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Peace of Mind Entertainment is looking for top performing
professionals to join our sales team as an Account Execu-
tive. This position entails developing relationships and
partnerships with restaurants, venues, and event centers in
the Minneapolis area.

We are looking to hire individuals who are innovative,
driven, have a history of prominent results and strive to
continue to grow our organization. This position involves
working closely with other Account Executive team mem-
bers to improve the overall Peace of Mind Nights Out
Act as a strong link between clients and the agency
Responsible for the coordination of advertising campaigns
and communicating campaigns clearly to all involved
Must understand clients needs and objectives, and liaise
closely with them throughout campaigns on a daily basis
Manage administrative and campaign work and ensure that
advertising projects are completed on time and on budget
Capable of handling multiple accounts stay focused around
competitive environments
Maintain contact with all clients to ensure high level of
client satisfaction
Bachelors degree or equivalent
2 years experience with proven success in a sales position
Profcient in organizing, working in chaotic environment, and
prioritizing responsibilities
Able to present new and creative ideas to team members and
business partners
Works well in a team environment along with taking initiative
and being highly motivated
Major: (Communications, Event Planning, Accounting, Marketing,
Business/Management or like degree)
We are a web-based company that oers night out packages to customers in various entertainment hot
spots. Our goal is to take the pressure of planning an exciting evening or weekend of of the customer by
assuming the responsibility of that task. It all starts with learning about a customers specifc interests and
preferences. By using our talented stas knowledge of the local scene, we will customize the events of
the evening for a tailor-made experience. There will be general packages based on the type of night the
customer wants (i.e., ladies night, date night, live music) and from there the customer will be able to
customize the package even further. To ensure total satisfaction for the customer, our company will hire
employees who know the ins and outs of the local scene, including specialists in music and sports.
Each package will consist of three basic components:
Additions available to enhance the customers evening might include:
Parking information for each stop throughout the night
Prepaid parking, or town car service
VIP Access
Hotel Specials
Tour Guides (for foreign customers)
dinner drinks & dessert event
Mission Statement
Peace Of Mind Entertainments mission is to provide our clientele with a memo-
rable experience. Our goal is to connect every consumer who is looking for a
great evening with a business that can make that happen. Through price and
business visibility we can connect any business, no matter how large or small,
with the customer they can serve.
Value Statement
Peace of Mind Entertainment is a company that wholly believes in the better-
ment of the economy and local businesses. We strive to always provide a service
that is a benefcial experience for all of those involved. Whether it be; dinner,
dancing, sporting events, or a combination of all three, we are here to design
that unforgettable adventure for the customer. Every decision we make is based
on creating a lasting customer relationship.
The human resources function has an integral role at
Peace of Mind Entertainment. HR will help the company
achieve organizational efectiveness and a competitive
advantage by being involved in implementing strategies
tha tare infuenced by our employees and customers.
At Peace of Mind Entertainment, HR will help align
individual employee performance with our organization-
al strategic objectives. A major focal point in our strategy
is making sure our employees have a solid understand-
ing of company goals and the roles of HR. This will result
in better communication and an active focus on staying
aligned with the goals.
As important as it is for the employees to know about HR,
the same must go for those in the human resource
department. The HR department will have a deep level of
understanding of the business and will be able to use
that knowledge to better the company.
In order to ensure that HR has a strategic role in our
company we will make sure that it is an intergral part of
everyones training. In addition, they will have a place at
all important meetings, whether or not its specifcally HR
Peace of Mind Entertainments human resources department
adds value to our business by providing education to new
employees. They are taught the ins and outs and given the
information they need to succeed.
HR will be there to assist and help wade through all the details.
Questions and concerns employees have about any policy
within the company such as issues on the job or explanation of
benefts.They are a boon to the company in terms of making
everyone feel safe and respected in the workplace.
Our HR department will ensure the success of our business by
recruiting and selecting individuals best ft for our company,
informing potential employees of our company as a safe place
to work, and making sure employees are understanding of our
goals and obligations to them. They will also contribute to the
growth of our company by balancing our demands with the
resources we have available.
Inclusivity is the key to thorough integration.
