Ownage Supergroup


June 2007

Dear Ownage Members:

In Ownage, we are committed to promoting, through our Members, the highest level of gameplay and standards. Remember, Ownage always comes first.

We have established the Code of Ethics to inform Ownage Members of their moral, ethical, and legal obligations.

This Code of Ethics brings together guidance on many of the ethical issues that members may face on a day-to-day basis. We hope that is serves as a helpful reference, but it is important to remember that by its nature, the Code of Ethics offers summary information on many of the topics it covers. As such, members should always refer to the Senate if they need more detailed information.

It is critical that all members understand and comply with this Code of Ethics. Compliance is a condition of membership for all levels and Ownage is dedicated to its strict enforcement. If questions or concerns relating to the Code of Ethics arise, members are encouraged and empowered to resolve those issue through their normal Chain Of Command.

Ownage’s reputation as leader and our passion for making our Vision and Mission a reality can only be achieved through the honest and ethical efforts of our members. Remember that your everyday decisions make all the difference in maintaining Ownage’s high ethical standards.

In Ownage, we are confident that with your dedicated commitment to compliant behavior, we will all do the right thing for Ownage and the many ideals we serve.

Crimson Loner, Founder

Table of Contents


Ownage Supergroup’s Vision, Strategy, and Value Proposition

Ownage Always Comes First, Our Members Make It Happen

Dealing With Members and Non Members Ownage and Ownage Member Privacy Advertising Practices

Conduct During Play Time Harassment Policy Asset Protection

Conflicts of Interest Acceptance of Gifts or Gratuities Non-Disparagement of Ownage Post Separation Responsibility

Ownage Property and Information Information Security Use of Ownage Property


It is the policy of Ownage to conduct Game Play in accordance with a strict and specific Code of Ethics. The Leader as well as all of the Senate and Ownage Members are expected to conduct Game Play while adhering to high moral and ethical standards, and to avoid any actual impropriety, or appearance of impropriety. To this end, all of Ownage is expected to conduct Game Play in full compliance with all applicable rules and regulations and with Ownage’s Policies and Procedures including, but not limited to, those discussed in this Code of Ethics. Ownage does not tolerate retaliation against any other Member who raises concerns or questions regarding a potential violation of Ownage’s Code of Ethics that the Member believes to have occurred.

Ownage’s Vision, Strategy, and Value Proposition

Ownage’s vision is to best promote, through our Members, the highest level of enjoyable Game Play for everyone inside of Ownage as well as out.

Ownage’s strategy is to provide assistance, items, and influence whenever requested so a high level of satisfaction is kept at all times.

Ownage’s Value Proposition to the non-members is to provide a fun teaming experience while offering friendly advice and assistance whenever the need arises.

Ownage Always Comes First

In Ownage, we believe it is better to recruit Heroes that really enjoy the game and that are willing to learn, than to recruit Heroes with a closed, unwilling mind. This belief stems from Ownage’s commitment to making sure that all Members are always comfortable and content no matter what the situation. Your everyday decisions make all the difference in achieving Ownage’s high ethical standards regarding Game Play.

Dealing With Members and Non Members

Ownage creates a fun and exciting Gaming experience for all Members and Non Members. Several different styles of teams are created constantly to keep the level and quality of Game Play high at all times. We strive to be the best no matter what the situation, while still maintaining an enjoyable, comfortable environment.

Ownage and Ownage Member Privacy If any information from Ownage is disclosed to you, you have the responsibility to respect that information and its confidentiality to the highest degree. This is to protect it from misuse or unauthorized disclosure. In Ownage we take this responsibility seriously and expect all Members to do the same. Disclosing any confidential information to Non Members is strictly prohibited. Members are required to immediately report any suspected or actual failure to protect Ownage information to a Senate Member or to the Lead.

Advertising Practices Ownage’s advertising practices show our extreme close-knit bonds within one and other, as well as our endless willingness to assist others, Members and Non Members alike. If a Member of Ownage would like to advertise, make sure to tell the facts-do not over exaggerate or boast in any form. We are here to be a down to earth, yet extremely organized, tactical Supergroup.

Conduct During Play Time

Harassment Ownage will not tolerate harassment of any level. Here is a list of several reasons for harassment: Power Leveling/Farming (the act being requested of the farmer in most cases)

“Inferior” Builds New Player Conflict of IRL (In Real Life) Interests Etc…

Please keep in mind that although Ownage does have Rules and Regulations, we do not condone, by any means, the belittlement of a fellow Ownage Member.

Asset Protection Protecting Ownage’s assets is every Member’s responsibility. Each Member is 100% entitled to the items that are located in the base storage unless otherwise specified. If you become aware of any large potential losses to Ownage, you have an obligation to report it.

Conflict of Interest

The term “Conflict of Interest” refers to incidents that may occur during time of Game Play. There are instances where you as a Member of Ownage may not agree with any one person of the SG (Supergroup). This Conflict of Interest should be dealt with amongst the involved parties only. If there are extenuating circumstances where either Member has broken an Ethical or Moral Obligation, then this should be directed to your Chain of Command immediately. We, as Ownage, strive to keep our environment as comfortable as possible, and to do this, we need to keep communication at all times.

Acceptance of Gifts or Gratuities Ownage always wishes to stay fair with its dispersion of certain gifts or privileges offered. No one should ever favor one Ownage Member over another, we are all equal, and at that, should all receive equal attention. Whether you are offered a gift, or even given a certain privilege, each of these are just that, and should not be automatically expected to happen in the future.

Non-Disparagement of Ownage

It is inappropriate for Members to publicly make negative remarks about Ownage. Members are therefore expected to refrain from making any negative comments about Ownage to any Non Members and must not otherwise disparage either Ownage’s reputation as a Supergroup or the reputations of the Lead, Senate, or Ownage Members. If you have a grievance or concern, you should work within the SG to obtain a resolution.

Post Separation Responsibility In consideration of being a Member or having been a Member of Ownage, you agree to adhere to certain responsibilities. If you are removed from Ownage, you agree to not interfere with Ownage’s Game Play by directly or indirectly, on behalf of yourself or any other Hero, attempt to sabotage any form of Game Play by Ownage. Your obligation to keep the secrets of Ownage in strict confidence continues both during your time as a Member and forever following your separation from being a Member. Once released, you are allowed to join another Supergroup and compete with Ownage. However, you may not use any of Ownage’s confidential information to compete with Ownage or to engage in acts that would constitute unfair competition.

For All of Ownage…

Thank you for being a Member! We sure hope to see you with us for infinite gaming hours to come. Now, let’s get out there and make Ownage the #1 that we know it can be! See you in game everyone!