Vision Statement

Inspire people to overcome personal challenges and perceived limitations in order to lead
satisfying and productive lives.
Mission Statement
Motivation, one small step at a time through Disability Dream & Do (D3) events. By giving
differently abled people a chance to participate, D3 events inspire future achievement and
provide resources to enhance independence. It is an important part of our mission to
recognize people who have helped others achieve their dreams in in the face of exceptional
Disability Dream & Do Events
D3 has been honored as Minor League Baseball’s Promotion of the Year Runner Up (in
2012?). D3 events are hosted by professional and major college baseball and hockey
teams. Team members provide skills training to participants who are then invited to a game
where they are recognized and participate in (pre-game) activities. Dave Clark brings over
40 years of expertise at every level of baseball. Dave also played ice hockey goalie even
though he could not skate, and is a professional hockey announcer. His unique
athletic journey as a player, coach, manger, broadcaster, scout and owner
will provide a fun filled day of activity, learning and inspiration. Participants
are encouraged to work on their strengths, and focus on their abilities in
what they can accomplish. Dave Clark’s “Dream & Do” attitude is an
encouragement to all involved with D3.
Pulling Each Other Along Award
The presentation of the Dave Clark Pulling Each Other Along Award
honors the notable contributions of those who have helped others
achieve their dreams under exceptional circumstances. Winners are
honored on the field or ice during a host team’s game.
Dave Clark Foundation, Ltd (DCF)
The Dave Clark Foundation, Ltd is a non profit organization that
has applied to be a fully charitable 501c3 organization, and is
under the assumption the 501c3 will be completed within a year.
Currently the DCF is hosting Disability Dream & Do (D
) events
in Florida, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York and is pursuing
events around the country. The DCF has partnered with other
non profit organizations, individuals, local businesses, and
national corporations.
85 Denison Pkwy E - # 130 - Corning, NY 14830 - 607-329-0010, 877-230-4523 -

CHECK IN: 11:15am - 11:45am *All times are flexible*

Participants pick up T-shirts, hats, and tickets for game night


Meet & Greet Participants, Families, and Care Givers
o Introduction by Doug Cornfield
o Dave Clark brief encouragement
o Sponsor and Jackals recognition, statements etc...


LUNCH: 12:00pm - 1:00pm (12:15pm Players and Dave Clark join for lunch)

STATIONS: 1:00pm - 1:45pm

Stick handling, Two cones

Shooting on a pro player in goal

Passing & receiving, Three cones

Goalie Station, Stop a puck, need a goal stick

Photo Station, Picts with a pro


GROUP PICTURE: 2:15pm - 2:20pm



5:30pm - Doors open early to accommodate needs of campers & guests

Meet & Greet with Dave Clark to share his story

1 or 2 campers chosen for puck drop


Dave Clark Foundation
o Video Monitor of hockey
o Foundation Information
o Product sales
o Silent Auction

Sponsor table(s)
o Posters Recognition
o Brochure and information


Pulling Each Other Along Award(s)

Dave Clark Interview

Hockey Stick Pull Race

Sponsor Recognition

D3 Video on scoreboard
Disability Dream & Do (D3) - Partnership Levels
Hosted by Dave Clark, Professional Hockey

D3 Title Partner $10,000
• Title recognition as “Disability Dream & Do (D3) Presented by ‘Organization Name’.”
• All benefits of sponsors mentioned below.
• Home page website banner on Dave Clark Foundation & Dave Clark Baseball websites.
• Keynote presentation or book signing by Dave Clark at corporate event.
• First rights to 2015 event.

Pulling Each Other Along Partner $5,000
The level will be reserved for no more than 3 businesses or organizations.
• Main sponsor recognition on marketing materials and press announcements.
• Main sponsor recognition on print materials, including participant shirts and event signs.
• Individual Social Media with catered text link and logo.
• Website logo link with recognition for your support on the Dave Clark Foundation website.
• A wood-engraved logo on the “Dave Clark Pulling Each Other Along Award”.

Hat Trick Partner $1,000
• Logo recognition on all our print materials, including participant shirts and event signs.
• Social Media post with other ‘Home Run’ sponsors and text link.
• Website logo link with recognition for your support of Dave Clark Foundation.

Slap Shot Partner $500
• Logo recognition participant shirts and event signs.
• Website logo link with recognition for your support of Dave Clark Foundation.

Anonymous Donors
If you would like to make an anonymous contribution to Dave Clark Foundation, your funds will be used
for D3 events and “Pulling Each Other Along Award” presentations all across the country.

Your support of any amount will help generate awareness for over 50 million Americans living with
disabilities by highlighting their accomplishments and full potential while acknowledging the impact on
their lives by others - including family, friends, physicians, nurses, therapists, educators and varied
influential persons involved in their care and development.

Pulling Each Other Along Award
The presentation of the “Dave Clark, Pulling Each Other Along Award” honors the notable contributions
of those who have helped others achieve their dreams under exceptional circumstances.

