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Minutes of the November 13, 2013

Vienna Aquatic Club Board of Directors Meeting

Board Members in attendance: Maryellen Bagley, Chuck OReilly, Dana Jackins, Chris Torregrossa,
Frank Sheridan, Tara Voigt, Ted Sullivan, Kurt Kohls, Betsy Andrews, Bruce Chappell, Rick Wilhelm

Opening: President opened the meeting at 7:32pm.

Review of Minutes: The Board reviewed the minutes of the Oct 30, 2013 meetings. Operations Chair
moved to approve the minutes as corrected, Outgoing VP 2d and all approved.

Presidents Report:
President reviewed elections results and appointed committee chairs. Swim team Dana;
Communications Rick; Technology Kurt; Futures Betsy; Operations Chuck; Activities open;
Membership Tara; Grounds Bruce. Elections for Frank for President all approved; Ted for VP all
approved; Maryellen for Treasurer all approved; Chris for Secretary all approved. Swim Team Chair
suggested separating Grounds & Maintenance. Rebecca Rushforth would like to do Activities. Tom will
handle Security.

There was some discussion of how to handle mtg minutes and how they appear on the website what
should be published, what shouldnt.

President reported on the pool pump. The Pool Service guys came and gave an estimate of $250-300 to
pull it and check it.

Communications: Communications Chair added minutes to the website. He will edit the Board listings
based on elections and add membership info. There was discussion of email communications. The
swim team list and the membership lists are separate Swim team Chair will email all of swim team and
alert them to the opt-in membership distribution list. Communications Chair will send an email once a
month over the off-season and see how responses go. We will plan on another Survey Monkey in early
Feb President will collect questions.

Operations: Swim Team Chair reported on cleaning companies at other pools. Tuckahoe, Lakevale,
Dunn Loring and Cardinal Hill use their guards and are not completely happy with that. Madiera School
uses Red Coats out of Bethesda. Operations Chair spoke with Casey at Crystal and asked her to check
around for us. Grounds Chair suggested a cleaning checklist. We will work with the new manager. Swim
Team Chair will also collect a list of local cleaning services that might be interested.

Swim Team: Swim Team Chair reported that she is joining a NoVA swim committee to confer about
unsportsmanlike behavior they will meet Nov 19.

Grounds: Tile work update Grounds Chair has an estimate from Pool Service Co for $3100 to saw out
and caulk over seams. More estimates are incoming.

Parking lot re-sealing Grounds Chair is collecting estimates to fill cracks, lay sealant and restripe the
lot. Will also be getting a tree service company in to look at the pine trees along Marshall Road.

Treasurer Report: Treasurer reported on the Form 990. Swim team was filing their own and using the
same EIN. Going forward, swim team will report to Treasurer and we will fold all into a single form
filing. Fiscal Year ended at end of September. We are an exempt organization as long as our activities
stay within our defined club purpose.

New Business: We should have some extra money on hand for projects in 2014. Some discussion of
what those priorities should be. Secretary will investigate enhancing the tot area play space. Swim
Team Chair suggested a paver system for the side entrance and will investigate, possibly with help from
Kevin. Another suggestion was some shades for the picnic tables. President has previously investigated
a cover over the back deck. 2 years ago the quote was $35K. Back deck was never permitted so we
have to be careful with what we do there. Do we pull it all out and start over? Some advantages would
be extra storage. Incoming VP suggested putting in tiers along the west side fence (Rachel Ct side). We
could take out the trees and install tiered retaining walls. Give to Kevin and budget $500 for a landscape
engineer. Could start work at the end of the 2014 season.

Total replacement cost of the pool is approximately $450K.

Outgoing VP will lead the Futures Committee. She presented a draft mission statement and will try to
recruit 5 10 members to participate.

Approximate cost for Tates landscape project: $1480.

Adjourned at 9:40pm.

Next meetings all 7:30pm Oakton HS:

Feb 12
March 12
April 9
May 14

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