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Minutes of the February 19, 2014

Vienna Aquatic Club Board of Directors Meeting

Board Members in attendance: Maryellen Bagley, Chuck OReilly, Dana Jackins, Chris Torregrossa,
Frank Sheridan, Allison Galbraith, Kurt Kohls, Betsy Andrews, Bruce Chappell,
Members in attendance: Kevin Downing, Beth Eachus (8:05pm)

Opening: President opened the meeting at 7:34pm.

Review of Minutes: Operations approved, Swim Team 2d, motion to pass, all agreed

Presidents Report: President reported on discussion with Crystal whitecoating will probably be ~
$60,000. May be this year or next for whitecoating when it goes bad, it will go bad fast. Last done in
Spring 2007. Better to do in the Fall.
Management: Annie is still lined up for Asst; candidate for mgr found another job. Casey will find a new

Operations: Swim Team reported on cleaning service. Met with 3d service Jennys Maid Service. All
are responsive & flexible to work with us on dates/schedules/services. Swim team will help pay for
service. Dates will be set once we have swim team schedule & determine good dates for cleaning. VAC
pay for initial, swim team pays for subsequent. At June mtg we will make a decision about going
forward for remainder of summer. Use Jennys, pay out of maintenance budget, and set a May date for
initial cleaning (after May 10 clean-up date).
Pool pump bids: Poolservice Co $6450 all inclusive ($350 due for what they have done so far); Crystal
$5980 or $8075 with new starter (~$2000). Starter has been replaced periodically. Pump is pulled each
year & goes to Al for maintenance. Will find out about starters & warranties & discuss more next mtg.

Swim Team Report: Swim team treasurer reported on finances she has been doing this 4-5 years.
Receipts $30K registration summer; $4K registration winter; snack bar $4500 net, gatorwear $1700, $7K
from VAC fund. Expenses 20K coaches, $8400 expenses summer, trophies $2400, 1300 winter swim
expenses. $50,000 cash reserves. Lane rental would be about $40K for a summer.

Treasurers Report:
Grounds raised issue of establishing a line of credit.
Treasurer report 1099 and 990T were filed; forms went to employees. Add $2000 for chairs/chaise.
Replace picnic tables suggestion to use trex or synthetic tops that will last longer & dont need to be
treated. Grounds will get prices. $5000 for tree work. Plumber to look at hot water on womens side.
Tile repair up to $10,500. Add Bug Patrol $700. Tot lot increase to $4500 to include rubberized pellets
for ground cover.

Grounds: Grounds reported on conversations with landscapers and tree guys. Pavers near pavilion deck
project getting pictures & prices. 2 foot wall to level out with hill. Drainage issue will be incorporated
into paver project. Question of whether or not tree needs to come out.
Grounds Chair report on tile work. Grout Medic would keep same pattern, same look will also do glass
block and cap on top of lintel (sp?) slate top over the top. Can do work as soon as weather warms up.
No guarantee since the work was done wrong originally. 18 sections with visible problems, most are
floor to ceiling, He wont do the ones behind the mirrors. Question of whether to re-do this at all -
$8000 to fix a $70000 problem, and Maintenance Chair doesnt think the fix will take. Could we cover
the cracks with molding cover cheaper option. Goal is to finish before season opens & spend less than
$2500. Motion by Operations to spend up to $2500 on tile repair without further Board approval. Glass
block repair ~ $2000 on its own.

New Business:
Charity project last year, worked with Food 4 Thought and distributed to needy families food,
laundry detergent, toothpaste, shampoo, etc - 40 families for 3 schools, 6 week project. Splash &
Dash fundraiser swimathon or runathon with sponsors. Open up to whole pool community. Kristen
Day will assist she has done these for St Marks. Sunday morning timeframe, maybe end of June, June
Masters program is a go for this year again.
Communications Chair proposed a Fitness Trail to be donated to VAC. QRFit codes coordinate with
video no other equipment needed. Exercises change monthly. Each exercise about 1 minute. Would
set up inside VAC grounds 5 stations plus welcome station, so 6 total. Could be mounted on fence
posts around exterior. $4500 system.

General mtg set for Wed June 25
7pm for mtg, 6:30pm potluck.

Adjourned at 9:32pm.