TE~/LE .•.

fIT IlnSTh~ P~ts ~Y.f E. r

Spiritual, Ceiejlia/, and ElefJlental: : J~

Containing the Occult Powers ?ftht: Angels I ,."

of Aflromancy In the Tele. frna.tlcal Scul· I I

p~re of the Pe'l'jims and U£gyptians. _ , .

The Myfienoqs Vett..u.~of til, ~har~[ters. 01, I I

the Stars with the Genii, Idea'sirid Filiun> 0 t !

Geomancy,upon theG,zmahes,&c. To which j~ added the Refolution of all manner of QUe '" ftions, l>aft~, ~~~t and to Corne.

The Knowledge of the ']io!ie Crucitzn Ph / (: - ~;:,; i

and the miraculous fecretsin Nature, w: j.:I-. I (

havepc,formed'incrediblc, extraordinary thjng~ -, ,':i '

verified by a practical Examination of Principl , ,

in the great World,. and fitted to I

mean c:1.pacltIes. •

By Jl}hn ijeJdon Gent. ~IAoJ10P.a~, A Ser'~ll~-:->; II

God and Secretary of Nature. I

Al. Ar. 'ttoo,~ ~'N nco' ~ ~l"----- 1 I

i.e, Let no mal/. toucll 111is Boot, bilt I}c tlJ.1t is Holy. !

Audi Ignis vocem, ZI). Ot.le. ! i

____ un.derjland. tbis a'l4 be lJapfry. __.... .. { I

London, Printed by T. M. for Henry Brome at the Glm in 1. n- !,~: J I

and for Tho. Koo,ts at the Lambe at rhe Baft end 0 t I

St. PIlJ~ls Church, I 6 6 ". ,





, .

; 'i


T~e Highborn Prince,



Hono u rable, m911 Noble and Valiant,

GE~R.GE rILL lEKS, Duke.Marqueffe and Earle of Buc~lIg. ham,Earle of ~1J'lIentry, Barron Whaddo1l of Whacldo.,and Lord 80ft ofHelllla4_esKnight of the molt Dobie Order of the Garter.one 9fHis Majefiies mofl honorable Privy Coon.

fel, and Lord Leivtenant of the Wcft.Ri. ding of the County ofror~,and of the City and. COUJ!ty of the City and

..fJnfiJ of l' a R 1\.£.


f ..

" .

