Microsoft and Dassault Systèmes in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Paris, March 17th 2009

Günter Rester Director Manufacturing Industries - PLM solutions Microsoft Corporation Joel Feron Dassault Systèmes

What is Product Lifecycle Management?


How people in business create, sustain, replace and retire products (the product lifecycle).

Disposal and Recycling Maintenance and Repair In-service Operations

Portfolio Management Planning Conceptual Design Product Engineering Manufacturing Engineering

Sales & Distribution

Integrate people, processes, business systems, and information.

Test & Quality Build and Produce

Simulation and Validation

Microsoft / Dassault Systemes Confidential

$, €, £, ¥




End of Life

increase profitable growth

extend lifecycle returns

accelerate product launch Time reuse product and process knowledge

reduce manufacturing costs

trends in manufacturing & PLM
The Challenges For Manufacturers Are Getting Tougher
Global markets customer demand Mounting demand for new product innovation Collaborative design, PPM, PDM Increasing pressure for cost reductions Six sigma and Lean manufacturing Participating in a networked supply chain Outsourced mfg, Supplier connectivity, etc. Regulatory compliance Sarbanes-Oxley, Tread Act, Oil and Gas HSE etc…

Trends in PLM

Digitize & Simulate everything PLM in new industries e.g. CPG, util. FuIly integrated suites vs. best-of-breed Growing need for architectures Connect PLM & ERP Collaboration between engineering & enterprise & partners/suppliers & …..

Microsoft’s Role In PLM
Document Management and Compliance Collaboration and RTC Unified Messaging

CAD Formula Management Knowledge Management PLM ISVs Product Record Portfolio and Project Management Analysis

Enterprise Search

Idea and Requirements Management

Business Intelligence

Supplier Management

Business Process Management

Database Integration Identity Management Security Dev Tools Platform

Manufacturing Partner Ecosystem
New Product Development

Microsoft & Dassault Systemes Strategic Alliance

Alliance Agreement:
• Establish executive governance and framework for working relationship • Long-term R&D roadmap for V5 PLM and V6 on MS Platforms/Technologies • Marketing Commitments: PR, Events, Customer references • Sales Commitments: Joint Selling

Microsoft / Dassault Systemes Confidential

Agenda Nouveaux produits - Facteur-clé de croissance

PLM 2.0 sur Plateforme V6 et Technologies MS Les entreprises tirant partie du potentiel de la V6…

DASSAULT SYSTEMES Confidential information

Nouveaux produits - Facteur-clé de croissance
Permettre l’innovation

Un réseau global d’innovation
Tirer un avantage maximum des ressources et des investissements Etendre les cycles de vie des produits et réduire les cycles de développement Pénétrer rapidement et facilement de nouveaux marchés avec des produits innovants et de nouvelles configurations


Rationaliser les couts des produits et des temps de cycle

Transparence et efficacité
Utiliser les tendances, les lacunes et les ventes des marchés pour définir les produits et la gestion des cycles de vie Disposer d’un système robuste d’intelligence et d’analyse des affaires pour facilement piloter le portefeuille-produits, rationaliser les couts et l’aligner sur les objectifs d’affaire Maximiser les revenus en ayant un portefeuille-produits bien positionné

Optimiser et améliorer les processus d’entreprise
DASSAULT SYSTEMES Confidential information

Collaboration et gestion des données de l’entreprise
Tirer des bénéfices et un avantage concurrentiel par l'innovation et la suppression des redondances dans le développement des produits Des approvisionnements et distributions globaux et flexibles permettent aux organisations de rendre rapidement profitables des produits sur le marché Améliorer la qualité par des perfectionnements prouvés des produits, la communalisation ou la reconfiguration de produits existants

PLM 2.0 sur Plateforme V6 et Technologies MS
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Global collaborative innovation Lifelike experience Single PLM platform for IP management Online creation and collaboration Ready to use PLM business processes Lower cost of ownership

Lifelike Experience

Collaborative Innovation

IP Modeling & Simulation
Virtual Design Realistic Simulation Digital Manufacturing & Production

DASSAULT SYSTEMES Confidential information

Les entreprises tirant partie du potentiel de la V6…
“We believe innovation is the result of collaboration, and we’ve found CATIA V6 strongly embodies this philosophy. From what we’ve seen in our preliminary experiences with CATIA V6, DS has put the values of collaboration and innovation at the core of its online design solution.” Ken Moro, Manager - Industrial Design Initiative, Nikon Corporation “V6 PLM could help us to manage our product and process data more efficiently by grouping all this intellectual property in a single environment.” Walter Knoblauch, PLM Manager , Schuler
Industrial Equipment

High Tech

Hoffman is a leading designer and manufacturer of systems to safely and reliably protect the electronic controls and mission critical electrical systems in industrial, data communications, commercial construction and government applications “We are very pleased to be growing our partnership with Dassault Systemes. We look forward to working together to create an enterprise-wide (V6) solution to support product development” Michael Telljohann, PLM director, Procter & Gamble. From the initial concept to the final implementation, the design of Johnson Controls’ added-value products for vehicle interiors enhances consumer preference and surpasses vehicle manufacturer requirements. “We selected V6 to be able to create a safe, fast, and powerful collaborative base for an efficient, global, risk-sharing supply chain.” Antonio Maglione, CTO, Piaggio Aero Industries Skanska is one of the world’s leading construction groups with expertise in construction, development of commercial and residential projects and publicprivate partnerships. People not only wear our brands, they sleep on our brands and accessorise their homes with our brands. They play sport, go to work, dress their children and relax in our brands. Every day. Every week. Every year

Consumer Packaged Goods




Consumer Goods

DASSAULT SYSTEMES Confidential information

Customer Reference Dassault Aviation

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