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Minutes of the March 12, 2014

Vienna Aquatic Club Board of Directors Meeting

Board Members in attendance: Maryellen Bagley, Chuck OReilly, Dana Jackins, Chris Torregrossa,
Frank Sheridan, Ted Sullivan, Serena Leogue, Betsy Andrews, Rebecca Rushforth, Tara Voigt

Opening: President opened the meeting at 7:38pm.

Review of Minutes: Feb 12 mtg. Membership approved, Membership 2d, all agreed

Presidents Report: Guards update Crystal is working on staff. No manager yet.

Operations: Swim team gave a cleaning service update. Full swim team calendar is available & we will
work on dates. Jennys Maids will come Sat before opening & handle chairs & full cleaning. General
VAC funds will pay for this. Will also do an end-of-season cleaning. Clean Sat or Sun after July 4 holiday
(and swim team relays) swim team will pay for this one. Depending on how the guards are doing with
cleaning, we may do a clean before the meet. Divisionals are July 26.

Pump update: President reported on clarification of pump quotes. Same pump, same job Pool Service
Co is $ 6450 ($350 for what they have done so far) and Crystal is $ 5980. Warranty would be the same.
Crystal will do a diagnostic on the starter. Starter is 10 years old. Starter is ~ $2000. No reason to
replace starter as it is off-the-shelf and can be replaced within a day. Operations moves to authorize
purchase of new pump by Crystal, VP 2d, all approved.

Treasurers Report: 250 payments in so far. 80 may be leases that havent paid. Treasurer will check the
box a few days after March 15 and then send late notices. Increase Activities $$.
$3000 for Eagle Project higher than expected.

Membership: Membership reported that 80 members have signed up to lease their shares. 90 offers
made, 66 filled. 13 shares have sold since Jan 1. Wait list is in June 2011. 3 issues: 1) folks who want to
lease their share but would like to use the pool a few times over the season could we give them a
chance to buy a set number of guest passes to use that season? We can double check policies, maybe
consider blackout dates, figure out administration of it Membership Chair will write something up. 2)
Question of whether the share can be held by a trust; answer is no, shares must be held by a person. 3)
Membership chair may be leaving to take a position on Vienna Town Council, so we will need a new
Membership chair will write up a position description to post.

New Business: Secretary thanked the Board on behalf of Girl Scouts for use of the parking lot for cookie
sales. President presented Survey Monkey proposal and we discussed the questions we will send out
after the pool opens to get feedback, so will continue to look at questions.
Activities reported on new ideas: add some large family events (Family Fun Day, DJ nights), opening day
party, moonbounce, water fights, adult night (like old crab night/crab fest), late night swims, Patch
Party for kids who pass the swim test, Moms Night out. Swim Team added ideas of doing a big laser
tag party and possibility of a lock in sleepover.

Adjourned at 9:35pm.