D3 events are funded by partners and supporters of Dave Clark Foundation. The program
delivers a fun-filled event with rich marketing opportunities, outreach, inclusion, and awareness
of the can-do spirit evident throughout the disability community.
Dave Clark Foundation, Ltd. 85 Denison Pkwy E, #130, Corning NY 14830 877-230-4523 - 607-329-0010
Elmira Jackals Team Up with Dave Clark Foundation
To Host Inaugural D3 Hockey Camp
ELMIRA, N.Y. - January 3, 2013 - Today the Elmira Jackals, alongside the Dave Clark Foundation,
hosted the inaugural D3 Hockey Camp at First Arena. Twenty-seven participants came out for an exciting
day of learning hockey with the pros!

"Dave Clark is a truly inspiring athlete who overcame immense odds to achieve his dreams. Now he is
providing the same opportunities to similar children through his D3 Camps. All of that, along with the fact
that he is originally from Corning, made this day a perfect fit for us," said Jackals general manager Matt
Dave Clark is a Corning, New York native who contracted polio as an infant
but overcame the disease in 1952. While his battle left him without full use of
his legs, Clark went on to participate in Little League baseball playing pitcher
and first base. Over the years he became such an accomplished player that
he earned a professional contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates as a knuckleball
pitcher. While Clark never ascended to the major leagues as a player he did
play professionally in the minor leagues in the United States and in Sweden.

After his playing career ended, Clark worked as an instructor with the United
States Olympic Baseball Team at the Summer Games in Atlanta in 1996 and
eventually made it to the Major Leagues as a pitching instructor with the
Atlanta Braves in 1999. But now his full focus is on running the Dave Clark
Foundation which brings programs like the D3 Hockey Camp to children. D3
got its start as a baseball camp and was runner up in 2012 for the Minor
League Baseball Promotion of the Year Award.

The Jackals had the honor of hosting the inaugural D3 Hockey Camp where
the participants from around the Southern Tier spent the afternoon with the
Jackals. After opening remarks from Dave Clark, the Jackals players and
campers enjoyed lunch at the First Arena restaurant so that they could build
their energy for a busy rest of the afternoon.

After lunch ended the campers and players went down to the arena
concourse for crash course in hockey at four different stations. They learned
all about stick handling, passing, shooting, and goaltending. After the
stations were finished, each camper attempted a shootout-style breakaway
with Artem Demkov defending the goal. Demkov won't be changing his
position to goalie anytime soon because every camper scored and got to
celebrate with the entire team! The day ended with a group photograph and
the campers being presented with their certificates of achievement.

Click here for highlights from the afternoon

On Friday, January 4 the D3 campers will cheer the Jackals on when they face off against the rival
Reading Royals. Prior to the game the Jackals will honor Dave Clark and his accomplishments by having
him drop the ceremonial first puck.

Good seats are still available for the game so we hope that you will come out and help us celebrate an
inspiring athlete and hometown hero, as well as all of the D3 campers who made today such a rousing

We can't wait for the next D3 Hockey Camp with the Dave Clark Foundation!

Dave Clark addresses the
campers before lunch.

Captain Jean Bourbeau instructs
a camper.

! Only professional baseball player to pitch from crutches
! Coach for MLB International & USA Olympic Team - 1996
! Owner, Manager, Coach, Scout, & Broadcaster
! Polio & Post Polio survivor
! Host of Disability Dream & Do events
Dave Clark is a man of extraordinary will and perseverance. Stricken with polio at a
young age, he has grown to accomplish many things in his lifetime -- from being top
relief pitcher of the year, to Envoy Coach for Major League Baseball International. Dave
is a compelling speaker with a motivating story.
As an infant, Dave contracted polio. It stunted his growth, and left him without the full
use of his legs. But despite that, and perhaps because of it, he was driven to  
excel in physical competition against so-called able-bodied people.
“I would highly recommend having Mr. Clark speak as part of a special program
at your organization. His intelligence, clarity, and positive message would make
for an excellent addition to any organization’s list of guest speakers.”
Past Speaking Engagement Summary:
National Baseball Hall of Fame
U.S. Sports Congress
Corning, Incorporated
Hood College
Post Polio National Convention
World Congress on Disabilities
Corning Museum of Glass TEDx
Fox Cities Triathlon Club
Dream and Do!
The mind is your most important muscle
and at ten months old, Dave Clark’s
parents were told that their polio stricken
son would do well if he could only use
his mind. How right that doctor was!
Dave accomplished more than anyone
could have imagined through his will and
mental approach to life’s challenges.
National Consortium for Academics & Sports
Pitch & Hit Club of Chicago
Siemens Energy, Incorporated
Annual FMA Conference
Pulling Each Other Along
Inspiring and encouraging others is
essential to a life well-lived. Dave Clark
shares how a simple act of kindness
from a first grade classmate changed
the course of his entire life. He shares
how Inspiring and encouraging others is
essential to a life well-lived.
A.W.A. = Real Success
Attitude, Work Ethic and Ability. With
two of these, you can have success,
but with all three you can be a
superstar! Dave discusses each of
these key elements to his formula for
real success and i nspi res your
audience to apply it to their own lives.
Fees & Travel:
• Non-Profit $ 7,500+
• Corporate $ 10,000+
• International $ 30,000+
• Travel for two is required.
• Hotel & meal expenses for two.
• Generally a handicap room is not required.
Contact Information:
Dave Clark Foundation, Ltd.
607-329-0010, 877-230-4523
Bruce Markusen, Manager of Programs, Hall of Fame
Dave Clark