Decisiveness is one of the most important behavioral competencies that characterizes those who work in our HR depart-
ment. The successful human resource professional not only needs to make many very important hiring decisions, but they
also need to make these decisions in a timely fashion. Efciency is extremely important within our company and dwelling
on a problem for too long without making a strategic decision quickly can cost a company a lot of money, time, and
Confict resolution is our second most important competency. The human resources department is responsible for han-
dling many disagreements and contentions. Being able to handle expected and unexpected conficts in the most profes-
sional way possible is crucial to the HR function. Without having these problems properly addressed, mistakes would be
repeated and employees would feel neglected. The result of these missteps would include decreased efciency, straying
from quality, and overall poor company performance.
We want to see the HR department working for Peace of Mind Entertainment become HR credible activists. We would like
to see them be passionate about the HR feld and challenge people in a unique way. Hiring HR professionals that not only
have HR experience, but also a well-rounded, unique business experience is very important to our company. We believe
that having a well-rounded HR department with a wide variety of skills and experiences will ensure recruiting the most
talented and strong employees for our company.
Measuring the success of the HR function will lie in using the appropriate metrics for our small company. Because the company
is relatively new and still growing it is very important to focus on return on investment (ROI). This way we are able to gauge the
efciency of newly introduced processes. An example would be a new training program which ROI would measure the success
of in terms of their benefts: higher employee productivity or lower compensation worker costs.
Another key training metric is the number of hours of training per employee, and the total costs for training. By combining
these training metrics with ROI we will have the necessary information needed to make changes to develop the most efcient
training program. Proper training will help lower costs, and it will also improve retention and quality metrics such as average
tenure, performance, quality of employees in frst year, and percentage of new hires retained for 90 days.
Other important metrics we keep our eye on fall under the compensation category. Because we are a company that requires
employees to have a high level of specialization within their department their will likely be wage and salary increases to keep
them motivated to learn more. The goal will be to have less but more efective employees working at a higher wage.
Our company will measure its success in terms of benchmarking to gain a better understanding of our external environment
and competition. Groupon or LivingSocial are a few companies that we may use as an industry standard. It will be a great start-
ing point for improving the HR function. Overall we will be using a variety of tools to help measure our success but the overall
goal is a balanced scorecard. We will use this as a framework to make sure the HR departments view on success is broad and not
just limited to traditional fnancial measures.
At Peace of Mind Entertainment, our recruitment plan starts with the proper training of our
recruiters and managers in the hiring process. This training has a heavy focus on EEO regulations
and clear articulation of job-specifc details. Next, we will require a detailed forecast of both the
supply and demand from the human resources department. Because we are a relatively new
company, we will start our HR demand forecast by analyzing the positions that exist within simi-
lar organizations, such as Groupon. We have chosen to put our focus on the external supply of
human resources because there isnt much internal supply at this point in time. We will look at
information on graduates and actions of competing employers. The market we will focus on are
recent graduates and those currently involved in culture rich jobs. Our company will focus on the
quality of employees versus quantity, so we will use continuous rather than intensive recruiting.
This will give us an advantage by visiting various campuses each year and continuously looking
for new candidates on LinkedIn and other job sites.
Web-based recruiting: Enables us to view a larger pool of applicants without many expendi-
tures. We can target specifc Internet sources to target the right type of applicant. This helps us
save time, an especially important factor in our continuous recruiting process.
Metrics: To fgure out which labor market has the most potential, we will use yield ratios to mea-
sure the percentage of people that are hired from each applicant pool. Another important metric
that we will focus on is acceptance rate. This will give us an idea of how successful we are at
hiring candidates. By asking for input from those that turned down the job we can understand
how to better market the job and what changes we can make in the recruitment process.
Hire hard, manage easy.
Our company uses a very rigorous selection process in order to ensure we hire only the most outstanding individuals
to help grow our organization. Our selection process begins with a test of person-job ft to predict how they will
perform with our organization. Next, each candidate is tested on cognitive and/or physical abilities; depending on
which applies to the job they have applied for. Part of this test will be a work sample test to see if each candidate is
truly capable of doing the work and has been honest on their application.
