Adam Nisbet Reflection on Learning Goals

The past semester has taught me that while experience is not always readily applicable, it is compounding, and it is through combinations of experience that we create a more comprehensive skill set over time. Coming into graduate school after working for three years professionally has given me a great deal of experience to refer to. I have been a policy analyst, legislative clerk, and a public relations coordinator. After my first semester I see myself combining these experiences as a communicator more than anything else. The classes I have taken have clearly bridged my interests in political science, communications, and technology. Having worked for Google for a short period of time I understand the broad reach of the internet and the possibilities it may hold for developing democratic deliberation in all corners of world. I would like to further enrich my studies by taking methodology classes that offer quantitative statistics, and ways to approach research that I am less familiar with. In my research I am studying political participatory gatherings and the modes in which they communicate and coordinate through networked media channels. I feel that I could further enhance my interdisciplinary research by learning more about media and elections, polling, focus groups, public opinion, and also branching into comparative government. I believe that I have accomplished the learning goals I set out for myself at the beginning of the semester. My career goals included learning about different career paths within the field of communications. A premiere accomplishment of my career goals would be the acceptance of an internship with Edelman public relations, where I will be working in the digital public affairs department. I am also learning more about communications through a work study placement as a publicist for a professor on campus that is publishing a book on soldier psychology and warfare. From here I

would like to start planning my summer internship whether it is in California, with Google or in South America doing a study abroad. Researching new media and its implications for elections was one of the highlights of my semester and I believe it is evidence of accomplishing my academic learning goals. I have learned a great deal about democratization in America through Dr. Owens’s Media and Elections course. I have developed some interesting topics and a paper that I will be presenting at the Chesapeake American Studies Conference. I would also like to present my research at next years APSA conference. I have also further established this goal by participating in a case study on the use of new media and the recent Iran election. When I first arrived in DC as a staffer for a Senator I felt that I was broadening my understanding of the country that I lived in because I had entered into a national discourse where people from each state were represented. Now, since I have been at Georgetown I realize that I have entered a discourse where each country in the world is represented. The values that Georgetown has instilled within me give me such a respect for diversity and different ideas and opinions which has urged me to expand my understanding of the world and of global issues. I would also like to challenge myself by enrolling in a Spanish course to keep studying my second language. I have a desire to increase my knowledge and interaction with the international community and advance my studies in these areas. I would like to do a study abroad with the U.N. school of peace in Costa Rica. I am looking forward to the New Year in 2010 because this will be the year I spend the most time in Communications, Culture & Technology, and I feel it will be a standout year for my goals in the areas of my career and academics, my scope of interest, and my skill set.

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