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Question 16 to 20, choose the inappropriate structure in teh following all the other dialogues
16. Even though my aunt lost teh beauty contest. She is still the prettier of all teh other contestant.
17. My handbag is a black rectanguler leather bag with a long tubular strap of the same material. Teh tag
is about 18”X12” in size with three compartments. The compartment which a zip in it is teh centre one.
18. harry : Can you describe naomi ?
Jockie: she’s high, dark and beautifull.
19. anto : Has tono finished his research on time ?
Bela :No, if he made batter use of his time, he would have been more likely to finish his research.
20. Anna : why was kattie angry with you ?
Mary : Oh, i think she was jealous. She always feels threatening everytime her borfriend talk to
another girl.
Liza : That sounds ridiculous.

PT Sinar Pelita
Jl.Pulau Singkep No. 8 Sukarame
Bnadar Lampung
October 10,2013
Teh manager
Puri Wisata Hotel
Jakarta 13709
Dear sir,
Our manager will be coming to jakarta to attend an internasional conference on modem marketing on
november 5. Would you please reserve a single room eith a private bathroom for a coulpe of nights?
Please bill accommodation on the company. And please confirm this booking.
Your sincerely
Paulina on muhtar
21.what is the letter about ?
A. reservation of a hotel conference.
B. information about a conference.
C.Confirmation of a hotel reservation.
D.Conference on the modern marketingl.
22. waht will teh manager of puri wisata hotel do after reading the letter ?
A.welcome the manager of PT Sinar Pelita.
B.Book a single room for PT Sinar pelita manager.
C.Calculate teh accomodation bill for PT sinar pelita.
D.attend an internasional conference on modern marketing.
23. “and please comfirm this booking” (last sentences)
The underline word is closest in teh meaning to....
Question 24 to 26 refer the following text

24. teh text mainly tells us about...
A.some of tesco’s competitiors
B.teh marketing strategy of tesco
C.the innovation of the confany
D. the journey of teh comfany’s success
25.we can conclude from teh text teht tesco....
A.uses five issues as thw company seccess
B.also provides financial services
C.sells the product by online the lergest food retailer
26.when did tesco form a joint venture with the royal bank of scotland ? 1990 1994 1995 1997
Tesco is britain’s leading food retairel and hird largest in teh world. It’s first stroe was opened in 1929 in london and
by the early 1960s tesco was a familiar feature of most UK high streets. After joining teh eighties trend for large
out-of-town supermarket, in teh 1990s teh company started pionnering many new innovasion. It develoved new
store conceot such as tesco metro , a city centre store meeting teh need of local shoppers, and tesco express, teh firs
UK petrol station convenience store. In 1995 teh company introduced its clubcard, the UK’s first customer loyality
card, and in 1997, it formed a joint venture with the royal bank of scotland to offer a range of finalcial services.
Tesco’s internasional operation, which started in 1994 , has steadily expanded and now account for half of it’s total
retail space. Snice 2000 there has also been an increasing focus on building non-food sales both in store and online
with teh result that, for example, tesco is now teh UK’s largest CD retairel.
Teh company has also focused on making teh shopping experience as easy possible for customers –be it in
hypermarkets, small stores or online. Another influence has been a coherent strategy for internasional expansion.
Tesco sees that inovation sucess is down to four issues –trying new think; not being complacent; bing prepared to
change; and being determined that on other business will achieve more for customers.
27. when did gates work as a lawyer ? 1955 1973 1975 1995 long did bill gates studied at harvard ?
A.2 semesters
B.4 semesters
C.6 semesters
D.8 semesters
Question 29 to 31 refer to the following text.

