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Minutes of the January 8, 2014

Vienna Aquatic Club Board of Directors Meeting

Board Members in attendance: Maryellen Bagley, Chuck OReilly, Dana Jackins, Chris Torregrossa,
Frank Sheridan, Kurt Kohls, Allison Galbraith, Ted Sullivan, Betsy Andrews

Opening: President opened the meeting at 7:37pm.

Review of Minutes: President approved, Operations 2d, all agreed

Presidents Report:
We did agree to separate Grounds and Maintenance and Kevin Downing agreed to take the
Maintenance position. Crystal spoke with Annie and she would not want to manage at Kent Gardens
but would be Asst Mgr here as long as she would still be considered for Manager the following year.
Discussion it should not hurt her chances; we can still independently evaluate her for the following
year. Shes a freshman in college this year. Crystal has a manager candidate but he has not committed

Pump is 50 years old. Impeller broke last year. They made it work this year with a replacement part.
Pool Service was pulling & checking the pump they say they cant. $6K for new motor, impeller, etc.
was the quote from Crystal. New one will last 10 years, approximately.

Operations: Swim Team Chair presented 2 sets of quotes. Merry Maids and MaxiMaids. Swim Team
had 4 companies, met with 2. They do not work at night, but one can start at 5am (8:30am for other).
M-F only. $384/712 for first deep clean. Weekly $200/270. Just chairs = $225. Discussion do we pay
$1000-1500 for something the guards should already be doing? This year was particularly bad, and
much may depend on how the guards do. Set expectations from the beginning of the season. May look
at doing set dates, or after large events. Will hold off for now while Swim Team gets more quotes.

Treasurers Report: Treasurer asked everyone to bring budget items and well set a preliminary budget
next month. Need to set dues. On hand today: $4800 and 221,000. Net income approximately $40K
last year. Mortgage paid off Dec 2012. Dues were $425 last year. We are comparable to other smaller
pools. If we are to do larger projects and invest in future replacement of the pool, we will need the
income. VP will look into some deck ideas. Treasurer motioned to set dues at $425; Swim Team 2d; all
in favor except Secretary voted against. Late dues Treasurer proposed raising to $75 from $50;
Operations 2d, all approved. Leases at $675. President will let Communications know for dues notice &
President will highlight late fee increase in the Presidents Letter.

Grounds: President reported from Grounds 2 quotes for tile work. Will get 1 2 more. Hope to have
a contract by next mtg.

New Business:
Girl Scouts proposed to host drive thru cookie sale on Sat Feb 22 in the pool parking lot. Secretary will
check with Communications that there is no date conflict with the Boy Scout mulch sale.

Play set update. Secretary reported on possible purchase of a wooden playset for the tot area. She will
research regs & rules on installation and report back next mtg on costs.

Adjourned at 8:55pm.