14fJ it prelife ,eur Grllc,.

~~~HE Wifdome and Learning of the R.ojie Crncians hath been much recommended unto us by Ancient W risers, and npt without good caufe; confider. ing that they have delivered Arts, and Liberal Sciences to the W orld as a

. A ~ man

J" Ulan may gather by the tefiimony of· ,'1b~ Wi/emen of the Eaft, and alI the r'Pbiltljophers that ever were ,: But time ",which confumeth all things, hath be-

J reft UI of the Kno~edge of fuch wiC .. ~dome ; and there is but the fragments

j and fcattered peices of there Arts'

: which the ,unde~wits ,of Aftrologi .. 'cal, .Ta y lers finding" pretend to,; ,gueff'm~ ~y them '. Iomeehing to come. Now the KoJie Crucia1ts men

. carefull . to .preferve all goodl y and " g~eat things, have by the means of this ,. d!fcou~fe touching Beata r ulchr4, and '), ~u~ent~ TheDdidaS1fJJ:J repaired ~ ~matntamed and kept: entire the fira: ,JParc of Tbe Temple. ofWif dome, which

they are not Content to fet down li .. !erally.> and there end ;- but have ad-. J~Y'ncd t~~re~o two Parts more, beautl~ed' wltoh i ~raaical" 'Interpretations ,,00. rare. E}tpenmel1ts;Oncwhereof WIH IlJe"ijied tit y~ur felf? which JiJiIJa'lIe callfe to Kmtelllber; for It prtfe1"Ucd YOHr Life, u:h,,, Abr. Goodman endea'lloHred )OHr


1he Epiftle DedicatoTY ..

tJedtb.And tome fince to yourknowln]g and the bonourof Art you have found true, The Preface may feem fabulou. to common Readers) but there the KoJie Crucillns have difcovered an infinite number of Secrets Spirit ual, 'lEleftial and Elrmental.. In the firH: they have fhewed the Reafon why they have thus darkly covered the Temple, and enfolded their Divinity .. which done, they teach the knowledge of God and his Angels, with the vanity of D£. -IIIonogr4pber/. And then in the Iecond they decypher the ,particulars, relating' it according to the bare letter, which is in the Iecond part of this Temple. In ,the third is made plain, the KcJi~ Crn-

ciaIJ myfl:cries to p~aaife by a klrt of T,/e!III"tical Figures, 'Idea's, Genii an.I the KHies of the World, of their Tern-

. ples, Scpulcher£ and Sacrifices; after,- wards they fpeakof Angel~) Beata ful~brll, EugtniM Th~didaCl1H and HJle In the number of them; AftO' this

A 1- 11)"0-


J be Epifile Dedictttory.

The Eplftt~ DedIcatory.

TbcoIJ/agtca[ expofition; by Eugenius 'rheotlida&llls rhey mean all the power of moiflure whatloever ; by By le, the Spirit of the cold and dry Earth; and by Beata flt!clJra that Nature which prcferverh and governeth the world; then they fit the Soul of the world to the Courfe of the Moon, as Ihe

gro\veth, and decreaferh, to the eb ~ lng and flowing of the Sea, make ... ing a Mixture and Harmony of aU things, and firfi: they difpute as rouch-,

r . ing t.he Principles and beginnings ~f ~ :a~l thu:gs ; and. alledge. ~he author~.,. .' .~., ties oi (he Ancient MagltlanJ' and Fht ..

~.. lofophers:> which done) they enter

, jnto the paths of l:!.ugenius, Beata, and

Byle, referring and reducing all into the knowledge of the Occult ver~ucs of the Angels of Aflromancy upon the Telefrnatical Sculpture of the i'erfian,f and Egyptians; the Iecres power of Ceomancy with the Characters of the Stars upon Gamahe's with . ": the.

the knowledge or Ph), [ick , t, e.lllatter:>

\ forme, the Idea of Generation and Cor .. ruption. And now lafily they. have oifcovered their Wifdome and htdden My fieries, with the confideration of Filius Solis e- Filia Lun,e C; .. '€leftis, They condemn Arheilme an~ vain~ Religions, and follow the bnghtneis and Light of Gods words, in the real Primitive truth thereof; and to conelude, for your fake this Book \:as publifhed , and wee cfieC1U our (elf doubly happy , having been already lo'ng Iince fo, in being called

Apt'il :-4tl1. ~ gil A. AI.

'rom' 1J1oji Humble, and o bedicllt S7fvant,

J 0 H N I-I E Y D 0 N~



I' -




G' 0 D Go'f1erHiHg 1l11lfhove and below; It CllfM~ to l'aJJe his pown- '/PitS refilted, and Ophioneus with his party, gathered the*fe/vel together t9 ma~ Warr againll the Immaterial Being; But tbe pi"t was foDI! djJcoveretl~ nd thry 'fPere caft dew" from light into tbe fri[,m 'f aarl;,,nep, liS you may rtlla in The Idea ofthe Law, lind the,r bollies became a Chaos, neither fruitful! nor profitable J Now God being fJftrcifull, bebeld this rude darltHefl, anl their light di[cQvered rt fo~f upon the ,.,oijt'"t atilt gafJI genital Salt to the Btt1(4miclt parr of thefr AJlgeis .him JPas by difJilltCounfell mlltlt and cded Man, into "hop bodies the fpirits of theft Alfgels (which Wit! tbl' breatltb of life) lire to iNcorporate or inhabit during the time 4- pointed bJ Got#, which is JimiN they all have pa§etl tbe ajJ1iliiDHS of humane N4ture, and rhtn we may aU expdt to injoy God in /'u Bliffe; Of thefe things we have difcourfod lar"ely in our firJt aPld (econd BOQ~ of The Harmony of [he World, lind therefor, we_(ha.Ufay tJt) mort in this plac(Qf thefe matf(rs, becau[t nun tbat I1fe ,.,;fo, or have an.'1 wit ill them, ought by pra}tr to crave ~ 'QlJd things Id ,1:~ hand of God; bUJ thllt "hie" 'lit

- - ~ojl,

The Preface.

! l,

m~lt wi_lh for, and defiye to obtllin by this means, is the very "-now/edg of things, fa [atr forth, as it is l,lwful! for men to have: for tbet there is no gift either greater for men to receive, or 11IQre mag;tifical and be[eemhtg God to give, tlJill! the kilOJ_9ledg of the truth: For God beJioweth UP01t 111m all tbl11,!!,s elfe whereof they /land h]' need but this J~e rfJi:rv,eth to lJimfe,lf? and ~'epet;J for bu OW1t u[:' Neithltr 1S tbe p~odh<'lld {(rtd dlvll~e power in this regard clltmted hap. py ~J:d b!e_[ftd, l~ecl{/(fe. It poJJe§eth a .r,reat qf(anti~y of Gold criu vcr, nor p/IIff.lJIt 2ft rerrell of thunder and lilTht1fiitrr bll~ for pr.tlf/f1!Ce a~l~ wi[dome .. And verily o/'>aU tb;fe thmgs wbich Eugeuius Theodidactus hath well deliverc.l ; t':is I:;i~!~lyis the b{'/t awl mOJt e[{'gam [pcecb, when as tOl/chm;T, Hit mad and N eptune, he faith tbt« :

The [elf Came pa rents they both had

one nn ive Ioile them bred )

Bu~ Jl!f'itcr the elder was, '

and hath the wifer head.

wl),'rc~y h,' affin11etb, that the prehmzinence and rule of f1ifma,l, bcin'!, tlr eldcr ; was more venerable {acrt>(j, awl f/iller. or M,1je/IJ', for his /{ftowled!!, and ~i[do",e. Awl I){ ibis Opllt/Ol! nJJure J'O/l am I that the beatitude awl fe!l(i~:' or etml~l _life, which !lIpiter enjoyeth,confillet') lurcin ; th«: be IS 19itOra;zt of ftothin.rr, that is done: as

al(0, .Ib:lt imm~rta!i~v if i~ be de{poiltd of the ""nowled£!. II n-l .1ilt.f!!I'!,mCe of all t~lItgs that be, and are done, is lIot!de lwic't'ri, [Jilt bare time And therefore we mNy 'Very =" (IV, tb«: the dcfire (if Drity fwd Divinity is alJ one )l'It" tb~' /0111' of trutb, an.l ,.{pcciallv of thrrt trtltb )'''Phich t;:;/cn-mtb .!b:> "l'?". or tl;" f',ads; ibe lif(dJ' rrhcrevf, and. f'.'!' (c·.rrcf.,JiI:; I.tct'r fi,c~1J [cit'ltce, li ,IS it were a pro{fJJitm =: mtr.1i1cc ':I,tO rC~I(!.'O}f, jetT, «nd a wor"'- more holy tban. If We ~'OW or OUUZfltIO-": of flU tbc chalt;ty and purit) i;1 the: ~'cr[ d; or tlian tlie Cloy/fer or [.ml1l11tY1J of an'] Tem'de

i.:«: ., bl J i

Wj);ttJ~cm'; Ylf,')t aCCeJt.1 ~ a/fo is tbls goddeJfr WhWl


.The Preface.

you ferve, confidering that pJe is lIt~lt wire and fuU o(know-

Inlg, according IlS the ver)' deriumu»: of ber I1l1m(' dotb im-

ply, that 51<!U and cunning apPfrtainerb unto hey more

th6n to any ctb~r: For Beata if my M~/iris; read The Harmony of the \VO; Id; liks'15 Typhon 111{a the VClJ' ad~'errllry and effllmJ oppojite 1111to fhi! gor1dt'(!, .15 DIU

pUffed. up and [woUe1! by 'Ji1 igiformtCe Imd error ,d; J!1Pfltil1~, de{ac1J1l!" and blottmg out tl'e facred wonl and DaCirine,

'Whi~h tbis goddt'fl col/drrrh, compofotb, awl d,.Ji'l.'erctb un-

to thofe wbo are initiated nnd profefJed in tbis divine reli~ 1!,io)z,by Il continual precife olIo-vance (;f a Jcbcr and bol»

life, in a~!fai1ling from 1/11l1~y meats, lit dcpri'vin_r!, tbn»:

{elves ef all fiefUy plea[lIrN, for to reprrJP luJt and iJrtempel"ltnce; and in being acquainted long beicrc to (lbide\ Ii. and endure withi1t Temples and ChurcJm bllyd and painful! fer-vices performed unto God: of flu' which abtti- I mnces,paines,and [uff(ranc~s,the end is the h"l1uwlengofthl1t (' ' !irll prmce and lord, l.1 bo #f apprchnded ont'l) ~y intc1H- . .

genre al1dunderffal1dmg, wb(;111 tbe f',oddrJJe (xhortel1Jto "'.

[card) and [u~ aft(r, as cOIl"l't"r_(:nf!_ (lnd cumpaflyil!g, 1)eY.

.A~d vey~ly, ~he name of ber Temple, deth manif~lif)' pro-

nllFe an intelligence or /:Jrowledg of that wbicb is; for 11 [pir (rchard it is called, which is as mud! as to ray, Importin~

tbe k._nuwhdg, of that which is in The: Temple ofWifdome, _~f'jl~l'-~vOV 7~ av, fir that, if we enter into the {tlcred place mzd boly religion of tEi! g,oddtJs, with n'a[(.I1 and devotion, as we I)ugbt '0 doe, we (l.,all att aine to tlJt' und.rfraudi"!!; of aU thi1-tg,s wbat[oever: MCYc'(,vcr, many bm» writtm, that (he i5lbe Trauobter ofAlercurv fth(ys (;f

, ~ J I ,

PrC?methe.lIs" but Mr. ~l arie Jrfl.S her natural F atber of which one H reputed tbe Author uf Jfli_rdGme al7dPYi7.1idmci'; tlHorh(r, l1am.ly .Merell ry, the inventor of Grammar PHd Z:lufd\ 'Ibe third a Secretary c,f Nature; and. hereuion it 15, flJat iii theC.ity of~idrntnllh, tbry call tbe f(nJ"t'Yof rbeMu[es,]ujtic(', as being wifdome bcr felf, (acc'-rdJ/l;!.


• •

The Pretace,

'" b"rb tlfwber.e b,." (aid) .net }hrwing divine things t, fbnM "b, arl jujUy furntt""d Hierophori,and Hierofloli,' 'IYr ;s tD (IIJ, rtligious, ItItJ '/H.ring tIN b"bifS of holilleJft .nJ religion. .IIltd there btl the Rofie Crucians thAt C4TF] in the;r min~ lind ktep~~nclof'J, ItS within II. box or cas. ist, t~~ holy! }tiT;ne of Go~, pure ana cleanfod from. 1111 fuler~t",~n and Affil1ed curlofit): who IIl~ of tba.r opiMio1t "hleh u beld of rb~ gods, decler« rome thmgs whicb lire Db. f~ure a.nd dar:"'-, aber« lllfo ."hich be cleer« and light {om' i /,I<! 11.1 be thoft, which /WI reported al touchiBg their 130(1 t",J "li,.ious hahit. .Aod therefore .herea$ th.e rtligious Prit(ls of the Rofie CroCi, after tbey be dead, lire tblll cl~d with rINfo holy I"zbilimnlts; it is II mark.,e 'ma- Jign WltHeJJing umo us, thltt this (acrid do{irine is with them, _ thllt the) be ,upllrted out of this .,flOrld into IInotber, aHd carry norhing with ~he", but it: (or neither to wear a Ion" heard,nor to put OJt II frizt rug~ aMa courfo ,abardin, ntaJJ;

• Philo{o,her; no mort doth t"~ Surplice and linnm 'tll·ffmt", or jhaviltg, It Bofie Crucian Prie{1. Bur he indtfd " ~riell ofRofi~ C rolfe, who ,,(try _ he hat" pm (Iud f'/wv,a ~y law ana eltjtvJnf, th~fe things which art jheWld "nd I'r,Ui(fd in th~ rrligiotls ceremonies about tbe Rofie Crofl!, Ga~ ji'lrchfth."lId diligmt/.J mquirnb, I) fhe

,,,tnnlilf tbis hoI, tlo(]rzHe, IIJtd di{t:01Jr{e.f 'la[oll, ;"to tbe truth of the p,id (ltwnollifl. For ver)' few tbere be. "Who n~ ."g tbenz, u;Ider(l,;,,4 ttHa i{110"(P the cllu(r of this Cl'., rtlll8"J,wbi,h is of A!! (;tber ,"e fltll1/1t/r, altd .,ft mOJf commOil" ubforved; "·IlH(dy, wby the Rofir: C rucian Prit{l. fha'lll their helfds) If'td WI,tr no hair upo'_ rima; a, IIlf~ wherefore rhe} go ill t'l/lments of Linen, Il,ul rome (if rb,. fhert be , who CA" "of at all for ~11J Itw/wledg of fuch WAr . ters : ,~t olhers fay, tbey. fo rbf4r to put 011 lin) garmellls of 1I#col, .Iiks aschey do f4 ear the flt.fh efthofi (beep wbich CIIrr)

,'htrlll~ "~of,upo"a reJlerrnCt tllo bttlt Imt, tbem: {(III/'I~ . _. tlJ j '''lff thl](:#JII{t tlleir hflltiJ to he Jhllvm iff tQ1cs" pf do/~


The Preface.

_forrow; lik.,e'JIife that they "ellr Surplices a"d'lleft".",rs ef lilmm, in Fegard of the CoiOUT dlilt the flower 'f lmt ~r JWc be.rtth, "hieh re{emblnh proptrlJ that celeftilZl Il1!.UT6 situ t~lIf errriro'"th J~e whole .orI4. But to {aJ II trw,h, th""S but one caufr ,1IIked of ilil : for fa ' ·'1 it is Hot flf' If. ,!,1lII who.;s P!"~ Illtd ,leaH, fo touch any ~.". l.. (liS Plato (41th) "huh II ''''PUTt aJIltl unclean. No" it is "tIl Itno •• ,. that all the fuperfluitit's Itnd exc"ntm,s.f our foDtJ .nd nQlITijh.enf, he foulmd ~mpurt, ttHtl Df fi"l1 be tJtgmJretlllnd gro .. , fIIo,ll, hillY, jhllggl! lind "ailes: a1m fhe~efore_a ",err ritJiculolls mock._lJ) it were, if whell in tlmr expzllt,ory r~"l1ificII';(}llS lind Jivint fiY'lJices, tht] CAft ~ff'belT hlll.r, bemg fh"fltn ami rllllde fmooth 11/1 their boJirl flJtr, Ihe) }houla then be clad and a,rllled ",ith fhl {lfplrjlu()tlS txcrmltnts of beafis: /orJPe muft think,. tk"t Hefiodus the Poet ."belt h'JPriteth rhJls~

At fea~ofgods and facred merriment,

Toe heed with kn'fe thy nails ehou donorpain To cutl fay, that dry dead excrement,

From lIvely flclh offingers five, beware:

tcach,th U!, that Wf oug~lf prj to he c/umfetlAnJ puripe3, t~e" to folemll~r, FefiivlII '-I~litJaYts, and Hot at .be wry fHlU_ of celehratuPl .~d perlu'",ing If holy ritts IZntl tl;'IIj~ ferVlce, tQ uft {ltr:b clmji~g IlIt~ ridding IUI'II_y of fUp"jlllOUS tXC:f.,.~.tS. ~()." '':t herb Lane growetb 011' of tb« ~4rtb .",h,cb II u"mortlll,bnnglfh forth Il fruit go~d fo be e~'t'" £be furnij1Jtrh us "Wherewith rOnlak.! "limp1£', plain, lind JIm. ~ ~eJiment, "hich fittetb light upon his h"~""thllr "lItrelh ") H meat for Allfrl3f:ms ofrbeytllr; IIndof.llothers, (M. ",en f~») Ifaft breet1.ttb lice or 'Vermine; No"" theft Ro6e Crucian l'TltfiS fa much td/.JQr the n4ture And generlZfion 9f all fU!tTjlu;tits lind exCTemmt}, that sbe} "ot ani) refufeJH~t~jll."'fpJllrt, .~" of ftepJ.nultS) Munl)n awl


fork!~ for that fhecp Imd [wine bre~r.l much excre1ltt7ft., blltlt~(o UpoH the~r dates of rant1iji~tttio1f and Cl/cpiatotlc [olemnitits, the} ,pill not allo'PJ 41f1 Stll~ to be tatm ""itb ~I;ri" 'Viands; dt~tQng many othetrtitfon., becaufe it whetttth the appdite, and rr,il1ctb an edge to ~urft01!'ttCk..; Jm!z'o~1tg us to cate and drin~ mere liberally: fot t~ raj df '1\rifiagora!l did; that Salt was bJ them reputetl fmclean, becau[e it is congealed and grown bard, mlt;,y little animal. or liuing, creatures, which were caught within it, die 'Withal!, iI l1.'Ver} foolerie. Furthermore, it;$ raid~ .lE~yptianprief1s have It certain pit otwell arart, out of which tbey water their Bull Of' BeefApis; Rna be 'Very precifo in an] wife', not to let bim al'in~ of Nih,s, Hot for that the,V thin'<. the 'water of that river uncleane; in regard of the crocodiles whIch are ;1:. it, at lome be of opinion ( for contrar.iwifr, there is nothing 1" much howred a»wtg the .lEzyptians as the riuer N ilus ) but it feeimtb that the water 6f Nilus doth fatten r,xceediltf!, much.and. breeds flerh overfall J and they would nor in an_y cafe tbat their Apis /hould be fat, or themFIve'S Qroff~ a;zd (.plIlent : but thilt their' fouls might be clothed wit" /i,Jt, nimble; an,d delicate bodies ;[0 as tbe di vine pnrt in tfJem fhould Hot be oppreJfed IIr weighed tkwltby h· force mId Pilliderofitie of that wiicb is msrt al]; IiI Gofhen, 1:ho_(e wbo {"rve and minijler aut» tfJ,';r God, nruer bring wine Into the Temple as tbinkjng it not conucnien: iii tfJe day tim: to drin'<.e in the fight of th -ir 'L,l'd .1iZJ Kill!, : otherwi(c.' the prie{t~ drin'<f thereof , bur filllrifZ;!Jy: and. beJide s milJly pnrf,atiolls and expiatioll; tlJey !Jrtve~ wbereift they abJlaine wholly' from wine; anrl. rlur;;:/!. rho{,:daies, they (!,ive themfelves wholly fl) their {1:lltlief and medit aions ; learning arzd teachi n; IJ6~\, tbi~s : evmt1Jeir very KiiZ.!} are not allowed t driJ1~ win» their fill, but are Jlintedto the gage of j certaine m:'Il[ure, accvrtlin/~ as it is prefcrlbed in tbei

. ". '. 110'


, ~----------~--------~------------~

) "'W} "",iti"gs, ;Iznl ;i~Dre,:lGngs ,41{0fgere. Pritjis, as He":'

, catZ\lS 'JJ'ritttb. ".·.Antl.,tbcy, began to drrnk,.e It ~fter th~ tltlies.of King Pfammetichus ; fQr, bef~re btl time they

tlrank.r it nor,at~tdl,':lItitbtr: ."ade,Jhey libl1ments thereof ItHto their'g'~s ,"~ {uppofing it· not .'acceptllbl~unto th(,?,; for ~:tODJ(it to' betb(f1nie hlood or thofe. , Gta~ts, whIch iH tf,;,e ... paft ~'R1arrttlllglliHjt: tbe gods ,< of wh~~, after rbtj ""ere " jlpin,' when tblir .• blood, was mlx,d -srttb.,the. t'!ft.h,<~h''IJ~netTet [prang :,- ~nd tbis;s the. caul!', {Ill

fhey,''JJ'ltJ.tbo[e,wbo.be. drtP"~" lofe"the !I{d o,f..jbm"w~t. _.; rt;'Jon, ,as.being, f~llof; tbe- blood of the~r prugml-, tourG. Now that the R.Qfie ,Crucian priefls both hold and, IlfJimle thus mucb. Arot h"i,/i/r:livered in the, flco.nd boo~ Df hi1 Geographie. As concerning fiJhtS of fbe fea, the} doe net everyone of the", 4bflaitie from all indijftrently; but {(MIe forbtlZY one kintl,IInd foHle another ; ~s, lor tximple, the Oxyrynchires will ede of non« that rs tak_en

with aHhOf~; for 4dorin~ as they doe~ a fi}h ""mel Oxyrynchos , tht] .re in iloubt IIn~ feart It{ft~e hoo~ , jhoul" be ,uncietmt, if hap~v the fatdfifh [wa,Lowrd, It Jowne with tht baite. Tbe Sienites will not touch the fiJI) l'hagrus, for it Jho1iltl (eem t"at it iI fountl" w_ba.t time a.s Nilos b,lTinnes to jlol1; awl thae(ore the raul /ilhby ,bu .ppearing. Jignifieth the 'ri jing anti inundatio 'of. N i' U~, ."beteof tbe, beexcteding jO~OllS, holding:. him for a cer-

" and. jure ",,:!pH!!.er. jut the priefls abJi ain fmn a{l _.oIi(1"liI(iHgmeral; and wbereas lipon the ninth day of the mondh, oJlotber inlMbit411!tS of tbt' Holy l,(?and or

7"."' .. ",. ~ MOJl~aine, : fettle upon a certai1! broifed or before' their J.res; the prieas in 110 WiFe rll~~ ; .m.tTy :t~, burne fij1J!s before tbeg.aw of thdr ,am! t1Po'.rell{onJ tbe] bave: ~the om holy, jim: wbiqh:l will ,delwer hfre4t(r : 11.1 t~at. ~1J1(;bt,,~e~lrl.tt'tl1if1·; I'd :,IlEreeltb, ':Ier) 'Jgell to the racred di[cQur-, t;ul~el1tl\\s.mtdi Hyk, f1}~ otbi'r l:ld~lt)'VlI/g'l'i

" anfA, ,

The preface.

(lnd commo1t, repre[ented bJ tbe fifh, 19hieh h none of the viands that be neceJJary, yare and exquifire, according as Homer buretb 19ifne[s: ~ when he brings not in the Phrecians, delicate men and loving to feed daintily, nor the lthacelians Ilanders, to eat fifo 1ft their feajis; no nor the mares Iwd fellow travellers with Uly{fes, during the time of their long navigation and voiage bJ [ea, before they were brouf!,ht to extreame neceJJity. To he briefe, the 'Ve~y rea it (elf they thinlz to be prodl/etd a part by fire wz'thoutthehounds and limits of nature, as being no p9rtio n nor element 6f tb« world, bitt a ftran~e excrement, a corrupt fuperfiuity and unkjnd maladie : For nothing ab{urd and a~ainft rea[on, nothing fabulous and [uperfUtio1!s, (as (omt' untruly thin~) was in[erted or [erved ITS a [acred figne in their holy ceremonies, but they were «ll markts l!,rolmded lipon caufes and rea[ons morall; and tbe Jil111e profitable for this life, or eZ[e not without {ome hi. florical or nnrnral elegancy, As for example, that whicb is [aid of tbe Oinion ; for that S~l the folfer fathe,· of Peara, [ell into tbe river of Nilus, and was there drr.wl1ed, as h.' n'lls reaching at Oinions and could not rome h thnn; tbi: carrietb no [m[e or probability in th: rrc-iIl; bur the trutt: is tbis, the priells of Beata hate the Oht;O!f a)1d avoid it as It thing abominable, becall[e they b,ll't' d:«'r~'fd, th,zr it never growetb nor tbriueth well to anv f-i!!_I/£{i but in tb» decreare andwaine of fIJI' Moon:

N'"irb:'r is it l1Iett and. fit for thore who would lead IUt. hot\, 1111rl r;mfiijied lif~, or for [uch as celebrate 'folemlt~ Ft'n:is aHd Holidl1ies, 6tcau[e it provoktth thirft in thdor. iI1cr~ ltd in tbe otber cau[c:th teares ; if they feed th,reuton •. Altel for tbe (amerea[on they taltJ the Sow t, be a. jwojJbrlll.? Imd unclean beaft, for that ordi1tarily fh~, f.oeth a. brimmiJ1(!. and: adm6tteth the bore, when the Moo" if f'a(fthe{ull : and l~ok.. how '111tlT1J dri1zkj of her 1ni kt, tb~ 6realt,. out int» It. kJnde of lepiofi~ or drie sp.!lrfe all


The Preface,

,ver their boduJ. Astouching that whi<:b they in[erre • .,60 in tbeir liveS doe f~rifice It. Sow whe .. tlJe Moon is in ,befull, antlthm tlZther jlejb : nlt.m~l] that Hyle bunting a"achllfingth,."ilde Jwine at the full of the Moo1J,was cbttllc,d to light "PON ItIl ark! or coffin· of wood, wherein the bod) of Eugenius Theodidaftus, which he di[mem~red IlIIIl. threfll away by p~ecN'leale; allme« admit not fhereof, {uppofingthat it if f"l[e M many others be~mijheard and mifunderitood. Btlt this fsr certain is beld ; that our antientl in old time {" 11Iftch hated (lltd abhorred all excefji'Ve delicacy, {UperjlU9I1S and C9ftly delighrs; (md voluptTlou, ple,,{ures, that the) [aid 'B'ithin the temple of the City of Thebes in .!Egypt, there flood a {quare column or pitllfr, wbereinwere engrllven certain cur[es and execrations again/f thl'ir King Ptolorny, whg was the firrt that turned. and /Werted the l£gyptians quite [rom tbeir Ji11tple alfd fr14gal mlUl"er of life, wit bout Jnon~y, without [u"'~tintls f.tire a"d chargeable delights. It is {aid afro that Technaris th6 f"ther ofBocchoreus, in an expeditioa cr journey againfl the Arabians, whe. it chanced that his carriages w~re far behinde anti came not in due time to the plac~ where he inca11lped, wai contented to ma~e bis [tIpper of what[oever he could get,and {a to tak.,e up with a ver)'fmall and finrple pittance; yea and I1ft~r {Npp~r to lie upon a. cour[e pallet,where he flept aU night very roundly lInd nruer Ifwak.!d: whlYeupon, he ever after loved [obriety of life Rnd frugality, and cur[ed the fore[aid Kinf!, Ptolemy ~ wbich malediCiio1t of his b~;,tg by the pri@lrs of thtlt time approved, lie cllufod. ta be mgrllve1t- upon tbe pillar above[aid. Now their Kings were created either out vf tbe order of their prieffs er el{e Old of the degree of J(tli~lJt! & Warriors; for tbat the Ollt ellate 19it.r honored and accounted noble fot '1141our,tbe otherfor wi{dom and ",nowled;. And loo"-whomftetl~' th~, Ch90re [rQm Qllt of the 9rda of Knigl,t-hood, pre-

,- -, . I' .- b 2 renf!;

The Preface.

([ent/y"jier hy eI6B;on,be was admitted uJttQ theColledg,of prujts) and unto him 'Wert difcloFd and communicaled the perers of their Philofophy, .which ·1tnder. the 'Vail anddar~ {pecches couched and covered ",any mi{ierif's,throilgh which the light of tbe truth in jome [ort,· thaugh .dimly apltar. And thu themJelves rum to fignify and give us tl) underjUntl, by {efting up ordinarily befofC the porches and gares of their Temples, certain Sphinges; meaning thereby, that

. aU their Theolog,ie contaht:?!h under .enigmatical and covcrt words, the feerets of wifdome. In the City of Sais, the image of Minerva which they ta~ tlJ be Beata, had fuch an ilirCription over ii"ts this: 1 am all chat which hath been, which is, and which {hall be, and never ally man yet was able to draw open my vail. More .. over man] there be,;_f opinion, thd the proper HamcofHifmael in the lEgyptianslanguage is Amoun, of which fPehave in Greek,.derived the word Ammon: whereupon

We' Jilrnante Hifm~el,Ammon: but Manethos who 19M fl1I lE~yptian him[elf of the Ciry of Sebenna, fuppofeth that b_y this word is fignified, a thing hiddmjorocculation: lind Hecarzus fh, Abderite affirmeth, that the lEgyptia-s ufod this term among themfrlves, 'When the]1 calletJ

one unto another, for it was a 'Vocative word, and. for that tbf} imal!,ined tGe Prince and Soveraign of Ged to be the fame: tt-llt Pan, that is to ray, an univer[al nature, and 'therefore 1tnfeen~ hiddm and un'tnoJPn, .they prayed Im6 befought him for to difClofe and mak" hi111[e1fltnown unt» tbem by ctllling him Amoun, See then, bow the A:w gy~tia!10 were very{lriB and precifo, in· not profAnin!{ their JPi[r!owe, norpublifhing that learning of theirs 'Wbicl~ conct!Y1ftd the gods. .And this the f!,Yt'ateft Sages and mOJ1: learned clnrbJ of all Greece do teflify, by name, Solon, Th-Ies, Plato, Eudoxus, Pythagoras, Averroes, and 11.,p,nte 1£1 JJot to ray, Lycurgus bimfolf; wm all trtl'ilelJr4

• .. Bf

The Preface.

ofa delibrate purpofe into JEgyPt, for to cOllfer with the Priefts of lhat Country. . For it i~ cOJfjlllnt!7. held that Eud01[us'tPas tbe 4uditur of Chonupheus the Priejr of Memphis,. Solon of Son chis the F~ieft of Sa is, 'Pyth~., goras of Oenupheus tbe prieft 9f ~ofuen., AHrJ. vmfJ this Pythagoras lltjt 1trlJJJed, W.1S htgh~V eJteemed among thofe ~m, likJ as hhn [tlf bad them in great admiration; info much, as he of all others feemed moft to imittEte their manner of mYIHc~ rpea~ng under c~ve.rr words,. and t() involve bis dol/rme aNa [ouences within figurlltzv~ and ~"if,m(lticalwo,.d.: for the cbaraCJers which are called BieroJ!./yphickJ mlEgypr, be in manner aU of them, lik.; to thefo precepts ofPythagora~: Eat not upon It Jfoo/.or chair; Sit not over a bu_fhull; plant no Date tree; Stirr not the fire in the houfe>, nor rak$ into it JPith It [word And me think,[, that "Whereas t be Pvthagoreans call Vnity~ . AppoUo, Tiro, Diana; the number of [~ven, Min~rvl; Ilnr.l the fir~ cubicl.!t, Neptune;Read my CabeHa;thlS re: fembleth fltr) neer thld whir:h the ./Egyptians ~onfccr ate a~r.l dedicate in their te141ple$, and agr(eth wzth that whICh

they both doe IlJtrJ. write. For their Kiltg and iorll <_ Eugenius, th~y depaint and pourtray, by. ~n eye 11M." .' ".'

Scepter: and rome there be, who 'Mak_; this znterpretatton .

of tbe name Eugenius, well begot. As for heaven, the} "

defcribe by a young crmntenaHce, hy reafon of the perpetuity tbereof, .hereby it ntver Wllxefb old., An eye the) [et

~ut by an heart, . havinf{ under it all heartb with fire bur-

ning upon it. In the City of Thebes there flood upcer-

tain images ."i,bout hands, refomUiJ1~ .1 ud[es; 1l1td the

chie_{ Qr preJideHt among them, WoH blmd.(ol~ed or hoo~-

winck.!'d, to give 1IS to underjtand, that 'ju(itce(hould ll~tther be corrupted witb bribery, nOT partIal Ilnd re_(pdrlve of per[ons. In the fignet or real ring of their m,lrrialltn(l ~nilitlt1J mm, there '/Pas engraven the pDrtra[!ure of the

, 3 grell'

The Preface. The Preface.

great Flie c41led the Btetil,becaufo i. tbat J,JnJe, tbert if.. tb. gods, and Mie.iog fi,mely, tbat JOU can not .pt.j"m

f"".le, bnubry be all ... I" : Wry blo .. or caJI their feet! ""J {""rifice or lit"rg} .. ore pleafing III1to I hem; tbsn t»

IN fo".e of. Fellet Of' round BIIlI .nder DUNg; "hich'he} jtud} for.o ha.e a fOUKd a.J true opinion of tl" .. : by 'bu

1"p"''' be • plac".o< for tbeir food .. ore, ..... for "" .... yo. (b& avoid J uptrffi•io., .. hieb is H' great a fin '"

their brood. IYhen[oever .herefore you ]hall hear the 1£.. .mputy anti. Atbi[me. NoW Beata a14d Eli gentllS if,~

gvptians leU taile sof tht god.,,, wit, of lbeir .ag.r •• t brieJly ." .. y be, bJ cuuing. off .... , fi,ptrfiu'II< ,","'''''

•• J .... dring perigrina';'"" or of ,""r di{ .. ".briog' that {".e" rIO purpofe, d,livered in tbi. ",ife: 1, is raid

and other {uch likl fabulous filfions, you mujl: caU to min4 tbet dame R.hea, lit what time lIS 5aulffi 1<1)1 fccretly

that which we have before {aid; aad neuer thinftthauhey with her, wase{pied ~y the Sun, who curfed her; and a-

.. ean .nJ fncb thing; is or hath bre. done according" .h.. ,"oog other ",.I,Jillio •• , pra¥d tbat fo' mig bt no: be d ...

I.'''eral renf': for they ao not faJ, that Mercury pr.p<r/y liuered, .or iring forth cWa, .,;Ib" in any .. onnb .or

u a Do!., but forafmuch M the Hlt-rUre of thu belljt if to be Jea.,: but Mercury being illam~ured of this gGddeffi, com-

