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Profile of Dr.

Tejinder Singh Rawal

Profle of Dr. Tejinder Singh Rawal
Dr. Tejinder Singh Rawal, is M.Com. M.A. (Economics), M.A. (P!lic
Adminis"ra"ion), MA (#rd) $$.%., &CA, D'SA('CA), C'SA , C'SM, PhD
( Ta(). He has been a university topper in all the exams. He became one of
the youngest !"s in #ndia at the age of $% securing an all #ndia merit ran&.
He secured a merit ran& in #nformation Systems !uditors exams of #nstitute
of hartered !ccountants of #ndia, and also became the 'rst person in
central #ndia to pass the prestigious #S! (erti'ed #nformation Systems
!uditor) exam conducted by #nformation Systems and ontrol !ssociation,
*S!. He holds the distinction of being one of the handfuls of #S+"s in the
country. He is ,hD in taxation, having done his doctoral research on a critical
study of direct taxes in #ndia.
He has been practising since part $- years.
He is an authority on #ncome Tax, yber laws, #nvestment Strategy and
#nformation systems control and audit. He is a Director of #ntegra
He is a guest faculty on ompany /aw, #ncome Tax, yber laws, and 0inancial
+anagement in various institutions, colleges, and 1overnment
2rganisations. He is a 0aculty on #ncome Tax at 3agpur *niversity, /aw
ollege, for //4 and //+ students. He is a sought after spea&er in
onferences and Seminars in #ndia and abroad.
Dr. Rawal has contributed more than $55 articles in various journals. His
boo& 6How to #nvest in Stoc&s and Shares7 The *ltimate 8inning 1uide9 has
been a great success..
Dr. Rawal is very active socially.
He is the 0ounder ,resident of entral #ndia :idney 0oundation. He is the ;ice
,resident of the ,unjab !ssociation 3agpur. He is an active 0reemason.
Profile of Dr. Tejinder Singh Rawal
He has served /ions #nternational in various capacities, such as ,resident,
/ions lub of 3agpur, <one hairman, Region hairman, District ,R2,
hairman =outh .xchange, hairman #nfotech etc.
He has served as ;ice ,resident, Secretary and Treasurer of 3agpur 4ranch
of 8#R of #nstitute of hartered !ccountants of #ndia. He is the Treasurer of
Tiger Research and onservation Trust, #ndia. He was honoured by the
,resident of Tur&ey for his social achievements. He was conferred with 6,ride
of 3agpur9 award by >idwai 0oundation. He is the recipient of the ?aycees
2utstanding =oung ,erson !ward. He was awarded =ogi +anohar 3avratna
!ward by Sunrise ,eace +ission for his contribution to the 'elds of
.conomics and !ccountancy. He has been awarded the 6ompetent /eader9
award by Toastmasters international for exceptional achievement in
Toastmasters #nternational /eadership ,rogramme.
He is the 0ounder ,resident of St. ?ohn@s 2ld 4oys !ssociation, which the
association of alumni of his alma mater. He has served on the .xecutive
ommittees of various bodies li&e !ll #ndia +anagement !ssociation, 3ew
Delhi, 0ederation of #ndian hamber of ommerce and #ndustry, 3ew Delhi
etc., 3agA;idarbha hamber of ommerce, ;idarbha #ndustries !ssociation.
Dr. Rawal is an avid golfer, birdAwatcher and a serious photographer. His
photographs have appeared in various magaBines and journals, and 1ovt
educational publications. ! large no of his pictures have been published in
2riental 4ird #mages Data 4ase.
)is con"ac" de"ails*
Dr. Tejinder Singh Rawal,
T S Rawal & Co
8, Saibaba Colony, Sajjan Singh Furniture Building
Nagpur 44 ! "ndia
#h$ %&' (') **+444 t,rawal-t,rawal./o0