2nd Edition, Nov 2008

Time truly flies and it is time again for another cuppa. We do hope that all of you are keeping well since our first issue. Thank you for your prayers and encouragements that we have received throughout the course of our initial months. As promised, in this 2nd issue, we continue to bring you some more of our life in Rome, and keep you updated on what has been happening. At the end of the last issue, all of us were looking forward to the covenant celebration that was held on the 8th Oct 2008. It was a grace-filled time in a simple and significant celebration within Mass celebrated by Cardinal Peter Turkson, in St Clement Chapel in the grotto of St Peter’s Basilica. Incidentally, this is a chapel that is in the closest proximity to the tomb of St Peter - we were in great company, indeed! October was filled with a flurry of activities in the office. In the midst of sprucing the entire filing system, many hands were diverted to tackle the urgent preparation work for the Dedication Ceremony of the HopeXchange Medical Centre in Ghana. Photos were retrieved from archives to be used for an exhibition, while others ensured that the guest lists for various events like the Breast Cancer Symposium and commemorative tree planting activity were in order. Finally, the much awaited day came, and the Medical Center in Kumasi was dedicated to God and to the needy. It was a not only a celebration of a beginning, but a time of forging further ties that will bring new synergies in health care in this region. This gathering of friends, medical professionals, state and church dignitaries was a watershed time for the HopeXchange Medical Centre because it illustrated God’s ways which is beyond all man’s designs. What had started as a humble obedience to God’s call to bring basic medical relief to the needy of Kumsai is in reality a new medical hub boasting with facilities to undertake research and training work for the region, as well as being capable of an array of medical deliveries. Witnessing how God is ever so faithful in levelling the way for His people is indeed something to behold. However, in the mundane of office work, we see another sort of levelling in motion – backlog and streamlining of the filing system. Without a doubt, the system is going through some revamping in order to move with the time. As a mission, we often hear of the need to “read the signs of the time”… the time to trim down the
…this project as an example

of action speaking louder than words
Don Teitelbaum, the United States Ambassador to Ghana

2nd Edition, Nov 2008

clerical task is now! Soon, we hope will be the day when each one of us can have access to the internet at our desk. On the 24th Oct, we were invited to the 175th Anniversary of the School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSDN). From the vibes of some sentiments that were shared in their celebration, we too come to a deeper appreciation of the importance of revival within an established community so as to pass on the faith in a relevant manner in today’s context. We were feasting in the midst of their network of lay and religious community friends. The month had an unexpected end for the community. Initially, the Executive Council of the mission was scheduled to be in Allerheiligen, but due to a condition in Anna’s leg that prevented her from travel, the rest of the Council came to Rome. Within days of notice, a new flurry of activity started, this time in our community house. It was not paper or filing, but pasta and frying! If you had popped into our kitchen over the days of meal preparation, you would have thought that we were running an international catering business. Meals for a week feeding 7 were promptly cooked and frozen. Our little home became the place for the Council members to stay for a week in Rome. God was gracious in planning the lodging long before we suspected that our plans can be upset. It was providential that the change of plan for the Council meeting was during a week when Grace and Catherine had planned to be away, and Angie was able to find ready accommodation with Daniela for that duration. Therefore, everything worked out well with the Council members having a cosy space to return for meals and rest after a long day of meeting, while two of us became visitors to the warmly welcoming island of Malta. Before the end of this month there will be several visitors arriving, and we will keep those detail for our next cuppa.

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