"''''J, ", .. cbfull, wigilent and wif', able t, dijlinguijh by pa.ied liI<!wifo ",i' h her; and a[terward., '" he pla},d

&11 'afl."'! I<zwwl,dg and [en.blanCe of ;g • .,a.", a ['ieltd°t Dies ",i,h tbe MOIIIt and.,.. from ber the r,ve.'i"h

•• d familiar fro .. an _ ana (!Tartg"; therefort (.. p'" of'v"y on' of her illumination" ",hicb bei •. ~ all pu'

Plato{arth) they attrtbuttd and {ik_rnedhilfl to the ",oft e- fogether, .. akgfive intire dayes, he added the fame unto

loque."f all the god.. Nei'!er doe 'bey think,., ",btn they tbefbree Inmdred .. 4 three[c,,' day'so! the y,ar; and

.'fcribetb, Su., ,hat outof th' bar~ o[ tbe tr ee Locus, tbo[eGJd d.,esthe lEgypti,n, docaU .tthi. p"r,·" tb»

there Itn[eth a babe 1Jt19 ~orHe; but in tbif wife do they re: dayes of tbe Epa8, celebratirlg al1d [olenmizing them ,1;

1",{e.' un to .IIhe Sun riji.g, giving tbM mucb "un""'- .b e Binh-d.""f Ib'ir god. ; for 'bitt wben the full Ii."

]land co."'!y, tbaltb, ligb< and illuminAtio. of tb« So. of. Rhe ..... ,;cpired,.,/"'" the Ii 'Jl d a)' ,I ,hem ""H Theo-

proceed"h ou"f.he ",at", of the Sea : for eoen .rIC.,b, didafrus bo,n" atw~o{, birth a voice wa< I"a,d, That <:

(a .. e .... ner tbe m oft erN,1I and lerribldljng of the Perfi- .b, Lord of tb, ",boI, ,,,rid no", came into lj~ ht : altd .. ,

~n., Och ~'i"'bo puw Je.th mam of hi< Nobl, s a nJ Sub- ' f"'" fay, .hat e c er,.in .. , ... n ."",d Pam y le, as foe

Jeas, and tn tbe end flew their bet:f Apis, Itnd eat him at a went to fetch water for t,he 7empli' of J II pire r in tbe City

fcal! togcth""i,b hi. friend., .hey called tbe fwml; and t. of Thebes, beard tb u .. ice comma.din~ I"", pro}aim

oven atthzs day, m the regifter and ctlttflogue of their kjngs, Illoud, <[hat the Great Kin»; and Bmefa[lour Eugenlus

~, g,,:h under that na,., , not jignifJing tbertby bi' pro- .",""" born: Alf', for tbat S a'urn co .... i"'d ,bit babe

1nIu~.I!an", buttoexf'tJ{i hil hard .nd [el! natrne, "".I Eugenius int, her hand. rOT " be .u'fed, therefore in

hu .,i[ch".ou. dift'jiU'., thry c ... par,d hi",,,. bl .. elJ bonourof bertherr w," a F ef!ival Jay f,l,mHi zed, n.wd

'HJIT.mmt aHd ''''p' ... «de to murder mm. I. bearing thereupon Pa m y Iia ,"nch liltJ un" I har which u .am,·d

then and TeCIt! mg aft".b is .. a nn er. that .. hi,h foaU b. Ph. Ilep horia, unto Priapus. On .h, f< "w, day p",

told unt» JO' estoucbing. the god s a [ter an holy and religi- .. '" del .. md of A roveris, who i' A polio. ..b,,. r"'~

~ «s manner, in d".~g .Ifo a:uI ob[erving alwaY" dilif,t.t- likt .. i[e call th"ld" 0 rus. V pon ,be tb ir d d"y jI .. ,

9th• ~~C"JI'."f~rt!'~ !.d.~J. for !he [,,,,d ""ice of brou~bl f.rt:h Hyk, bat bec.me ."a"h,juff li»u,Hb'"

~~_~ ~~~ .~!~~~ .• ~ •• t.hr.ri.~~.t~r.~I.C~t)b~~a~tbw~,~s~~~ifi~~and+

, The Preface.

The Prerace.

Jued forth at the wound. On the foUrth da] was Beata born,

in a war~j place calle4 Panhygre . .And the fifth dayJht "I1ilJ de/ivcredo} Nephrhe, who ofIome iinamed alfo TeIeure and y~nus'; others ca'Uhn; Nice; Now it i1 {aid, ~tbll.t j1Je con~eived .Theodidadus and,Aroveris bJ the :~zi!!, '~~acaby':Mer<:ury, Typhon Iln!- Nephrhe hySa';' ~url1" :"I!hich it the caure that the' Kings reputing the tbird ·pf ~~tfe.'inierC'alar.daJfs t~ be der"fterious. and difmaU, Jifpat~h_ed , no affaires' thereupon; : neither' did they cheriJh tbcni[dvesby'meat,and'drink.,or otherwi(e, untill night: 'ckai -Nepht~e was honoured by Hyle, that Engenius and ,B,eaca were i~Jove. in their,Mothers' belly,- before they were "~~n_e;lInd,lfZY together focretly and by,ftealth; and rome • gtve out ~ that by',thitmeans f\ro'{c.~is, was begotten and hor",' who by tbe'JEgyptians ucaUed Orus thl elder, and z,y the Greeks, Apollo. WeU Jurinithe, 'time that Eugenius reigned King in lE~ypr; immed;t(.fe/y he brought t~e lEg" ptian,s [rom their neeay, (oore and ravage kind ef life, by. t~a'hmg them how to [owlfnd plan~ their groundS, by eJtllbl~fhtng good Law$ am,on[, them, and hf/hewing how they jholl(d worJhip and ferve God. . Aftmpartls, he tra .. v:ll~~ tborowou: the world, reducing the 'fIIhole earth to CIVIl/f)'? .byforce (;f Armes leajlof aU, but winning and lind J!amzng. tbe mOJl Nations by effetiual rem~nflranc8s lind {wut perf'flllljiOJl couched in (ongs, and with aU mlfnner of mujicl~) wherellpOlt the Greeks were of opinion, that he lind ~acchus 1Pfubotb one. ,Furthermore, the tale f.oes, ih4t In the abfmceof Eugenius, Hy Ie jlirrd not nQr msd« aIry com,motiQ1t., for that Beata gav tgcod o:der to the 'C1ttrnry, and was of fufficient power to pTfVl'1t£ 11M witbriand aU inno~atian5; h~tt 'l!'h~n he was relurned,Hyle c~mp/otted I¥: conJptracy agamJt hzm, haVing drawn intg 1)IS COlz!ttUrac_'1 [eventy two C()1I!plices, bejides a certain ~iml of lEthiopia, .,:pho li,<!wifoco1nhi~d 1Pithbim lind I?er ~~.'1Ie. 'R'~s. A Co. ?'l~~ w,hm IJf hod {ceret" lIlt;' the

, • r. - jl!jf

. ,


juft meafUTe IlnJproportionof Eugenius "is body" hecau ..

fed a cofer Dr biitch,to be maae of the fame lengtb,and thar 11fOjf cu~u Jlj &- it~tificially ~ought II1!d fetout to I he eye; he tooJtorder, c(lat ,t jhoul~ be brought int» the hall, wher~ be made' a'gre/ft f~llftunto the.'fPhole, company. Every mal! toolt£:reat plellrure"itbitJ"'i,at;o,,~, ~(> ·.be~ol~ fueh,.apHgularexquiji~e'piece, ofwar"-; lJ"tl· Hy t e {It. a, merlme~~ flood'up IInt1. prOmifed that,he "9ul~ befl9w, It. tlPO~ bim, ",bofe bodj,w,as '",~et,and fi~'fo( i~ : , hereup6H, all t~e,com .. pan, one 'afrer 4not~er'lIff!,i~d wJ:ofe bo~, .,,~uld fit rt; bitt it 'W4s'n9t[ouM prB~H,onate nor of ~ Jujt .lize to any I}f all the rijt~~ Iltlength~ Eugenius gat up into it,and ~nr ed.hiill there,along;' '/Pith-that, t"e-con[pmttoursran to "~, 'a~d lee tlowwthe lid "dnd:Cover,thereof upon him,and tartly with~ nailes, ' andp'!'t/y', 'With "telted lead' whicb they 'po'W~reeraloft, they made it . [ure enough; and when the.? ~dJo-do1te,~arri.edit"forthto' the river fide, and let It

down';Htothe{ea~ at ,theverytHouthofN\~us ,naJue~ Taniticu,' ; "hleb isthe TearOn; tblft, the {aid motlt? IS eve." to thu day odi," aHdexecrable.amongthe lI?gY.p[lans, ,n

f~",uch 4$ they call it Cataphyfton, tbatts. t~ fa.~, abo~ <

minable, or to bl fpit at. Over and befitles, It IS (atd, that :, .•

thu fell out to b~ done upon the feventeenth day of the mO~1 h ~

named. Athyr, tiNTing whicb monetb, the .Sun en~reth tn-

to the Sy.oph4nticlt Jigne Scorpiui,. and In the etght ant/,

'lJentieth yar ofEugeni~s's reign:bO'll1beit, ot~ers afliT1lt,

tbat he lived intlecd,but retgntd not fo lon~. ~ ow tbe prj

that had 4niHd.!;ng&intel/igence of this hanious aB , .. bert.

the Pans and Satyrs inhabiting about the Weft of Eng-

land 4n.l other parts, who beg~n wwbi[per one unto ano # ther,a.nrl to tlll1tthereQ_{;"bich is thereafon,tbat oil {uddm tumults 12M troubhs of the multitude and common f1eople, becaUetl Faniqu, affrights. More over, it followeth 011 that 'Beata being advertized hereof, immed.tate!y tilt oJf' ~~'fthttreJRs of h~,~ h~;re, and pll!, ~n In,Qurnmg "ee:

in that place, which it~'fP is calle4 tilf! CiiJ -11/Sidmouth,ilJ 1Pi~hAll, t"~t ~t (SOJfU tr4H "~he l;~ 1 "",paDell

rmmn5rance 'tbtreqf;" hO'1P[octltr .thers fllY, #lInt thif inclofecZ'Wtthtn tht tr:':'''1t u P er G, liS it coult/,

h 'r/, b 1.." h' .. fc h ...tJ • , • .1 rltherttia.CvJJtTlI ov ,J' h'

Or.e ar, et~~'fet, I'rlvatwl1, ,ort ~t 11.0:11 ,ei, tn G'te~ -. .. "M",n-IZ7Uf- co,,"e. I' Ion "IPontlr;Hg to fee , IS

Jignifie!h At m~eh liS to deprive. " In this dolrftdlh4/1it ./hi {'CII: "[he K,ng of ~~;to be lopped off,that cO".NretJ,

flan.dr:ed up Il;nd down in gffiIJ'perp(er"lytohear.titJinf,sof fa btg,ellu{ed ,be brtUJC tJ (the truHcl<,or body thereof,

.. heodidaaus) 1ln4 wbOf1ljOcvfr jhe.wet "ithau, jh, flli.. forefa;a coffi,; not ["NtH ; 1 bis houfe: "bereof Be"ta

lul HOUO enquire of.them; flnd Jh~ t41iJfotJ.' M.D.t fa much ill 1& pillar t, fulitl'" r e.Tottl'~'Nt {pirit Dr 'Windt of fly-

li/rI, children playing together, hut. 'ask..ea ihem; "htther advertifed bJ fI. certlUN t h' (h (at her tUWII by"

tfo'J.hlld [em ,IIH) [JJch ,Coff"; a, 1,1fgtb, jhe light ofthofe ing IlJlU, c4metp Babylon, ~ '" ilift,.effe pitiotlflJ ",ttpt;hilJ.rm who hlld feen it indeed, "liNd they airelifd her to ~ main founttl-in, "._ll heav}:. n.:: word ~o 1t1S} cre_turt, the m~uth of tile liver Nilus, wiler, the complic~s 1ln8 4.. i"g to her felf; ,tetthe, {pa"" ~~ d -omen fbat Cllffle by, 11 . t .t:1tf 1 h d 1~ .. th r.·d ,Ill' r l.n r: A·'.J l h til .... -aitillo ml"~S ~" ... b Idi Cf

,,a,cla IS oJ ny e a ~~, e Jill Vfpe In 0 t..,. }t4. . n& one y t e -..Ufe~ '" Ii> b'~ \ itina and rOI m~

''l/er.{mce tbat time, the .£gyp~i.an~ /tre of opitf;OII, thilt the raluted ItIIJ »t4de muc OJ, P a . nt~ellf and cailing

. "'h~ld h th ;+. ,t:-,. r. .I h J' fh' ha'rmoftesqlll 'J' I r: t

young C 11 Ten live . 8 gljt OJ,rel/elUlng } teras, '1111"" t t} the [teffes 0 t elf 1 1 fweet and p ealan

ta~e 41ltheir ypqras which they NJJe ,u, play lind {pork, M from her .into them a marvet~us\Vhi\es the, dr~{fed

offis and pre{ages, but efpecially,withm. the tmlples, what fceru iifulng from her ~~ ,; r "IPomen thm curtOujlJ rHatter-foever it b8 tbat they, prattle ;fJf. Mort~ver whm them. 'III, ~ueetJ perceJV"'g ~ deftre to fee tbis jIra" ..

Beat,:,lmaerfl~~d thltt Eugenius fep j" lOiIe with h.er fifier ~nd trimly fet our, had ~/;7ruch an odorif-erOU5 {meU

Kedemel, thinlzingfhe7ll#' Beata, andfo carll.lllly ~omplZ- ~er, as well ffr tf,lZtjheYI~ ~ 4S fo sf,Jl1fult iH dreJIittg

'flied with h.er, Il.nd~ithal1, ffJun4 '" goad tok..,en thereof, to from her brlJl", as becauJc l"e YI 1m aNd. being groYP4

~it, lI,c"qplet~r"garlt!nd pi Melwt~ whiCh he had ltft .,ith their he4lls: (0 foe lent f~r the ~".'th her made ber th,

Kedemet,.jhtw.tllt for tofoefher MPt (f(Jrpre{entlyupo~ into{Dmefa",Uiaracqu4lHtaHCt JII' (on • No" the Kings

~iTtb.~f theIn/lfnt, f.or fellr ofHyJe}he 'hid it) _nd JlPbm Nurfe anll G,verneJ[e of ber you1 tbe ~eens A{\:arte~or

with much adoe and ."ith great pilines taktn, Beata had namehimfelf WIU Malcandji' ~ll &ave it, Nemano'-!s,

fp"l1d it, b}·the ~Ilm(d Cfftain hounds .. bi&h hrought rat&er Saon&, or- as rome W" -.ue iu Atheams.

iJ~n~ the place where ,he Wilt, ./he reared' antil brougbf it up whicb is as mllth to Jtt_' in tbe Greek.. ;o~gttnd HDuriJhed tbu

utJitch fort, as when be came to {ome bigHeffi, be became And the {peech goes, that ~ca[~ {;,~e of the breaft-hettl or

her t,uitk and Squire; namad Malhitrael, who Il/fo is Infant, by putt;"" her fiHgerr'''J ~f; tbadn the Hii!,ht {ea-

faid til ~.(epthe gods, 11k! lit dogs~1#lr4 men. .After this, nipple, infO the _utlt th~e: ~(I.: ;~rt4U of his body:. awl

Jht. heard news of the fore{aid coJfor) fl.1Iti namely, thar the fon {he bUTHt all a'f/llly ~ 4 h' d and turned "dO"

'1PIl'PlS cf the rea had 9Y tides caft iI "POH the bllnkJ of Eu- in dn' eM, 'lPlS her felf metJt»l~p 'fzf~ a moaniH~ manfre',

L h b b'il .c;«: I b b R • and llf.meHtufg If. 'c. ~em

pnrares, yp ere, ?y II 1 OW OJ water ttwasgentry, rOflg t Swall, .. , }lymg, 'd ntiU (ucb jiflle ItS tgc ,

clor~tolpe foot iJf a jhru1Jb or plant called [,~x.n, or fome gboul the pillar afwe{az., U b' (he raw the botly ber

f~ch,forub Erice:] N()w this Erice or T'llmari:e mil {",Il11 obfeY1!ingtbis, andcry;"g o:t;it~f itm1fortlllity. <[he,.

ftmegre1P{Q iaire, lind {pread forth fo large tiM 'big bra.. ,~ild QrJ a ligh' fire, ~ea _ e _ - 13eata

, 'cben~ . -_- ,- -

." -,



The Preface..

'1 #I tbil or 'tbar ctme. Eot: the i!l-gJiana IItt1'P'rJ . IlJ if t fi ,hh tmn Sorah In {ucb

'fI1ere ,!,cmr IIrdt;:~b;th: ~~ sktletos or dead. COTfs of

[m{e: Lakt Iff no u, r ,:tbollt lind /J1ew in IJ bltrre man, wTlich t~7l:fe:;; ':ot'?be rePTertnta~iQtt or memo-

CdJfin a! tbe ~ 'bich befeU unto Eugemus asfome ~

rialofthtsaccu!.ent,w J ' 't'ntopnttbegueftstn

. b 'Jier'lJeJ as an a.mont to . h ,,..

imagtne, b ut. d illk! their pleilfurt,lI"d JOJ In t oJe

minde to t merry tJ'n. that {OOH aftn they jhollid be things ~bat 1!ere pr_eftnt, ~~ tthe rea/On that it 'lr'1U bTou~ht li~ unto It: 7"hH I ray . Furthermore wbm

at tbeir frafts and merry.meettngs• bel who'wi1ffoflered Eeata WM gone' ~o fee,,:, (onne 13ar'l.~ ""dlaid the 4ore• dndbtougbt upmtheCltyBut1lS, a . H lefor.

(aid Coffer wifh Eu.geni~s bod{o:~tff~r.~~:i;::;o m~et "ith '1tnealff he ~unted ~n// ef ~ bod) cut it into fourtem it, Ilna takJng 'tHOW e ~~ 0 e d tht~e one fron,' another : pieces lind flung d,emd .e;e ;n ]ht {rarched for tbm. in 6 ",bicb when Beata un ef'yOO 'd all over tbe moores and boalor punt made .:f paper r::at'tbt Crocodiles never burt marfoes: WhereoJ It ~omes I7de of that plaHt, 'Wbether tho{e who [ail' or row'~ Tlf§~ls m verence it for thi1 ~oait be that thfJ are affra~ 1'~ or reu ma} k,_no19 tbe rta(otr,

tlt§efakc,lbltn;.w n~t. n ;e;~d~,es of £ugenius T'belIhy there e JOWl many [or roer as (he fOllnd odida8:us in the CQtmtryof J£.gypt'b)' b nade rOY if ;

b· Jh uretla tom e to e 1 J'

IIny piece of im ; e c« J' d man imaf!,es of bim,

othm faJ no; . but that fhe '":S if jl-Je 'ad b~jiow~d among; wbich (he left m Ivery C~y ~ h d that in mll1fJ plncfs them bis very body in1ee :dtoh t ~;~appiIJ Hy\e wben be he l1!igbt be honeurea-: an t at' . us (I)aving van. [~ul,ht for tbe true Sepulcher of E~~~mof them bri~.( reIluilt.ed and overC017.e Bafzabe\) :Y h'cb ''''a1 it and f, "J J" d h 'ght not ItIfOW W.I '" , J'

p~rted .ndJhe.we ,.e mr Over and bl'jideJ,t1Je nport gon,

pVIf/Ver re~~~farllrbtehr 'rparfs 0' Eu<Yenim bcd},bilt onl! that Beata} OUnv a Q e 'J:J . h~

. - .

Beata' bling iJi{cD,,'eretl to bea:gotldeJJe;craved:the pilla.r "Ofrl·:··:whi~hhecut flown. withlacility, ant:! to~f<.froJII f.I1Itkrneiith the trunc1tof the Titmitrix or Erice, which fh~ Itnointedwith perfum~doile, a~d enwrappeJ ,!#~i" a li~ "'n cloth, and gave It to the. Ktngr for to "~kjpt: "here_. Dfic commeth,that tbe Byblillns e1m.acthisda} reverence this piece of wood, which lieth coizfocrate within the temple of Beau. Furthermore, it iSJ4id, that in the end /he r -xee.z?reI1IJv 1 light upon the coffer ,over which Jhe '/Pept aJltl lll",m.ted to much, thlttthe)l()unge/1 of the' KiHg$ fons dy_ ~d for very pity of her; but fhe her felf accrn1!paniea with tbe elderr of them J tOl!ctber with· the coffer ,em6Itrk,rd, too~ fea and. tJepar1ed. But 19hen the red-felt tTlrnea the windt {omtJPhat ~oughIJ;ttbout the·dlt rPnbig of the dlty, Beata Waf fa much difpleaJed and an)!ry, that fhe dried it quite. And. fo roo,. as /he clf.me unto a folitaYJ place, where fhe rPM by her Jelf a/tJlIt; fhe opened the coffer, where jintling the corps ofTheodidaaus, [he laid her face "0fe to hit, embraced 'It and wept. HereJ#ith came the chi/de f,[tl] behinde all~ tfpiedwhal foe was doing: ~hom when ]he perceived, fhe lo~tl hIlCk,., CIJ{l-ing an out'IPard eye, ' and hehe/a him witb fuchan angry offerl, th,ft the poore infant Hot able to enJure fo terrible a looft, dyea upon it, Some {lty it ~IlS "01 to; but that be fell into the [ea; in ntltJtnerafore raid, anil Will honoured for the goddeffi ftdl.!, aHd that be it the {ame "hom the lEgypt'ians chaUNt flt their {eaflt, under the name of Filius ~oJis Creltfiis. But others f!.iveout, that this chiltk wdJnanmlSorah, and that the City Pelufium .. as huilt ;11 remembrance of hbn h) the goddeJfr Be:u:i,and fo too/t the name after him; anti hO'IPthis Filius Solis, _hom they (0 celebrsu« in their fongS, .. 19as thefi~{l- inuenttl,. of Mufic~ Howbt:it otters there arettgain, who ttffirm, that thn WIIS tb« name IIf no per[on .. 6ut a kjn.de o(Dial-ell 0,.. Langullge , proper lind a~reeabte unto thofe "ho drinkt ."d hlllfquet together, tH if a me» jbould f~.J, In It ~()iel

01 - houre



The Preface.

-bu privy member~ for thAt if '11M immedlatel) Cgft into ~;'ip[~~kta rr/JWI her 'eu the r~.l orJt4ment th .. eJht b~tl

river "na the fijhe5nam~d Lepidoeus, Pbagrus (90 duteon : infield w/xreof Tapthartharah,{et on g mD"tnJ

.. ynchus devoured it: for "hieh c.aufe Beata dttejleth ",de in mllHtT of" COPtS btatl.'Ihenll ,Ie called Barzabel

ll~o1Je all other /iJh_es: but inftellel of thllt "ltt'UrJ pltrt, jUltici,u:tJ into qutjion, cbarging hi»lth~ he WM a baJtArd;

made II counrer[m Qne, calle4 Phall us, which ]he h,lp ofT aptba rtharah who plellded hiscl#lfo)

c:rated: IlM in the honor thereof the ./Egyptiltm hold afo. bewM jtuJged by the goJs, legitilnate: ",hollifa in two ~ .. lemne [eaft. After aU thil, it followetb tflat, ..... ':1111,._ th~ baltels vanquijhed Hyle, And mote than all thIS,

being returned out Df the infernal partl, Beata after death, "" with child by Eugenius, bJ who",

. Barzahel foY' tt.l exerdfo, inftrull and tY'ame him Jhe had Helitomenus and Harpocrares 'Who 'Wan'eJ his

'he battel: ofwht.lm he demanded what he thought to nether peru,

the nlo{t,bellutifu! thing in thlt ."orld: who an[wered, And {i~ as tbe Mttth,",ttticittns fay 1 thllt the r Itin b". U

be revellt.ed of the "/prong aud injury which bad been It repre(entation of the Sunne; and tbe {ame diftingllifhed

'0 It mans par~u~' Secondly, jphat beaft he tbought by fundry colours, by the refrallion of our eie-fight agttinjJ

profitable to go 111,(0 the field withllll : unto wht.lm Barzabel It cloud: even fo thil preface, U lin "ppilrence of rome «0- jhotlld mak$ IlHf1l'er, The horfo: whereat Eugenius tlfar~ lIrine" learniNJ!" which doth rtflea and fend bltc~ ottt un-

veiled, lind Mktd him, JPh.J he Hamed the horre and Ht.lt the derjlandinrr,to the conjiderlltiQn of fome othtr truth; ",uc6

L!o~ rather: Becaufe (quotb Barzabel ) the Lion after the "'~II" of facrifiw, wherein tbere H mingled"

hzNt In good fted~ who jfands upon his own gzrayJ, and tk- kjnJ of lamentable dole, and forrOt'ful hea'llint{s, Sem-

fenc: only, a~d hat~ nmJ. of 4id:. hut the horft is gOt.ld to Mably, the 111akjng anddifpofifion of tm,ples. ~hich in.fo"fI'

de(ert the emmy quue, to followlmn in cbace; and tak! him places harle fair open Ijl(s and pleafant allies open over

Pre{oner. When Eugenius heard him fay fo, he tsok..grl'at bead: anti in other, dllr~ caves; vaults, 4I~d jJJTdUds un-

pleafure and contentment herein, judging hereh) that his dey the earth, refembling properly CIIVfS, {ep,tlchm, or

{on Y1,~ ru1Fc~ently appointed and prepared rt.l give battel ch6.rnelvants,wherein tbeypttt the bollies of thulead; e{pe-

Ullto hIS eHtnttes. And verily it is [aid that Among many ciaNy the opinion of the RofieCrufians : for albeit the bo.1y

tba: dai{y revolted (r9m Hyle, and fidetl with Barzabel ofEll':'entns be [aid to be in HMn) plaers, yet the)1 nmn»

e71en tbe ve~y concubineofHyte named Thueris WM one' hap(y:.JAbydus the towne, or Me.mphi.s a littl~ City, wbere

who i'ante to hi,.,,: IlHd whm Pioreusferpent followed af~ thry affirme tbat his true body lietb; ", [uch (ort, as the

fer aNd per{ued be,.., the fame Win Cut in pieces by the gUllra greateff and wealthie{i perfons in J£gyPt 11Jually do ordai»

"bout ~a zabel . in remtmbranc~ wherrnf, ttt thil 'Very day ttmJ ta~ order, thatthri, bodies be interred ;1: Abydus,

they brute!. forth Il certain cord, which liltJJl'i[e the) c· ~.,·tind tb(y ",/lylie in the fame [erulchre:",it"E~lge'-:liu~)

furl'S. Well, thry fay tbe battel continu,d mllny daie., ; tJUt a1f}1..j Memphis was klpt the hufe ApH, which ts the

m the en~ Barzabelhad the viCtory: As afro Beata having image Ilnd figure af his fut/!, lind tb~y will have 'Jis bod,

Hyle pri{oner fa{i h.ll11d in ber hands kjlled him not but. Ill[oto be "Jere, S~»lf li/!.twife there be, who interpret rlJe

[Do[ed hi", and let hi", go : whichB~rzabel IIot able t~ name of this town, as if it jT:ollld fif!.nifie the IMvm and

tndtlf'c with patiencf) Itti4 ~i~!~t h#1!_ds upon hit MDthe" harbour !If goodMen: othm, that it betok"rmrb tb: tQ»Jhe of

. ..• - ...1 ' .. -.. ... £\1 genitli


~------------ .....

. ; .\


Eugenius ; 1Zn1 ,1Jere i& ~ef~re the gate of the C;;J, . a lit.

.Ie 'j1t, whIch to aU others u znacce/JibZe, llizd atlmitteth lie nlJrance, infomuch, as neiiher fowles of ,lie aire wiU tbe,t light, nor /ijheS of tie fe" approltch thither: only lit one CtT. t";n~ titHe, the pr;effs-maJ' c~,,!e in, andtherc' they &fer (acrtfices, a)Jd pre{ent ob~attoH.~·to t~e dead; .• here a/[o tbey CrO'llHe and tfelorne with flowers the r'Ilonument of D~ • Mediphthe,which is over(haao'IPed and c()veredwitblL ce. taine plant, fl,reater. anti. titUer than any Olive tret. E,-!doxus wriuib, that how manyfeputchres pever tbm ~e ~n ,JEgypt., wherei". the corps of Eu genius jhould lie, yet

at 14 tn tbe CIt) Bu firls; for that it WM' the countrey au place of13u n~tivity: (0 that no'itl there H no need to fpe~ of ~ap.hofir!i' for that the very name it [rIfe faith enougb ftf,nifymg '" ,t doth, the {epulture "fTheodida8:us. WeU

1 approve the c~tt~n~ of the wood, and renting of the lin! nen; the effuJio1U Iflfo and funeraltibaments tber« pe_rfor •. metl, bec~ure ther.e be many my{terieJ mingled am""g. AnI, fo the pru{fs oflEr;yflt affirme, that the bodies not of theft gods Olfty, b~t alfo of ~u others, "I!h~ have been engentlred, and. are not 11tcorruptlble, rematne among them where the} b{)~tQu~ed and ·evermcea; hut their fouls became Ifarrf, anti. _'1,,~e In heaven.: and ar for tbat of Beata; it i4 the famt which the Gree~r CttU C>!'on, that if to {a}, tbe Doge-flare, bllt the 1E"yptlt~ns Sothis ; . that of Orus is Orion, anti. tba; of Hy l~, tbe Bear, Now you fee thei' names are opp;fite to their nature and bein~, but wh~etH 'aU otbe« Citi« ad Ststes in lE~yptcontribute a cenain« tribute impofod upm tIm)" fo' to pourtr~J, draw and paint{ucb beilftsM are ho"or~d amrH~ them, tho[e onlj."htJ inhabitethe countr,! .Thehai" of all oth~rs gi'De .notbinl! ,thereto, being of ot'l1"O"~ that no "wtal thzng, [ubJeli to death, can be a'god:

III for him alone, whent t~ry cal! Cneph, as' he W(U never . bo-ne; (lJ.lhall hI' n~verdle. Whefeas.therefore fo~ ",any [Ilch things a1 theft., he reporte~ au.d flmY(d. in JEgYflt;

.. . - ._, !h;~

The Prejaee,

they who think", that all it 1tO more but to pc, petllote Ilnd eternize the ntemory of marvclollS deeds and. JI-range accidents offome Princes, Killgs,or1)rants,who for their iXCe!· lent vertlle and mighty pui§m1Ct, have adjoptcd to their own glory, tlje authority of deity, lmto whom, a wbi!e 4t(I', there befell calamities; ur~ herein It ver) clemtlyjl;ift, and expedite evaJion,transferrini!. i)a1l61{o11l~V ftom ,be gcds UHt() men, allfinijler infamy, tlJltt if Taphthartharah and help them[eh·es by the tc-/ti»wties whichthe_y find and rearl ilt hijlories: for 1EnlJtiam write, thilt Hy\e 19,15 but [-"al of (htture, and Jlender limml'd, th.lt he 11',15 of It ruddy colour; Bar'tabelwhite; Eugenics oia blackjJh ben", ,~ wllo inde~d were naturally men. MOTC;jV~', the)' calf Eurmius, captaine or general; Ca nobus pilat or gavenlOr sf a ffyip, after whore name they have named. It fiar : and ,I~ fur the ]hip which the Greek.} Name Argo, they hold tbe: it. ~a5 the ve.y re[emblallce of ElI'!enius's _t1;ip, whicl.J for tbp. honour of him, being numbered Ilmoltg tlJI' liars, is [9 f:tll:1te in heaven, as that it m01'frh amI. k£epeth his courfe Jlot fiu from that of Orion, and the Cyon or Doge-[far . of which frrailZe, the one U cOltjeo·ated limo B~rzilbel, tb~ otbe: to Brata. 'Ibe tbing: whicb be r,lrirto: of Hyle,£ugenills &.

Beata WEre no accidents or paf!iOlt5 inciden: fo {!,ods or td mm; but ratber to [ome ,gr~"lr Genii, of whicb mind« WEre P\·thagoras, !Jbco, Xenocrates~ &Chryl1ppus) _f'o!lowi;f(!_ Im1ria the opinions of the ancient 1hcolo(!,iam., WI)5 hold, that they were far liYOJIt,rr than men, and thdt in J:!'iJJ.mce tlJrY much [unilorOlud ow 1!,ltur~: but that diui» ;:it.Y wbich tbfY hud, WJ5 Hot pure anrl,f:mp!e; but rht') W~' e Co 'Jlpoilltded of a ;:ature coyp,;ra! and {::iritua!. capalie of plfafure, of Jtrief(, and. oth.:-- pol [!ions and. afdliorz;, which accompa1Z_}'inz th~re "wt;;tiJ~1S, tro!l&ll;', fUH1e more, ctbn';: {<'fl. For in th~re D£111en', there if [ii«, 115 afro amoll[!, »icn ; t1 ~i11~rfi~}1 and diff!'mtC~ of vice and. of vertru. For the a{]s of Gi.1.nr~ ~nd Titnns, [1 mwb (haw/tal ill ,V~l} Grd:""fo1f~

c tbr

T he Preface.


. bl d d l'l\fwi[e alld -t;ra[li[cs of one I.,aturne, the abomin« e ee s I .1-" Ii' the rounds of

thereJilfanceal[oo! Pyt~O'\. s: z: d;(ferinnore[.., B"lCchu<; and the wan mngs 0 u d'H 1 nd f II

Pl:n fnm~)the accidents ofEugenins anh y e, a cb °Mah . fl.. hich every man may ear Iff 11lU e otfJer [IlC') Ir<J, W 1 d ih'dden under the vail

!iii:: as afro whl1t(ocver if cO'verc ~~ . Il'e t clJe not uttend

Of mv(fical facrifices and ceremanltS, U f\': P J'd' h

~ 'J. I P ople' And accor mg. ertta,

fwr fJJewhed tOHth~ uu g~;w ~e caliet'] [OOa me'n, and [ucb ~ we 11l11y ear orner , 'h . t r. [,r'e

_ II th diverJl'u one while 9'i;o6-iJ'~a.~, t at 11 0 Jay, I"'J

l'x~e 0 as·:/, 'h' t (av comp«

. t tb ods' other while GtY'Tl9'i;~~, t at U 0 J I 'J' - 1/11 0 e)!: 'J r. . 90rdv ci~~ p.liJ~ SX.0V7ct~' that

rable to the go s:} 0191elti1US - d

, r . havifllT their wi[dome and cOlat[c{fro111 the 1.0 s,

lftOrilY, ;... dd" d nfromtbeD,e·

B lit' tho dmo»liltation or a ItlOlt raw b ' . .'

. It h d the aa , tn»

mans IN u(eth com-nonl» ,15 we to t e 1;00 as .'"

aijfr;ent tovali,mt per(ons and to cowards: to a umoreus

ITild fearfu! [olildier tIm; : "

Actl/J,[vli xiJ'av ~h;}~, 71;] J'1J";.rs~~ ~'TOJ;' df}'~j~~ .

D£mollimt, approach thon near: ) The Greeks why doeft tholl. fo much fear.

011 t1)t' 0 bey fide, or an FJ,lr(Z) fJuldler :

dr,,' h~ Jii 76 'T~TaFTCv ~':T~<S:JTG J'cLl[1.0V.' 11"05' \Vhen he (he chal ae \1\ ti.c\"~ th,e fOlI1~th time gave 1,ike to [,}me DXIl101l he dl,llllmle\t llehave.

AuJ again, ill the war{" [ole!?,

<.-- f .. \' n~ flI.O") 7~ '7f'd..t;f;~., 8:.c.

A~.I!~CVllh -rt ~,u 7<;; n rtxU,O;, ,let" .

. . .,' , 'h: {"' 'j oi-Iel1ce: • '[iJJtl5I!} • D£dOJII,l}t, \>h.{~ lS,t at :;rc ~ ,_r..y,lVld'cri

\Vhich P. ia-n &. h,s {ons COIll,r11lrccd have 0', ['c,-It, A {"'<linn the for to make rh y JU a pretence, lu\,',tcr, to 1,; Vi lath ful terms upon thL l hu:; to rave, Minerva, A.nd. them no ~race and. mercy to vOllch[ave, Nor refl, ulltll rhou [eell the {\:ately rowne,

Of Ilion ddl:roy'd and rafed down ~ (i1.'i;IS


The Preface.

Giving m hereby tbu« milch to lmcle'f/imul, tlJat tlJe Genii have a mixt nature, and ((. 'Will or tlffe{lirJn wlJic/J is Itot equal, nor alwaies alik$. And bereupolt it is, th'lt Plato verily nuributetb unto the Olympilll! aid cclcJfial g.ods, al! that which is dexterous and odde: bu: UJlto tlJC Genij,what[aever is finiJ1:er and euen, And x.wocrates holrietb, th.lt tho[e daies which be unluckje and di[/Jllll, thofe fellivul [0- lemniues li~wire, which h;we any beatittgs or ~lOckJI1[ and thumping of brea(r, or fajri1zg, or otherwi[e any clirFr} [perches ani filthJ! words, are not meet for the honour and wor(hip either of gods or of goad Genii: but he [uppo[eth that there be in the aire Izboljt liS, cert,ri'l natures grr»: and puiffaltt; howbeit, (1Jfwecl, maliciuus alid unrocillbl{'~ w'Jich tak! [0 me pleafuy'e in [lich l1Mttm: and. wlJelI tbcy have o;tllimd md ([,otteu [0 much to be' done for their (d~e., they go about no farther mi(chief, nor lV.lit a1~V _(7.n·pwdc'r turnes : lvhere.15 contfilri~ife, botl: Heliodus c allesb the pure ,lIId holy Genii, rlcb al[o M be tbe good al!g~!s uJl(~ I\,cepers of men : See the Harmony of ih: world.

Givers of wealth and opulence, as whom This regal gift and honour doth become.

