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1. I .......... volleyball when I was at college
a) was playing
a) have been playing
b) have played
c) used to play

2. When I arrived, They .......... for 5 hours
a) have being painting
b) were painting
c) had been painting
d) had painted

3. A motorbike ........ a car
a) doesn't cost so much as
b) doesn't cost much as
c) doesn't cost much than
d) doesn't cost as much as

4. I ……. to the theatre for ages.
a) I haven't been
b) I haven't gone
c) I didn't been
d) I didn't gone

5. Please, don’t forget to ring me when you …….. home
a) will get
b) are going to get
c) get
d) are getting

6. When I arrived, They .......... for 5 hours.
a) painted
b) were painting
c) had been painting
d) had painted

7. When we got home they ……their lunch, their stomachs were full.
a) were eating
b) had eaten
c) ate
d) have eaten

8. He is used .......... in a cold climate.
a) living
b) live
c) to live
d) to living
9. I would rather .......... here.
a) staying
b) to stay
c) stayed
d) stay

10. Do you know where ..........?
a) Peter does live
b) lives Peter
c) does Peter live
d) Peter lives
11. Let’s take a break soon, ……?
a) don’t we
b) shall we
c) will we
d) aren’t we

12. They told us ..........
a) to not move.
b) don't move.
c) to don't move.
d) not to move.

13. She wants ..........
a) everyone participating
b) that everyone participated
c) everyone participate
d) everyone to participate

14. There were two paintings but I din’t like ….
a) neither of them
b) either of them
c) none of them
d) no of them

15. I keep my grammar notes in a …..
a) plastic big red
b) big red plastic
c) red big plastic
d) plastic redder big

16. Until last week, he ….. a motorbike before
a) never had ridden
b) had ridden never
c) has ever ridden
d) had never ridden

17. We can't avoid ........ him.
a) to see
b) that we see
c) seeing
d) from seeing

18. You can enter without ......
a) to knock.
b) knocking
c) knock.
d) to have knocked.
19. Has he stopped smoking? Yes, he ......
a) has given it up
b) has given it over
c) has given up it
d) has given over it
20. This building .......... in 1876.
a) has built
b) was building
c) was built
d) built

21. If I hadn't seen it myself, I ....... have believed it.
a) hadn't
b) wouldn't
c) won't
d) haven't

22. Do you have a good relationship? Yes, we ....... alright.
a) get
b) move one
c) carry on
d) go along

23. ….. take your umbrella today
a) You’d better
b) You ought
c) You would rather to
d) You should to

24. I wish ........
a) you haven't said that.
b) you didn't said that.
c) you hadn't said that.
d) you don't say that.

25. Don't forget ........ on her birthday!
a) to call your mother
b) calling your mother
c) call your mother
d) calling to your mother

26. The ........ of the newspapers were full of the scandal.
a) titles
b) headlines
c) notices
d) news

27. What do you think..... ten years from now?
a) you´ll do
b) you´ll be doing
c) you are doing
d) are goig to do

28….. ... I got to the airport, the plane had left
a) At the time
b) In time
c) on time
d) By the time

29. This is a dull city so ….. come here
a) Little tourists
b) a few tourists
c) a little tourist
d) few tourists

30. Nowadays…..
a) Bicycles are widely used in Amsterdam
b) Bicycles use widely in Amsterdam
c) Bicycles are in use widely in Amsterdam
d) Bicycles widely are used in Amsterdam

31. While my car …. I wandered round the city
a) was repairing
b) was repaired
c) is being repaired
c) was being repaired

32. How dare you accuse me …. flirting with your secretary?
a) by
b) for
c) of
d) with

33. He never speaks well of anybody: he's always running people….
a) down
b) out
c) off
d) up

34. Is Sarah your …… child, or does she have brothers and sisters?
a) own
b) only
c) single
d) unique

35. Our company is planning to ….. a new product
a) Campaign
b) embark
c) unfold
d) launch

36. The Prime Minister …… every week.
a) it is known to travel
b) is known he travels
c) is known to travel
d) is known to travels

37. He solved the problem …. A new device
a) from means of
b) be means of
c) by means from
d) by means to

38. Do not do anything …. You hear him first.
a) since
b) therefore
c) unless
d) moreover

39. The kitchen walls need ….
a) paint
b) to paint
c) to painted
d) painting
40. I last …… a year ago
a) had my teeth ckecked
b) checked my teeth
c) have my teeth checked
d) had checked my teeth