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Chapter 9

1. Given Samuels responsibilities, he should consider all of the
above for the training sessions. All of the listed situations
describe the responsibilities of the Human resource department
training tasks. These are all important factors that should be
considered for having a productive and meaningful class.
Thinking about the subects that !ill be taught is ver" important
because "ou do not !ant to !aste an" ones time or mone". Also
the trainer must kno! ho! man" people !ill be in the training
class so that the right amount of materials !ill be on hand. Also
thinking about the speed and pace of the class is ver" important
because "ou do not !ant to go to fast that no one can keep up
but "ou do not !ant to go to slo! because #time is mone"$, and
to think about the economic bene%t of the corporation "ou !ould
not !ant to !aste there mone".
&. 'andle and Cassandra di(er in their self)e*cac". The !a" that
'andle is acting tells us that he is not read" for the class that is
coming up. +ne might sa" that he has lo! self)esteem. Ho!ever,
the !a" that Cassandra is ver" e,cited it sho!s that she has ver"
high self)esteem. She also sho!s positive signs for being able to
handle the training class. -ental disbelief is ver" po!erful. .f "ou
go in doubting "ourself "ou most likel" !ill not do !ell because
"ou believe "ou !ill mess up, so that is !hat is going to happen.
/. The situation that most closel" resembles 0arvis1s situation is
cross training. 2hen a person is cross trained it makes it easier
on the organi3ation !hen the" are in need of someone for a
particular ob, or !hen the" !ant "ou to !ear multiple hats.
4eing that 0arvis is alread" in the marketing department and he
ust !ants to do more !ork !ith campaigns and not ust his
normal marketing of events. 0arvis !anting to do more to learn
more of the marketing campaigns !ork side adds to cross
training so he !ould kno! more in marketing.
5. The format that provides the best assurance that the training
!ould be the best method is pre6post test onl", because the
emplo"ees are more a(ected !ith this training in order to see
ho! much the" have learned or rather not learned one should
test before and after to measure the results. 4oth tests !ill give
an organi3ation a good outlook on !hat "our emplo"ees kno!. .f
an organi3ation gives its emplo"ees a test on safet" and score
them. Then let the emplo"ees see a video or hear a lecture on
safet" and after give them the same test. That organi3ation !ill
!ould be able to measure ho! much their emplo"ees kno! their
7. 4rand"1s belief most closel" resembles on the ob training that is
given to most emplo"ees. This !a" of training is one of the most
e(ective seeing that most people need direction !hen the" start.
A ne! ob. 2ithout on the ob training "ou !ould have less
e(ective emplo"ees in organi3ations. This t"pe of training is in
need for most businesses to have proper training and have
better production output form their emplo"ees.