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Minutes of the May 14, 2014

Vienna Aquatic Club Board of Directors Meeting

Board Members in attendance: Serena Leogue, Maryellen Bagley, Dana Jackins, Chris Torregrossa,
Frank Sheridan, Ted Sullivan

Opening: President opened the meeting at 7:37pm.

Review of Minutes: April 9 minutes reviewed; VP moved to accept as corrected; Treasurer 2d; all

Presidents Report: General Mtg and Bd mtg set for 7:30pm on Tues June 24; potluck at 7pm. May 25

Board Brunch at Clydes. This Sunday May 18 7:30pm President and Operations Chair will hold
interviews for front desk staff anyone is welcome to sit in. 5 applicants, 20 min interviews. Technology
Chair is posting QR fitness trail signs soon working with Grounds Chair. Successful clean up day with
30+ folks attending. Masters program is a go for this summer; Andrew Galbraith is running it; no start
date yet. 5:30am, out of pool by 7, out of pool house by 7:20, our swim team comes in at 7:30am.
Machine provides staff for that time & does set up. There will also be lap lanes set up for use during
that time. Crystal would like new keys made up that they can use for opening sets to Mgr, Asst Mgr
and Head Guard. 3 new keys being made the bolt keys are still numbered and President keeps a
document of who has which keys.
Marshall Road traffic calming petition. Neighbors are coordinating an effort to request suggested
measures. Agreed we as VAC would support. Secretary will talk with the neighbor organizing the effort
to see what we can do. Propane comes tomorrow. Fire extinguishers are in. Water is in. Plumber comes
back Monday for the hot water problem valve issue was the cause. Ian Hamilton sold his share for
non-payment & he wanted to donate the proceeds back to the pool. We are not a non-profit, so
Treasurer will send a check and he can choose not to cash it. The permit to open has not arrived yet (this
is typical), and we expect it from the county in the next week. Cameras are up and running. Keeps
about 10 weeks of data. Multiple camera views.

Maintenance: VP reported furniture ordered and it should arrive in June (backordered). Tile work is
done he did a great job, at a good price.

Treasurers Report: Treasurer handed out new budget with landscaping added.

Grounds: Grounds chair reported on the landscaping project. Went with proposal from Josh at Ground
Effects. Permeable paver with 12-18 of compacted stone underneath for drainage. All ADA approved
and ok for trucks, ambulance, etc. PVC piping for downspouts and drain (now it is just corrugated plastic
tubes). Grounds chair walked the plan and explained what will be going in. Starts Mon and finishes Fri.
If the landscaper cant meet that schedule (rain, other unknowns), it will wait till Sept. Pavers are made
for pool ok to walk on bare feet, ok to get wet, went with lighter color to be ok in the sun. Herringbone
pattern; contract also includes new 4-square court. Landscaper will come back every few years to check
it and maintain it. Maintenance chair suggested some kind of rope or fence to highlight the wall near the
18-inch drop by the fence. Also discussed was softening the long expanse of fence with potted plants or
crepe myrtle.
Trees were removed 5 rather than 2. Grounds chair made this decision too much gunk & sap coming
off the trees and they werent in good shape.

Membership: 92 leases, 90 shares leased. 22 August passes sold so far. 21 leasing member passes sold.
Question raised about process for wait list to buy & lease list. If a proposal is presented for changing our
process, we will consider it but this has been raised in the past and we have made the decision to stick
with our process as it exists today.

New Business: Any pool issues should go to Operations Chair so there is one point of contact for pool
concerns. New chest freezer will be needed for ice cream. Secretary will send out a new email
distribution list to ensure that everyone is on it.

Adjourned at 9pm.