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Formatting can affect the usability of a document by making data and other
information much easier to read and understand.
2. You can change the margins of a document so that the left margin is 2 and
the right margin to 3 by typing 2 into the left margin box and 3 into the right
margin box.
3. The page layout method changes the entire documents format. The markers
change that specific paragraph or selected line.
4. A. So the paragraph separation is easier to see and to make things look much
B. You go to the line spacing dialog box and changing the line spacing before
and after.
5. A. An essay may be typically double spaced.
B. One can double space their document by going to the line spacing dialog
box > 2.0
6. A. You can tell where tab stops are by looking at the margin ruler and
checking where the black arrows are.
B. The default tab stop at 1.5 will be automatically be removed when you put
a tab stop of 3
C. Click on the tab stop dialog box located at the top left corner between the
left and top rulers. Then click on the center option and then click on 2.25 on
the top ruler.
7. Decimal stops can be best used to align sentences of information.
8. The first line indent formats the first line of a paragraph father to the left
than the rest of the paragraph.
9. A. Select the whole paragraph and then click the bottom blue arrow on the
top ruler. Hold and slide the arrow until it hits the .25 mark.
B. A hanging indent can be useful for outlines.
10. Select all six of the paragraphs, then click on the numbered list option in the
paragraph tab.
11. To show the steps and order of a process versus the bulleted steps being just
a list to show what may need to be brought when order doesnt matter.
12. A. It is a space above the entire document to be used for titles, names, page
numbers, etc.
B. Three types of information used in headers are titles, names, and page
C. To have the header not print for the first page select the different first page
box in the layout tab.
13. A. Text wrap is used to position a graphic relative to the text.
B. Files, Clip Art, and online images are three sources of graphics.
14. The use of page break option can change the pagination.
15. A. You can insert a page break by either pressing Ctrl+Enter or by going to
the format tab and clicking the page break.
16. A. Foot notes can be used for references in the documents to either cite or
B. The footnote is used to reference sources and is at the bottom of the page
of the phrase or word it is referencing. The end note is also used for citing
and referencing but it is at the end of the entire document.
17. A. A template is a pre-made format for your document.
B. You could use a premade template that already has tables or specific
columns etc. to save time with formatting so you just have to fill in the
18. The usefulness of saving a file as a html and a PDF file is that they both keep
the formatting and the html file can be accessed through the web.
19. A. True
B. False
C. False
D. False
E. False
F. False
G. False
H. True
I. False
J. True
K. False
L. True
M. False