After the testing process, we will begin interviewing the candidates in a realistic format. We believe that honesty on
both sides of the hiring process is vital, and we believe that candidates will perform best from day one if they have a
realistic expectation of their job. Each of the applicants is asked the same level of questions, in a structured format, in
order to obtain consistent information.
Post-interview: We require an in-depth background investigation and drug test of each of our fnal job candidates to
ensure a safe and healthy work environment for present and future employees.
Compensation Strategy
Because our company is a new venture and concept, it will be hard to fnd employees that are specifcally qualifed for our positions.
For this reason, we have decided to use themeet the market strategy. Being a new company with low revenue to start of, we want
to be cost efcient and meet the market instead of exceeding the market. Meeting the market will allow us to be competitive within
the current market while we navigate all of the implications that come with starting a company. This strategy will allow employer cost
pressure to be minimal, as we will have many cost pressures to deal with throughout the rest of our company.
Compensation Philosophy
Here at Peace of Mind Entertainment we prefer to have a balanced compensation philosophy. This balanced
system can be broken down into two parts:
The way the pay-for-performance compensation will work will be based on individual performance. Their individual performance will
be based upon how many night-out packages that they sell to customers within the week. Our compensation systems works such
that the employee will receive a $50 bonus added to that weeks pay if they have sold 15 night-out packages during the week. The
average sold in a week fuctuates depending on the week.
We want our employee interaction with our customers to be above and beyond. Usually that would mean that they are providing
them with great service and the night-out package that they desire. Customer ratings and surveys will also serve as a basis for paid
At Peace of Mind Entertainment, we feel that by adding on compensation, it will motivate our employees to be committed as well as
satisfed with the company that they are working for and the work that they are providing.
Entitled pay increases: We want our employees to feel that they are valued at our company and their
contribution is important, so we ofer them a bonus after each year worked.
Pay-for-performance system: Although we do want our employees to feel important, we also want them
to work for their bonuses as well, which is why we are also implementing a that mandates compensa-
tion changes to refect performance fuctuations. We want our employees to strive to be the best
employee they can be, and if they do so, we want to reward them for their outstanding behaviors.
Individual Incentives
We choose to ofer individual incentives because although many of our employees work in a team-based setting we found that ofer-
ing these plans allow employees to stand out. It can also act to motivate less efcient employees to work harder. Finally, it is based
around personal growth and gain, something we strive for at Peace of Mind because of the specialized nature of each position.
We will engage all levels of the business in this program so that the entire company is aligned with the same goals. It gives our
employees an opportunity to control their own success and determine how hard they want to work. Our employees will have the
ability to receive bonuses based on performance results, new ideas, or having obtained professional certifcates. We will also provide a
special incentive program used to reward individuals. The special incentive payout will be a percentage of base salary based on the
employees annual performance appraisal. The employee must receive a review score of four or higher out of fvesuperiors on their
appraisal to be eligible for the special incentive. This will motivate our employees and in turn grow our company.
Individual Retirement Accounts
Encourages employees to view their jobs as a lifetime career. This is a key employee retention feature built to
keep our highly skilled and experienced employees working with us.
Medical and Dental Coverage
Educational Assistance
Oered to any employee that is interested in furthering their education in the feld related to their current
position. These employees will become more valuable and productive as they grow their expertise.
Holiday & Vacation
Each salaried employee will earn two and a half days of paid vacation every month of work. This will amount
to thirty days of paid vacation each year. We believe that this vacation time is money well spent, as it will keep
our employees excited about the future and well rested for their required workload.
Peace of Mind Entertainment will has an intensive and
on-going training process for all employees throughout
their entirety of employment with us. We hope that this
learning and knowledge management will, in the long
run, help us with retention and retain a competitive edge.
Training For NewEmployees
An extensive program that covers the following:
- safety compliance - wage and hour rules -
-benefts enrollment - sexual harassment prevention-
-general orientation-
This is spread out over a period of time and will give new
employees a chance to meet their coworkers and formu-
late questions. After two weeks, we do a NEO check-up to
answer what questions employees have and receive
feedback for future NEO sessions. This is especially
important because we are a new company and there are
still the inevitable kinks to be worked out.