And Plato af[o tcrnHl] this hJ;td of Genii or mt.~cls Mel'curiall , tb st 11 to [.lY, fxpry0tollrs or interpvetcrs, Ilnd miniicrial ; havill,i!, a mirldfc nature betwren i!ods and men, who .15 mdil1to'!rs~ pri'r itt the prJ1)'<'Y5 Iwd fift itions of men here unto tbe gods in beaus«; 11IId from thence trlll!(mit and cmtvey unto m upon earth, th~ oraef,s 111:d rcu-Iations '}fhiddm aml future thing., as aIr!) their d .nt tions of good, and. riches. As for Empedocles , b: (zitfJ, fbIt tl3ft:

Genii or Eiewls; are p:miI1]~d and torm;'nted [or their Jin> and offences which thry b.t;e committc.i, ,;5 mi!y appe.1Y fy tbe[: ";11J~r[es ;

C 2


The Preface.

The Preface.

fed for their vtrtue into gods liJ?t; M afterwards were H.C 1- cules and Bacchus, who in regard there'!, fwd not Wlt/)·

out reaJon, bave honours decreed for them both of gods,aHd afro of D.emo1U intlrmingled together, liS thor" wbo in a!! places were puiffaHt, but moft powerful both upon and. alfo under theEarth.For they {a.y that"arapis is 1tOthing el{e bll~ PIma and Beata the daughter o!Pro(erpina, as A rc~emachus of Hubeea, and Heraclitus of Pont us t'1t1fie; aHd he thinkttb that rie oracle in the: cit» Cano\)\l;';, is that offather Dill or Pluto Kiltg Pto\e;;,xilS [UYilllm,rl Soter, that isto fay, {aviour, c.w{t'd t');ltlJU,~e Ilawe &r colo.~ of PIll to, which 19M in the ci~Y SitlO11e, to hi! t,rl:.:'lt from thence, nor k__nowing, nor having (em before of wf.,at form and Jhape it 19M, but only tb«: ,M be drellmul he thoughr,thar he Jaw Sarapis,comm;mdi1Ig bhn with,zl !pml pofJible to tranfport him into AleKandria. N0W tlsc kjne-. 'not ,<-nowing where thu ftatue W.ff, nor wbere fO findc it, in thiuloubtful perplexity related his viJio;l aforef.lid unto hu friends about hi)", and chanced to meet with Gm SO!lbius a great traveUer and It 1)1an who l)ad been in mllH.y places, and he [aid that in. the city of Sinope he l)ad {mt {uch It {tatue, ~ the Kin~ dr[cribed unto tbem. Whereupo" P[Olem~lls rent Soreles and D~onyllus) who i" long time, and with e,rMt travel, and Hot withertt the t'(pecial grace of tbe divine providence, .110ft' aw.l) the {air! Colors aHd brought it witb them: Now whe1f it '19M co.ne to Alexandria and there [em, Tnnot heus the .C!.n'ilt Cor~ ",~grapher and Antiquar:y, and Manoth ron ~f t!.1e rro~mce Sebennitis, gueffid it ~V ,11.' COllier,IIn'1 ta be tl.1e tmag« of PhI to, and namely by Cer I -erus II,." bel- rio.!. aJlll the ~ragon about him, pet[wadinl. tbe ltJ11g tbm it could le the tmage of no other god but oJSarapi~. For it (,mJ,' n~r from tbenc« ~itb that name; but beiiu; br oucb: into /\.-

l~"Kandria, it tool!._tbe name Sarari" ly which tbe ./r:r strums do name Pluto. And )'ct Heraclitus 1'cri!" f/·r. NItilYaii!f



For why? the power of aire and skie, did to the Sea them chace :

The fea them caft np, of the earth, even to the outward face:

The earth rhern fends unto the beams,

ofnever.tyred Sun,

The Sun to "ire, whence firO: they came, doth fling them down anon:

Thus polled to aud fro, twixt leas beneath, and heav'ns above, Frorllolle they (0 another pafs :

not one yet doth them love.

umil [ucb tii1~e.H being thtu in tbiJ Aireal- vehicle chaflifed mtd clm["d,tl.f) reCover again tha: place, eJfate and degree wl)iclJ iJ meet for them, awl according to their nature:

Read the: tirll: and fecond Book of the Hltrmony of the lYorld. 1b:F thinv.,s and rue/) likt for sl! tbe world they .1), are ref'ortcd ofHyte, whQ Upolt envy and malice CO '11- -mitred »WIJ outrages; and h.1t'in:!, thU5 made (1. tl'07l!!e t1Ild Cu11f/ljio~t iJtldl thi1t,~s J filled [e« and l lind with 'W)f"u! calamities and wfaies, but n'.'$ puniJhed for it he the end For Beata tfJe wife and filler oFEu£:enins in

1 e",'JI_l'..C ,J!,rg,ucd kim ill extin;!.lIi_(hin,2:, I1nd I eprefJiit'l, his fllry aiu] Y!lgC, and yrt 1tr:{',!died !lot .p:e the travels and t== of her own,wiJicb.fl.>e .endured, ber trudgin ; alfo and lv.Tlld;il1'l. to (/wl [ro: nor man) (.ther a[;s of great wi(domc ,ud pr&we{s,[I'jfaerl{hcro beturicrl in jilenct: and obliviun ~ but il1{toing, the flllli; among; the 1111(1: 'Joly cercmonios of flfri{ias, ,IS rx.11l1ples, im.1f,es, Telefmes, memorials and:

Y([.'1111/';nces of the accidents haP}~inl!, it! thore times, Jhe con(.'crlltt'rillll m{i~itemei!t, ;lI(rru[iio1t and conrolation of pir:rv ill!il. devo!lt )'Iligion to god ward, as well for mm .11 "'0111<11 ajJliEied with mifc'ries. R), rea[on whereof Jhe Illld lJL'r hUll.o:,[ T heodidafius of good Genii rnrc f(ll11fmllt~


__ .- . --------------------~

Naturalijt [aitb, that Hads, lInd Dronilis, that u to [ay, Pluto and Bacchus, be theJame. Alzd in truth when tbey are di{pofod to play the foul; and be mad, they are carried a::;ay to tbi« opinion. For they who fuppo[t! that Hads, tlJat 15 to ['I}, Pluto, is [aid to be the body and II> it were tbe {eplI[cber of the {r)III, as if it [eemed to be fooli_(h and. dY1mk..rn all tbe while (he is within it, me tlJin/zs tbey (10 aUeg,oYlze but very baldly. And better it were yet to brm ; Eugenius, Theodida£'cus, and Bacchus togethec; yell and to reconcile Sarapis wtto Eug::nins, in faJing that n(tcr he b,!t') chlt.zged his nature, be became to have thi:; dmomiilfrtion. I nd therefore this tunne Sara pis is com:man to all, as they k!zow very well, who are profe§ed in the [-tcred religion of Ellgenius. For we ought not to give eare (md credit to the book"s and writings of tbe Phrygians, wbereil4 we fid, that there WII> one Char<'pos the daughter of Hercules, and that of lfaiacus It [on of Hercules 'JN$ f1fgmdred Hyle: neither yet to makt account ofPhylarchn:. who writeth, tlJat Bacchus 19,15 tlJi: jirjt, who .from tbe ]Ildiam tlrave two becfes, wllereof the one WII> aamed. Apis, mtd tlJl? other Opis . 'Ibn: Sarapis is the proper nam« of him who ruletli arul embelifheth the univerjal world, {!ltd is derived of tile word Sairein, which (ome [ay, fif!.l1ifietf., ,15 much ,11 to beautifie and ado me. for there be nb[urd foies delivered by Ph'llarchu~; but more m01t/frotu and {i.'n{..[?(s are their abfurdities who write, that Sarapis 2S ItO god, but that it is tbe Coffiit or ["pulch&r of I-\pis that is fo called; as aE(o that ibere be certain two leaved bra[en )?:atfsiit Mefilphi~, bellrinr .. the names of Lethe and, 0- cvrus, th'lt il to (<l.Y, oblivion i1izd wailiu[!:, which being [e.t 'pen wllm thry enter Imd bury Apis, itt the openin[!: ma~ a .C!;reat (?'Jwi and rude noife : which is the cau[e that we la» IMild upon e1lc'y copper or brafoiz vfJJel whm it re[ound"th(o, to (fay tlJ~ noire time/f. 1 et is there more apparellce of truth and rcafon in tl.;fit opilliw) wbo hold tha: it WIU


The Pre! ace.

dmwd at theft uerbs CTWi~ ;lid CT~~, W'Jich fignifietb to move, as bein~ that ,",bicb mover/J tbe whole Jrame of I he 'World. "[he prif/ts of tbe '1I0lt part ho/J, that Sara\Jis iJ

a word compo,mdt:d of Opis and Api! t{:g_etber, gjvill~ Ihif expo/ilion witball, alld teacbiil;' tIJ, IIJat we oug;bt to be/ie"Je f\pis 10 be all elegant j,llilf';e of tbe foul of Opis.

For mine own p<trt, if Sarapis be all JEgyptian nJme, l fUPI'0J'! rather that it betokmctb joy and rnirrb: All/ I groUlzd my c01Jje8ure UpUIl Iby, tbat the .lE~yptians ordinarilv Cl10 rte frajl of JOY and gladni:jJt' termed amoll& tllC Athenians Ch;,nno['i0a, by tbe name of S.1irci. For Plato him!elf {aitb, th.l! HJ.iB w/;icIJ {t~Ilifit'th Pillto,be-

ill!!. the (on o!'EIJ'a;, rf.'at is to (ay, oj ~Jltmef~{fluITe, hoflour a7ld TtVeremT, is It milde and gr,lciour !,-ud 10 t}.'O!~ who

are toward him. A1fd wry true it is, thltt ill tI.,(, JE".yprians langua)!.e, mltrly otbrr proper 'lames arc' fig71ificant and carry tbrir rtilfim witbtbem': as Ilamely tb,lt illfemal place under th~ eartb, 11110 wbid) tbey imagine tb« f oules

of tlJe dead do de (cend afrer tbe» be dep,1r::,d; tbey c,z[} Amenthes, which term 11 (1$ t.u.:b t I I.IY, as t ak.i7/~ and r_i'lJinl!:;bu~ whetber Ihis word be one o(thofe, wbi"'h in old time came()utojGrecceandwere tranjportedtbitlJer, we wiU eon(tder and difcuJJe better hereafter; Nuw for this prefefl!~ let us pro(ecute tbat which remilineth of tbif opiniorllloW ilz hand. For Eu!!cniu5 and Beata vf !,-ood D.em~rlS were tr_anj1ated into t he 'lumber of tbe r,ods: And as for the pui fJance o(Hyle opprefJt'd and quelled, h)"f;!beit; parltiT1~ as ypt

at rle laft ga!p, alld Jlrivillg as it wm' wiib the pait;?;S of deatQ, rfJey baue certai1! ceremonies and (,rcri(ices, to p,lcify and appeafe- Olber fe!llts alja tbere ::e a~.<1iTI 011 tlic COlItrary fide wherein tbey in)ult over tim, dlbJ Fe and defame him what they can: 111 fo much, as meTl of a ruddy eolcltr they t1erid~ and ma~e of them a lalli!,liing-fioCv>: Arid as fir ~he inhabitllnts of CoptO~, they "Je at a cert,lilt feait to throw lIit Affe ~elt)IQng dow" from the pitdJ of a11 bigh rock,


The Preface.

ImauJe Hylc W<1$ rN.dd, alld oJa r~d AUcHo}our. Too Bllfiritants aTld Lycopolitcs forbear to [ound any trum,ttl, b"cau(e taty ref~m~lt the br.JY ing of an tIJF: and generall; the, ta~e an Alfc fo be an unclean beap and demouicall, tor tbe refemiJ[alJce in 'Jielll tba: it hatb with him: and wbf7:1 the, mak,: certain ca~es ill tbeir facrifiw of I he monetbr; Payni and Ph aophi, they wflr~ thtm ill P1iftry With the print upon them of a1f. Aj]i: bound. Al{u in their folenlll facrifict to tbe SUIJ, they command as ':Ian} a; wi!) be there to wor(bip that god, not to wear aHJ btoocbe« (lr jewels ~[goIJ about their bodies, nor to J!ive any meat or provender unto an AjJe w.?/Jt need {oever he baue tbere~f. It leemetQ alf;, that the Pythagoriaru thelnfe1fJes were of (). ,i";Oll, tbat Hyle was [orne Fiend or Demonicall po'R'er ~ for tbty fay that Hyle was borne in the euet» numbe« of fi>: and fifty: again) i:lJat tbe triiHt:;_,ular number Or figure, is the puijfi1.rl~e of Pluto, B.tcclhl8 arid Mars: of the qilad,r(Jrjgle, inh, power of Rbca, V cnus, Ceres, Vefta, and J u~1O: 1hat of Iwelve Angels bdongcth to the ni)!;bt of Jupiter: but that of fifty fi~ A1t"-.el is the force of Hy'r, ItS EUa doxus batb left in Wrtti11!,. But the JEgyptians !up?Ofi';g t~at Hy~c waJ of a Reddijb colour, doe kill for facrifice Unto hUll, Kine and O~P.Jt of the fame colour, obrervin~ withall Jo pm; [ely, that if they bave but one haire b1acl{ or whil r, they be 11(,11 f~"rificeab!e: for they think., fu:b (acrifices not ilcc'ptable, but ci)ntrar~'IlIife diffilea(ant unto thl! gods, imaf,ilti'lg they be the bodies wlJicb have received the Joules ~f lewd and wicktd per{uns,tr arzsformd into otbe: creatures. .Ar,d therefore afrer tbey have cur/cd tbe head of Juch a {a("fice, Ih!) cut it off and caft it irlto the river)at leaft JPaies iJJ old time: but ''VIP tbey giue i~ UI!~O jtrane;er.. Bur tbe Ox whicb th'y mean fa Jacri(ice indeed, Ih! Pri·fts call~d Sphragiftre, tb4t iJ ~o fay, the [eiders, . come a11d mar~ it With tbeir Jeal, wh.ir:b as Ca\tor wriletiJ, was tbe image of it. man \rJeelm_g, wil!J his barljls draw_n back.. alld bound be.. . b~~

The Preface.

binde him, andbavi_g 4 Sword Jet to hi. tfJrolft: Semblebly tbey ule tbe name or an AfJe alfa) as h:Jlh been laid, for his uncivill rudeneffe And infolenc" no leffe than i" regard ofbiscolouT, wherein he refmlbletb Hylc; a"d therefore tb: £gypdaos gave "mO Ochus a Ki'ig of tbe Perfians wbom r bey hated above all otbers as ",oft C~T fcd a~d abomi"able, the firname of Affe: Wb~reof OChU8 bem/{ advertired lind faying withall; this AfJe (hall deuour« )OMr O~; caured prefintly their beef Apis to be k,illed and Jacrificed, al Dinon hath left in writing. As for tbofe who fay, tbat Hylc afler he had lolt the field,fled fix daye« journey u,on anAffe'. baclt, and having by tbts means t[captd, 6cgar two fom, Hierofolymus and Juda:us; Evident it il herein that the~ YDould draw the (fory of the Jews intc this. And thus mUCD of ib, allegoricall conje{1ures whi,'h thil d,tb afford. Bilt now from another head, let u. (of thole who are able to di{cour[e fomf!what Philofllpbycally and with re~fon) confider ftrft lind formo/f.frlch as deal ",oll fimply in this ~ebalf. Arid thefe be tbe, that Jay, lik.! il' thl! Greeks allegow::.e Ih"t Saturn is time, Juno the aire, and ,be generatioll of Vulcan,i. the tr4n[mulatilJ1Hf aire into fire. even {o they ,t;jv~ cur that by Eu~cnlu8 or Nature, wbo Iytrb and ~Ct'l1etb company wiff; Beata; thl1t is to fay, tbe tarth: That Hy1c ;1 tbe fia, into which NUllA faUing IJrJjetlJ bimfolf, "'Id is cifperfed bete and tberr, unleJTe it be that porti.m rV!!reof, wbich tbe eartb recejvetb and wbereby it jJ made f:rtill. And IIpon thniver Nilus there;1 a Jacred lament ation, tven fr9M the da}'fs of Saturn: wcerein tbet» is lamenting, how Nihil! (pringin~ and growirlg on the lcft JMild, dec« ... t!tb and is loft on therig6t : For tbe ..-Egyptians do tbi"~ • ,hal tbe tan pam where the dilY appBllr,rb, be t,'~~ [orefoullr 4nd face of rhe wfiy}d, thai the North part is tbe right halld (md ,be South part tbe left. Thu Nilw tberefore, arifing 0" tbe left hand. and loft in tbe fea on the right hand, is Jaid tru1l to h"ve bis iiOb Q,1id generatioN in th~ left fid" . hI

but his death aTid corruption in (be rzgbt. Aud tbis is the reafon why tlJe I'rielts of j£~yPt have the fea in abomlna. . tioll, alld ter'!' fait the fome and froth of Hylc. And am'rlg tho{e thmgs which are interdicted andJorbidden tbis is one, that r,o faIt be u~ ed at tbe. boord; by rea/oe wbtreof

. t~~y n.tv~r flllufe any pIlots or fallers, for that they keep ordmaTlly m t~, (ea, and get their living by it. This alfo;, olie 01 the pnnc,pal caufes, wh-y they abhoT fi(hes; in fuch fort as when th~y ",ould de[cribe hatred, tbey draw or pur tray a tip): llk.e al In the ~mh before the temple of Mincrva T?itbin the cily Sai, there W.:1s purtra)ed and engraven, an znJant, an old man;after them a Falcon er fome (uch HilU~, arl~ clofe thereto a fi(b, and la/f o( aU a river· hor Je: which Hrerogiypbicks,doe [ymboJiz:.e and fignifie thus much in effel1: o all yea thaI come iRto the 'World and go out fJf it: God hateth (bameleffe inju/fice. For by tho hau~e taey underftand God, by the fifh hatred, and 1,1 the river-horje impudent violence and vilany, becauJe it is {aid that he ~ilJeth his father arid after that, forceth his own mother and covmth her. An~Jf",blabIY i! (bouldfeem, that tbelaYing of tbe Pytha, gonans, wbo gzve out, that tbe Sea is a lear of Saturn, untier covert words do mean, tbat it is impure and unfiean. 7bus hav,: I btt'~ willing by tue way to al/edge rhut much, aJtbou;;h H b~ wzthout the train of our defign becaufe they JaIl Wilhill the compaDe of a vulgar and comm~n received hi. ftory. But to retUT1l to our matter: tbe prie(fs as man) as b~ of the Wiler arid more learned fort, underftand by Eugc. rnus , not ouly tbe river Nihis, aud by Hylc the Jea: bur ai(o by tbe former, they figrlifte ill (me word and fimply, all ~ert.lle and pDwer that productth 'J41oif1ure and wafer, tak._uzg it to. be the material c4u{e 01 generation, alld the mlf UTe f,f1Ieratzve oj feed: andby Hyle thfy repre/entall deficca'we ~erlue, all brat of fire ill1d drineffe, as ,be very thing ~b~t IS fully ~~pofite ~nd adverfe 10 humidity: and bere~pon • t IS) tba: tlU) holdH ylc to be red of haire, and of skjrJyeZ-

l~w •

The Preface.

i~~ ;--;;~dby the {ltmereaJc.'Ij they wiUing!y would not ('11- c~uraer or meet upon the way men of tba: biew, '10 nor 11:lig,bt t I) ;p 'a~ urlta Jucb Contrari'lli{e tim [ei!!.'l Eugenius to be 01 a black colfJUT,becau(e aO water ,cartfetb the eartb; clothes alld clowds to appear black. with whicb it is mi7Jfltd. Ai/II I he moifittre that is in )'oun~ fol~ mak,ftb 'heir haire bIJc~; but ?,Tifld hoa-itlefre, wbicb (femet/) to be a pak ~ellorll, cometh by rew/on of fiecity unto tbofe wbo bep.afi their ft~wtr,and 110W iii rh. iT declini'lg age: alfo tbe Sprmg, time is green, fre{b,l'leafant and generative: bu.t tbe /att er Jea{oTJ of AUllImlle, Jar wal1t of moifiure, i. an enemy to

plants, and breed>:,h di{ea(es in man and beaJf.. .

"[0 f(>ea~ alfo of 'bat Ox or Beef named Mcnc'm) wInch u lzef't and Ilourifbed ill Gdh,·n at tbe commol~ charges oj .the City, con(ecrated Wlto Eugenius, and WblCb fome lay, ~as the Sire of Apis; blac~ be is of bsite; and hOrlourl'd in a {econd d· gree after Apls. Mareover, the 'R'hol~ Jand of JEt!;¥pt if of all others e~ctedillg blJc~, ,fucb.a black I mean, as that is of tbe eye; w.bicb tbey call Chemiah, aNd tbtJ li/z:1l ir to b!! the Heart; fOT hot Itnd nlQi(t it is, and euclilleth to the left cwd South parrl of tbe eartfJ, W~e {H fbe heart lietb m';Il' to tbe left fide r,f a marl. llJ 'Y affirm/! alfJ, that tbe [un arId Mool! are Hot mounted upon cbariots, but wirbilJ bllrdges or bOil'; continuall» do move and faile as it were round absu: fhe world; givill!!. tIS !bereby c~verfly to undeJUand, t!'at tbe_\! be bred and Jlcllrl(JJcd by InGiffure. Furthermore, they tl)in~, that Homer (iike It> Tnales alfo) leim; taught out of t!Je jEgYrtian~ /raruint;', dQth hold alJd fet do~rl this pcfi:ion; 'Ib a: u:ater is tbe Element and pri1lcipJe tbat filgeudrt:th af) I !J1tl,~S : f(!f rl'f"oj fay) that Eu~cniu8 iJ the Ocean, and Beat:). Tethy', ilJ oue would jay, thp nur (e that Juck,:th and fcede: h the whal.: ,!orld. For the GT·',kJ ca 11 tbe ej Afu!ari,!! or carinI!, forlb (if natura! [eed. Ao;"T~O"ic:t, like as the CIJI}lwCtir.n (If male IJnd female !:,:JJ~Q'Ic:t; lik,twife I.jl~> ) Jrhich ill Gretl~{re:.ni ..

. fir If)

ft~lb 4 Jon, ,s derived ot tbe word uJ'(4IP, tbar is tt) fay, wlltt!r, and ';~11.1 uetok!nrth alfo Iii rain. Moreover, Barzabel tbey {umarne Hyes, as one would fay, the lord and flder oft be rnoi(f nat ure; and he ; s no other t"an Mercury. F,mherrnore, whereas JIIe pronounct! his name Eugenlus, putterb it down Eugenius Theodidaaul, !ayirJg, thar be heard the very priejt. fhem(,["es of JEgyPt '0 prOTJounce i.

.(u. And thUI veril1 cillleth he the ,aid god in eve,y place,

not .. ithout good (bew of rcaJon, hllving Tfgard unto his na-

ture and invention. But that Eugmius is the Jam, god, 'JIIUO (bould in all rea/on better ~now tban your jtlf,conjider. ing that in the ci ty of Del phi you are f he mi{tre JJe IZnd la-

d, PriorefJe, al it wIre of 'he religi.u. "Thjans, and from ,"Nr infancy lI.ve &een a votary and Nun confecrllted lAy JONr f,ther and mother to the (erIJ;ce of Eugentue- But if in rtgard.f otbers, we mujt all,dge ft'ftimonies,let Us not med-

dl, witb their hidden feeret'; howbeit, tbat ",hicb the pritfls dQ in publidt wben the inter Api$, having brought

ai. Ctir,s in 11 boat or punt, differtrb Not at aU from the certmon~es of Baccus r for clad 'ht)' be in (lngs skjnl, the, cam }llvelinl iu their hands, .bey k"etp a loud crJing, and f1]a~i"g of their bodies very u"quietly, mucb after the man-

ntr oj thoft' who are tranfported With fbI!! !i1IJatica!land fa. cred fancy or Bacchus. And .. hat reaJon elfe {beuld tbere

be, tbat many narions of Greece pourfrlly fhe ftatue of Bacchus wit/J a bull head~ and the damel among tbe Elians

in their prayers and invoca,ioru do caO WHo him, beJteching this ,pd to comt unto them witb bis Buls foot? yea lind the Argive! cOl1lmonly (Ilrname Bacchus, Bugenes)whicb ;s al mucb to fay, aJ the fon 01 a Cow, orengelldred by dull: and that wbich. mote is, rhpy invocate and call upon &lim out

'f t IJe lIlater with found of trumpet.l,ctt[ling into a Jeep gulfe, tI lambe, 0.1 to tbe Portier, under the nameof PyJaochos. -Ibeir tru~p~ts they bide within their j4v,lins,called Thyrti, IIccordzng as Socrates f;at& writteTi in his foo~1 ()f f~cm' .


The Preface.

~l1ionies. Moreoveer, the Titanical atts, and. tba.t '1Phol~, elf tier and {acred night, accord With that. whzch IS "eported as touching the d;{nmnbrmg ofE.ugelllus, and

tile rrfurreaion or reno':Jation of his life: In ill{; ",a~er, tbg[e matterJ which concern his burial. For t?e lEgyptMns jliew in many places the fepulchres ofEllgen1\~S: and the De!phian~ thinJt, they have the bones and retlques ofBac-

h s among them interred and beJlowed neet Intto the ora~le~ and his religious prieJt celebrtlte unto him a [ecret [acrifice within the temple of Apollo, when the Thyades who are the Prie{fre§es be;.in .to c~atmt the (Qnn:t [One of

.'; thefurnam('s of Bacchus.] Ltcllltes. Now that tbe GreekJ are of opinioll, that Bacchus is tlJe lord andgovernour? no~ of wine liquor only, but alfo of every ?ther natH.re wh:~h VI moi./r and liquid, the tejtimony efP1l1darus u[uffi"mtf,

wben he faith thus: Bacchus

Taking the charge of trees that groW, Doth caufe them for to bUd and blow:

The verdure frefh and beauty pure Oflove1y fruits he doth procure.

And therefort it ii, tbat ~I)u[e wfJO ["rve aId wor(1.)ip Ellgenius are !frtigbtly forbtddm and clJarr,ed, not to deJ~roy any fruitful tree. lItor to .Itap flu bead of ail) Fouilt~me. And not only the river Ni\us, but all wafer .md m01.l!ure what[oever in general, they call the effiuence of Ell gemu~ : by rea[on whereof, be.fm their [ilcrifice~ they carry alwat~> in proceJIiolf a pot or pitcher of water, lit honout of the [aId

g9d. 'd' l

They de[cribe affo a kin~ and the S outher~ or mm lana

climai of the world, by a fig-tree I ear, w_hlch fi,'l.-leaf fig~ nifieth the imbi bition and motion of all thmgs ; and beJi~es, it (mlleth naturaUy to re[emble the member ofg:.e~eratt~n. AI{o)wbm they ro!em~_iz.~ the fellJl calle~ paIllyhtla)W;C:S

was iltJfitutD.rl in the honour of Priapus, they [hew and carry about m proceffion an image or flatue the genital me.mber wher~of,. is thrice as bigg as the o;dinarJ: for tbis go~ of.them 1> the beginning of all thin}!.s; and ever fuch prmclple, by generation ",ultiplieth it felf. Now ;; arfit w.ont moreover to {try, '[brice, for many times; to 'Wi/

If. nite number for all infinite; as when we ufe th~ worl Tucrf.'lt~ctp~~, that is to (ay, Thrice happy for moll: happ/ and Three bonds, for infinite; unle(l Peradventure th'~

fc,ern:rJ of thr~e(old number was expre[lj and properly ch;. e~ 'J .our anctents, For the nature of tlHi{ture bein!, the prnlCtpal that engendreth tfU things, from the ~elTiimin hath mge~red thefe three elements o: primititJ; bodief,

Ear~h, Aire and Fire, For that branch which is fet unto !OWtt, t~lltTyphonfiung the f!.enital member ofEur:eniu~ m ~ e RIVer, that Beata clmld not find it, but cauyd one t9 e made to ~efemble it, and whet (h~ W.15 provided

there~f '. ordained. aJilt it (hould be honourei and. earned lit a fole~ne pomp~ ; tendeth to this, [o to teach us that the .I!,emratlve and produfJive uertue of (!,ori, had moi~ jl:llre.a~ t,he firl/: fo: the m~tter, and by the me~ans of tbe faid hll11udlt/, W.I~ !1Z!xed with thofe things that were apt for

aencration A 'otl,or brar cb tbere i .

l"> .'. n: '. IZ ere IS yet) ,(!,owm.1, to this

namdy, that one Apopis brotber to the Sun, warred a: ga;"/f Kedernel ~ t~at Eugellius aid~d K~deme\ awl hhe, pedo" b!md tbo ~er~lt 1m enemy; in ree_arri of which merit

t' a ptc tn c b' r, J .

• I tor IS Jon, ana named. him Dion ,[us

tb~~ utoli,y, Pacchus. N9wthe Mutho!oo of this) as i~ ev; entfy appraretlJ., accordetb covertly, with the tr~lth of l\J(l.t1Ire: (or t~~ .lE::yptians ctrY the soin-lc Jupiter, unto "'!hfchnotbmz. If more contrary, than {iccity and. that wbicb ISfYY.: and that is mt the Sun; althourh (ome con(anrrui ..

NIh, It hatb unto it· b t 'Il " . ' . ...

h.J . • u mot ure com'nmg tIJ extmrrui(h

t e extremuv of tf• t J • ,n I". • .'" '

"J I;'.~ nrme)5~ J orttfieth awl a11(!,ment.

tfh thofe vaform, whic!" 1Zourijh tb« wind nna htep i~

it"in force. Moreover, the Gree/:Jcon[ecrate the Ivy unto Bacchus, and the fa,),e is lzdmed I!",ong the !Egyp:ians, Cbenofiris, which word, (as they fay) Jigmfieth In the j£gyptian tongue, the pllmt of Eugenius: at lealt wife Antl:on who enrolled a colony of the AflJeniam, affinneth that the light upo" an Epiltle of Anaxarchus, wherein he found iI5 much; as alfo, that Bacchus was the fon of (f. water nymph, Naias. Otber .iEg,yptians al[o there be, wbo hold that Bacchus was the fon of Beata, and tbtu: he was n;t called Mercury~ but Arfaphes, in the leuer Alpha, which word fignifieth prowefl or 'V.alo~r. ,And thus much giveth Herma:us to underll:and, in hiS fi~lt bw~ of .iEgyptian afJs; where he faith afro that Eugenius by interpretation, is as much, as [ tCvp.@-] frout er mighty. Here I forbear to aUedge Menafas, who referretb (l1ul a[cribeth UlttO Epaphus, Bacchus, Engenius, and <atapis. I overpa[s Antic\ides li1<fwife, who affirmetb, that Beata was the daughter of Promethem, awd. married unto Bacchus. For the ver:Y p,lrticular properties r1Jat we hav~ faid were in tbeir fc'fl/tS and fllcrifocfS, yclrl a mcre cleer evidmce pnd proof, than =» alle.(!,atiolls of wit- 11eIfelwhatfoever. Alfo tbe_y 1)0101, that a»Jung the Jlars, tlg do,Zf!. or "irills was conJeerate unto Beata) t~ew')i.ch Itar draweth the water. Alld riley honour tbe Von, With "whof"he'lds, and. hauin: tb» ";outbgaping an.l wide open. they adome the dores a;ld gates oj tlgir temples, jor ti."zr.

the river Nilus rife!b

{So (oon as in the circle Zodiack,

G. eSt· The Sun and Leo figne, encounter make.

And iI5 they botb bold and afJirme. Ni\ us, to be the pffll'ntce of Eugenius; even [0 they are of opinion, that the b,0rl~ .of Beata is the earth or land of 1£!;ypt; mld~,et 1:ot ~lV oJ It, but fo much as Nilus overfioweth, and 1'5 com "lxt/on ';>11/1,,~rh fertile pna fntitful: of wbich~'.conjunfiion, thry [,1.",

. that

tlJarOrus was engendred, which is not~c' fC1Hperature and di[poJition of the aire; wmrijhing aHd maintaining ali things. '1heyfayal[o, that this Oms was nourijhed within the Mores neer unto the City Burus, ly the goddefs Larena : for that the earth bei1t;!, well drenched and watered, bringeth forth and 1tDurijheth vapour5, which overcome, extinguijh, and reprefI (Hothingfo much) great ficcity and drynefs. Furthermore, they call the marches i11zd borders of the land, the confines alfo of the coaffs 'Which touch the ~'a, Nephthys , and this is the reafon why thty name Nephthys, Teleucza, that is to [ay,jinal sr (aff; and fay that fhe was msrtied mito Typhon. And when Nilus breaktth out and ouertunetb his ban~s, [0, as he approachetb theft borders, this they cal! the unlawful Con.1l1ntJiun or adultery of Eugenius, Nephth yr:, the which is "'-nown bycertain plants grow;,!!!. there, a11tong which is the Melitot : by the [eed whereof, [aith the t ale; when it was fl,ej and lift behinde, began Hyle to perceive tbe '¥Prost. thatwilsdone unto him in his mariilf,r. Andhereuponrhey (.,y, that Oms was the legitimate [on of Iris, but Anubis was bonze b)1 Nepl.rhvs in baflardy• And verily in thti f!cceJJion of kjngs tb:y record Nephrhys married unto H .Ie, to hllli/! been at /irjt barren, Now if tbis be not meant of a woman, but of a gadde[s, thtJ u;zd~rft.wd under thefe .t1:!i(rfHllticl1! (peech·s, a l and. fl!r9~ether barren and 'iii Fruitful, by rearO}1 of harrlne{s and !fifo {o!iriit_y. flh.: ~\'ift/!. iii wilit ,I Hyle to (tlrpri(e Eugenius, his uiurped. rille lind tyr.am~v, is Hothing e[[e but tbe force of driHr.[s, whic:h W,15 V~'):y mii!hty, wJJich diJIipated a/fo and. [pent all thllt bllllliiity tbllt botb ellger:dretb and affo eltcr~aF~h Nillls to tbt bei~htb As for t~at ~een of 1£rhiopa, who c ame to aut and affilt hun, jJ:e bctoktlUtb the SourberlHPi1zds commi1w, from lEthiopia: (or whm there have the upper hand of the EteJi.lIt windes; whieb blo"; from the North, and dri7,·c the clouds into l£thiopiJ, (tlt.l

