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Minutes of the April 9, 2014

Vienna Aquatic Club Board of Directors Meeting

Board Members in attendance: Maryellen Bagley, Dana Jackins, Chris Torregrossa, Frank Sheridan, Ted
Sullivan, Tara Voigt

Members in Attendance: Jess McClure

Opening: President opened the meeting at 7:37pm.

Review of Minutes: March12 mtg. VP motioned to accept minutes as corrected, Treasurer 2d, all

Presidents Report: President reported that Pool Manager is appointed Hillary Indyk grad student,
has managed before & originally committed to another pool but Casey asked her to switch. Rest of staff
is getting set have Annie DeMaris as Asst, Head Guard is Aoife Leogue.

Activities: President presented on behalf of Rebecca. See attached for proposed schedule. Some new
events: July 19 Family Fun Day: have tix, 2 shifts, nominal fee suggestion to move it to June 22-23, and
then shift Teen Party to early July. Activities budget goes up to $3500/year from 1200/year. Swim Team
Chair motioned to increase Activities budget to $3500, Membership Chair 2d, all approved.

Membership: Offering leasing members guest pass option. 10 pass-ticket for $50. Offer it to all leasors,
cap it at 20 available. Donnellys can print up a card use red cardstock. Secretary will handle printing
up the cards. Deadline for shares wanting to lease will be set as the date the pool opens. Membership
Chair has discretion for hardship cases. President & Membership Chair will work to update policy doc.
86 leases, 89 leased out. 6-7 more sales in last month.

Treasurers Report: Treasurer handed out new budget. Activities up, insurance up, Eagle Scout project
up. President reported on Grounds proposal to improve the area near Pavilion pavers in front of the
pavilion, re-do the drains. $9-10K. Would add sand for drainage. Would need to be done by May 1 or
May 7 & rope it off from traffic. Membership chair motioned to adopt budget as amended, Swim Team
2d, all approved.

Dues update: 12 still unpaid. Treasurer will check PO Box & send final notice on April 23. Anyone who
hasnt paid by May 1
will be sold. Secretary motioned to sell any unpaid shares as of May 1, once
notice is sent on April 23; Swim Team Chair 2d, all approved. Order 12 new chaises, 6 short chairs per
Vice Presidents email.

New Business: President will check in with head of Futures Committee on updates.
Swim Team Chair proposed some clean up measures for plastic storage bins, fridges in Pavilion, move 2
bleachers to the back. NVSL mtg a few weeks back new rules changes regarding standards of conduct.

Adjourned at 9:25 pm.