TPE #13: Professional Growth Even with a teaching degree, teachers still keep learning through conferences, in-services

, and other such opportunities. Teachers are expected to keep up to date with new developments and always strive to learn more to be a better teacher. Teachers are to learn from others so they can use the learned knowledge in the classroom.

Artifact: This is a reaction to a teaching conference that I attended. The ACSI conference was a Christian educator conference. Teachers all over gather once a year to learn from other educators and browse exhibits. This paper is my reaction to the conference in general and the sessions that I attended.

Rationale: I attended this conference for one of my classes at Biola. This conference is for educators to come together and learn from conferences, seminars and exhibits. I was able to attend a conference, two seminars and the exhibits. At the convention there were many options to choose from and each teacher could choose to attend the one that most interested them. These sessions were like work shops where the speaker instructed the other teachers how to improve their learning environments and curriculum.

ACSI Paper I attended this conference on Tuesday morning and went to the first two secessions. The main speaker was Robin Baker who spoke about “The Challenge of a New Worldview”. Between the conferences I looked at the exhibits and then attended Classroom Management 101- Help! They are Driving me Nuts! By Ellen Lowrie Black Ed. D. The main secession at 8:15 began with singing and then Dr. Baker spoke about the changing worldview in America. I was surprised when he stated that he had actually heard someone describe Evangelical Christians as America’s Taliban. This is disheartening that one would see our actions and make this rash analogy. However, with everything there is some element of truth, so it was a big awakening about how we as Evangelical Christians should behave. The world view of America has gone through many reformations since the days of our founding fathers. Baker brought to our attention the court cases of Lawrence vs. Texas. In this case it was stated that no one can prohibit homosexuality, bestiality, polygamy or any other forms of sexual practice that culture finds immoral. Even fifty years ago this statement would have created an uproar; however, today it is accepted as good legislation by much of America. Baker also pointed out that our world has become religious and America is lagging behind many other countries. We were shown many different charts of America verses many other countries, including Africa, and America was behind in all of the charts. Finally Baker came to what we can do about it. We are to reorient our perspectives on the world and learn from others, change our outlook and get our students in contact with people from other cultures, and refocus our educational aims and practices by making our curriculum more international and cross-cultural. After this secession I walked around the exhibits and was surprised at the multitude of different Christian organizations that were represented. There was everything from Christian Camps to puppets that one could buy. Fund raising agencies were advertising their supplies and Christian Universities,

including Biola, were there to advertise their colleges. The second seminar that I attended was about classroom management. I actually didn’t find this conference to be very informative for me because most of the things that she addressed were things that I have been learning from my teaching classes at Biola or through my observations in my third grade class room. She went over the basic things that one needs to do to help classroom management such as manage the classroom to maximize student learning, always be aware what is going on with your students, including the personal, the teacher’s responsibility for making the material accessible for all students regardless of their level, and being aware of wasting time. Even though I wasn’t overloaded with new information, I did gather some helpful ideas. The conference was interesting and I enjoyed expanding my teaching knowledge by learning from other teachers. Overall I would say that this experience was a good one and beneficial to me in my preparation to become a teacher.