. _._._ {~

To hinders thofe Jhowers and gluts.of seine which powre out oftbedouds, {l"ilnia~the river Nilus fofwd: iben HyJe that is to faj, drouth, is [aid to wilt t he better, lind to bum up all; tmd [0 hailin~ gotten the 11lIljt~rJ' clea« ~f Nilus, who by ·rtafon of -hiS weak.!tefs and feeblemJ';, is driven in, I1Hil forced to retire a cOHtrary way, be cbaret!;, him, poor and low into the {ea. For whereM it is rai~,that Eugenius was ]hut faJt within an ark.,or coffer, there is 110 other thingJignifittl thflreby, but this departure baclto! the water and tbehidinf!, thereof wi thin tbe fea: wbicb is tbe caufe alfo..,tbtit thry fay, Eugenius tpent out of fight, in the ,"~ifeth Arhyr, and iPas no more [em ; at what time as whm all the Erejian windes arc laid lind ghlw over to blow, Nilus retumnb into his chanel!, !ea'Vi1tg the laud difcovcred. and hare. And new by this time as the nighr groweth l014ger, the dar~ze{s eucretifetb, lj~ as the force gfthe ligbt dothdiJtiini{h and is impaired: and then the priefts among many other ceremaniee; teflifying their [d .. nefs and heavie cbeere; hring forth 411d jlJew a beef r;itb golden harnes, whom they coVer all oiler with a jiltC vaile of black"filk,}hereby to reprefent the beav_y dole and mourning of the ,"odde[s for Eugenius : (for thus .they .thiilJz, that the [aid beef is the image of Eugenius . and the tleJfmeut of blact{,afore[aid, tCltifying the earth, dotb fig. nifie Beata) and this }hew exhibit they four uies tog(tber, to wit, fram the foventh Ilnto tbe tenth Jo!Jowi;t{{ : Altd "hy ~ Faure things there be for which they mak! demonlh:ationofgri!fltnd [orrow: tbe jir{f is tb~ river Nilus, for tbat he ft:e1'1tetb to retire and failc:: the (econd are the

North-windes, which no", are hl/fbt ana ltill, by Uaroll of tIJe Sout"",, winds; that gaine tlJe majtric over tbem ; tbe tbirt! is the dlty, for that now it waxer;' {horter than the nigbt: and laft of aU, ib~ dl{coverilZg ad nak,rdnefs of the tltrth, togetber'J#;th the deve/filli.; of thrw,wbich at. !h.\ !:rJ r~",c !~~ ~:gilJ. ~o jfJed :n~ lof~ !~ei~ 1~~1:e~. Af~r

~l 1'11;,

fhe erefOlCe.


"ibis, l!p01t tbe ninicentb dR.y at night, ~he) ~o down to the

rea fide, and then the pricJfs. reveJied in their [acred Stoles ant habit>, carrie forth wzth them, a C01![ecYllted cheft, w/J,reiiZ there is a 1!e§ell of gold, into which they tllk..! and powre frc.fh and pot.l-blc water; lind with tb~t, Ill! thofe who are pre[eJtt, [d tiP a note and .fhout, as ~f tb~y baa FIJHd Eugenius at!,Ilin : thm. they takt It piece of fatty ferrite earth, and togetlJerwHh t.he water, .k..nead and wor4_. it into a pilJle, 1Jli;>;li1g ~heTfWltb mOJ! ~rcczo.us odfJr~,

Jmfmves tlJtd [piCOt's, whm'ot they mal?,; It little t~Jage In forme of the Moon croiffIlJlt,. which they deC~wlth robes .rJ1d adorne; (l,CWiil;? tberc'by eVldrntly that they tak,r thefe

gcds to if tb~ r/(bJi:~nt:e of water and eartb, . .

'1 hilS wbcn l.ear a bold recouered Eugenius, "ourijhed Orus, ami brw,l',ht him up to fome growth, fo t.hat he 1f~ b"ca~l~e Ji rcn.([,thnt,d and fortified, l!J exh~lat101f, VlLp(/f"~, 'iitiJrs d;;d clauds, Hyle verily was -z:t1111ut{hed, huwbezt Hot {l.,i!1, fur that the gaddefs, whICh 1S the lady of the carib would not permit and ruffer, tbat the pO""ef or na. ture ':"hich is contrar» unto moijiure., jhoNld be utur!y a· l'oli(hd: OJzly {he did jlacktn and let down the uebemen: foY(e tbereoj; willing tl.ut this combat Imd Jirife (1)o~ld Jiill continue ; becau[e tb« world 'Would not have he~n entire t and perfea, if the nature of fire had been once extmlJ Iw1 gone, And if this !S0e not currant 11»Z01t7, them, ~be~e 1.S 110 rellfon a7!d probability. that ((I1Y. C1t: j1)ould projeCt thiS llffirtjron afro, 1111111e!y, that H}'le.tntzme~ plZjl crercnme Me p,lrt of Eugcnius . for that tn old. tnlfe, Eg.y~t was fea: ~'JHrcuIJC11 it is, that even at t.bzs day, ~lthm the

III nes wberein men dif, for 11lctta:~, )'('a, and amrmg tb« mount a incs; there ls iound. great fiore of iea fiP). Liktwif~, all tbe [cuntainrs; weNs and pits ( and. tho[e are maJ1.) In 1If!i>lber) carry a brackf{1:, [fllti{h, and bitter wa:er, as if [ome remnant cr refidue of tbe DId {ea 1l'ffe re.lt'Yved, ':#bich ran tbitker. I;1I! inprace[s of time, Orus (ltt!"led

n¥ fil





il Ii




The Preface.

Hyle tbat is to fay, when th~ feafoni1ble raine Ctl111(~ 1PhiCh tempeml the e,."(cejJi1)e heat, Nil~s ocpdled and drllve forth tb« [ea, difi:over~d the chllmpzo}t ground, a~d filled it continually mor« alld mor~ by new.deluges PHd inulUlations that laid {omfwhar jilll unto It. And hereof, the Jili/y :xp~riC1tce is pre[ented to our ties ~fcr WI? perceive even at tbi« day, that the overfiower and riJing of tbe nver ~ri1z~i·li!., new mud, and adding frefh earth ,Iii/I by Iinle a.nd-liuLle the [ea giveth place and. retitetb : and as the deep in it'is filled more find more, {o the fuperficies rifetb higher, &y the continual fhelves that the Nile clljfs lip; by which ",fan. tbefea rumteth back,w~rd : .le,t,tb.e very lfle Pha ros, which BO.mer .k..new by hIS dazes ~o Ih' [arr within tbr (ea, even It dales [ailing. [rom the continent a1td firme land ofEgvpr .. is1tow a 'Dery part thereof: not for that it removed and approac;~ed neerer and neerer to tland; but becau[e tbe fi!a fPbich 'Waf between, p-,ilve place tmto the river thlZt continullllv m(tde new earth with t1Jt' mud that it brorlgbt, and fO maintained «nd augmmtul t'e maine laNd. But thef! tbings re{etHbl6 _very mere, the "lhe%(!icall i1iterpretlltions that the StoickJ ;give out : for the) bold, that the ~ener~t~ve amJ, nut.ri~ivl! S~irit, is Bacchus; bta t/,at whIch Jrrzksth alta dzvldeth, IS Percules \ that which receioetb, is Ammon ; tlsat wbicb elJ",.ctb aJld piercetb into the e~rth) is Ceres and Preferpina; altd thilt which dotb penetrate fartber and pa~ thoro;p tbe (e:r, is Neprone. (nbers, wb» mmg,le among natural cauft's IUtd rel1[om, [om« drawn r~'OI7J tb: MllJhe.ik~, and priv1CipJ11ly from 4lrrology, tblit'" th4! Hy I~ 1$ tie Solar circle OT rph£r~ of the Sun ; end tbat Eugenius ~s l/Ut of tin 1r1odn; in.l[mucb lIS tbe Moon batb al!flurarifle IZJid vegetable light. multiplyi1tg tbat [weet and. comfortable 1iioiftllre which is Ifo meet for thr: generatlOlt. of living'teatures, of trees and pl,mts ~ but tb» Sun havazg '!tit til tJur~ /;nJl_ iJJ,amJ wiiholl' all) ?'1iXrJlre or re ..

'- - r; • I!·.# .--- __ .1... d batmmzt

2 .-.f1 •••... 4





I 1



The Preface.


bstemen: at all heateth anddrieth that which tbe-eartb

hringetb forth,;ea, and w~atroever is ~erdant and in the flower; i1l[om1tcb, as hyhls mftllmatlon he ca~feth .the f!,rellter part ofthecartb to be wholly defert and _znhablta: bie, It1ld many times fubduefh tbe vc:y Moon., And t~ere. fore the Egyptians evermore name Hy\e, Seth, wh,ch.ls as much to fay, as ruling lordly, and oppreJJing With viclence. And after their mrnner they fay,that Hercu~es fittinrr as it were upon the Sun, g_oeth abourtbe world wzth him ~ and Mercurie liktwi[r: with the Moon : by rea[on whereof, the work.! and fjfeC-fs of tb» Moon r~femble tho[e ~l{]S -which are perfvrmed ~y eloqllfuce and fl'lfdome.: but tho". of the SU1% are compared to .filCh as be explOited b! ' force qnd plliffdJ1Ce. And the StOtcltJ ray, ~hat the ~un H ii!!,hted and {tt on firchy the Sea, and t~erewlth nouriJhed: h~t they be the fountains and la,<!s whzch fend 11/ tmt~ the MOOH a milde: tweet and dclicate vapour. The Egyptlans fay tbat the death of Eugenius hapned on the !cventeenth day of rhe moneth, 01t wbich day,octter .th~n up6n an.yother, J/;e is~jlldged to be Iltthe [uli : and this IS the r~afo1f why the pythaCforeans call this day, The obfiruthon, aHd of all otherOmmtbers they moft of alThor and detcft it : far JVhereasfixteen is a number quadrangular or f~Ttr-[quare, and eighteen longer one way than anotber ; which nu;»~e!_J tJlfe/y of tho[e that be plain, happen for to have tbe ~!11b!ent unities, thilt e11Vir01l them equal to the [pact's .contamed and comprehended withht them , [euenteen-; which falletc between, fcparatetlil and disjoineth the one from the other, I11ld 6eitlg CHt into unequal intervals, diJlraCleth the r:

srtion ftfquiolfave. Alld fame there be ~ho (II), that ~ugenjlls li-qed, others that he reigmd, eIght and twenty. years: for [0 »Jan) lights ibeir be of the Moon, and fo many daies (Jotf! foe turne about th.e Earth: aud therefore, ilt iho[eceremonies wHich the; call the fepulture of. Eugenius they cut a peete of '13'01tl, fl}zd m.tt.~,a ~r~fllm Coffin

,) .. .. , ~~.

The Preface.

or cafe in manner of the Mom croiffa'ft, for that as jJ;e ap. prcachetb neer to the [un,jhc becometh pointed ami ~orn"ed, untiIJ in tht end}he come to notbing, and is 110 moreft'en. And as for the difnmnbring of Eugenius into fourteen peeces, they fignifie unto us under the Covert uaile of there wQrds, the daies wherein the /ilia planet is in tbe 1PlIlle~ Ilnd decTtltfeth even unto tbe change, 1rhen fhe is renewed Ilgain. And thllt d«J',on which foe firrt nppeareth, by paffillg 6,IlHd e{caping the rail'S of tbe Shit, the) call ai' unperfeil good: for Eugenius 15 (1. doer ~(good: and tbis H(1.me figN;fietb many thi1!f!.s, bur principally I1n aaive Ilnd hmejcial pOJPcr, Its they ['ty: and as for the other nam« Om phi s, Herrnzus faith, that it betoZtltetb as much as IZ hen~fa{]our. Alfo, they are of' opinion, that tbe rijing£ (lHdinUiltiatiolts of the river Nilus, 1111[wer in preportion to the courfe of the M001!: for the grelltejt beigtb that it

groweth unto in the countre)1 Elephantine, is eiglJt and <

t'1l'mty cubits; /9r Io many illuminations there be)or daies, . .'

in every ruvollllio.n of the Moon ~ and the IO'Wfjt gngf a- .. ',:

. bout Mendes (In,d Xois, fix cubits, which anJweretb t»

~ the firfl: quarter: but the mean betwem, about tbe Cit,

Memphis, when it irjN)t at tbe [ull; cometh t& fourteen

cubits, correfpondent to the full Moon. Tbey hold'moreover, Apis to be the. lively image of Eugenius, and that he is ingendred and bred at what time as the generative light de[cendeth from the Moon and tOllcheth the Cow defirous of the male : 'and therefore Apis re[embletb tbe formes of the Moon, baviJzg ma1V white {pots obJcured and dnrktJted 'JjIith tbe jIJadQwes of black.: A1td this is the rcafo." wby thry {ilemnize a feali in the new Mopn of the moneth Phamenorb, which they call the ingreffi or enterance of Eugemus, to the Moo1Z; and this is thebtginning of tha~Spring Jea[on: 4nd ",us tbey put tie power of Eugenius in the MOjIt. They Jay alfo, that Beata ( "gIhicb is no other thing jill ge~r4fi~ .. ~ )_ l~el~, JiPi¢" him; Imd [0 tho nam« tb~

. d ~ - M(iOl;~



The Preface.


M"'-o-on-,-U-ot-h-e-r-of=-t-=-h-e w-or-:ld-:;-: -;fa:--ry~il-:-::t~:-) that fte is a do1t~:"t

nature} male a1td female: female, zn that ft!t dot~ conceive tll1dis repleniJhed ty the Sun : and male., '11 ,thIs regard, fhat fhe {endeth forth and {prh,kjeth in the a~re •. the feeds (lnd pri1tciple5 of geueration : for thar the ~rte BIJte,mperatUfe and clWruption of Hyle, is not alwatesrnpmoY'~ bl~r oftetttimes ':Janquijhed by gent:ratifJlt,. a~1d how[otver fled H: be) and bound'} yet if rifetb fr~{1J a[!.,pz)t, an~ l!rI.hteth aga;,tft Orus, who is nothi11g elfe but the ter~eJtyuzl ~trld, "bieb imot altolTether free frat corruption, nor yet ex-

• . b , h h b h? would have

~mpt f,mtgemration. Ct ers t ere e, w , ."

till this Phylofophy cO'vertly to reprefnt no. ether thm~, bu; the eCc1iJifes: for the Moon is ecclipfed, when jlle IS ar the full dir(flly oppoJite to the Sun, and c01lJmethto f:ttl

11pon the fhadow of the earth: li"'-e lIS they fav, Eugenius :was put into the ch~(t or coffer abov~rttid, On the other fide, f11r (eemctb to bide and dark!n the bght of the ~U'11, upon. certain thirtieth daies ,but yet doth not who!; abolifh tfH fun~ no 'more then Beata doth ItJll Hylt", but whe~ Nephthys 'lJrillf{eth fOfth Annbis,Beata puttetb her [elf rn place: for Nephthys is that which is under the eattb Ilnd lI1J[mf; but Beata thar which is abollt', and apptareth unto us: a.a 'he circle 1ta11ud Horizon, which is CO","1011 to the?" both, Ilnd parterll the two hl'mi[ph.eres, is named Anubis, a1frJ inform rtJembleth a d()g : for why? II do;. feetb a[W:ll by. nigh' liS by day: II) that it ft)olll~foem, thllt AnubiS. a,.,ong the .l£gyptians bath the ItP! p()wer. that Proferr.,I,na I11nOllg fbi Greeks, being both ft1:r~~.rll!1 and :releJttal., Othtrsthere be ~ho thi;l~, tbat Anubl!W S~tum, and

'eclufe he is conceived witb all tb;llg"" mid ~rl1Z;.eth them forth, which in Greek. the wor~ '!-tllIV Jigmfieth ,there; f~re.he is (iIYHamed Kl.I"!" th~t IS fa ray? a. dog, So thl there i~rome hilUm mtd 111JI"r~l [ecte: m zt, that cauferb [ante, tlleM Jlitl to reuermce Hnd adore ~ 1cg: fIr the 'n: b'as,) ~hm mQr<: 'W~rJ!;ip W(1S (U'¥ 11~r~,r 111 i£gypt) 1h

~;, ,'~ ... ; - , '. ~

"'-----..__----- ,.... .. ..

. !


The Preface. '0 any otherbea_th but aIrtr that C;nlby(esbttd··ki!l~d Apis cut hi1ll in pieces, Ilud flung the fame bere and there, no otber creature would come neer tQ ta(le thr:r~of, (ave r he dog only; whereupon he fujt that prerogative mtd pre .. eminence to be more honoured than otber beasis, Others therellre; who 'Would have thcJhadow of tbe ecrtb, whic" caufeth the Moon to be ecdipIed wbm.fhe emretb into it, to benamer). Hyle. And therefore me think.!, it 'Were not amijs to [IlY, thflt in partic1flar there is 1M aJ~}1 one of there expofitions and interp etations perfeel b)' it felf lind rigbt~ but all of thmJtogtther carry [omef!,ood cmj7:ru[ ion : for it is neither drought 1l101te,1tor winde, l1or(en, 11OY_)'t't dtlrk.,nels; but all that is noifome and hurtful wbatfower, find which batb a [pecin! p.rzrt to hurt and de]fr0', is called Hyle. Neither »111(1: we Pllt tl.'e Pfhtcipll?s of tbe wbole 'World into bodies rh.1fh.,Vf no life tl1td(f)]fle, as I)emonitus and Epicurus, doe: nor yet [et dOWI! F,' the worl\.~ man and framer of the firll: matter, a certain r('arm and providence, without qUl1litJ (as do the Stoick_j ) rltel) a thing as hath a fubfi/tmce before and above all, and CO~IJmllndeth all: for impoffible it is, tb.rt one {o'e C'=lI[r.', good orbad, fhauld be the begimlil1.f!, of ali tbin'!,$ to~:t"l'r . for God is not the call{e of anv-e'Z/ill., and. tb» CO,'1i!.m,'rttatio1t of theworld bmdcth G.orm·ary w'l}'rs,hk.J-' (1S the c{)mpofiti~1t

p( a.'ute or bow, as H~raclinis raith, and according. to

EUrJpidei" ,

No thi~gs can be by thernfelves g00J 01' '='aJ :

That things do well, a mixture n·,ufi be had.

.And therefore this opinion {o 'vc'r.y «ntient ; is dfj"ceMed from Theologians end Li'wgivel's unto Poets and P hiJofophers, read, The Idea of the Law, howbeit; fo fir11J~~y grounded in tbe 'perf >Pilfim and. beliefe of mm, that hard it is to [uppre[s or abolijh the {ame; [Q common:

Iydi'Zlill ged nl)t only in cmjerences, di[putations, liltd or •.

d + dj.lary

d;na~J FPeeche5 abroad, bui af{o in the ,[acrifices and di. 7}ine ceremonies of gods [eruice; in many places, as well among tbe Barbarians as G reeks, to wit, that neitberthi. 'World flotetb and wa.vetb at aduenum ; wubou: the go%'mtment of providence" and reaJm, nor reaJon O11ly 'it is that guideth, direlietb, and holdeth it C as it were j with certain bclmes or bits of obeifllnce, but many thil,!.s there

be confu[ed and mixed; good and bad together: or to {pflzk.. more plainly, there is nothing here beneath' tbat nature produceth and brinf!.eth forth, which of it {df is pure ana {lm/Ile: neither is there [one drawer of two tuns; tIT dijper[e and. difperfe and dijiribute abroad the affaires of this world,lJ~c (1S Il Taverner or Vintner doth his wines or other liquors, brewing and temperhlg one with another. But tbi: life is conduiied. ~y two principles and powefs ndverfe one irma anotber; for tbe one lettdetb tts to the rif!,ht band: direftl}" read The Holy Guide, the otber Cu;ltYllr;wife turmt"h us aJide and putUth 1/$. back,. : Imd [0 this liFe is ~lixt, and the very world it [elf, iF not all throughout, yet at len_fl wife, this beneath about tbe earth, alld under the Moon, i,( u1tfqual!, ;J~"(;able, lind fubj"ft to all 11111tations that pof[rbly n1t1"y be, For if 1tDthi1ig thlre is, that can be without a precedsnt ell/1ft., al~d thllt which of it (elf is f!,ood. can never miniiier cafi[e of Evil! ;necl'ffirry it is, tlJH.t nature hath [lime pecl/lir Cll1lf'e and beginnmg by it rdf~ of·good a[well1l5 ofblld. A11d of this opinion are the moff part of the ancients, fl1!ri thofe of tbe wiJi.1r [art. Jj or pmI' rbt7zk,.there he two f!,od$ as it were of IT: comrary ":3'_~ery 11J1d profiIJiol1 ; tbe one, author of all good tbing;, lt1fd the other of bild. OJhen tiere be who call the better flf tb~Jl1l,()rl; Q;t(l tbe other D£JnOlt, thlff is to fa)" div,ll, Il~ Zoroaflres tbe ~tl1_lf.jcim! did, wbo by 'aport, 'rIas fit'c tbOll['l1Irf teers beJwe the warr of Troy. This Zoro~S res ( 1 [ay) named tile good gcd Orornazes, and Ihe O!~)N~ Arimanius, MGuCl1tIt'r, be fflV': C;k~, that the on: , . " . 1(4



The Preface.

i f





'. '





I' ,

The Preface.

refembledlight, "l~rt than 'ally fenfrhle thin" elfe what(Dever: the other dark,.nefs and ignora,~ce"; alfo thatl there i .. on the ntids between them, nllmeJ. Mithres : (and hert~ . upon it is, tha_t the Perfians call lin interctffor OT media-

tor, Mithres,) He teaehetb us nl[o to (acrifice tmto the

one of them, for petition of good things, lind for thallk.tf-

giving: but tD the other, for to divert and turne away

fi"!fitr andevillaccitlenfs. 'TowhichpurpoTe tbey ll[ed t"

Jfitntp in a metter a certain htrbewhichthey callQmimi.

calling upmPIQtCl lind the d-ar1{.Hefs : thell remper 'htl

it witb tbe blood of a WDolfe which thO' ha'tJe "JUetl in (a-

cTifice: this done, they carry it Ilway, and t1ffoW it int» It.

dll'~ corner, where tbe S1m never jhineth. For this CO" ..

ceit they hll'Ve, that of herhes lind plant!~ fome appertllin

unto the f!,ood god, and others to the evil! Dd!»ton or diveU.

Semh/ably, of living "creatures, dogs, birds, and /antl I

urchins, belong to tbeir good g04 ; but thofe of the witter, ,

to the evil! fimd. AJ:td. for thi.S cau{e they repute thofe very <. .

hnppy, 'Who CI1# 1ljll the greatefl numbtr of them. How- -. '

beit ,he{~ Sages and w;{emen" report mll1:) thin1.s of thtf ' .,

gods: asfor exa1ftple, thatOrornazes is engendred of the '

cleereft ImJ ptiTeft light, ll1Jd Arimanius Qf deep dark,:

?Ufs : Itlfo that they warre one npon another. And the for.

mer Qf thefe, created fi~ other g,ods)the firrt of Benevollnct';

the (ecl11d of Verity ; the third of good di[cipline and publick,.Law; lind of the reli bebindr, one of JJ"i[dome, anotherofRiches; andthefixth, which alro is the [,,_If, the ;na!ltr of jcy for good and honeff deeds. But t~e latter i

"hat is U (.y, Arimanill~ pr9ducetb as mat1) other in nunt-

ber, concurrems as it were and of adverfe operdtion to the former above """zed. Afterwards wh~ Gromazes had augmented and Ilmplified himfelf three times, he re~oved asfar fT~m the Sun; RS the Sun is dijlant from t~ Earth} adori1tg and embelifl-Jzltg the Heltvrn with Jiar_ : ~nd one Star aEove the uft be trtlained t~ be the guide,

'" . )1ti_.'t cIs,

The preface.

mil/refs, and overfeer orah,m all, to wit, Sirius, that is to fa), the Pogge-jiar. 'Ihen after he had mllde [our and twenty other gods, be enclofed them 1111 with in an egge. But tb« other, brought forth bJ Arimanms, who were II1fo;1I equal number, never ceafed until! they had pierced IUld made Il hole unt« the [aid fmooth and PQlijhed egg~ ~ nnr!fo 4fter that, evil things became mingled pell mel!

. "itb good. But there willa time com, predejiined fatally,

'" ,ppen thisArimanuis who brings into the Jllorld plague and famine,p,all of neceJlity be r(Joted out, and carried throl1gb Jle(h to the eternity, even by them; and the eartb fhall 6ccome Ilain, ~ven, and uni[or»lc: neither Jhall there be nny othrr hl4 one life, and one common- wealtb of mm, Itll . happy and {peakJng ant: IZnd the fame langutlr,e. Tbeopompus lllfo writeth, that accord~ to tbe wife Magi, tb~re twogods muft for tbree thourand Jeers, conquer one after another, and for three th~ufJtnd yeers be conquered again

hy tumes ; lind then f~r the [pilce of aHother three thoufand ~ee:rs, tnt} mutual warres, and fight bauels one againft the other, 'Whiles the ane foall fubllert Ifna WeYthrow thltt Phich 'he other hath fiup : tmtilll1f the end Pluto JhaY faint, gi~'t over, And be agai1c an Antel of Light : tben foall »zen be Ill! i~haPPJ eJl:ate, they (hallnee.d no l1l~re f(lod, 1I01'.c4(1 lin] .(hadO'1ll from them; and that god who hath 'lProugAt and affi8ed all tbi$, follll re~fo hi)1t{elf, and Teji inquiet; notlong ( lrlly) far a god, but IZ moderate time as one would raJ for a man takjnJ! his fleep lind reft. And thus mucb as tQJ/chin,e the P hylr;fophy devife4 DJ the Tbeomeglo. But the ChaJdc£anl aJime tbat of the t,ds, wh9m they call planet> or wandring foures, two there be that are benrficial ani dooers of gDOJ ~ tJPO Ilglli" mi[chievous and fPork,rrs of evill; lind ,brte y,hicb lire of It mean nature and common, As for theopi'llilmof the Greeks, concerning thiipoi1J', tbere is no mlZn J foppofo

ignoTIl1ft thrreof; namely., t.lZf ~hcr£ ~e tl90 prliDm 01 par'~


The Preface.


h [.I tlJt Qn~ lTf)od, aliottod unto Jupiter

'1JttrtJ of t e wor ~, ~ .. b b ~ trbn'

TO\ m ius tbat is to fay, C-elelttRl ; IUlot tf aa, au·· ...

. y. p p" '} to iuf'ernal. 'They fay moreover, that the

tatnl1t~ to u ~ , d ndre4

odd;'s Harmoni<\, ,hltt is to fay, {lCec: ,was mg~ ~.

~f Mars lind Venus ; of whom , the OHe u cruell,~T1m,

u llou: ~ tbe other »tikle, love~y,anrl,~e;rerlttlve. ~~

~o:fi1tr the f'hil(lf()~ber s themftl~es, how thry agree herdflf h; For Heraclitus direa~'Y and dtfertly rramcth 'I9~rreJ ~ father, King, tmtlLPrd of all. the .world; fay-g, 1 . Homer "he~ ht 'JPijhethtSni1pralefh,

Both out of Heaven and Earth to banifh w~rr~, That God and Men, no more might be at jarre,

1ft n&t"bow ( erre he was aware) hi curjed the f.enerati~ "~ OIlumon 4 al! tbiHl{s, 'l9hicb intlted have thm' :JJm!:,t11tl being bJ the Jight IlHrJ 1l1z.tipathic in natUTe. He ,,~sigHor4Zm thIU the 8un~uld not rap the ~qUntlt and [intit, _,pointed lInt~ 'hi»1 ; .Jo.' otherwlfe the fu~u S 11M 'H rjed tDNgues which are the mmiJh'tlfes and c04dJutreJJes of juftice 'lPDlIU find him out. As. fo~ . Em tx:docles, h~ (Jthh, tbltt the beginning ttmJ. prmclple whjch .WOf'ket f.oorl, is love ami. amity, yea, gwJ, other ~hzles ts callt4 HarmoHie byMerops; but the CIluJe of eVIl!,

Malice hatred, cankred fpis;ht~ Q!!.arr~lI, de~ate,and bloody figbt.

Come "OW to the pytbagoreans, thf) .. Jt»I0':!J;a~ ~~

(j ecifie thefame by many a!ame~, f()~ the) '. c • e .~oo

~,DJU~fin~,-pennlZnetlt, or qutet~ffrI11J!.ht ~r alTea, oUe qlUt~rlll or fqUlZre, Tight and ltght[ome. but the I111tl./,.".;If., ·;;'finitt, mo'llUlg, crookJd, tVW, /OJfg~T cn« 'SP. thMI ttI1ofher, zltfeqUllI, Itftand dtlt/{e, I1S 2f thefe

,~thefJi~fllillt~ Df,gf~r.~~~~'!. AJIlax,tgoras c~~:::

Tbe Preface. '

The Preface.

, .

them the minde or undcrftanding and infinity. Ari": ftode ternuth the one forme, the1 other privation.

A_nd P!ato Hnder darkt and couert termes hiding his opi; ~on, '~m.any places calleth tb« former of the[e two con_ trary'pr~nclpler, The fame, and the later, The other. But tit the the baak.fs afhis laws, 'Which he 'Wrot when he Was 116"11' well. fiept in yeer.f, he giveth them 'fO more anyobfrure a_nd amb'guo!ls n~mes, ~either de[cribeth he them /.ymbo. llcally lind by enigmaical and intricate names bu: in proper and pltt.i1t termer, he [aitb; thtt.t tbis wo:/t is not ",oved end: ,!,anaged by one [ole cau[e, but hap" by many, or lit ltaft wife no fewer than twain: whereof the OHe is the ~reato~ and wor"er of Kood, the other oppoJite unto it and oper~tlve ofcD14traryeffea.. Htdeaveth alfa aNd alloweth a thzrd cau{e between, which is neitbe« without foule nor .. e~fonlefs nor yet rmmoveable of it {elf, as fame thinft, but tttlJa~CHt and adherent to tbe otber twain, howbeit enclining alwam to the better, IlS havin:z. It 'iefire Ilnd a1'Petit~ thereto, ~hich it purfueth aM foll(J'Il'eth as that 'Wbich herta[ter we will de~iver,jhtt.llJhew more :na~ifeltly, which

treati(efhall reconcil« the lEgyptian Tbeologie with th Greeks Philo(ophy, and reduce them to a very good .co,,~ c~rda.1tce: for that the geneyarion, c.mpo ]ition, and CO". ftl~utlon of this 'fPorld is min~led of C1ntrary fowers, howhett the {lI.nt~ Hot of e1u~1 force: for the better is predomi. nant: but ~mf{)rpbl€' It ts that the evill{hou/d utterly perijh and b~ abolz{h:d, {o deeply is it imprinted in tb« body anti .f'o fa~ In bred In the (oule of the wtiverJal 'world, in ap. pofit'o~ aiJllaies to the better, and tl) 'R'arre a;._al1trt it. No'll th~n, zn the (o~e, rcaron and under{1anding, iPhich is the gUIde? Ifnd nttflrefs of 1I!1. tbe bell things, if Eugenlns, 4lfo lit the flzrth, 111 the 'JPl1tdn, ilt water . skje ~ntl tbe .~~rs, t~at which is '/Pellordai1ted, flaied., dir"red aM

1gefl:ed ~n good fort, ~,temperate fiiJfom and revolutionS, tb, {lime IS called the defluxion 9/ Eugeniu!) II1Id tile 'Ve'J


apparmt image of him: Contrariwi{e', tbe pa.{fionate., violent;unre~fonable, brutiJh,¥aJh and fooliJh pllrt of the faule, is, H.yle .. Semblabry.i~the bodilyn_ature, tha~whi:h isextraordmarzly advantltzous, 'fIunholJome and direafed, as for example, ,be troubled a)'re and tempeJruous indifpo- . JitiOI1S of the weather, the obfCrtration er ecclipfe ef the Sun, the defeCt of the Moon I and ber occulation, be IU it were the excurjions, tlevillticns ou t of COUTre, and tlirparations : and all.f them be Hyles ; as the very interpretation aftbe lEgyptian wordfignifieth no lefs: fofHyle they name Seth, which is as m1lcb to fay, as violent and oppreJlJing after a lordly manlier. It imp0rJeth alfo many times reverfion, Rnd other whiles an infultlltiolt or (upplantation. Moreover fame there be who ["y, that one of Hyles familiar frie1tds 'Was Hamed Pebzon.: But Manethoi affirmeth, that Hyle himfelf was called Behon, which word by interpretation is as mucb as cohibition, r~/lreint or impeachment, as if the puiffa1#.ce and power of Hyle, were to flay and withJlaHd the affaires that are in good way of procmling, and tend as tbi') j1Jould doe, to 8. f.0od end. And hereupon it is that of tame bearts they dedic4e and attribute unto him, tbe molt J!.ro{s and inJocible of all et hers, namely an a§e: 6ltt oj -wilde bell,rs the moif crueli and ravage of all others, as the crecsdiles and riller-horf~s .A5 for the Lyon we have JpO~1t before of him, In the City tlfMercury, namedVergopolis, they jhcwJtnto 115 the image of A y le, purtraied under tbe form of a river-horfo) lipan w!Jam /ittetb an hauk!, fighling with a [erpent, By· the forefaidhorfethey repre(ent Hyle, lind by the hall~, the power and authority which Hyle havin:z. gotten by force, ",a~tbno care oftentimes, both to be trouhled and alfo to frouble otbers by his Jfllzlice. .And therefore ~hen they fo.· It"m;Zt a {"criliee-) the fe'tlfHt& day of the Moneth Tibi, 'JPhich tlJey call the c"flmmg Df Beata out of Phoenicia, ~,~) a~'tIife rtpou, their- 1JflllQJf.r~ ~Ilk.!s for f (lCrijicf; a ~ve;-

, ~~~

The Preface.


