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My belief regarding the Two Houses of Israel.

To begin, I will just point out a few things, as well
as state what I DON’T understand first. I’ll also spare you the history (such as being carried into
Assyria/Babylon and so on) as I’m sure you already know that.
To give a little bit of background (as this will help you understand where I’m coming from) I’ll
give a brief overview of my “religious history.” After understanding that it should help you
understand why I believe what I believe.
Not sure how much you know about Worldwide Church of God (WCOG). Most people I’ve
spoken with regarding it either think it was a great thing or that it was a cult. Let me start by
saying the latter is completely false. WCOG was the best thing to happen to the US (perhaps
even the world) in the last century. Sure, they didn’t have everything right. Sure, they had issues
up top with some of the leaders. But there was never an organization that taught so much truth
AND had so many people keeping Sabbath and Kosher laws and Feasts of Yahweh before them,
and there has yet to be one after.
A lot of Messianics I meet are former-worldwiders. My grandparents were in WCOG in the 60s,
so my mother grew up in it. By the time I was born (1992) WCOG had already fallen apart and
all that remained were the splinter groups, such as Church of God International (CGI), of which
my family were members. There is also Philadelphia Church of God (PCG) and United Church
of God (UCG). There are many others, but those are the biggest groups. To be sure, they have
issues even unto this day, but they also have a lot RIGHT.
Moving on.
So I was born into a family that kept Sabbath, food laws, Feasts, etc. I have never worked a
Sabbath in my life, nor have I ever (knowingly) eaten anything unclean. I have always kept the
Feasts and so on. But it wasn’t until I started attending the Messianic Synagogue I spoke about
previously that I actually started studying things on my own. Not because they encouraged my
study, but rather because they teach things that I disagreed with. After that I began truly studying
and understanding WHY I do the things I do. Over the past two years alone I have studied more
than in the rest of my entire life.
So in February of 2009, while attending said Synagogue’s youth group, I met the young woman
that eventually became my wife. There’s a long old story to all of that, too, but I’ll spare you
Yet again, moving on.
So I grew up being taught very common WCOG doctrines. One of which (though WCOG never
called it this) has been dubbed “British Israelism.” I’m sure you’re familiar with it. However, if
not, I’ll (very) briefly explain.
British Israelism is the belief that the tribes of Israel and Judah migrated west into Europe and
founded most modern European nations. Then, after a few hundred years, they became the
Scythians and Saxons, Cimmerians and Britons. Eventually, these people founded the British
Empire. From there, they say, England was founded primarily by the tribe of Ephraim, while the
US were their “brothers” that left and became Manasseh.
From there many of British Israelism’s supporters draw the conclusion that the Jews in the land
right now are not real Jews, but rather Scotland and Ireland are Judah and Levi, respectively.
Let me state now that I do not believe that. Or at least, not all of it.
Let me also state that I do not believe the common “Two House” theory as thought up by Batya
Wooten and supported by most Messianics. As I’m sure you know, this theory states that those
that are biologically Jewish are Judah and those that are spiritually Israelites are Ephraim.
This never made sense to me. Why is it that being Judah is determined by blood, yet being
Ephraim is determined SOLELY by being a believer?
I believe (boy, that took a while, didn’t?) in a sort of mix between the two. I do see far too much
distinction between the tribes for them have simply melded into Judah. Plus, I believe the re-
gathering culminates at the return of Messiah and the set-up of the Millennial Kingdom.
I believe this BECAUSE the tribes of Israel didn’t disappear. They went SOMEWHERE.
Historical sources such as Josephus and Herodotus make mention of them. Herodotus says the
Israelites were settled into the region of Assyria that the people known as the Cimmerians came
out of. There is also history of the Scythians coming from this same region. So yes, I do believe
that the Israelites left Assyria and (though many spread throughout all nations) many of them
stayed together, forming “tribes” of their own. These migrations can be traced through history
(and I have a few books on the subject) showing that they did become the Scythians, Saxons and,
eventually, the Britons. I believe they kept part of their history intact, at least for some time. I
believe that’s why most European (and the US by extension) have laws based on Scripture, and
why there are more believers in these countries than in others.
Again, there is extensive research on the subject I can direct you to if you’re interested. I suppose
if you’ve made it this far you’re at least curios, even if you do think I’m crazy. Most people do.
Anywho, what about Judah? Well we know from history, both within Scripture and without, that
not all of the tribe of Judah returned to the land. Some went into Europe (as secular sources
record) but most stayed near “Palestine” as they called it. I believe those that are biologically
Judah are, indeed, the Tribe of Judah. I believe Judah is the one in the Land today, but not all the
Remember, even the Samaritans (check John 4) were descendants of Jacob and knew the
prophecies of the Mashiach. Yet the distinction is very clear: they were NOT Jews. They were
leftover Ephraimites mixed with some of the locals. Paul made it very clear that he was from the
tribe of Benjamin, not Judah. In Luke 2:36 we find that Anna KNEW she was of the tribe of
Asher, not Judah.
And so it goes throughout history.
Again, you probably think I’m crazy up to this point, but I have put many hours into this. Like I
said, if you’re interested in reading a bit on it I can direct you to some books, most of which are
online for free.
So just to clarify: I believe Jews are Judah, and I believe they are the ones that are (mostly) in the
Land. I believe the “10 lost tribes” aren’t really that lost, but went on to be known as
Cimmerians, Scythians, Saxons, Britons and so forth, as history records. These peoples founded
many European nations as well as the US.
What about the non-Israelite, how are they grafted into Israel? The same way they were back in
the olden times. It was a mixed multitude that came out of Egypt, and there were many non-
natives that joined. The whole story of Ruth is a beautiful picture of this. But the non-natives
were given a land inheritance inside whatever tribe they happened to settle with. We see this
prophesied to happen during the Millennium in Ezekiel 47 (verse 23, specifically).
So even if you are naturally descended from Ephraim, or Judah, or Naphtali, or Gad, or Asher, or
whatever; if you reject Messiah, then you do not make it into the Kingdom. Reject the son =
rejecting the Father. John is clear about that in 1 John. However, even if you are NOT descended
from one of the tribes, if you belong to Messiah, then you are counted as a child of Abraham, and
an heir to the promise (Gal. 3).
THAT is what I believe. I bet you’re now sorry you asked, huh? ;)
--J. A. Brown