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Notes on Grimoires

Once sufficient magical training has been completed, one can then work with grimoires and modify
them according to one's system. Based on the laws of the occult one can easily do away with most
instructions, keep some if one is required to tune into the grimoire's current and one cannot simply do
so or if one is not able to do so by oneself, and add techniques in accordance with your situation and
the laws. For instance, visualization or other imagination work, seual magic which on the astral causes
vibrations !energies" to mingle # raises energy $ and combined with mental work they can be directed
and transmuted or programmed in accordance with the work, breath work to control more energy,
mental work, cymatics, simple directing and programming or transmutation of chi, verbal work and
special verbal techniques such as the vibratory formula # which on the mental is the corresponding
mental vibrations, and if the vibratory formula or another technique which enables the voice to
maneuver chi when combined with the mind, then chi or astral energy as well which is simultaneously
being programmed and transmuted according to the mental vibrations, and intent, et cetera.
For instance, based on associations and correspondences one could con%ure a &artian deity into the
sacral chakra in miniature form, and in fact, this particular technique of entrapping or con%uring entities
in one's energy centers or one's astral body is symbolized and overtly represented in various media. For
instance, in the story of 'olomon trapping the demons in a brass vessel, which symbolizes con%uring
entities into one's centers in the astral body. Furthermore, one could use the names of deities or some
other means to copy the deity's vibrations into or on the centers. One could also simply con%ure entities
into some part of the astral body or even the aura or some other aspect on the planes. For instance, a
(enutian deity's name could be used on the )eart *enter or some other (enutian center as classified in
your particular system.
'ome media in which this practice is represented or symbolized is Bible Black, +aruto, +aruto
'hippuden, 'oul ,ater, the story of 'olomon, -rabian .nights, -laddin, /okemon, 0ragon Ball 1234,
'haman .ing, and usually any media in which a magical entity or creature is held or trapped, such as a
genie or fairy in a bottle or lamp. 4hus, this forms a connection between the 5estern *eremonial
&agic's popular system, and such practices as 6oga, *hi .ung, .undalini, et cetera. 7n fact, this is
partially embodied in -bulafia's )ead &ovements while reciting sacred names, in the *hristian *ross
movement in which one touches the forehead and shoulders, in the 8uabbalistic *ross, the &iddle
/illar 9itual, the :aying on of )ands while praying, et cetera.
7n fact, these particular techniques of con%uring and magic is a great means of vibrating closer to
spheres of the astral and mental realms of the particular beings !and their vibrations" worked with, and
so being able to effortlessly function in them or someday maybe even astral or mental pro%ecting and
finding oneself in them; and for becoming closer to the entities, becoming more like them, and
revealing each other's aspects to each other in full.
<...4he 3oetia !which word is a probable derivative from a root meaning 'to howl' or 'to moan' having
reference possibly to the technique of barbarous names, a feature of the invocations of the book" deals
with a minute description of 'eventy$two spirits or hierarchies of spirits which tradition avers were
evoked and bound by 'olomon. 7t was through their agency and by them that to 'olomon was imparted
that superlative wisdom and spiritual knowledge which legend claims was his...= $ 4he 4ree of :ife>
-n 7llustrated 'tudy in &agic !7srael 9egardie"
<...the sigil of a .ing of 'pirits is to be engraved on a lamen of gold; whereas a 0uke's sigil should be
on copper; that of a /rince on tin; while silver is to be the material of the lamen for the evocation of a
&arquise. By this method, the characters of the spirits are shown by the metals employed in the
construction of the lamen. Of a 'olar dignity are the .ings; (enusian are the 0ukes; the /rinces are
?upiterian, and pertaining to :una are the &arquis...= $ 4he 4ree of :ife> -n 7llustrated 'tudy in &agic
!7srael 9egardie"
<7ncluded within the dominion of the Four 3reat 9ulers or ,lemental .ings of the *ardinal /oints are
these hierarchies of seventy$two spirits. 4here is -maimon at the ,ast, *orson at the 5est, 1iminiar at
the +orth, and 3oap at the south...7t is not to be assumed for one moment that these spirits referred to
in 4he 3oetia are mere elementals, nature spirits, or semi$intelligent forces performing the mechanical
burden of +ature; on the contrary, most of them are stated to have a large retinue or sub$hierarchy of
subservient elemental spirits in attendance. One may assume them to be the so$called elemental kings
whose function in the natural order of things is only secondary to the governance of the chief planetary
gods or angels. 7n point of fact, Blavatsky proffers the suggestion in 4he 'ecret 0octrine that by no
means are the kings or 3ods of the elementals to be confused with blind and brutal elemental spirits
themselves. 4he latter at best are simply used by the bright elemental 3ods as luminous vehicles and
materials with which to clothe themselves.= $ 4he 4ree of :ife> -n 7llustrated 'tudy in &agic !7srael
– 4his book is of the traditions that @. the names of spirits can control, access, and contact them.
A. By using their names, you too can become like them !i.e. creates a copy of their vibrations".
B" 4hat by contacting them and sub%ugating them or getting them to fulfill your desires you will
correspondingly acquire all kinds of knowledge especially magical and sub%ugate nature itself
correspondingly to their functions, powers, vibrations, and further uses.
– 4hese traditions can be seen in such media as Bible Black, in which the names of spirits are
uttered appropriately to the goal to be fulfilled. For instance, to evoke into someone
uncontrollable seual desire you would utter the name of a spirit which rules such desires and
can fulfill them.
– Obviously, the goetic eperiences are due to the laws of the mental plane, and the phenomenon
of religious currents, group$minds, et cetera.
– +owadays, it is probably better to simply con%ure them !a thought$form version, preferably
intelligent" and ask for help, and only control if it is absolutely necessary, such as your life
being on the line. Or, simply to use their names to create copies of their vibrations, and to diret
and apply them appropriately.
– 4hese traditions are generally at the root of con%uring magic, in that you first research various
'deities', and find one that is appropriate for the fulfilling of your goal, and then you either
con%ure it or find a way of copying its vibrations do the same as it can do. For instance, if you
are looking to master electric chi you would research a bunch of beings associated with fire,
find a way to tune into the tradition it comes from !if necessary, as it is not always", and then
either con%ure it to get it to help you or use its name or some other method to copy its vibrations
to progress. Or if you wanted money you would look for some deity associated with money or
something similar such as 3reed, one of which in the ?udeo$*hristian currents is &ammon.
$ 7t is curious that the CA 3oetic 0emons are classified as 3ods and having under them countless
beings, including elementals, but that they are not simply blind nature spirits nor simply masters of the
material elements nor directions.
<4he method proposed by -bramelin for calling forth the Four /rinces of the ,vil of the 5orld is by means of magical
squares containing, in certain formations, various letters and names. 4hese squares when charged and energized by the
magical will set up a magnetic or electrical strain in the -stral :ight to which certain beings consonant to that strain
respond in the performance of acts ordered by the &agician...= $ 4he 4ree of :ife> -n 7llustrated 'tudy in &agic
!7srael 9egardie"
– 4his grimoire uses the mind and 'consecration' of the squares to con%ure them, contact them, and
get them to fulfill the desires.
– Furthermore, the above quote is interesting as that is precisely what is done in all talisman or
sigil magic to an etent. 6ou consecrate them, and if you are value the spirit's free will ask them
to accept the sigil as its own !energetically", and thus it becomes a means of contacting them,
and con%uring them. 7t talisman work not intending to work with beings, you simply consecrate
it, however, sometimes entities with an affinity for the desire the talisman was consecrated for
will help.