borre, as if he were tied aM. bouM. In the city of Apollo the mll~r and cliftome confirmed by law was, ti.Ulr ever) _t ",ufo eat of a Crocodile; and up,n a c~rtain dily the} have It {olem1fe cpafe lind hunting '.f tbem, when they ~ill ~s ",aN) of them as they can, Rnd then caft tbetn all before the 'I. emple: lind tbey raJ, that H y le &eing become It Crocodile h'lth ereaped frolft Orus; IZttributing all fi.4ngerolls wick!a bea/is, Illl hurtful prants and violllJtt 1!"fIio1l$unto IoIde, asifrhey were his W8fk$s, bis parts or ,"otion,. Ontrariwifo they purtraj and Jepaint unto tu Eugenills by a (eepttW and an eJe upon it: meaning by tht: eye forefight ana providmce:) ~y the fcepter authorzty and puiff'a1Zce:/ikc asHomer nametb Jupiter,who is the prince, [()fa and ruler ofal! the world: Hi'pacos,that is,[oiJeraign, ~Hd Mefior, tbat is, forefeting : ~ivin_g us to underJiand, by {overaign, his fU1'reme power. by forefeeinf! his prudence Ilnd VifdiJMe. 7hej reprefsllt Engen: us al[o many times hy an hauk_t, for- that .fhe hath a wonderrul cleere and. quic/{ frght, ber flight alfa is iu {wift, altd fhe is wont naturally to fUJrllin 1m' {elf with ver:y little _food. Alld more than tbd ( bJ report) when (he fiietb fiver dead bodies unburied, !1:iC cafietb mOldd and earth upon their eyes. And 10Jz whm[oever./he ilieth dpYf'u to the river for to drin~ }he fl:'tedh up be» {I:'atthers jfrllight upright, but when j1Je b4th drunJtr _H.,e I airtb them plane ItnJ tVet!- again by which it ",p~aretb that fafe_~ is,and hath e(caped the Crocodile:

For if the Crocodile (tife UpOH her and cacb her up, ber ptJf1lIlCbe abideth Iliff IlHt1upright ItS beioe: But genera!lj throughout where[atver the imaf!,e ofEugenius is exhibitet"

in the fa-me of" MtUt, they pllrtr6} hini witb the nlltU1al "'t'fJlber of g~lUr"'tion lUff 41td {1:rlZ;ght, preji,.uring ther8-

hy ,he f!,enera.ive and Hutritive 1Jeltue. '[he hPbil_"t ~l{o, wherewith rh", clad 6is ilnages is h';ghs, fhiniN{. lib.; 1 fire : FDr tJifY re,"le tbe fUlWe 10 he II hody repre- ~1

~m'i"l J~' ~."., €Jf JQ8dtJefo, 4S =: ~i#lf ,!wr~

The Preface.

6f ~ rp~r~tual anti iHreffeftllalllubJlaHce. And therefore their optnwn deferveth to be re}eaed who attribute UNto Hyle thefph~e of the ~rm,conJideringthat unto him properly appertatneth Hothi:ng tb~t is rerplendt~t, healthfull· aH~ cO~lfortable, ~o diJpojitzon, no generatlDIJ or motions whzch IS oraered wltb meafure or digeited by rflJfon: But if eithe~ in th~ aire o~ upon tbe earth iher~ be any 1mfeafonable di[pojitzon of ~~ndes, of weathtr:, or water, it hapneth'1!'ben the prmutlve eaufo of a di[ordinate and indeterminate pO",?er Co Ihmeth to extinguiJh the l{iltde 'Vapourl a}~d exballa~lons. Moreover;n the fllcred hymnes ofEugen~us, thf.! muaciue IZnd call upon him who lieth at repore h~dden Within the armes of the Sun. Alfo upon 'he thirtieth day ~f ~he mo~elh Epiphi, they {olemnize the jeaff of the natiVity or birth of Orius eyes: at whtlt time Its 'he Sltn ana Moon be in the [lime direl1liNe: as beingpcrrwad~d thllt not 'nely the. Moon but the Sun Ill[o is the e.Je and Ilght of Horus: LlktwiJe upon tbe twmty eight tlay of the moneth Phaopi they celebrate tmotber feaft of thl! ~unnes bafons oT~a.ves, (l.1td that is after the lEquinox: 10 Autumne, ,g,vmg covertly tlwrebJ to ullderftand, tb at. the Sun hath nee6/, of an appuy or (upporter to ,ell UpOJt and to Jirengtht'1l. hint, bec,ut[e his keat beg'iHs then to decay and langlll/h fenfibl),) his light affo ~ diminijlJ and drcli~e obliqu~ly fr(n» tIS, Moreover about the [oillice or middle ofw"!zter, they ~arrJ about his temple {even times a cow; and t':,s P oc-efJioH ts called tbe reekJn~ of Eugenius ortberev,')llltzG~ of the[tm, as if thegodde[sthendefiral tbe watenof winter : Alta (0 man) times they doe it, fot· thllttbecourfeof!h'.SJ.LfIl, from tbe Winter folflice 1I"Ito tb: Summer [oljitee 01 performed in the {cventb monetb. Jt H {aid miW~over, that Horns the (on of Beata wa~ tbe fir]i _ wb» facrificed limo tbe Sun, tbe fourteenth dllY of tbe' n'~1feth, acCOr~i!lg as it is written in (1. certain b(;olt If¥fouchmg t~c na{lt'lty of Horus: h~w[o~er f1.lrY)' dl1}


j I

,-J ,

The Preface,

,b" off~' inceufo and {we,t odors, to the fUn three tim~, :

Fi1/f at tbe fAn r'jing, B.ofin: fecondly. atioHtnOO1i.,Myrrb~: and thirdly at the fun ~{etring, .a certal~ c~mpoft',ofl named Kiphi. 'lilt myJficall meanIng of WhlC& perfume, mid odors l",iIl hereafter declare: bur the, are per{waded Ibat in aU this the, 'li'or{&ip and 1iQ;a~ur tbe f"n. But wbat need if there 10 gdtber sitid c()lle{J a number of (ucb .ma~ters as thefe l feeing tbere be fome 'W~ openly m'azntaln tbar Eugeniu!;, filius folie Ca:1Cftl~, andtb4f !he Greek_s CdO him Sirtus,hufthe article ",hicb thelEgypwlOl put before, to "it, [O]iltbt cau feth"t/o mucb is not tvi~e~fly per-. ~eive4: as al(o t&dt Beata is rrothing tlfe. but FIlla Lunz Cclelt:is: and of her images thore tbat "ave h?Tnes UpOIC '&e"" fignifi.eno olber thing ~"t the Moon croiJJam: h~t [uch al are covered and clad ,n blac"-; beto~n thofe dales w6erein (be is bi~den or dar~ned namel!) when (be runnetb after the fun: ",hic& is the rea(on tbat "'.[(jve m.tl~ers tbPJ ;llvocat. 'he Mopn. And Eudo~us blmfdt faltb, th.alJ Beata is the pre{tdenr over ~matorzo~~ .f0lk...~ .. ~ll~ vm!y in all tbefe CeremQllies tbert II proba~'frtle tt'ld ~l":-Mood of great IrNth. Bur to (ay tbllt Hylc IS the (urI, IS f() ab(urd, 'hGtt we oug&t flot fo much tU give care to tbofe who dffirme [0. But "turn we now to our [ormer ~auer. For Bc.ata is the ~eminille part of Hliture, a_jJt to recetue all gene rat ion, "pon wbicboccafion called {be IS by Pl~to, the nur[e and Pandeehes, tDat is t» ray, capable of all: yea and the comma" (ort name her Myrionimus, wbicb is as much to . (ay, tis ~1V;,1g, a', iU~Hile lIumber or names, for thllt fbe recezv:th. 4lJ t~rmes and (bapu, according as it plea(etb tba.t ~rff reafon to convert andturne ber. M'reover, rhere ~s ~m. prilued in her naturally, a lsve of tbe firJf ~1:d pnnclpal eff~IICt, ..,bich is nothing tlJe btu the {overalgIJ gOOd? a_n~ it (be de(rreth, Jeeketh, and purfultb after. -Cornrttrt",(" fb~ jlteth and repellet h from her" any part and p.or'ion thdf proce~d~tb /rolU ill. lind hGwfoever pie be th~ fll/;Jea m"j~

a;,d meel,~lact alt t J teceiue, as ~ttitht one as Iii or/ur, Yet 4 it (eTj, tHLi!flt:/ jT.;e is a[j~llies ratber to the better.and (J P: plieth ber jelfto mgendrr the fame;yea, «ad todtffemjl1ate and low the d-jluxi:;lj and jimilitlldes t'me~f; frhereiM [be tll~.tb pltajureaud rtjoyterh, when (be luub conceived il;fd is grelit tbefewi;h, .. ready to be aeliucred. F ~r this i. a repre[ent.Jtio', arid difcription o( tbe /uljbnce fTI;'~ldrd iii matter, and il1tbing tlfe but a,,], imi tation of that wUcli is. And therefore )CU may foe, it if not b'e;id:'s the purport', ,hat t6ty imagine anddeui]« the louIe of Eugenlus to b~. flernttl andiml1l()rtal : hut al fortbe body, that Typhon many times dotb teare, mlZngl~, and' a.boli{b it, tbat it canna., be [eeu: andrbat Beata f!,o~tb itp and d~W!l, a.~d wan .... aT1?tg bere and tbere , gatberwf!, together the dij'jlembrec/ pieces thereof) for tbat 'Which is r,ood ad Jpiritllt!l, by CV1lfeqllence ;s nlJt ari_j waitS fu!je[J to c/Jrl1tt,e "'1£1 alreration ; but tllar whicb is fenfible .and material, do: b) eeld fr.~m it {elf certain images, admitting ffirbllll and Tc'ceivill;!. (ulld'J pro~ortiom, fOrr12I't) and fimilitud~s, li~e aJ the prims aud J1ampJ"f [eele» fet RpOlt ~ax , doe Flof. continue and rt"1Ji1i~ alwlZit's, but are !16bJe{l to cbange, altet aticn, diJor.:. Jer and trouble, and ibis {arne WlS cbaJed from tbe Jup~ri{)r Region; and {tnt down bitber, where it "M_.b/flb againji Horus 1l'oom Beata engefidred !enjiblt>, a! being the very imJgt9( tb~ fpiritual and inrellel1ual 'WfJTld. And berelIp01J il 'is, that Hy Ids faid to IIccuje bim of b.Tf1ardie, ai being nothing pure (lnd /illcere, li~ un:o ';is father, 10 wit, Rtajon, and Vnder/landing; w·b icb of if felf i1 {trr.p!e, aud ii~t medled Wif/J a"y puffin, : hut ill tbe matter aculser.ue lind dege;lerate, hY,tbe rfa/on tbat it is cor?or,11. Howbeit, ill tbe end tbe' vif1o~J if on Mercl!ri~s {td(', far bee is the 4ijcour(e of reire", wlJicb rt{fifiab unt» ur, ana (bcwer& ibllt nilure hath·rroJucd lbil 'WM!J rtz.ltr:rUl metamorpha. i~d to th"JiirituIZ1J!J,"J~: for the nltivI'Y of ,,\ \10110, l'1Z~PflJrd ~mr!en Belta and F.llg,mu~) wf.·i!;'J tl:f: gods

~ '#di


.,.ere y~t i,n tbt bcll)ofaRe~, fymbotizet&"~~Ul m~~2,tbaf before the, world was IVldently brought to ltg,bt and rul'y ac" compll~l'd) th4 mattef. lit .. feafon, being (oUlld naturaOy of

It (elf rude ant unpe;feP"h.r~ugbt forth t~e fir{t S!,erleraliOfZ: for which callfe theyJay, tbat god pemg.a, yet lame, WI1SbuTne ·and begotten in (iark!:eJs, whIm they call the elder H'.:rm. For f1)'eJPl)rldyet it was lior, but ,," imflg,e onely anddr{t,!,n ollbe world, a1£d a bare fanl(ljieof tbat ~pbicb (bould be, But t'Ji~ Horus '~er!! ~s deter'!l.itla'~" d~fillit ad rerfe)], wbo k.ill~tIJ ,Jot fJyle JJtbr (;fII" butta~~t& {rem him his force <Iud rJllftanc,~t~,Jl~ ~e 5~n dQ [",tIe or v: fbirlg. , .And bereupon it i$~ tbal (by ~eport) In the Cl/Y Copw'" the irnl1~eof Borus bold~lhzn ~ne han,J t~e: ,geIler,t! member ot Hylc ~ and IheyJa; be(raes, fhat,Mcn,:ury h.iV'7j~ bereft him of his finc-wI, maa,e,' tbereof firings for ],is h,HPP, alld (0 !Ired tbem. Hereby tbl}Y teach, 1hatrea[ot: {rami l!J!, I be whole world,!!t it irl t uno, ,and broJl~ht, it, t. ac-

'cor41 (read The Harmony of the world )frami1lg it of II:ofe parts wbirh befor!' were at jlir and difcord: h.?wb,it Tonovea not, nCiTabollpJcd altogether fbI! perniciGuS aud f)urtful tlll~Hre, btitacCom pltjbedthe VfT,.ue t! ewJ. All! tlJI relare it iI, tbat it being [eebl» arid "lua!?", wr(!ll~bt alJa

( OJ it were) and ir.teTT1Iii;g[r:d or i11terlaced with th?fe ~,arts (Ill, I members whicb be fubjel1 to paffi J,ns and mutat i01fj; caujerlJ rarllJquak!s and, tre~"bJil1~!' eXCI ffiu~ hl'~tes and .txtreom. drimfs, Wilb f'xlraor4~l1att wmd~s 'in I~e QI:C; be(i des tJ;urJder~ lii!.1JwingJ',a1Idfi r1ft~mpefh, It ImpOlr!)n-ib mort'over tht w~rP.rs and wil/des, ;nfe(Jj~g them -a:i1b f([Ulr:'llce, reaclJiltj!. ni' and [leoTi'zl!. ~he be(ld (Jldt,.~s far as , ~ tbe MI)OIl, ob[curirlg cwd d.u ~fli'!g'11J()'ly' timeHV,m }llJf .. rhb is flY llature cleo» and jb;,ling. An,d.th~ ~be i£g,,~. t ian:; do b·,tb tbill~ and (ttY,.' bat ~lyle Jome'i,~.~ flrooite tlse eye of Ho us, a;1d 11'lOfher 'Whilf plu,k[d: it ,wt.(;f .bis, bI'11,[ o1I1dde:Jfiurcd it" and tbe'1 aJterwltrJs dcJ!vert'd,i(a-, ::_li,llm!O the jim. ·By tl:e Q:,riki~tg af~rrraid, they m~tlTI

. ~n.·

.ttUg'"c"ir.lly the ":::'::~~~'b'M"n """"hi,, 1

by t6~ IDt.J1 p"~lt~o" 0( tbe t}t,they 1111der/lflnd her eccli {~ !i.'.

",!d de!en ofY'~ht • »'~lCb t~ejundoth remedy 6y relumlZa~ ~

hon of ber (freight walts, tiS (Don as (he is ~ortm "aft the ,.

f!'t'de ~f the edttb. But tbe principlll iind ",011 diville nttture "

tscompofed IZnd~oTlfi{fetb of tbree tbings, to 'lfJil; of'" in-

fel~auaTl natuTP, of matter I /lIld a COItIPOJlQd of tbem buth, .

flJhlCb we call tbe ·1l1Drld. Now thofo illtelltl1ultl pam - Plato nametb Ideas, tbe patfernes alfo of the father . a~

for In:ltter, be termetb it a mother flurr,. a J d·t'

alfco d I f 1 f. J J' , Dun a 10"

,a_n Il poor p Ilee for w'mrati(m : and that whic6 il

,rodllced of both, be is wont to call the ;ffue and thing rorreated. And a man may very 'Well conjcllure, tba/',he ~gypttan.s compllred !be nature of the ",bole world, eJi e:".ll! to tbis, as tbe falTf/f triangle of all other. And Pl!to In hIS books of policy or common-w- alth, {eemetl.l aJ{f1 to ,bave ~fed the (lime, when he compo/elb IIffd dtfcri-

btth bll nu~tlal fiJ!.Nre: 'R'bich triangle iJ of .,);' fort! that :

the fide which mlJ~th the Tight angle u of three th b I{r

of four, andthe third line Clllltd Hop'otinu(a of ~v e a ~I C

' t' h t: } I' f) ,eqUI-

vo,e" lH power to t e 9t~er t",o tba: comprehend it . fa tb t '

the line which dirrllly ftflletb plumb~ upon the b~Jt>-, m:/f ..

an/wer propartionably to the mille: theba(e to rhe femalt,

tlnd the Hypotanu(a to the ;ffue of them hoth : Se« The Harmony of ~he World. And verU" Eugenius re re« [e~teth tbe b~mning and principle: Beata that w1)ic': recef'v:~b ;. tl'ldHorus fhl! compound of both. For t/;eTJumber

I) tree IS tbe firft odde «nd perf ell: tbe <]1!1I1ernarie;s the

fir/l fq~are or .qu~dra~e rlHmbrr,compoftd or tbe fir;1

even number wblch IS. tlllD.; and five refembl1t,h ~arl~' 'he (4ther, ttnd in part ihe-"Iotber ,as cfm(r]f-

~ng both of t"'O and tbtee, See The holy' G "d

lib Ad' fb l' 1Ul e.

. :. 2. , ". st OU 'd leem 111(0 tbat the V(n «ame

itQ,. whicb u tbt Ilniver{al '!"lrld" Will derided of TIEv'Tl,

''(It IS tq fay, fiVt; arid [0 tTl> Gteek., ;"fP.'7r;'~d..~, I" vid

t~ rimr


limo? Jig,tJiJied a~ ;,,~jj)Q ~mbtr : .;aml thin "~ichinI}T'. is~ five. bti"g'mullirli~d iliA! Jelft. ~kdh.I',(ltladrare n~m·, bl r, to,wir, twml)' fi.v~, ""_~~'h u 114ft as mf1.Ny.II!Ul,rs a~ t~, .£cryptians bsu« ill- thezr -4lphabet, am! fo l.11iJ1SnerTS APi s alfa lived~ .4,rJ.d, ItS fer: Horus, tbty "r~dJo pt1t him .Kalmin, which. ,is. ,a~ much to (ay,. as.Jt~n, fo.rt.iJat this word is fenfible andvi/ible. His #k.e!fIJeu fomet,me

c ailed Mouth, othe:rwbilts Albyr; &T M, tbyer. AtUl by tbe fir[f of the[e nemn, tbeypgnifie" motller: by tbe .fico",J, the faiThoufe of Horus, li~e as Pl,f(o. ter~eth It to ht the pZ"ce eapJbLe of f!,m(ratioll: tbe tlnrJ IS ccm?ounded fir Fllll and the caufe t for matter is full of the w{J~ld~ as bewg married and ~eepirlJ{ cOll1pany with ,lie fir/t p'mclple, ~I hich is ~ood, p"re, and beautifully. adorned It (bo~ld Item lJa~l'ly alJ') rQat th~ poet Hdiodllf, W/;U:'J he faith, Ihat aliI' Ihin~s 'at tbe (ir)f, were Chaos, E<lrlb, '1artaruJ. a.nd Lcue groUlldeth Ii?on no other principle than thof~, 'Il'h~cb

a'e (igtli(ie,1 by tbert ,laIner, meaning by tbe Eartb Ifls; by Love' Ofi is; and by TilrlarUJ Typh~[); as we hf1v.e made dC"lO'nftration. Fod by Chao. It feemes that I" )l'ould undajland (r;me plllce arJd recept.acle of tIle. woxld. .Mortov.er ill lome fort tho(e mouet« requIre the faymgs of PI ato, .'fhi,h in his ~oo~ eTltitu!ed Sy mpofit,um Socra~c:s inftrred, namel» wherezn be [euefil do'Wli rue generatlO'J orl.Il~e.; (ajirlg ;btlt Penis, tbat. is to fo~, pov~rt), :deftrQUS '0 have children, 'Wen 1 and Ill, 'WIth Pores, ,6,11 iJ t1 {til.:, . ricbes, Ithd j1~rt with hi"" by wbom (be co~.c:'iwdwilh lh ld, and brou!!,bt forth Love; whl) n""t~· r1111~ is /OlZg_ aildv.lriah/r! ? and brt.()Hen of a father .w,bo.rs ~ro.,'R'ife) a1td alfufficient; alldofttnlotherwho" poor. Herd}" an d fOTWaT1t,d~fi!ou.s .af another, a?dtvtrmQr~ Ileki,~alulf()lluw;ng, arrer it. Fonbe !qrFJald .P.~fo~, ,1J 7J'} otb~r, but tbe firft tbing q,mirlble),dfJi~eab~e~ pc:[ealJ,it!

(;.ffit'je~r. AJfor~Pcllia, it it maticr, wlJ.uh .. ffll/!!h!s. . :.mnoreb"rc aNd Tlwi;-, w~miHg thaI 'Ir~,~'h 11.bg~4dbt

. . 'fP fTt ,

wbereh/dt lmgibfb~ is CotiCeivell'W'irb ~ qbifde, Illter wkom fb~' half) :a lotlgirif!dfire; and tvermore' read, fo receive fo."t~'g)biJt(jf him.' Narr Hormell£tndredbU'Alem tim" (whkh is tbe JDorld ) is no etemal, not impr fJi\le, rIOT incofrup.'i"l~, b'UrbC!~'i eVerJf:ore in genrrdtton, be e1fdftJotttb by vldJfi.t "d~'ofthiltitTo~S" and brptriodicallPa ffi )n, to continue r'l/waies ),OU!lg, IIr i( he fbould neverdie a'lel perifh. But 'of {ucb difeourfes tJJ thefo we- mR[t. nilHze uft, Wit a, of Tt'rl/on( itllo;:_etber' Y~(f~ly (zd(r/1ing:' but fo, as w""ta~e Gut or e.tc!J. of them,' tbilt w!jjrhis meet chid cOllvenimt:· II) our purpore. If/ben its' rhere{(Jr(! 'R'ee (dJ" maner; Wf. are 110t to rd)' IIpon' tb« opinion .Clf {orne Pbilofr,pber!, 'and t» thi'lk,_ it [or to be a body w~ihout fott!c, witb1')ut 9113Iil" CfrHI inHing i;i)t felf idI~,a1fd'Wlth;ut 1111 aCfior wb'fo uer : for we call o'j/e ibe mauer o[~.ptrfume or ,dnt'me1lt; and gold ,IJI!" matt~r of lin image o'r (ftlrue~ or T de(mrs JZlhic!J uotfl.'itbftanding if 1ZJt voide of all jimilltllde : and fHI' r~ we fit), tbat t~t.'VcrJ foul & u'lderJ1anding of a marl,is fbI' matter or ve"rtuc.and of jcimee, ~hii:h #C give unto rra(on,f~r to b·in,~ into order, IlJlJ ad'm;f. ' And fme'ibere 'lUre, who (lffi(med"t1Je mince or uuderftandin1. to be tIJe prlJper place (j( formel, and as if wert, tbe exp-r.fimoT!ld of intelligible tbillgs: Jj~ as there be Naturali{E1 #,';0 beld, tl,ttt (b~ {eed of a TPomlln ~atb not tbe power of a prillciple {ervin!! to Ibe ~eneralion of Jflon, but fti111detb in ~ead of mn.t1er and murillJ1l1pnt o'~ly: acrorJiJ1f.!; unt» wholJl, 1ft alfo bt?iRf., grounJe41urein, IZre:'o Ihin/t tba: ibis J!,odJrft hQv;,:g the JrJlit;~n of the fir(f and chief god, and converfi Hg with him continualy,for tht lave of rhof~ good I bi"~s and nnrtues fr!hicb tlTe in him, is noti:i11i!, adv:'T(e UllfD bim but lovetb him 4f her tru« {poure and lawjull husba71d: and likfas 19.' lay, tbat t1H b~ne(i Jrlire, is fo ,ne, "'at 1 am re[olvpd never to "lImy breau Ie f uco Il one it liard to be {ou;Id upon Earth. n-~o ellj~yetb ordin2Til} tbe company of her hUJbQTld ,loveth ~il1l n~v~rtbdeJs, ,-" barb fiiLJ It mind IImo·bim ; even


10 gn,erh ~9t foe O'Ufr fo ~""a",e~red JlPo~,him) 1111 Tiougb , Jbe becenrjntlally: whq,c h~ iI, and repleniJbed "':t Q ilis' priTlci,rall and tHofi !ill~ert parts. Bid when arid whe~e, as Byie j" t~e'ttpl thr'!Itt:lh h,imJelJ b,'~~en, and leuet~ "PO,;' thl" "xlfe,4m parti, !h~fJan{f ~herf {he lee".le~bt.~ be [a.d,'m4. btavI, an;J.t~mup'm' IS r~id to mOHl'r14fl4L4uzeNt, yea ani/to' Jeel; Ie? ('l'[w.ureilq",c S ~'nd 'pieces ojE\lgenlus, alld tver as : (be Call find .a"J,~~ rccewftb and drr aielh them cl"/r!, lik,e as aJ!,aiTl(he prodJlc~th all.d bringelb forth 01 hcr things to 'liv,bt of' hey fe/f.For th; iea{ons, the Id:z:~, a"d the iilftuen,'es (If Gf)d ,",hie& are in Immen alld a»l(mg fbe pars 'and !igureJ of GeOmltHcy, doe Ihm corjt~nue and remail!: bu: 'h~(e wh;~b,be diffemindre amo~g, 'he fmfible audpaffi?le ~od;tl, ifUhe eartbandin 'be (ea, diffuftd,in theplantJ (;Ind li ving creatUres, i,be fame dying,.and. be;n, bu,r.~et!; doe man) times revive a~d riJ, agai,. (relk by the mean. a! ge. nerations·., Ga~aes., .And I;;"etlpo;, the {aid Byle

'~us much more, tha, cobabitetb atld lieth lI'ilhNcpbtbys, and tbat Eugeniu. alfo b, /lr4lth .. tl.nd (errell" ~eep,etb company "With her: for the corruptive and defJro)ing power, dorh principally poffefs the extream parts 'of 'bat mailer ",hicb .bey name Nephehys and death :_ and the genera. ,ive and preferving vertue, conferrerb ;1~tO it little feed, and rbe (arne wea" arid Jeeble, IIJ being marred and deJfr()yed b~ Hylt, u.nlefs it be fo much as B~aragqtheTetb up and !avt/h, which (l?e alfo nOl4rifbt ,& arId maim aineth. But. in eme 2»orJ, alld 'to [peak. mot« general/y, he is lUll belftr, iu Plato and Al itlotle are of ,;opinipn. : for the naturall plliJfaHcI to "'gender and to pr~ferve, .mo'Ueth t(Jward Lim a. to [ub/fancea,zd being': "lPherea.. fbat, fme of ~ilIing and deflroying tnouetb beqind 'cw.ard non fN~ftfielZ~'e wbicb ;$ the uaJon, that tbes ' csll t~e on« Brata ,1Jilt is to fay, a, mprio1t animate 'a1f.d wife;But likE ps

t'J, general name of all gods and f..odde ffi:!,to wit, Tl-eos, is derivrd ilia 7~ .s-td.7W I/J.tf is to fay;of vijikle '1m 'T~ ~~O)l7(t,

. 'bar

. The Preface.

rk~ ~ii ,t.ola], at rnjtninj!.; ~VeH' Jo, both we and alfo the 4gyptl~ns hltv_e called tbi, godde{s Beata, oj intelligence a~rJ m'ifton to~erhe~.; ,Sem~lably Plaro faith, that in old "'11If, ,",be" the.! {atd Beacon the; me~1tt Beata, that is ta

{ay" rac,~t:d ;_..lzkt I1S NoeG~ ~lro,~~'d Phronefie, quafi f~i9~, ~t~a~ IS to ray, th~ftlrr,l,!,! and motion of the underji,llntizng, beiJzg, .r;llr!t.ed:,and f.0~ng forw~rd : and they mlpo(ed this wo)·d ~W:I£I'<:U to. tho[ewho h J. Vt;.JOU1J(. out and difl'o7.lered goodneJs amI1!erti/~: but contrdriwifo h~ve k}! r(prOdchf1l1 ilt1»W Hated [nCb things as il1ip.>llck; hmder t{nd jt.l} tbe ~or..r[e of?urur ~l t~inrz.s, hil1rlllg ~,h"I~ _(.o~ ~s they canno~ go forward, tQWlt, Ka.X.Id., Vice, rL7r~eJ.rt, md~t(Jtce, ~HJ..trL' cuwardi{e, tint( ctl}I~, grief, as if rl,:; "-ept tbem fro m igv';U, Dr. j~~, that' is ta [ay, free progYi' 's and proceed 1fg for.f!7llrd,. AS f'or Ellgenius that if to fd J holy and {acred; for be if the common reaion or 1 J :J, th' b . h J' uea, o.f

lng~ a ave m I'avm,and beneetb ill thehou(es of E4rth •

()f which, DIIY sncientswer« wont to call the one tOrt e • th ' r r. J - , - JO , Helf.

~t H to) tty" ,acre",,;, (Z1t~ the other, oa"I:t) th(/t is to f/l.y~

hoy. ,The reaJon Il~ro '1l!hlCb pJewetb celeJtial things, and

{uch a,onav~ upw.lr,d, IS called Anubis, and otberwhiles (

Herm~nuhjs; IlS if tlre one name were meet far tpor~ abov!?, ,

and the ot~er: for tkembmeat": whrrcllpm thry fdcrificed '

unto th~.former a whit,e_cQcK.r, and to the other Il- yel'ow or {)fr~ffro" c~{our j, .fo~ ~h.tt they tboilJ!.bt thofe thi11f.S ahow,

plIr(, {VIIl':e IllZr!Jl.'1.llZitO?:,; but thofe bemat", mi.wd' 01' a med1f;)1·"%~r. ~eitl;(r are we to marvell, that thefo

~eTnz~, ared,rgui[ed~~ the flljhion oiGreek; words , for an m:/iJllte ntlmber oftJlore there be,- which have been t"an(tJOT_

'te~ o~t, of Greece with thoJ~ ,,,en who departed from

?;~f" 1lJt~ tber« rmlllin until! this day ItS JirI1Jt~cj'5 wltbcut.

their n~lV: Cou1Ztrey ,: whereof {ante there he which c a uri:

. ~.:;f;:? to be panJred, {Dr cal!~11~ them into ufe, as if it fp':l&c~D.:rb,ttr~uj!J, 11amd),hy thGfo wh:J terme 111;: Te!eC:~le" , Gamae~) MalhitrieJ,! mId Taph: h<lphtha: r a

e 4 Phi-

Phimerah, &~,an41JbFltropordj~,GIOltaS~, But in: ,tb~ bcokJ of Hermes or Mercllry {o callea,there i£, wr'IUeil;

. tbus mucb concerning , {acred, names, namely, thattbe l'vwer ordained over th~ circular »IotiQn dna revolution of tbe Sun, the iEgy}?tians cal! Horus, a1;ta fhe Gree~' Apollo: that which, is over the wina, rome name E,:u.~enius, others Sa rapis;' And {q11!e !1g;ain in the .lEg .. p.t~al1 ?a~lI/:,al(.,e So~h i, which 1if!.nifii>th ~(. m:,ch as c()ncepuo~ or til be w:lth cbilde : and thereupon. It IS. tbat by '4 little dr.flex!on of the name, i~t(;e Greek,.tongue, that CaniCl~[ar ~r Dogge. JEar ir called Kt/GJv) . whiSh is thought approprIate rmt6 Beata'. WeIll k.,_nowtbat we 'a-e no: to lirive as touching n,ames, yet woulttlrather give place 'unt» the h:;\:P~ rians 'about the name Sarapis than Eugenius, for tbis IS Il meere Greeb".word, where4s the other is II ftranger : b~t as well ,~e o~e iu the other Jiglzifietb the {arne power of Dtvinity. And beret» accordetb the !Egyptian la1fguage; for,;na~':Y times they terme Beata bJthe nlll;:!? of Mmerva,

fr'hichin 'their tongur Jig njfieth as nluch, as 1 am come of 1)1y(eff.And Hyle, ~5 ~ebilvealt.eacfy [aid, i~ nttm~d Seth- PeborlPnd Sol r, '/fhich woo ds heto'<fli all, a 1JIQ- !mtJfaJ and i»ifetlchmt!'nt,a contrariety altd adiverJio". or tutnina. afide tmother way. Moreover, they cllllthe !(1ad{i:'ncoy S,dc~itis,. ~~c bon,e of Horus ~ li~e ~s iroll rbeto"t' o.FHy le, as r~~ll~thos is )tline 11.!lthor ; [or Its !he iro» Fcmeth r,therwbllt! tofolloJt? the fa!dlo,uJ}fo,11..e, Im~ fi!ffcreth 'it ret! t~ h!, 1ra,!,": ly i~, ,!zzd '~any tiVles fer zt "((lin. returnet]; back.,Il!{d is '(.;prllerJfo t!tP. c~ntJflry: 'evi» (0, t~[' gl)~.d Itld CQmf()f1a~le'""~tio}Mf- !hew/JrI4tlZ- ' ' Jf(ed with U.Tj'al1, by p~rrwafive,1pu~~~ tht~,.{~1l1!er'!t . 'r/r'd'fP. into it, and mo!!ifi.e ~bJ!t IJI1:.,d~uJS;fJf ~):J~:;J~/t: 1If..(1 wlri/e.r "filii! thcf.l1iie [dlirnctb ba.c~il1ro itfrlf, " (l,.nd,. , ~·I;;,idl',ll in tlJe d,'pr~ljffn!tfrie,a~l1c{impofJi'1[ity. ;O~r, '1il/~lij7rlf.1"FfJdm:u~ rdjlb,~hlltthe LEgyptwl1s d~'fIifr ... ,:

;,f J.llr~tfr tlJi t j;Uo¥;.. .No'IIt_vt!J. ~U !~gs_ ~~ i~/g rO.gr.6W}~

, , . , _. ,ogtlh~r:

The Preface •

.. . ---.---.-.----~---

tugllber;n ene, that be could Hot goe. lit a!l, [fir very

jlJllme helt{pt ill 4 deftrt wi!derneft: hut Beata "J cJ!!fing dna dividing the fame parts of his hody, bro1lght ";m tD bil {ound 4ndupright gDing again, Which dif:our{e givetb us covertlJthm to rmderjiand, tbat the untlerjfllnding a"t ,cafon of God in it {tlf going in vi jibly, Ilua IIfte, 1111 Ul1- (em manner, proceedeth to generation hy the melin, of maion , And vnif], tba: bril{t>H Timbrel which tbey {o1f1ztied lind rung-lit the {Ileri/ices of r eata, 1I1ZnmJ Si. flrurn , fl:ewtth evidently, that 1I11 things ollgfJt d'e,.~> that is tq[ay, to bi'Jlir Jlnd.l11ak!, /1II1t!1Uver ccaft motJin!" but to be Ilwak,rned and Taired, I7S if othe~wife thry we'~ drowfie, la) afleep and lanj!,!,illd : for it' is fdid, thut tbqturn b.ack.Jl.nd repulp Hyle "l'ith their 1im~rds «[ore{.lid) meaning therehy,' tbat wher.'lts corruption dotb bind and Jlay neture, generation aga;1I101bindeth Imd [ettrth it a 'Work., by tbe 11W'''S of motion, r-.·ow the [aid Sifirum bting in. fihe' upper part rcund; tbe curuature a"d A bfis thereof comprehendethfQur thin!,S thlZt lire {iirreJ lint/, moved :':[9' thar pllrt of thi' world which is (uhjdl to generation ~1td corruption, is comprehended under the [phd~ of the Moo;', within JPhicb, all things "'Pve and alter b.J tbr mNl1fsof the fOllr elements, Fire, Earth, Water IIftd Aire, ilpon the A bfis or rundle of tbe Siflrum toward thetap, tbeyengrllveth"fforme of Il cat with a mans face; bllrhenellfh, undtr tbofrlbing.s which Ilre.fl;llktn, one while _the)' mgt-ave the vi{age of Beata; Ilnotlm' while of Nephthys; Jfgll~fyinJ. hy theft' ~'If10 faces, nativity and death: for tb~{e be the motit;ns'and mutarlons of tb~ elements, /;'y the canh~J u1ftlerJJ:llna tbt"Moon for the variety of tbe ! 1:JIT, f" t'heoperllrwn tiHtJy,ork( in the "igbt [earO", dna for tb~ fruitfu{Jltfl of this cresture : for it is [aid, tbnt at firtl . (l:t'beitter" inf kJt!i.1t~ at the frcol1d tim!' two. tbe thirdr;me rhrC't'; thm~~:lr, l1.ftrrwards fivt'~ I1nd (o tf) ~vrnr [Q that in Ill/p.t!riltgs forth fWf1tfJ'·eight, uiJicb



-_- .-,



r~\ :ja,iJfg ',that Engeniu~ IS in~rrtil; ,-when the ifm" ;,. :,~:,

covered;n tbe ~oa,.nd ,i, -.thlat,hf refli'llef-h lind ri{"h lIg!'i" ~

to light, ."hm it beginnnh to [prur. And hereupon it is [aid

tbar p.~at! _he" ./he pn-cei'llerb, her [elf to be ,COIJCeivtd

aJId' "W)th:; chiMe, ~llIIteth, About her nel;l{ II pre[n-vtltivt

'h~fiX!h dll) of the monnb Phaophi, and is delivf;td of

H3 tpocfll'res doui the follnCe of wintt't, beiHg as lid iI" ...

ptrffC7f Iln'tl comi to JfO. mlt.,urity i" t~prime of ih, firff'. ftO"'dtR~tl bu~s : which II thertn[on i,hilt ,hry offer tmt'

her fbejffjt _frulff of Ulltlls new [prrmg .. and- [olenmize

thefett{i d,Htl holitlilies 'of h~T chi!d(birth tl1ld /yiH(!, in lI(ter

tbe .£qltinox of ,he fpri~: for when the v~"C!.llr /w'

bet'~ this, .they refl therein, tllk! con tentmmt; and bt/('tve .

it ~llight1Vaits, drnwing a probability for belitf, out of

ordlHaryl things which are daily ready Itt halld. And 'lie.

r;~y, herf;ntbere;$ HO;Hcr-nvenience, if firft and fortHDft

abe} mttk" fbefe gods common, end not pro1'(r IlJId pf'Cul;d'

unto tbe iEgyptians, neither corr.prife Nilus:olfry mltl

the l~1ul YI_"!eb Nilus "'"terdb, under thefe names, nor in nammg,,1)elr Meeres, LIl~th aNd Lores, Irna lthe nativit,

of tbeirr.~§, de1"i~e rtfl othtr men of wo{e great gods,

among lJ11JomtMe II Nilus, nor Burns, nor Memphis;, r",-. )ttHevmhelt{s acltHoJPledgt lind have in reverence the ~ godde[s Beat~, and-otblr gods about her, of 'Whom the}

