TPE#1: Specific Pedagogical Skills for Subject Matter Instruction Making sure that the students are learning

specific standards that the state has adopted in the form of lessons. The teachers are to help their students learn the skills and knowledge in all areas that the state has set out. Therefore, each lesson should contain multiple standards to continually reinforce them through the year.

Abstract: This is a language arts lesson on Anthony Reynoso Born to Rope. This lesson was given by Dawn James at Palms Elementary. The students were asked to demonstrate standards in a variety of formats through the lesson.

Rationale: This lesson contains three standards that are portrayed through the lesson. It meets standard 3.2 by responding to children's literature. 3.3 is met when the students are asked to create a character sketch of a character in the story. 2.2 is met because the students are required to use details to support their impressions of the characters through the Venn-diagram, character sketch, and paragraph. Students demonstrate these standards through a variety of assessments.

Tith: Gharacter Analysis AnthonyReynosoBom to Rope Arts $ubiect Area: Language Grade Level: Third time) Tinp: t hour( indudirq reading ard Reading Standard: 3.0 LiteraryResponse AnalFis - sfirdentsread urorlcs cfiildren'sliterature. of to of and respond a wide\rari'sty significant are Rding Standard: 3-3 Deteminewtnt cfiaracfers like by nfiat they porhaysthem. or do and by howthe auftor or illustnator say sensoty fYrililrg S.hndard 2.2 Wdtedescriflionsthd use concrete of defiails presentard suppoltunifiedimpressions people,plaes, to thirgs, or experienoesObjective: To lest sfirdenfsomprehensbn of the storyAnthonyReynosoBom to Ropeby analyzing maincfiaracterthe usinga Venn To mmparethe maincharaclerof storyto themsehrcs Diagram. to To gineshrdents opporUnrty createa maincfnnacterba,mdon the a,n in the book, VennDiagram, cfnracter sketcftand examdm about To girrcshrdents opportrnrty createa five sentene paragtaph an to givingdetailsand descrisims br ftat person. onlt one character Suggested Procedures: AnthonyReyno$o Bomto Ropeas a whde dass. 1- Finishreading Disclrsshowthe auhor givesus detailsaboutAnfrnny in a varbty of

2- Rereadand discusskey pointsof cfiaracterfromthe storyto reinbrce for understanding low leamersAnthony self - cornpleting to and 3. Passout VennDiagram conrpare part$togetheras a wholedass and sone independen$y" s(me

4. Discussilrhd analpis of a cfiarader means. Howit happens and utry in it is beneficial witirg5- Haveshdenns crede a cfiaractersketcfrof a perconthey will wantto write a paragraphabout using page94 of workbook. cfiaracteranalysisusingthe character 6- Havesildents uite a panagraph just createdin a five sentence panagraph nndelskedr 7- HavestJdentssharecfialactersketcfrout lor,rdEvaluation: Ongeirq asses$nentwill take plae thrrughoutfte lessonby meansof studentrcsponse ard partici@imfinal godutr will be evalualedon the disnricb frur pointgmdirg Sftrdents poftcylookirq specifically developed for cfianacter detailsand well thought out analysisof one irdividual.