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time management questionnaire

Time management is a wide and diverse area, with diferent issues and
challenges for each of us. While general principles can be covered in group
training, each person's situation and priorities are best addressed through
one-to-one coaching. This questionnaire helps the preparation of group
training and personal coaching.
1. What aspect(s of !our time management do !ou most want to improve"
#. What do !ou thin$ causes the above" (thin$ about !our personal reasons -
wh! !ou are the wa! that !ou are - as well as the e%ternal pressures that
have an afect.
&. Which of these would !ou li$e to improve" (indicate A for Very
Signifcant, and B for Signifcant. 'ar$ X for an! factor that is not
signi(cant or relevant to !ou)
da!-to-da! planning (action lists, prioritising, getting things done.
planning pro*ects or comple% tas$s (and e%ecuting them.
medium+long-term planning (establishing goals and aims, steps to
managing the balance between wor$ and private+personal+home time.
being (rm (sa!ing no politel!, resisting interruptions, managing
delegating (letting go, handing over, allocating tas$s and following-up.
e,cienc! of certain processes ((nding more e,cient wa!s to do
decision-ma$ing and (nishing tas$s.
prioritising tas$s and actions (timings, urgent versus important.
communicating (especiall! dealing with written received
wor$ing to a deadline (without (nishing in a panic.
personal time-$eeping ($eeping an e!e on the time and what needs
others" ...

-. .eep a time-log to the nearest minute of ever!thing !ou do over a typical
wor$ing period of at least one da!. /nclude dealing with interruptions,
travel and brea$s. 0ighlight ever!thing that was not planned, and ma$e a
note alongside an!thing that was of special note, good or bad.
1. 2n! other comments of thoughts" 3g, how important do !ou consider
time management to be alongside other s$ills+abilities that !ou might
want to develop" 4o time management pressures var! a lot according to
!our situation, *ob, time of !ear, etc" What time management
improvements have !ou implemented in the past and with what result"
5ontinue on a separate sheet if necessar!.
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'ore time management learning material.