hatle teil'f88lJ nDr longfUlCt to name fame ."itb tbe }Egyp-

rian trppelllt.t~ns; but time out of mind they k.,ne19 their,

vertue tmtl'PQ"rr,- inregllrdwhereof 'bey have hOllo«rea.

l1,,!d tldweJ th~.. Sec~'nrIl;y,iPhicb iSIZ .far 1!.reattr mauer;

. tDthee1ttllheJ.jhou{dtlt~ehedl1ndbet1ffr(1id, left ere tbey be tlr9ttte,the] dijfOlve mul dijJipatethe[e divine powers in rivers, '~;"ds)(ofliltf!.,plowMig aud orlJer paffio1tS Inlt! al. ffr"~tf Ih~ellrtb; nstbey d9, Jrh' hold, thllt Brcchus i~.int; Vl\lcan tht fil"nc orlire, and Proferpina ( If r Cleanr hes (aid illrnttplJlcr ) tbe [pi,;t ,hpt U,.*fth


The Preface.

,q.~ ~~~.·d~je$ . Qf evet;: MOQn." ~ And, howroe~er tkls mil) pelf', ", fl, t'a~e,~ }e~ fo,' r~er~aill i,t ,is. true, that th?, ,,!ppulJ of /i.gh!!.of t~~fr ~a.ts d,~" f~ll awl, large. whnt the ~Qn is at full~,; ~~~,~ cont~~~:JP.ife-, draw in and become [lUllller as the MaQJf,lt,n the w~!Z~.4s for the vi{age of a. man, ~hich. the_] fft{r!butc ~ntB lh(c4t,theJ repre{ent ~berebJ tbe w,#tyfubtil~ (ft¥J re4[(l~ abo;4''-t~~ nmtatio1ZS of t~ Moon. l.~ut to ~it up: ~ll tbiqna,ter inJew WIard,s, rearm.. WOUld, that wee JhOl4,(4 tbm.~fJei.tber th~ fUll nor tb~,.w~te"neilher earth nor heaven. tob~ Bcata,~r'£\;lgeniu~; no 1J!-o,.e t~an ~x,c.eediJlg th:~uth,extrM'1' ~eat fire and [e(l, is Hyle,blit Jiu.p" what. fo.ever in furhthi(t.gs is out of m~.arur~ antlextraordinary eithe .. in ex.cefs or ri:ejel1,we ou.(h~ ~ attribute it u~to Hyler, c~ntrariwi[e.,I111tb~t i.s well aifpo{((l.,ordered,good ,~~ profi:., t4blr,Ylcmuft b,liep.f"it, tobe the wor'tveri(y of Beata, b~l t~~ ;mttge,exampltJ (l~~ rea Jon of~u!!enius;.. w!lich if wee honour and ac/.quiu tbis [pre, we Jhalt no~fin Rr~d~ amif':

Itvd: tba: which ~Dre is, We ]hall remove 4,,4.flaJ the unbelief and dollbtfull {crllpulojit}or~udoXUi)"Ifbo askJd thr i_eafon, why Ceres "'ad ItO chargf "iUl fuperi~t~~dance ev,c.r Love m4tllr~, .but all that care.tl!yupon Be:~t,~, and why Bacchus could mit her nl'!-.Rf. the river N~hlS .,tp. {well and. overftvW ~ nor govern and rule. f9C dead: 'fo, if we fhould allel1.dg Oiff gmer,rll ana common rcaron for (til, we dwn there gods fo bauebeen ordained for the, partion cf I!,ood thi",!.s , dnd whatfoeV8r in nature is go~d and beautiful, it is by the gr4ce . tzJtrt weans!f there deities; whiles the one yeeld~ thJh.e fi.~Jf rdncipleJ; tZwJ th:

Of?er receiveth an4 diJhibuteththeJantt: by JJ?hi~~~ell}u Wf ,(hllll be able to [ati;fi.e the 111Ultitlule, R~Jni!ft 'Witb tb{)_(i ;i~cbani.cai and odious fcllo"tP;; whethe; i1!ey,Jelight in the chllll;,.e I1Jzd 'D:triety of the aire; nccordi1Jg t9 th~ F'a(oI1s of tb~Jear ,or in tbe procrelltio1Z of fruirsl:JQr i1f;fred. , ne:{; a;zd tilLii1~, appropriutinff, dHd appl)ling thfc{er~ whlZt hilt/) been .Wi V:Tfd J( r ~"Jrt godt; wb~reht t1Je.v tstkt pIe.:.


The Preface.

dMtl'pierceth tboro'fP the fruill of the tlf.rth. A·pot' th:re' wJZ!,~ho writing ofreaJ1ers and mbwers,fjz.iJ: . : -, \ ; .

t ~ '_'. ', .-'

. What time young men their hands to eeP'M pur, . And her wit~' hooks and tithes by piece meale eur,

And in "NO rerpelf differtTjey frOM tb01e, who thin"'- ihe' f4ilet. cabler .. c6"aage d"d anchor, arc the pilar '. or .bllt the thred and yarlU, the w.1.rpe and woofe .. be the weaVtT ; ()~ that the goblet and pOttOl! cup,. the ptir'lllte.ar tpe- Mede. and hl)niea l1.tter, is the? i'hyJitittlt.But veril} in[o doing, t6tyimprinr, 4b[l4rd IInJ blarphe1HOUS opinions orlhi' gods, tmdin.t. to t4the~rme and impiety, attributiw~ the. nali!l'S ofq_odsuntr} natures andtbings ren{ele(s, 'liveleft and corYltptible, which of n~ceffity mm urI.' as they need them, and can IIot chu(e but marr and deforoy tbe rame. For .'/pc ",ufo in nQ wife tbin': that thefe very thinC?:s be gods; for nothing CIJII be a J!.od which hath no foul, and is {ubjel1 to mit"·; ana rmd~r his hand: hilt rb8reby we "-now. that they be "ods who "rue Us tb~m to ur~, -and for to be perdurable and fufficient: mftherebt.on~ plac!?, andtho{e htanother, neither Bar .. barians nor Greeks, neither Meridional HOT Sept~1!trio~ nal, but [iEte {u·th~ Sun and Moon; the heaveH, e4rth aM Pit, are com"m! unto ell ; hut yrt in ·t1i'llers places called. ~y frmdr, names: evm {o of OHe lind the fame ;n,elUgence .hat' ordereth the whl)le world, of the {anle providence "hichdi(pen[,th and governethall, of themiui{lerilll ~'IgeTS (ubordinllte over all, Junr1ry h0110T sand ttppeUatiom according te the diverJity of law~ have been appoinred. Altd 'h~ prie{ls and religious, profeJferl in {uch ctre11lo1ties, 1M "1J!leriel aHd [acraments; (ome obreure, others mort pld;n and evident, td train our ZlHderjlanding to the ~1lD'W" lrage of tbe Deity: hOJPbeit,not ff1itholtt periU anr1 rlttHger; for that (ome mi,'Tt"g the right way, are fllllen into Juper .. jfitwn; Iffld oth:rs avoiding fuperflition as it were a bog,c


The Preface.

prq1f;;g.~~f~· h~v.t "un)t[ore .hty eQuId tak.r betd, . upa" fhe~roc~,or.lmplt.~y. ~ therefore, . it bth.&veth us in. sbu, ell fr f{peciJzll,to be..in"ulJ~dh the di,ef)ion of Philo{ophy whIch may guide us in there hilly cOnfeinpl.ztions, 'hilI we may w~rtbjly and relle, i()uf!,'hjn~ of every thing. raid and do~e;~o the mri, .hltt irbefall1UIt unto lis ai unto The,J.dQrtls,who {Ilid, fhilt the doEir.'tic· which be tmdeml IInd,rea~hed out with the right hand, {Q11JC of. his fchollarJ rectlved {lad took.,:witb ~e left. ;: euen fa, by ra~il/g in II wrongfonfe .. and otberwife,tban is met' 'aJSd conumimt; th~t '19bich the [awes have Ofdaimd touchingfcails anA fa .. crifices, we grofIyoffen4. For, thllt all things ought to. have a refermce unto rea.;"., a man ",IIY fee and li!'OW bJ themfolves : [or celebrating:a [calf unto Mel curie the nin~teent.h day of t~e fir.lt. monetb. they eat bony and figges, (l1)m!! 1IIlthall, thiS Motto Sweet is the rrueth As tl) that Phylllliery or pre{ervlltive, which they call Be.ira ,. weare 'm~enjm is with cbiZde,by interpretatien it fig,nifieth;,

It ,true uotce, As for Harpocrates , we mt~lf not imag,illt hzm to be fl11le young god, and not come to ripe JurI" nor yet a man: but that he is the [uperintendllHt and reformer of mens language as touching the g,ods, be;1ff, }d new, unperfell, and not diJti1zu nor articula te; which;s the rearon, that ·he holderh a {eale riug tefore his mout h> liS a fign awl mJZr~of. taciturnity Illtd fzlence. Alro zn tbe monefh Mefori, they pre{mt unto him certain PJitdes IJf Pul[e, fll)ing witbJZll,. <[be tongue is Furtum': 1he tong1{t_~s.~ce1fton. N.~w of pU plants which lE~' 'Pt bring .. eth fort~.,,:1heyc.onF cra~~he PeJZch-tree unto hi", efpeci~ 1I1ly,.~flllf[H.~,fr1lit refemb!d}J an beart , lind tbe lea!,

It .tongz.:f?::. F9r. 4f1 ~h4'e things 'JPmch naturally are in map, tbere_is, ~o.th#tg 1If()¥e dilJ~than the wlIgue and (puch, as tOJ(';h{~ the gods. priNcipally, neither ill an) thing commelh.he ,.~~e~ unto Tmltitude: Ilnd 'hertJore 1 adili(e and rtqUt, e'PNJVJ"n whorepltirtrh hither lind ccmu:efh d(lJln .


i .

The Preface. ,

tot"'s Oradle, to'enrertain haljt~h(jiig"htsi" hit. littt'it, aJul' "'lIt~r feemlyworrlswith bistop, wherea'j''th"t'- C(hfJm9~ fort 'of peoplem thdr'Public", fe;tjtsll1!d YOlem1tproCe,ffiDnS' (Joe "'!tHy ridictiloiisthingr?~' nO~thjfilnding t/,ejphJclai", itml1'ronounce f~rmally b,Y the vnce Df the'erie¥' and Bedile Dilhe -beg;"iriitg-offUcbfol~m71itles;' '0 f{fep ftlence or {Pt,~ non;:. bmgood word r '! '(tnd Jet :arterwards- the] cfa{e not, hutto giveotlt mOflblafpbemim$ fPlechel; and to fhin't iJr liafely ofthe.godt. ',How thmjhltUMenbe"bave it.1f;d de""Il" rhtJ1tfo~ves in ·thort,l&eavy and 11J'~~h:nfull facdfiC'es from ."mct all mirt'b'lmtllaughterid;ani(hea': if 1f;"be not lawflll eit1nrto·~,mi~.a,!Jtbing rtf the'tlccu(fomed lind u{uill ~I!telttonies, fir to:conformil and,n:ffltl,fctheopi"nio1isof the gorls '/Pithabfurd and falfo fufpii:ions ? "The Greek._s 'doe matryfmMable thi't.fjJ u)ttothe lEgy·ptiam even 'in maner at the very fame time: For at Aihe'nsin tbe fearl call-etl Thf:tmophol'ia to' t11~ ·hommr,~f. Ceres, the 'I9~men (J(J f~tif, litting upon the ground! Ai1.d the Bcrotians mak.! arijlin,C; .-rnd rem(J1iin~ of th~hollfos of Ach<E,i; naming tb~\flla'f i'7rtt;:!J", t~ttt is to {ah odious: as if Ceres Were iii 'beavim[s 'aM firrow [or tbe defcent of' her daugh. {'!C'rProCerpin;t. into bell: and this is that ffllmtth wherein lhijtifrt callr!d' Pleiades appear,' ,and wben ihebusband. mm 'begin to fOY9,.whicb the .m!!vptians'tfttme Athyr the Athenians Pyanepfion, and the Beeocians Damaccios, anJte w'juld Jay Cerealis, And Theopompus writeth, thilt- t,he,'people inhabiting wellward, at) botb tn},£tanJ. 4lr~cdl! the Tl'"inter Sat\1rn,t~e Summer Venus aWd,th.:'\~pring'Prorerp;na : 'and' that'of Saturn and Venlls all tbing,~rbe elzgent:lred: 7hePhry~ians id~ ;"Jltgilti1z~ that Go.>.ly!eep&th·all' Winter, and' lieth awa~ in:'Sm"me~'; ~"emtpgn c"{ebrate in the one feafon, the feaft of lyhc~ ii: bed and fleepilZl~; in the othel' of experreliion o~",rkJ"Jtg, 1111(J tbat witb m'leT] drinkjngl1na belly cber,e. Bllnhc Paphlttglmi!l1ZS [tty,' tbifhff is b cund and ~Pt in-

, JJ'lr4

ThePreface ..

;para ~j " frifotter duri"$ Winter, 'flnd, in the Sp· iw:rr in~ [argerl fJg!,tn :zn~ ret at llb~r.t), .'When .be heginne-rh ,; jlw. IIna mqrle. A ow Jhe very tzJ1le({lVeth IlS occ~on toIl/fpea. ~hat tbeheav} co~ttna1lce lind lIu/ierity which fhry /he'W, !S b~cttu!e,rhe.frutts of the. eartb be t~m' m4den ; wbic" {~UltSe.U~ M,tcients in tinze,paft '~ever thought to be g,ds,

ut thep!"ffita~l~ and n._e~e.ffa,rJ .. giftsof tht,goers, .l1vlliling ",ucb.to /lvecI.vtlly,. anJ ,HOt after a {avilge andheaj(ly ma~ner... But at what t'",e of tb« year as ,tbey Jaw t'he fru!ts fro'!J the trees to fall and Iaile .at ; once; ttn4 thofo 7PhlCh,fhemfelves hlZll jOrlltll, w;tb,nitlch, adoe, h) little ant/. lmle opning and, cleaving the'tart~ '!Pith tbeir own banas aHd (, Coveril1g4Jtd_ hilling thr JItme;witholtrMlJ Ilffured bope whar would betide therertpon, Ilfzd JJ)beih~r tbe (am~ 'IP_~Jdd come. to ItM) proof lind per{elli,n or no, they ~ld mlltlJ things. ltke unto. r1Jo{e that comml* dead b~dm to the earth, and meum. thereft;re. MoreDver, Ilk.; as we ffl.J, that he who bNyetbth~ books of Plato,: h.u}~hP~ato._: .Vl~d who istbe allour of Menan~ dres comedzes,' fS faUl to ali and pilly Menander: &",_ blably, t ~eJ did not {.part a"d forbear,fo give the names of ~be celeftMU gods unto the;'r, gifts and ill't1entions) btmourmg the fame wirh f'lbeflerence,for. the ufo IUtd nml.tb"; bad of tb,em. Eut thtyJPho come aftlr M1Qn1. this f!,rA{ely JlHt.l foolijhly., tiM ~pon ig~ora.nce unsltJlfully rrtur:ning 1tlO~ th~ J!04s the ac.CctI~,,!~\9f their ff'!4.it~ _ i-. not ~;lly cJllletl t e~rprefem:t Illld fr:"!-4'01!,_, 'he IIIl'tvitJo!the,god.{,; .(Inri ,belr abreHc~Qr W4~f;~f; fh~ .. t~ 4~t~ .and departurr.~f t:~rds.? ~hur al(o ·~IIeZ/ffJ.. fo mJl~ a..,d~,wereper[wade,el f; 'Y [o : In (uc:" ~t.k,\, ./l~,~1rt:Jz h,!,ve.filk4 thmifellies .... ith ~.f~V abr1h_~~ kwll, ~~~-611fufe4 Of'ilfions of the faid gflds.

b ni,}'ef eer!'.h -the r;:r.Y". "(Ind Ilb{urdit), of their 0JriJZ;Q1f; I cy had ttfltJe1l.tly be-fore_ thfir eyes prefented PJ XcnophaJ~S t/J~,~ ~Iof>honian".or ,Dther -l'~qfopbtr' (tJter him l1bolfd!1lDuijhcet#1e iEgy-ptianF~ th"'iltif lht)r(puted tbe~



The Preface.

~dthry /hourd Hot/ameni fo:~-them : a~tl. ifthfJ rJourneiJ. f: sj"ottld n'~talll'h~'" for gods: Il! alfo that it was re« J'ry l' moe"erl.l in their lam~ntattonsro pray unto them

ate» OUS, '\l J'. ,'. h' to' .c. n·

flit-to prodllc~ ,tew frUits and hrl1t.,! r em ~n 0, per) e!.m!,

t: tr, to ,tbe enrl' that t~eJ 'might he con{um,cd again

Jor »em, h' ,r.a d ' I': f tb'

a'lUllaINmtet! for, But t e caJc J,an, S not J~ : , or ,tJ

bewaili the frkits that are gone a~d {pent., but they pray imto the gods the, aut hm ant! J!.iv, I, thereof., that they -gould vouebfafe to beliow upon ~.hem ~eJP, and ma~ ~~em

'row in{llpply ofthofe w~ieh were per!fhed and, lojl. R 19b' ~ell thirefote was zt filld of the p~,lofophers, t?at ,bofe 'who have not learliea to beare and tllkt words. tJrtght, r~ Ceive IIlJo and ufe the things them{elves anfi[s T as fOT txitmple, the Greek.! who were 110t !ti.ught "", aC,cu[iomed t() caU th! flatues of bra/"> al4d jtOne p;zIHtetl ,maf,er- or TeIefmes : altd afterward wer~ [0 bO!~:1 as to Jt), that Lachares de[poi!ed tin_d. pYlppe~ Mmerva out of her. clothtS, and thilt Oyo ') Ihusthe tyr~nt poUt'tl Apollo !"ho

- had a perrywic . orbu.fhof golden hatre ; alfo thdt J upiter Capirolinus daring the civil! wttrrswJtJ ~urn~ ,and e~nfumed with fire., »« thuuhry fet n~t, how.'~ to dOl~g they.draw and arlmit fttl[e and ttroneous 0lm~tons ,!,htcb folfMrupon ru¢h 'i1ittnller or fpiec~es. And herem the 1Egvptians of ,,!fother tfatwlZ" hiivefaul,ed moft, about the beafts which t"'~'V honour and worj1J'p. F~~, the (;Te~1{s verilyi" this poi1lt .Uotb beleev~ and alfo.Ip~a1<.' 1ge1l,. (ayzng fhat the dOl'e is a b!rd {acred ,mfo yenus"tb~" d~lIgon t" Minerva,thlra'llm 'Or c,oJP:i'q~'Ap~)~?, and.tht tog t. Diana, aeeor4i~l!.~fJ rhat wbic5 E\lrl~ld~~ rat~ ~'I '

: ThegoddefsDili,na lhlrii~g~Y,n,gbt~ .0','

In a dogs pOl'tqiu9: WllJ til~e much de":--ht~ "

JIut thi lEgy pdans, Itt l~a/f Wi[etheco~Dn.foA of ~hem: 'Jl'9r(1)ipinl!. and ~ono~i1ig ther~'lJerJ beaft~ -tu ,if ,tbe] wrrt godst~e"'felves, :httve."ot only~~ered ~(t~ ~aug?te, an 6'r ridiclI!Pllt ",pc/lJrytherr Lytllrglr II1Uld1-'Dmerer'V~ce, ( ~

. , tgnorilnct

The Preface.

ignorance and folly in this ca[e is the let1_f1Jin of all others) 'b ut afro tber» is crept intQ tbe midlf of men iljiro1tg opinion) which hatb [o [arre poffiffid the .{lmple and wenkfr [art, It that it bringetb tbem to mere [ufer/iitian. And a! for {acb as; be of more quicl{, and witty capaciry, and who kefides are more audacious, tbofe it driveth bead/ou.f!. int» bta/i!y cogitation> and dthiJl:ical rlirc9mIes : And therefore I hold it not amifs; cur{arily and ly the wa:V to ammt bereto (uch things as Geomancy teacbetb, Fer to [ay., that the gods {or [eare of Hyl e Were turned into tbefe creatures; as if the}. thou[!ht to bide tbem[dves within tht bodiei of the black..lior~s calledolbldes, of doggs and hilwk.!, is a :wonderful miliery to tbe Common reader. Lik,:'w;[e to hold,rhat the faules of th9[e who ar" dep,IYted,[v 111iIJ!)' as remain Jii!! in be_inp:, art' to come into fh n, 1l_(T1i in Q/te1y in the bodies And as f1r thorO' who will [eem tc.' rcnrl,» If. clvill ilnd pO!itick,.reafoll hereof; [cmr (!ii1t' out tl,at EII~eniu!l in 11 {[_rent expedition or v()ilt/!,c o.r bis; hdV,-,;!. dilljrl,->d hj~

armir into mdHy pilrts ( [uch as in Gree: are c. !ff" l\.O'X.ot .;

and T!f.~Ei~, that if to [")" bdiuls Ilwl compnnies ) hi' ,:!, IL'lI/:

unto every or thfm [or tb: ir (everal enfil!,1ft's tbe pJrtra{]ures <

and intaies of Geoma-icy : and each band afterward1- "

honoured their own,and had in reuerence as [ome ;'ol, and . " ':

{ac ed thing. Otbers affirme, that the kjugs who [acceed«

ed arter Eugenius, for to terrify tl,p;r enemies went {orth

to battel, carryil1f!. beraTe them, the figures of G eomancy

, made in gold and jilvcr, UPf)Jf their armes.Som .. there he 1l~llhl, who alledt;e, that there was one of tbe_(e their [ub» pte and fine beaded kjn.J:s, wbo kUOWjJlg tha: tIN JEgyp ians of their own nxture were l(r,htly di[pJ[ed) ready to reusl: awJ giuen to cbnne.e and itmovatiom, alfa that by reufon r;_f their great multitude, their power' was hard~}' to he reflrained and i., manner invincible, in cafe tbey ;~yltetl together iiZ COim{fl/ and dre» jovmly ilt o;ze c~m»ton line,

f therefof~

.~ ' ..

The Preface.

fberefQre be [owed among 'them a perpetual! fuperfiition, which gaveoccafion ofdq[entioH pnd enmity among thnu th.lt never cOldd be Ilppeafed: For when he had givtn com. mttndement lInto[hem, fort 0 have in reverence thole TeIefrnes which na, urally di[agreed and warred. together,

even {uch as wefe read} tlJ de/lr9) thole that carry them whiles every oile endtvoured alwaies to [uccour and maintain their own, and were moved to anger if any wrong or difplea{ure were done to tho[e which they affeeled; they fell tor.;erb.'r them(tlve. by the eares, tire they were aware and 'killed one another, for the enmity and quarrel which waJ between thofe figures whom they adored, and fa {offered mutua] and mortal hatred. For even at this day, of all the lEgyptians the Lycopolitans only, eat mutten, becaufe the wolfe whmr they adore Its a god is enemy UJlto .rhetp, hecallfe their figures are oppofite. And verily in this our flf!.,e, the Oxyrinchites, becallfe the Cynopolires, that is to [i1J, fhe inhabitants of the City Cynopolis, eat the ji(h named O"yrincho~, that is to ray, JJ7ith the ]harp becks', whm[oever they can entrap or catch It dogfl.e, mak.! no more adoe but J,Jll him for It [acrifiee and eat him when they have done, f/pon'1f'hieh oecafion having levied wa" one againft tbe other, and done much mifchief reCiprocally, after th~y had hem well chaffifod aurf pla~ued by the Romans, they g ew to attonement and compofition. And for as much as 111il11yof them do ray, that the (oule gf Hyle deparud into theft beafts)it [eemeth that this jifiion importeth thus much, that ev(yy lrutiJh and beajtly nature commeth and proceedetb from fome evil Genius; lind therefore to pilcifie him that he doe no mifchief, they worjhip and adore r hefe bea{1J And it peradventure there happen lin) gr~at drought or contagious heat, which cau{eth peflileHt 1naladies or other unu[lIal lind fxtrpordinary calamities, .. the priefts bring forth Jome of .ho[e Telefmes which the)


The Preface.

f"ve and hOHour in tbe da.,.k niehtJ withau: any noire in ~eat.filfflc(" nten~fi'~l!. them at tbe firll mid putting them til frl~ht. Now.lf tne pla~ue or C(llIl111i~y continue Itil!, they k.!!lllnd fa~"'ifice aJl~('ep, think,;n!!, this to be ,~ PllpiJlJmmt and.cb~filrtmfvt of the raid evil! d.;:mm, or el[r[ome ~reat ex_ptatlo~ for notable [mnes P1trl tran[!.!.reffio.'1J. For 111 the city v~rzbof Idirhya, ItS Manethos mtl~etl;. report; tbe mll1tner IS to burni' men alive, wbom thfY called Hyl ij~ 'Who[e athes ~hm th~}. hod brult,.,d throu:r_b a tamiFt', they fCtltter~d atJroad, touil! theY'll'ere rrr/t'r{'d tD nothmg :

But_ tbis was doneopenl), at a certain time 1lt tho[e daies whlch.are clllfed Cyn;Jdes or Canicular, Milry, the im .. molatlon ofthefebraJfs, which the). accounted Jarred, wa, performer! feeret!;, Ilndnor tlt a cert ain time or upon pr~ p,mJ dtlies, but I1ccordin.! to the occurrences of tbofo ecci; ~ts which hapHed. And thm'fol"e the common! penpte nnth". k1teJ9 Hor raw ought, but whnf they Iolemnls:e t1Jeir ObfeQllteS altd fUHtrals for tbem; in the prt'(ence of all the people they/hew rome of tbe other l'('(lffs a·nd throw then! tO~t'ther into tb« fopulcher, [Uppojill? th,'rcby ts vex /tntl ga.ll ~j'e, 1l1t~ to repr(,(s the joy th:zt he hath in doiH~ ",trehuf. For It [emfeth that Apis with [cme other bea(ll was con~crat('d t? Engenius : ho~foever the, attrihute 1!'any more unto b~11I. A,td if this he true, 1 [IlPPOr. if lmporteth that whtch we}l'e~1l11d (ellrcb nil this wbil, .

t bi b r: bi h . ,y I 1', 11$ bOttC mg t 0Je YJ' tc are C01tfeffid by all, and h1l11(, com"'D"

oHo:lrs : as the fore(aid fiorkt fbi!", the IJllllk,_e and the 8t~,an or Cynecephalus,ycllai1d Apis him[df [or (Q t,ofC, ca~ ~he.f!,Ottt in tbe r_it) Iv.endes. Now tbere r~'~rtiJ1_ "h utility. ~'Id fjmbolzzati01! hereof: cClIfidcrillg tbat ;m~ pllrtl'~pate of the one, but tbe molt part of both c or tl!t~ll:hmJ! the gOltt, the (fJcep and the Jchne,;m;Jn; r:trt~nzt IS, th~, ~onl)r them for the Ufi' tlnd pr6fit they

ecewe hy them: Ilk.! ar the ifnh:bitlluts of Lemnos bonor

4 tbe

The Preface.

~------- ---_---------

tb» birds called Corydali, beC(lll[( they fin~ out the locujis HiJis and quajh 'their egges. The Thdfallans afro have tbe liork$s in great account, becau[e whereas tbe~r country i, given to breed It number of [,'rpenh, tbe [aid Jior~ wbc~ tb~y come, "til them_ u~ aU., By rea[on whereof they made an EdW, wuh ~n inumaiton, that who(oever k.j_lled It (torI<! j1;oldd be ban~(hed hIS cOllntr). The [apent }\fpis al[o the wezilllll1d the Flyecalledthe EetlllthtlY 1'1 v(rmce~' bec.zll[e t'Jey obferve in them I W(lt not wkat little flendcr imuges ( likt as in drops 1)[ water we percezve the re[e'nlblan e of the Jim) of the divine power. For ;na1'1ythere be even yet, who both think., and fay, that the male Wezd! eng,endreth with tbe female by her ea~e, and. tlun {he briJ1!!.t'tb forth her younf!. at the moutlJ : ,wha:h [ym. bolizeth as th.) [<lY, and reprcfenteth t~e ma~ng and generation of [peed», As for the beetils; they hold, that tbrouabout all their kJndethere is no female, ~ut all the males do blow or call: th~ir feed into a certain f!.lobus or round matter in Forme of bals which th('_V drive from them, -and roll to al1d fro contrariwsies, li~ as the [un, when hemoveth himfelf fro111 the weir to the earT, ree~Hh to turn about tbe bcaue« clean contrary The Afprs alfo thry compare to the plamt of the {1m, becaure,h~ doth ~ever age Iwd wax old, but moveth in all [aclltty, readmefs and celerity withollt the meanes of an} inffrummts of m?tion. Neither is the Crocodile fet [0 mucl: by a,mong them,wltb"lI,t lome probable caufe, (or they (ay that tn rome re[perr bets tbe very ima,!!.e fl'pre{efltinl!. god: as beil''_ the on~v crea: turt in the world which hath no tOI1f,ue : for as milch as df'o vine {perch needeth neither voice nor tongue:




i.' , Ii

" ,


J ~l~

".1~. 1 [.i .:

.ji ",',

t: ,or

'1111' ,i' I:]i.?

t: d ~ ~

, ~~:?" 'i ,t,


! ,l t

'". "

i I~l !'

' ... ,.,.1

I .. ::!


I ; ~ d

I 'j iii

Bllt through the paths of Jufiice walk. with frill and filenrpace :


The preface.


Direftlng right all morral] things,

in their due time and place.

And of aU bea,lis livin,f!. within the water, the Crocodrlc on ely ( as men [ay) h.1th over bis'eyes a certain thin filme Or tntn[parent webbc to cover them, which cometh dOWlt from his forehead in [Ilch fort, .15 tbnt he can fee and not hefem, wherein he is confontUlble and LZ~ unto the _(overaign of all the gods. Morcovl'( [ook.. in what plac« the female is difcbarf!,ed of her [pawlz, there is the utmojt fflar!zeand ltmitof the riJing and inundation of Nillls: for bein1. not abl« to fa), their e,~gcs - in wllter, and ,'fj'r,7id withal! to fit far off, th~1' b nie a molt perfeCt and. {X1"'; (it

. forefight of that which will be; il1Fmuch a. they milk,_tll(i.· of the rroe rs approach when they lay: and wbiles th,y fit and cover, their egf!p be pre{t:rved drie; and are 1/~vt'r dr ncbed with the w,lter, A hundred e.l!.C!.cs they lay, in [0 m,-my daies they batch, and as mall'1- J'eers liu» tv,")', which are longl'(t lived: And this is tbe firlt and pri ncipa! number tbat they Tlfe who treat of cdritial and terrelfrilll matters, Moreooer; 115 tOllcb;1!~ tho[e beall-s which are ho.

nmd fer botb caules; Wt' baue rpo~en before of the dof!J!,e: C but the Ibis or b[i1c~ !fork.!, bfjides tlu: it kjlletb tbore [a- ..... _'

pen~s wbofe pricb,_and Itht;; is deadly, Jhe was tbe firlt r hilt _,

tau~bt us t be 1Ife of that evacuation of c Imfi1t'l. the body by

clij1:re, which is [o ordinary in Phv_{;c1z: f1r perceiz'cd .the

is to purge, clen[e, and mUl1difie her ftH ill tbllt [ort: whereupon the moll r, li,e:iolls pyie/ts, ailrl thofe wbo are of ;!rellte(t experience, when they would be purified, tll'<.r for

their holy W.lter to rprinkJe tbt'm[elves H'itb, tf.'e very (.1Il/1'

out of which the Ibis drink.ftb, for the nruer rJrht!y of empoi{o1ted and inferred water, neither wit! floe com,' it:'!r

IIItt9 it. Moreov,'r with her two hgru IfOIlr/hl,'!, /It [,l'(:I.e

one fr;m the other, and ber bill together, fl;~ -111aktt1J II}(

f 3 (!I F!lita

· The Preface.

The Preface.

- .. _._- ----e

ab[o!ute triangle with three even {:des, befides the variny

lind fpec~led niixtrJ(e flf her pll!me COltfiJtiJzg of white feathers and black"., rcprt[cllleth tbe Moon wbcn }1;e is paJl: the full. Now we mUff not marvel at the j£grptiaHli~ f(lr pleafi1tj!, and contenting thelllfelvl's in fitch repre]t,ttuti. ons and jimilitudfS I for even the GreekJ them{rlv"s as well in their piliures as other images of the g(ids~ me!ted ;,nd 'Wrought to any mould, ured many time: [uch ref-ntblances : fOT .011e Telefme in Creta th~y h"d of Jupiter without tar fS, bec(wji: it is not meant {fir him who IS lord altd go· 'lIdr IM!T of a/I, to have ait; inJiru[!ion by the bearing of others unto tte image of Panas. Piudias the Imager fet Il dragv1z; IiI<! liS Fo that of Venus in fhe City f Elis /I. Tortoife . giving! us by this to underJtanj, that maidens bad need of guidtlnct' and good cuffodie., and that married 'rPomenoNf!.ht to k,tep the houle and be jildHt, 'The three fork::d mace of Neptune, fignifyeth the third place., which tbe rea and <'lement of 'Water' boldeth, undn heaven Imd aire , for which cau[e th(lY called tbe fea Amphitrite, lind the pettie, and the petti« rea-gods 7ritQHs. Alfo the Pythagoreans have hi~hfy honoured the numbers and Iigures Ge ometric al and. Geomartica] by the godHJanm: for tb« triangle with three equal fides they called Pallas, borne out of jupicers br aine; and Trirogenia, for that it is equally divided with three Tight lines, from thm Imrz.les dr~'wn by tbe plume. One or unitie fhiy named.

Apollo. ' . .


A s well for his perfwafivc: grace; as plain Iimplicirie,

That doth appear in youthful face,

and rhis is unicif!.· '

')'';;' ') iI·) tfrmeJ Contention ana boNners : ,md ,Ime' Jli!iicc,


Jllflice. Read the Holy Guide, lib. 2. For wb.reas to offend and be offended, to doe II1~d to {rlffer WY01l;!, ccme the other by defrli, jt/It rfmaineth cquilify between 11l tbe midejf. l'hatl famollSfJuatrrnarie of theirs, named TetrafryS, which confiltfth of four nines, and amountetl» to thirty fix, 'lJ'aHhfir greatril oath, [a rife in tvery »uns mouth, IIHd tic), cill/ed it the World, as being accompli]hed of the jirft jOllrf even Hllmber$, and the jir;t four odd!', compounded into on« tO${ether. If then the molt excellent altd beft renouned. philo(ophers, perceiviu~ in tbi1tgs which ha1Jt'1feirher hody nor [oule, [orne type and fif!,ure of dl'itie, have notthougbt it good to neglell or defpi!e I11~V thing herein, or pars it ouer without due bonour; I (:lppofe we oUJ!ht much le[r fo to doe in thofe properties and qualities 'fPhich art in natures {tnJitive, bauine life, and being ca· pllble of p.1JJiom and affelTiom, according to their inclinetions and caHditia11s And thetefore we mUJl: not COJIMtt our r~lves aHd refr;n tbl' worfhiping of thefe and (Ilcb lib.! Telefmes by /ilcrificing Beajts oppofite, but by them adore the Ji1J;nitie that fhimtb in them, as in ",oft cleere and bright mirrors, according to nature, rrpllfi'tg them,

itlWaie,. as the: iJ1(irtmff1lf Ilnd arti/lc.,iitl wor~. mttn~)ip ~f <:

God, who rtdetb and g07:erneth the llmver[a[ world: ni'l-' ,

tber ought we to tbinl!,.e, that any rhin~ void of {i(e, and . '.

de{titllte of [m{e, can be more wort~y or excellent tban

tbat which is endued with life altd fmfrs: 110 110r fllthOIl.'!.b

If man hung never (0 mllch(!o/d or a number of rich cme-

rauds about it: for it is colours, ji'l,lIres, and poli/hed bodies

that Genii doe inbabite in: but whatruever doth not lMrticipate life, nor is by nature c npable thereof. is of a more

ba[e lind abiel1 condition than the very dead. Eut tbat

