elinda Castille
2ecording S3C23#2? 1at Co@
Corresponding S3C23#2? #risha 4arris
#23SA232 Sue Fischer
'3'(32S4I1 'artha Ward
?32(//* 5inda Fontaine
W3('S#32 (renda 'oriarty
Put the October
meeting on your
Iota will meet at Litz Manor
Baptist Church on hurs!a",
October 2nd, at #$30 %&M& his
meal will be catere! at a cost o'
(11&00& Please notify yor
!ostess Grop Chair as soon as
possible if yo are attendin"#
the caterer needs a fll cont$
Our pro)ram will be
presente! b" newspaper woman,
Christian author, an! inspirational
spea*er Dianne %ar&er& +ea!
about her at her website
then en-o" her in person.
Highlights of September
1rogram by author 2ita Sims
Changes to Iota Chapter 2ules voted
on and approved!
;oy (ranham handed out guidebooks
to the chairs of each of the
committees! #hese contain
necessary information for the
committees and will be updated each
+oted to re&uest donations for
leftovers taken home after meals!
'oney can be added to fund toward
becoming a +isionary Chapter!
+oted to donate C=7!:: each in
memory of deceased members 'arie
4unter and (etty 3lam to +ision
-e@t meeting scheduled for
#hursday, -ovember D
$e%co!e to Guests ttending&
We were so glad to have with us at
the September meeting new folksE Hannah
Guinn6 who visited last year, was
recommended by ;ane (owlin and turned in
her paperwork for membership! Mary Lynn
Copeland, who attended ugust)s picnic,
came again and we hope will ,oin us
permanently! I was especially delighted to
welcome *ingsport 1re*F4ead Start teacher
La*y Hu)hes and hope she will become a
part of Iota Chapter, even though she had to
leave early for her home in 3li6abethton and
her two pre>schoolersE We value all our new
Iota Chapter
lost a good friend
and longtime
member in Betty
lam who died
ugust 9"
(etty had been a
member since
In addition to D*$, (etty had been
active in St! 1aul)s 3piscopal Church, the
-etherland Inn ssociation, the $irl Scouts,
the Shepherd Center, the +irginia Club,
AW, *ingsport 2etired #eachers, and the
4istoric Honing Commission! #his was a
busy ladyE We)ll miss her indomitable
Dont 'orget the Bunco Party at
()*+ on Tuesday, Se-te!ber *+, at .irst
Presbyterian Church in "ings-ort/
Re*ommend a tea*her for mem+ership in #ota /7G8 Help us )row8

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