Bill gets was born on oct. 28, 1955. Gates grew up in eattle. He attented public elementary school. In
grade, his parent sent him to lakeside private school. His favourite subject were math and reading . gates
graduated from lakeside ath teh age of 13. After that he continued his study ar harvard University. He studied
math and law. He worked to become a awyer. In 1973, his freshman (1
) year, he met steve ballmer current
C.E.O of microsoft . while at harvard, gates developed at version of the programing language BASIC for teh
first microcomputer – the MITS altair. In his junior (3
) year, gates left harvard to devote his energies to
microsoft , a company he had begun in 1975. Nowadays , he is consistenly ranked in teh forbes list of teh
world’s wealrhiest people and was teh wealthies overall from 1995 t0 2009-axcluding 2008. According to the
bloomberg billionaries list, gates in she world’s richest person in 2013, a position that he last held on the list in
The regulation : a ticket before entering teh gate.
2.leave all your belongings before entering building.
3.eating,dringking,and smoking are not allowed in teh building. not turn on the radio or tape recorder inside teh building.
5. touching the antiquities is prohibited not take picture of teh antiquities.
29.what is teh text about ?
A.the rules for teh visitor of a museum.
B.problem with antiquities.
C.teh services of a museum.
D.the rules of a building.
30.waht shold the visitors do before enterning teh building ? a ticket.
B.take a picture.
C.touch the ntiquities.
D.leave all their belongings.
31.”touching the antiquities is prohibited”
Teh synonin of teh undeerline word is ....
32. Miss dona :where susi ? i need her to help me at teh office.
Janny :she hasn’t come yet....
Miss dona :if you say so , i’ll wait for her at teh office.
A.she might be late.
B.she may come early.
C.she is probably absent.
D.she can’t be at the office.
33. guest :this coffie is too bitter. Idon’t really like it.
Waiter :oh, i’m sorry...
Guest :thank you.
A.can i put more water ?
B.shall i add some sugar for you ?
C.should i bring some cups for you ?
D.would you like to give you more coffie ?
34.jacky :i plan to go to jakarta next Thursday.
Chen :...according to the weather forecast, there will be heavy rain and strom aorund this week.
A.let’s take business class. should come back soon. had better postpone your flight.’s better for you to take a cheaper ticket.
35.novi : what do you usually do after school ?
Yuli :since i have a lot of friends from overseas,...we often discuss some hot issues.
A.i usually check my email.
B.i hardly talk on teh phone.
C.i never type on computer.
D.i used to send text message.
36. receptionis :good morning, nirwan hotel. Can i help you ?
Caller :room 1023, please.
Receptionist :i’am sorry, there is no answe....?
A.what can i do for you do you spell it
C.can i take a message
D.he is not in ath the moment

37.anwar :this room is quite dark. I can hardly read my novel....?
Roro :of course not, i’ll do it at once.
A.will you read it for e
B.can you take my glasses
C.could you switch on the lamp
D.would you mind opening teh door
38.anie :raja ampat island in papua is a wonderful diving spot,don’t you think so ?
Windi : absolutely yes. If we hand some more holidays,...
A.we will stay longer there
B.we wouldn’t have a good time
C.we would have been so excited
D.we would do many sport activities
39.lumongga : i’m thinking about quitting my studies.
Bertha :are you serious ? what’s going on ?
Lumongga :i need to help my family’s financial problem...
A.i don’t want to work for a bigger company.
B.i’m thinking about getting myself a job.
C.i’m thinking about becoming a good student.
D.i’m bored with my had scores
40.indro :did you listen to the breaking news last night? .... lots of people were trapped by flmaes.
Anny :how terrible.hope some of them are still alive. earthquake damaged teh monument.
B.teh flood destroyed many houses.
C.two taxi drivers were robbed by their passengers.
D.a big fire broke out in a shopping centre.

41.father :can i speak with you mom. Dear ?
Daughter :she’s not here at the moment dad...
A.she wa shopping.
B.she went to the market.
C.she has cooked some food.
D.she is buying some vegetables.
Question 42 to 44 complete the following text with teh word provided.

42. A.graduated

October 15,2013
Personnel manager
The makassar daily news
Ratulangi street 15 makassar

Dear sirs
I’d like to apply for the position of a secretary mentioned in your adversitemen in today’s issus of
makassar daily news. Let me show and give you my personal data to fulfil the requirwments needed.
I (42)...from vocational hight school two year ago. I’am nineteen years old, andi i can both speak and
write english well. I’am (43)...,so i can cooperate well with people.
If you need information about a my caracter and ability, or you wish me to come for an interview, you
may contact me (44)...on my personal reference.
I waiting for you reply soon. Thank you.
Your sincerely,

43. A.genius
44. A.quickly
Question 45 to 47, compleste the following text with words provided

45. A.a month before
B.a month ago
C.last ,month
D.netxt month
46. A.hard

To : all basketball players of SMKN bahagia
There will be a basketball competition for SMK student (45)...our team will practice every day
during this week . we have to win. So we must have a (46)
(47)....up the good teamwork !
John macarty

47. A.pick
Question 48 to 50, completed teh following text with teh word provided.

48. A.good
49. A.get
50. A.carefully

1.begin you transaction by pressing teh (48)..number the amount you want to encode:thenpress
enter to get the total amount.
2.enter the total amount the customers pay or press”credit” to pay via credit:
3.pres sale to open teh drawer and keep the cash inside and (49)...the change. The receipt will roll
out (50)... from the printer, displaying all the items being purchased.
4.then the display windows will turn to 0.000 display and is ready for the next transaction