March 26, 2008 Mr.

Wayne Zyra Board of Trustees Monroe Community College 1000 East Henrietta Road Rochester, New York 14623 Dear Mr. Zyra: Due to personal obligations, I was unable to attend the last Board Meeting of the MCC College Trustees. At this time I want to express my extreme dissatisfaction with your adding and supporting the names of Dennis Kessler and William Smith to the list of Presidential Finalists at MCC. My reasons are as follows: 1. Kessler - while a successful businessman in the Rochester Area he has very limited experience in the field of higher education and all of it at local institutions. This experience is far too limited to lead an institution of higher education of such stature and size as Monroe Community College. He also has no administrative leadership experiences in higher education and no proven record of any academic accomplishments. 2. Smith - while a practicing attorney associated with several different law firms and a long standing career in public service as a County Legislature member, he has absolutely no actual experience in the field of higher education either as an administrator or as a teacher. These are vital attributes needed to be a successful leader of a nationally respected community college. As a member of the county legislature he has been an active participant in the ever diminishing financial support by the County to the College. His style of leadership is suspect be me, especially with his role in the County FAIR Plan. I am most concerned with his style of a lack of openness and unwillingness to publicly discuss the merits of the Fair Plan as it affects all the local school districts. County government has not been open to public discussion and when a taxpayer (me) tried to get information on the PLAN I was met with secrecy and refusal to listen to my concerns or answer any questions about the Plan. This was also the case when I tried to obtain information about the funding change by the County relative to MCC which happened at the Budget meeting with no public notice or discussion. Whether it be the majority of legislature members, the County Budget Office, The County Media Office, or the County Executive - each of them refused to discuss or let me even ask my concerns. They simply took haven in the FOIL Act. This is not open government. Smith was unavailable for discussion and never responded to phone messages until the third attempt. Is this a show of openness and leadership? I doubt it. What the College needs is a proven academic leader of known stature and a record of accomplishments in higher education and demonstrated ability to work with all

his constituents - the faculty, students, the public and of course with the local and state legislators in securing adequate funds to fully support the educational mission of an outstanding community college. I have a very long standing commitment to public education having served as a teacher at the secondary level and over 40 years experience as a faculty member and/or administrator at three public institutions - the largest in SUNY (SUNY at Buffalo) and the smallest in SUNY (SUNY Agricultural and Technical College at Canton) as well as , most recently, associated with MCC for 30 years as a faculty member, administrator and retired faculty member. In addition I was a school board member in East Rochester and the Monroe #1 BOCES for over 18 years. During that period, I had the opportunity to help select a school superintendent seven times. Probably one of the most important roles as a Board Member is to select a School Superintendent or a College President to lead the institution. One should employ the best person that is possible for this crucial role. I firmly believe that both Kessler and Smith do not possess all the skills necessary to successfully lead an institution with the quality and reputation that MCC possesses. The College deserves only the best! Sincerely, James C. Schwender