After going through NEO, there is hands on training
regarding interpersonal and problem-solving skills. This is
a chance to learn about confict resolution, team relation-
ships, and communication. We hope that having the
second stage of training early on helps to create a strong
bond between the new employee and the company, as
well as their coworkers. In order to save money, this
training is all internal and allows our programs and docu-
ments to be personalized.
After this second stage of training we focus on strategic
training that will help the organization accomplish its
goals. Because we dont sell a product, but a service, we
ofer training that is closely related to the improvement of
customer service and sales. We also like to periodically
ofer training that is related to creativity and making our
website and experiences more cutting-edge and fun.
By applying the necessary components of adult learning,
we will hopefully achieve maximum engagement.
Overall, our training program starts of strong and then
moves to more advanced topics that occur frequently.
This tactic is meant to help with knowledge management,
employee worth, and motivation to learn and perform
blind to diferences approach
afrmative action
zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment
discrimination prevention & awareness
We have decided to use a competency model in order to better identify talent gaps within our company. We want to move employees up through the
company in the best way possible, and creating competency models for each job is a great way for us to identify if our employees are ready for the move or
not. These models identify the type of talent we need to achieve certain job based tasks, and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed as well. When
looking for an employee to fll a position we will frst look internally to see if our employees are the right ft based on the competency models. If we cannot
fnd the correct ft within our company, we will look externally to fll the position with someone who fts our model.
Peace of Mind Entertainment identifes performance with regular performance reviews, which are measured on a variety of factors. First we measure the
quality and quantity of output and compare it to employees past performance, as well as their output goal. Next we rate the timeliness and eciency of
employee output to ensure that they are not wasting time or company resources. The last two things we measure are the efectiveness of the employees
work to see if the company is beneftting from the employees output, and the employees job attendance to ensure that the employee is dedicated to their
work and is regularly showing up to accomplish their tasks.
Within each of these measurements there are four criteria for evaluation:
1. Makes decisions eectively
2. Demonstrates required job knowledge
3. Drives excellence and quality
4. Displays accountability
We communicate performance back to the employees in the form of regular performance evaluations. Each employee will meet with a supervisor to go over
their performance review, and each rating will be clearly explained to them in a manner that is constructive and informative. The intent of these meetings is
to help each employee grow in their job position and allow them a forum to provide valuable feedback about their current issues and performance related
As a young and quickly growing company we will structure our employee development and have a clear succession plan. As the company grows we will need
our most talented and experienced employees to fll higher management positions. To develop our employees for these roles we require each employee to fll
out a career development action plan that acts as a roadmap for their supervisor detailing their career goals. Each employee is encouraged to work with their
supervisor to talk about the time and support required in order to attain their goals. Our company has statuses with employees once a month that discuss
current projects but also address their strengths and opportunities for development within the company. Discussing important leadership characteristics will
be a key part of statuses.
Peace of Mind Entertainment will ensure that we are aware
of all discrimination laws and will take necessary precau-
tions to follow every law properly. Our company strongly
values working in a diverse environment, which is why we
work hard to hire employees that will bring a unique point
of view and lifestyle.
HR is in the process of developing an individual handbook
to maintain company and legal standards.
All managers should have this available for their review,
during the hiring process, the laws and regulations pertain-
ing to: pre-employment medical screening, disability
related interview questions, and proper use of drug tests. In
order to protect our company from negligent hiring practic-
es, all managers who will be given hiring responsibilities
will be required to attend formal training regarding: proper
background evaluations, consequences of negligent reten-
tion, and proper formatting of ofcial job-ofer-letters. Our
managers will be held to the highest standard in regards to
equal employment opportunity.
By structuring our hiring process according to job qualifca-
tions, we ensure that our managers are never swayed by
information other than that which directly relates to an
applicant's job qualifcations. To further our success as an
EEO employer, we require all employees to attend annual
training regarding racial and cultural awareness, as well as
annual diversity acceptance training. To ensure that our
managers are always held to the highest standard, we will
put forth mandatory annual training to all employees
regarding the laws and regulations that are there to protect
our employees and applicants.
Diversity in the workplace not only allows for new talent
and ideas, but it can help lower costs and can allow for an
increase in market share. This means bringing together
people of diferent ethnic backgrounds, genders, sexual
orientation, age groups and religion and still managing and
utilizing in the workplace efectively.