Hlture whicb liveth and [eetb, which ar[o in ;t (rlf ha: f,

the beghming of motion and 1{_nowled(!,e of tbat wbicb i,

p:\1per tturJ men, a( ItI[Q that 'fl'hich is ftrange lotto it Ae

f 4 f.m:~

Tht: Preface.

Tbe Preface.

fame ( I Iiry ) b,ah drllwn fume influence and portion c.f tkat wift: prouidence; Yilhcreb) the 1Iiliverfal world is govtmd, IlS Herad;tll~,f,uth. And therefore the d"ity is ng ltfs rrpreJf1Itcd in [/fcb natures, than ill WoYl,~ made of brafs anduone, Thus much of that opinion, as touching ,hi k.!lOw!edge of Genii, which I approve for bell, and the facrificing Qf be4jfs to 1 elefrnes, (1S is taught in tbe followiiJg boo~ of Geomancy ,

Moreover the babilliments of Peata be ofdiffereilt

(iltllu e s and co' our s ; (0 r her whole PQwer con fijteth and. is emp!o.yed in m. rteY, which receiuetb all fa mes; and becometh Ill! manner of tbing_s, to wit, li-f.ht, dark_1Je[s, day, flight,,' /ire, water; life; death, bef!.imting and end. But the robe 5 of E 1I ~ell ius bou« neither .thode nor varie~y) but Itre of one fimple ector1r, eurn that which is lightfomQ and bright. for the jirlt and primiuue caufe is fimple ; the pri1U:iple or beginning, is with;J,t al! mixture, as being

(piritual IlHd hztd(rgi!,ft'. T: hereupon it is that they t}lIlktJhew but once [o. all of bis b abiliments, which wbm tbey have done they lay them up again and bej!ow them fafe and. ~ep thf11l [olirjlil,ht(y~ that ,10 man may fee ~y hil1ldlc them: wberel1$ contrariwife tbey 1tfe tho[e of Beata "IIUD' times: For tbnt fmJible things be in u{age,llnd feeing -.he)1 IIYe ready and ever in hand, and be [lIb_jeti eoermor» to altentative alterations; therefore tbe) be laid abroad; ~1td difplnied, [cr ta be [ten oitcn, But the intelligence of th at whiclJ is fpir;tlliz{ and intelleltual, pure, fi11tplt'~ I/iid ho(y, JUHilH ITS a fitljh of ligl.lwiitg, offered it felf _ uino tbe [ollie but 01lC<', fur ;to be touched and pm. jiml t'Jt'rf{are Plato and Ariflotle cal! this pan r;f P'-'v!o..rof'J.~v? 1!-';rO'7r7/11~V) fur. tl,J,11 tbufe who di(z',:ur_(c.: c.( nn[OJI 'I bIl7)(, f'i!JPd beyond. all matters [lib. ~J; t» il,;n:r/crl and uariabl- Cpi;1io11S, lcap lit lmf!.th to tbe

, l' i" (,' , ' " , ' I' (j' ~ ,Ci;t;"::,'j;;:r, I,' 0, ~i.':~ i,Yjl {'r~i1('lpt1') 'P.2'~l( J,l,S Jimp',e, ann


, ~. '

notinaterip[: and aftn: the) bave in fome fort attl1iHed to tbe pure and jincfre truth of it, t he:r frlppo[e that th,ir phylo{ophy as now I1cco1tlplij1)ed is Come t (; final per:frllion. Andtr;;at which the prifjts In thefedaies are 'ller) precife and wary to JhfW. k_repil1g it bidde« and {t'erft with ft1. great c.ire Il1Id diligmce, al!Gwing net fo "lUcb as a fight thereof fen'ct(y and ky the way; alfo tb« t this god 1 oignetb 4nd ruletb over the dead, and is 'HO other tba» be whom the Greeks name Hades IlJtd Pluto: the CW111011 people n~t under(i:andinf! how this is true, are much troubletl; tbinkjng it very firange that the h()~y and tacred Em;e-: nius j1Jou!d dwell witbi~t or under the Earth, where their bodies lie who are thought to be Come unto their final! en4. But he veril, is molt [arre remoued {rom the earth, witbout JraiH OT pollution, pllTe and void of all (ubfialtce or nature, tbat mll)' admit death or 'my corruption whl1tfotver.Howheit the Joules of men, [9 Ion" as thf} be here beneath clpd within bsdies lint/, palJions, can have no p,1Yticipation of God, unlefs it be fo much onelv as they 1#1(1) at t ain unto tb« iHtelligmce of, by tbe{illdy QfPh~'r{ojophy, and the flnlle is but in manner of a dark.! dream. But when the.v fi:aII be delivered from theft bonds, and par, into this holy plllee where there is no pa ffian, nor palJibk forme: then, the fame J!.ca is their conduCiour lind. kjng : tbm they cleau« unto him, as much as pOflifly they can: hi11l the.y contentplate and behold without jatietie : de.firil1f! tbat beallty which is not po:'fible for men to uttl'r and rxprrfs: whereof Recording to the old Authors, Beata waS alwaies ins» mot/red : and baviJlf!. pur[ued aher it mltill (he en}oyed the fame, ]he afterwardJ became r(plrn~(1)ed with all f.oodmfs and beaut} that here ma)1 be eng,endrcd. Altd tbus much mdY fv.ffice for tbat fm(e and interpretation wbich is 'Droft befeemmf!. the f!,cd;. 1\'(;W if we 11ll1(r bcfides, rpeak..a~ 1 promiJfd befef., ~ (I tb" l;~,·C1I!e and odors wfJirh are , burnt

The Preface.

brnt t'lltry tUJ: lee II man confider jir{f in hismirule' _"el ttt~ this with ,hi",? fhllt tht lEgyptians ... e me~ nJeTltlore Jfto{f f!u~tQUt t,n thofe m~tt~rt 'R'hich mtttle for the heillth of tbeir bsdles, 1I14t prt1tctpall] in this regard 'tht'Jhad in recommendati,n, thofe that con~erneJ tbe ce~ renIQnies of difline {er'llice in their fanflificlltions ttntl in their ordinary. life antlconverfatioll, "herrin they ha'lle "oleli regard. unto ho!(ommep then to wholhtep: For th~ tbi~~ i~ neither ltt,'l9ful! nor befeemin!. to [erve that effince .,blch u ~ft()~e~be.· pure, every way found and imfrolluted, elt~8r "'lth bodies or roules corrupt With inward fores alll {lIb',ell to ficrct maladie~..Seeing then, that the aire, .. bicb we moll commonly ufe, itndwitbin which we a/waits COHVl'r{e, is not evermore nlikt di{pafod, ""Of" in tire fame t'mperll~ure: bu~ in the Hi~ht is thic~ned tt."d made grofs, ",hereby It comprifeth lind draw(fth the ~od, into Il kind of ra~ne{r and ~enfivene(s, as it were overcaft 'IIith 4arb.f WljlS ~nt.l welg~ed dOJM : fo form ItS ever t~y be up in a ~rn",g to their Telefmes, they burne i1tcen{e by "J1I~ 11HZ. Rofin, for to cleanfo and purifi~ the Ilireby this rare. fam~n anel fit btiliz:,ation, ~w_akJn( as it wert Ilnd rliifing by thIS mumes, the mbred rpiTlts of our 'bodies which were ItfHgui(hing and drowfie: for that in this ort1:r there is It f()tci~!e venue, which f)ebe~e~tly ftrifteth upon the !m(eJ. .Aglll11, 4~0l1t Hoon, perceromg that the Sun dra'fltth forCible out o~ the e4~th ~y ~il beltt, grlat quanfitJ of jiroHg 'fJ,?Ollrr, 'rIhlch be mtermmgled with the sire; then they z'um ~yrb: For the h:at ~f tbi! aromlttica/ gum Ilnd od~r IS {Ilcb, as. that '~ dl/ppateth what{oe'fJer is graff. thlC~. awl IIlltrJdV m the atr«, Anti 'lIfYily iM the time of ,~{fjlenc, PI.ryfitians thhzl{ to remedy the fame by fflltkjlfg ,,~eat fires, "fin!, or tb~s opinions that1the flame doth rubtiIiat» a~td r.trefil' the am': which it effdleth' no doubt the better liltilF' fIJ~J burne {wfet wood; as of the Cyprefs trees;


.. :

.. .

Tht:: nc:t.tce.

of f'll1lipiT, or Pncb tree. NoW tbey fay the Oath of ,"o{e that [wellre, ;nfeli· tbeeire JPith plagJlcs, fsr the Gtnii will nol [uIfer fins to cO'1Ie among tbent A "d her~upo", reported it is tbat the Ph}jician :\ cron ,whm there ralgnerJ

It. gric7Iouspfagtie Ilt Athens, Jllln a great 1IIzme and re- - putation, by cauJitlg good fires to be mild, about tb« lICit perfons: for he faved many by that ",eanes. And Plato w'ite~h that 'he {weet [:ents and good [mells of ptrfUmtS, oilltlJlCnts, flowers and fraf!.ranr medowes, [erve no ltfs for heal.h than for delight and plearure.- For that bJ tim,. be'" and mild.!ne[s they gent~y eliJJoltle and open the {ubJlltnce ,r the brailJe, which naturally is cold and ~s it JlJtTt cOITgealed. Again, if it be f", thllt th~ lEgyptlans call myrrh, in their language Ball'J which if II man interpret, ftf,nijieth AS milch ItS ,be di[cuJJing IZHd cha{lng awaJ of idle talk! and Yllvin!! ; this /lIfo may {ervelor a te/tinlOn] to confirme thllt which we (aJ. As far that compofition among thmlnamedCirh~ iris a confeli!on o~ mixtln't recei'lling ji;aelH ingTlJienr5. For there znto at, hotlY. wine, raifins, cyperous, rofin, myrrh, af~alathu9 and fefeli. Moreover the fwed rujb Schznos, Buumen, Moife, .nd the dock: Befid~j two forts of the juniper berries, tbegreater and t~ le[.·, Cardamomu014HJ Calamus. ,All rhef, {petches are compounded togethrr not at II. venture and as it comntetb into their heads: but there be relld certa;,. faGred "ritin,(s unto the A p~)(heca .. Ties and Perfumers, Ill! the while that they mi» theM. As for this nU7Jlber although it be quadrate, ll1td made of a [quare lind only of the ntlmbet's equlll, mak$th tbe {pace centauud within (qUill to his Circumference, wr-are not t~ think., that tbis is any JIIa) material fo the uertue there. of: but ",oft of the fimples tbat goe to this Cot11pofition beiM;! arommicall ; caft a plea{llllt breath frum them /lntl yald a dc/dlablc I1ndwbdfome 1}"tollf, h' w1.·;rb 'he Ili~e




The Preface.

The Preface.

;ftifteTe~ : ~nelwjthall, the hody hein~ moved with this tvltf1()r~tlon, IS gently prepared to repo[e, and tak,.eth an ~~tr~alve tempmt.ture of fleep; in lettin?: flllck_ and unbtntl/~g the honds of care $, weerines and forrowes, inci: dent tTtZ the day time, a~d that without the help of [urf~t Imd tlrm'~nne{s: p()'ijhmg and {moothing the imt1.z.inative Pa.~tofth! ,bratn, which receiuetb dreames in manner of a "m:our which the Genii communicete to us in fllep, caufing t6e[ame ro be pure anti ne,at, as much or rather more, tlse found of h.1Y:pe;, lutt, vIOle, or any other infirllments of mujic!z, wbi~!J the Pytha~oreans ured for to pro:ure fle~, enchllntme; hy th.tr device; and dulcin~ tb'? unrea-

f1l1lt.ble part cf the [oule which fis {ubjea to parpons, For {wur odars~ ~s tbe» do'? m:t.~J times excite and flir up the fenfrwbm It IS dull and be~mnethto (aile: {o contrarjwife th:y~a~ the {am! as oFten arl),'ff'jie and heavy, yea and brlH~ It t91tlietm(; wbiles tb?je aromaticall [mell: by reaRm of tbeir [mJothne[s arc [preaa awl defured in the body· :tccorJin:!, as{of12! P~yJitialts ray, that' fl~ep is engendred 111 ur, ~hm the v:tpcur of the food wT:1icb "RIe have recei. ved, creepetb g:iltly alon'!, tb~ noble parts and principal

bo~els, and as it ioucbetb thp~, ca.ufl'th a kJnd of ticPJing which lulM~ them a flc:ep ~ht. Cyphi they tt{e in drin'<., as a compofitloil to fafon their cups and as an ointment befiles: for tb~~ 'J~!d, tbu bein~ ta~n in drink._e, it [courft~ the guts witbin awl ~,tk.:th the belly laxative:. and bezng ,zpplied outwardly as alinemmt,it mollifieth the bodJ, Over and above all tbis; Rolin ir tht ~?r'<r of the (im :

MJrrh t~ey,~tlther by th~ M10n li;.ht~ out of thofe pld;tts f~o'11 ~h!ch It d'lth d~/l:I!!.' Hut ofth!){e jimples whereof Cyphi e ct7mpalmdc:!, {ometherc:be w;ich love the ni~ht better; as nUJfj I ",u,1It ([J be m/trifh~d by cold windes. ,P:ddow; d:?wr:s alzd mJirture, For the brightn~(s awl light oftb~ d lJ is Qf1! awl Iimt'!( : a,d Pindarus faith


that the [un is (een through tbe pure II,nd [olitary aire ~ whereas the aire of the n;ght is a compound Ilnd mixture 'f #lIIny lights IlHd powers, as if there were a confluence of man) feeds from every {fllr rllnl,ing into one. By good right t6erefore they burne' hefe _Ample perrumt's in the daJ) as thofe which are eHgmdred by the uertue of the Jim! but this being mingled of all [orts and of diveIe qualities, fhf) fet on fire about the (venin!!, lind beginnin{! of t~ night. lYe j1;ollld have prefaced [omething in defence of the Jewes, tebo are _falfay acculed. of burning tbeir chil1rnz to the Idol ,Viol Dr, whence tbe accll(fomed of lellpmg over the fireof't, John hath bun derived, how we ollt,ht not to relf Oil the bare letter of the Scriptures, and of the opinions cmcerniag, the number of )It'ar'es from the C.eation of our Saviour Chrilr, and why the flrange Statuesof Laban, and Micha called Teraphim wero allowed of God, of certain jirange prodigious things whicb have foretold di[a{lers-, which have been [een tl) come to pars , and which doe _yet foretell the fame of Gamahes lngraven and thofe natural! , of th~ ghoJts of dt!ad people that appeare in Church yards, and after great Jlaught~r of Armies whence they proved, By what means th~ power of figures is proved. The wonder· fu1l-effdrs ofTelfemans, and why our Saviour Chrifi;g offner piaured fuffiri1tg upon the Cro{s,then fitting at the R iJ!.ht band of his father ,why the Ancients placed Images intbeir Temples, of the manner of makjng Telefmans, and what power the AngeUs have over them, h.Y the influmee of the besoms, of Socrates and Virgils Teler· metical fly, and her J1eeth of tbe 'Ia~fmatical golden calF, and brazen ferpeut, and why tbey were made of tbefe mctudls, of the (pirits of the planets, and the Aflrol(). f_iclll cabal of the Jewe~, of the planetary zephicots and thf Jrars tbd caufe diverfit) in R eligi'014 of 1E~~yPti3 n


The Preface.

"lele{",t •• Of thf mijter] of Mercury in Verge, and bel. AftrcliogJ 4H4 GmH4HcJ is demonftrabl~ out of Hory Scripture, of ."hat "",nner of ceremonits the Hebrewes ufod tofl1artl their neJP-married bride, oj Angel$ Rnd S.mrs .htd hR'IIe been {em to appear in the cloud. But w bllVt been very large, Il"tl jhllil tber~fore refer .he B.tllder til the tbird parlof tbe Temple of Wifdome, • ~t tbe "Itlefnm ana figure. jh4llllil be e:eplaiHtil

" lilt

FlOm our Virgin Pallace in Hermupolis. Die ,~ J cl May, t66J. 3h. 41{ A. M.

Iohn Heydon

- ~------.,.",,____----~



Mr. John Heydon's Author;t;el, or th~ Carll/o&ue 'f Autbors conJulttd ",itb m bis 11f1)tS.

A. a

A Br. Altharon. B. Hicronymu~.

Alhenus Magnus. Buxcorf

A~mandu. SO}lhifta. Brown.

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Tacitus. Tertullianus, Thaddzus Hagarlus. Theodorus Gaza, Tundinns.



Adverti{ement to the Reader, 'in behalfeof my F riendthe Author Mr .. J~hnH?do.n)

~IMIIOE!~" .

'rheoaollus. Thcmifihius. To lerus, Thcuel. Tlifmcgifius. Toran. Tribafius. Timplcrus.



Valerius :Maximus~ Vencusz

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"'" I Vigeneriu5~

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: ~ ViCtor TrincaveilU!.


f .. ,~

Zabarella. zopbyrus. Zoroafles. Zeber A1chin.

. . ~ .. '. . , ~ ~ .• J,.



'f. ...... ,;L/.

.0 •... '.1

. ,~Jil " .~,:t ~_ ~ ,1 )


. - .-:.-

Wyerus. White.

Xenophon. Exoblah.

=, •. J.


.; ,.'-_ ," \.

BvalHyet I have not leavetodireCi thee to t6i-1 Author1 for now he.flrra.~sCompanJ, and iI more Mclancho!IythenSficiable; JoUlflay be pleafed to tak.;. notice; that tbnBook.,depentisupolla.forJ1Jer of the Harmony of the World written bj Mr.John Heydon, and in the T)'rantt tiMIpreforved by thofe two great exa11'lples ofLO)al~y to his MttjeftJ, Sir.John Hanmer Barronet, and Sir Ralph Freeman.,Knight tlna Collone!; ana hy permi/Jion commit_ ted to the prefs for tbe benefit of 11Iank!1;Jd;Jotl are in this Method to fo[/ow the Holy Guide all compo[ed ky this .Author, Il1Id it was thought fiE tbat not!Jin7, of [0 worth_}, an Author jhould he left unprinted, there is therefore his Ocia Imperialia, and the Idea of the Law, Charn.liered fro 112 Mofes to Kinf!, Charles; with the Idea ofWarr, Government and Tyranny, all prtbli(hed together Methodically, and fo be ,ead fdr1Dur better underftanding. Tbi« Rolle Crucian infallible Axiornata of Phyfick, u It f'i[C<iurfe of a fecrec Fountain, whore water flowes from Fire, and carries in it the Beams of the Sun and Moon, and hi! Caballa or the Art by whicb Mores, Jo(hua, Eli jah, o-c. Did all their Miracles, it to be read ';Pith hil Regio Lunis, &c. tbet« he teaches JOU to k..now what a Glorious Orearnre man was before his fall, of his Immortallity and perf~a knowledg of God:

All this Alutbors Book..! are ver), pfahl and eaJie to be apP'fmdd ifthq be reed in Order, be writes no Riddles or dif-

g 2 fiiultitl

The Adverrifement,

fiC'ltlcifS, to put J(JU to:« 'rJllI of wit; Now III)1#C"tll;" without thefe Book/, there ."ill be nothing but ConfoJisn iN fbeWorld: Antll a", confidmt if mens Minds wert but trllly fixt up~" this Temple, they would not protlt {uell weatb r Coc~, to be turned ahoutfwith tbe Wil1(J of eve,., fa'{e Dcfirine, of [a",e I\theiftical Aflrol~$ical V'~1It opinions: we Jhottld then be free from thofe tl'forders wh"b threaten de{iruliio" to ·th'e Soul, and dillrllllion to the Com'1Hon-wealth, but let 6thers write never [0 well, if our Pra{life do not (econd their injtrutlions, we may be wi[e enol/~h to fQrtfoe our Mirer), but never k._now h011 to pre1leHt..it:. lFb,ltpittyis it, that this Famo"s Temple /houltJ produc, no other ejfeli, hut to informe our "-Howleag and confure out Conver{ation; wbilejt we neglea the truth tbat is 41'P"· bended: Yet there is [ome hopes, that fueh ob[erveTs, "b.te Wifdome hath receitled the Jfampe of gootlnep, will im. pruve their .. kjll to -a real Advancement of thofe bmefits, wbich 0'e lockJ up in this G lorious Tem P le, '10 whofe ufe Imd behoof, there Excellent Works are Commended, M the bdl that ever were writein this ~nd,and mayferve for a gmeral GrtJtlnd and Foundation to all Regular con~eptions~that concern the Effence and Exifiencc of man. The Government of Kingdomes and Common. wealths, and byconjfqtlt1lce our erernalSalvation: .And UGW what ureyou will ma~ of this Temple is ;n your power; If JO~ b~ wi{t', if not .lrand bltc~, and let others CO'ItU unto it, and p~ffi pit; let thofe MalicioUf perfons .h"t rcan• daliz» our 4urhor)withfludied calumnies, pap l.fHregardfdj for tbl') lire foolifh rude people that [pit filth at the Sun, an,d "it (nils bacll)mo tbt'ir own faces. he i5 now riJi"~ and high in" f'I'l'~Tlr with tbe Pritters Ilnd Purs of thi1Kinr.dorr.e,wbich etTl/[e hiJenemirs t9 enuie him; he flights their madnep, ~ I .~jvn tlNHI f!.ood Advi(e be u higbly in efiee", in rbe SpaHij1l c .... [' rcncb C ollrts Ifnd;s dI it wIn a prrvy cormccllor tD mlny

, Lords

June, 2.~. 166;.

, Farewell,

K~ D. Knight, and Barronft.

The Advertj(em~·nt.


lArtls & KnightsJO above. his PO~', e~"'irs fcorne~who.gr~etle

. bec~fe tile} Cllll1lOt hur' h"" : '7IS ~ ompani~ns are the b~(l lClIIghts and Gentlemen Qf thu Nlltlon, and IS highly honor. ed b] th!l1l, heclllI[t tbty love him; The Bafe, Common Bill .. men, 1 metln thl ~ackJ fbat dlZuh tbeir Mediemes upo" e"er~ PO{lItHd Wall, be pitties It" injlrllCJs them frrr-ly Ilnd ftudtes to Cure thofe, that tbefe men haveillmojt . kjltJ witb their Lozmges aHd Pilh, 'llhicb Poy[onthe Body; he forgives thofe tbat endeavourul to 1'0'1[011 Il"d dejlroy him I lind pllr .. tUned others thllt forged VillllHies IIga;n.6 hi",; He is a Pro .. t~ftanl, ~Hd. ~th g~od for evil, '0 lilt ,bofe that intlmud Ittl Itgatnft hn,,; .111 u1Iclufion ~e ;s a Compleat )oung Gmtlewan !If we(l In Bod) tH in Mind, (yet for what Rea. fO~ litHO" no'? negleOs 10 Mflrr_y) y~t con,iulles Chlllie, '"ule aHtl faIthful to· his Friend, aMd· all that k..HoW him filJrl. hi", GeneroUJ lind Noble, ;114 word tbe ultimllte of hif Emu/Itt;." is to prDm!Jtt the Com",,,, good.



~q'rrty LQving:'a·rid,'\~.p.p.io~ed' fti~~9 th.·~.~*por M,r~·J~¥. ·HeY..~4~r·, ',. ,:upon·the 1~ple. of If:i[dom6.

~ . ," .

Srir.,. 6r.MaIIAnitU,! whats tby name?

, Wbllt.th~lll.(!;illi:heonl)lS~~Of'fameL ;,

MilJervis ·T~mple in'yOUf BJ'llill,We.find;· "

anq gf~at A~II:hPI'~dellCe jn 'y~ur Mind,

'¥ o~ 1{{\9V(1(dge t~u~l with. the gods do hold.

And feorers of the Oracles unfold, '. TOl~~r~,J110nfhs1dpif$and ho~n;YOll time do (hew,·, By number makeehe ,S,un ft~nQfti/lt>rgq, ", l$elJjisl Biras311dF&I"erJ. your aide ,00 do implQre From qcath th~itJhape anJSpecil'S.lO I\e{\o r ~;

H ealth, B~auty, rOUI~ and' Bleffil!gs you can give And teach the dying Man a new to Iive, ,,'

He kens when Frogs will fhowre Rain, and knows When it will Thtrnder by the flight ofCrowes: '

Conv~rCe.swit~&ood Genii~an.d f?rthe,evil .

Cal1:G:ham ch~11l fat toche g(lrKcJen of [he Devil = He can foretell things paft, be can recall

By power ofFigures7'ele[matical. '

By "ernie of the Scars too, when you pleafe You know whats doneamongftth' Antipodes, And from his mind, he ]oy,fear, grief, expels.

. for where th~fe raigne no certain '<.nowledg dwels:

11~~ !ba\U call yo~i to me, orwhich way gain thee, Or with what Sacrifices enrerraine thee:

How to ~fteem you, I am at a lofs Great Brother HfJaon of the Rofte Croft·

, .

/,,:o'C, 17, .l~f3 ..

Kalpl? f.~~eI1Ull1, ~njght~ Earroner, ~l1dCojlond,

.: j'.,

••••••••••••••• tt.tt.ttt.ffft. .7Jd·~ I~i9~' Kinfman, Me.John

-Hejel"", ~po.n his profound and learned

Book. mtltuled 'IheofJJagi.t, Or the

•• ' •• ,0 ' ,~7'e'l'p/e ofH·ifdOllle. ?

$1 R, ~am (a~isfied, fin.ceyou have fhow'n By.d~1 BoOk;.. all che former were your own. On.e Imps e~ough.to make JO'l/s brain admir'd Thine fixeeen ·hat~.produced, y~t is not [1r~d; , Dull Faffive FAW6.m you daimet' little {hare You are Campos'd of wh at's di vine and rare '

'Tis t~c.morcfprightly Elementbfpure Fir;, . 1"~~~. bove the vulgar doth advance you higher,' Wlthm whore Spb.ere a gloricus Minde doth move All the Orbs of VfrfUt with Cel,ftial Love . . Whore Atl:ive climbings carry us O1u~h fooner

, T othe !l~~ofl heig he, of noblenefs and honour: !~Y fplflC 5 refU~ffe, Now"thy bufie fancy Diverts i~felfin'th'ArtQf Ai1N~cJ. '

7h,$oul RlQ[f {llIIOntJi tb' Ster« doth Pearcb

Whilft with prQw~nd andan unwe.l'ried fearch Th?u (~an'ft ,~he Caufos of their great effeCts.,

Wh,ch hid-am I)e frtpft Common, i'llte//elis.. '

StilTS. -lire th~.~1IJ!rImlents of HetJvms influence

Dartmg rherr dijlant beams a/Jro.tI.; from thence What's pajl,'Whllfs ,rt[ent aHa to come, thou k._now)t ? How t?prcvcntimpendent dangers (hew'ft. . Th~n m?Dgft t~ dtptbsof Angell next thou wad'ft <[hel' pow rSI(> [em, HelZtJem cO'lfin~s thou invad)t • A Templrthou haft rear'd, a lafiingframc:

Not Babel-like, .onely to geta Name:

But that thy thoughts Divine, may fee before 'em The way to enter rhe SanliumS,,1Ilioru/lI.

J,"il~. ~!. Thomas. He,don, Maller of Arts

16.3· of Exeter Colledge in oxford, and Rea~ OfCoIs[ord. in Oxford-jbire.

To the moO: -exccllent.Phvlofopher and Lawyer, Mr • John H9"~ l,1pon his rheOt1t4gia,~r) the ' " :". Temple ofWifdome. , "

THou'ara~s'd a 'f,,,,pl~, which devouring time', Nor envious tempefls (hall e're underminde, , .A reered ,Temple where we Meditate '

Wifdome divine, the dKl:atesofour fate.

Let R9J11eJ ~roud VlttiCIf:H. a roorne prepare , ' Worthy this worke foRich, Sublime and Rare '

Th e mift'ries in Natures fecret Cabbins "

VHlock!, VHfren, V1J~;'DJM to It''rH~rl B tthbi1ls, '

Thou'ft brought to'tight? and asPromethelll '[.,lie From']otles sr~ Chamber'. new 8n-apticltjlame:

It makes me think thou either ha:ft converfl I'th' counfel of thegoels, and fo rehear"{\:

To the low'r world ehefe depths, or elft indulg'd fly great APOUo haft to us divulg~d ' Grand Mifieries lain long in filene Grave ' Confule the Orac14'eall you that crave •

Refo! ves? he with the Spheares commuiliCilttS •

1 hC1lct he Proailf s, and thence he Cil/culates • 'ltJ~'!Dgp.$ cl1n't die as [Qng a(.Sttrs hllll; Ligbt ThIS Te1llplecrown·d by day, can'cfuffer Night.

Jilly t!lc r th • tJ.~;,

~obert L~·Ntve Gent.

Med. Licenr.

.,.n In T E M P L U M

, l:O"~f '-, -a,/.,. "A~IIJI'XI1t. •.

A,~·Ii4u. tactllllr per plllrlnNt r~ula Yates '

. ~, qUP', 6- "{petit Jytlere fata no'''''', ' ,

~UlqUt tl«ent Gamahen, vel depi"u"" er« Telefman

.Aut veterrnnCabala.m prolificatllm Petram

Argenr~ aut fJdvi, ~tTir~ra hltud {emina HDff' '

A~rt ~ Gecrc;>plas lI~nCtTt fXJJ1it o/JIs ;

NU1Itu!' "rq~ lDJ.",if qutb. eft ptTnotJII, &- omllls; ~'p!eclblll ~onmt carminibu{que Deos

Ex "'gn'llll plaaltum c",,,mtJos,jinibU6 ore;

Cog~t, thmI fatuiJ4I11 futura rogaPJt, IugeJllJ){q~t"ciunt,DCculta Da!rnonas erte

R eJdere r,olloqNiH cum placet effi rUM

Pr 4eHtes, 6- q.i ltl&n-turJo Cliftn-a rerr. .

1HIIDC.uil La.r~s arl {.a ju.fa V~lInt, '

Ecce novum A~iftam ntttgillil qui prlt/titit arte Eff!l1um ~uHus" qulklhtlit ante (cio~. .

Et qll' con[cYlpto ut referltHtum volumiJlt ",u"aum IHgratu", tlUfta c4ndii.lUslirte beat, .

- P erge bolJif nib,.; HiV H refJormtur lib IImbr if .Oottorilm manes, 'ttrica fpt"Ya lI;YU.

Hi refp01l[tt tlllhu"t, triftn1l~e Acheronta mOVebltH' Tu du"-q"ltrm.rem fltla !utu.,a moves

Mandat~ Heydone tUiI, Barathrumqllc pllre(,it Orcus, ut & Phlezeton, [erv/II u,erqul' tibij N tq~e vlru7Jf.la~lInt obfcUTIt ~nigmatll rantum

S" nOlllH 111 terril 'II Z6roafter tr;~

SJ& ctd"it,Georgius Starkey, Eiun&m phi/oponll1 rhil,delhCl.

~ ~ ~ ~~ ~-~. A" ~ ~-' A'

S~" ,.~¥~~~~~M~ TtJ >tn~: ~1~itrilouJ':·:AuthQr~~ ~'1~~;'

Heydo~~ " u~~~~sTe=;~~4~;~OIJl{lgi •.

HOW many wr'ite_rs are there Caftles buil~ ., • l'th Air4~and feeking th"aJPlaufe of b~g 1i~4 In Archir,tirIN; thou~h ~hey.tan advanct"i·;;. .~ NQ.higher:the,ltb' A.mo~rs.ofa·1tomanc~r\., "~!;- ':'

And but (o;ollfun hoW', they nl'lly entertaln .. ··; ,

t\ LiquoriPJf~~tywiththeir • .t,.,U~ BrlWi ,.:, .:

What you projeli'." m?reNobl,e; '(ISj(O treat) .' · Man's vaf\:defires With adzquatemeat: \: ..... , -Tis to erea: a TetJt/1le, who can come 't,,' '~'11';" " Where that name's due,withouc anHi~ Of Sacrifice to biro, Who~g~~,tous mi~ . :.~ Would reare this Rrulture, IBan Agedefigtl~ ":O'or to Denlo!iO\,cvety E4i~f;C.;. ,: _" ",' , Which is Baptlz:'.dwith fuah'it.namt as.tbls~' .:

You ftile,it WifdQln.e', Tet1M'~e~:!cbus f«lf.Q~· The foohflt;thl1unhaUowejl~d. Itude, 1,; .• .:

From an Admiffio;'-;but th.a:~-iinQ'lQf~y 1t""" '

)f plato want "~~Tg"'1"f" . " " , \ ':\,

In's Academy; Cure he b"~.profanes ..

Your Temple by his fi:eps_; w~~ whenehe banes F orbidden are ,between, 41~~{l4 y:<)ur BOQk, Wilt yet. Atttnipt into t~o~e;lea~s [QI<>o~~, . Vet your Mifi:erim,s wOI:~·mu:f,\~S~'iu,r." . Ama.zemeHtfrom the vulgar, who AaHNu, .

That moJ! which they know (If'fi, and chus ~hc S,m. When tis Ecclips't is g~4l\lQft,upon,·' ~ .:

I fhall not Augure what.wiIJ.llc_ics fate· Among the leJrIl'd, I cannot Calculate

P qF chac Merid;-alz, yeerqy ~q~D\fuaH pare:, lomak'c as fi'mQM as Dtat!iz's WaS.

, MLJ·'!.6.16G). '{hOtJMS FJge Gentleman,


'ANtifU4f, Heydone, .facisrevire{cere IlurU!, y~,

Hoc JoQo [",none rUQ'; tua pagiJl,unomlya~

~uid Chaldaa {ond,. i;l1icquid Nilorica telIUl, , .' . '. ~icquid Palladii qll(J~da"" docuere Pela (gi,

!/lyicquid Arab~, quicq~~novit Cart~aginis lilt: ..

J unoni,Vrb~ ctlebr~? qqjClpiUl ce~eier~ma,!.iDmlt, ':'.1 . j

Nofter vel magnus q!ltd.~n~ellarlus ,Ue.; ..

Indi, Brachmanni:qr«qpid Druidefq, BritAnni~ ~uid ZoroaLlel"k~~t; f\egis Jol1i'llt Magijlri,

(No .. i"" .~on ItJldi,,, hi".i) longigima. ~trum,

(Prob d~fJ ) Itt fer~~.mordaqt teJ1lpOTl 'Via ••

Et Phlepeconcccos {n,fnms, HHdqp,c;, fUYQrcr, roft HJ~rII!~~ult.is, ,,~ ,'Z.!lff,a, J'epuU141ft lIer;

pagina rUne eurfll (eroj~'fafq;Ntpo~es,

Vum de{ollJtM ~ gens il1C¥uit aurelt tar«, fil Frn""fS

'l"u. 1#!'- Li1lor e~A~ h.s.{IPI[JM c",rpao charMi.K. C. '.

Bumanu~f"fum ~fl'~ 'IIetune Cltm~ifA. '

. Nuper A"fe ~larcnJis Cantab.

To his honoured Friend ·the '~AuthQr. ,~n . his 1',e'';'4gi~, oh,' !ib~

. Temple of Wijdolll,e.,· . '. .'

AM I awake! or doe mine eyes p,ut on Some Dreames phancafhck apparicioa] - My tonging mind's amus'd to finde where this 7'eIHple ofliojit-Crucian W;fdonu ill ; . For if I could, I'de (OOIl -approach to be,'

Unto that facred :p'lace a Vorary: .

Id'e fpare' no titti't;but quit this.prefent tlagt' •. ' And zealoully'pur(ue, my pilgrimage.

But I am ravi{b'r, and with wonder cryi Mufe! or rather God of harmOH) Infpir'd our A"thor'~hus? i\'epJies my fence, What gods bue sbofe, of Artandeloquerttet phcrblll and He~",fs ?they wh,ofe tongue or pen, Are fH~1 the interpreters 'twixt gods and men.', Myfiertous Verrues; occultpowerswe fee:" " Thesrarrs, and earth conjofFl'>d in HIt,,,,ofl1.

Why then procced( bTII7Ie (ouf, !)and Ccom ihe harme

That malice can finde our; tleftr.1'J, a eharme: - .

Be fortunate as knowing, may your pen

Advance yourfame, above: ~~e_fpight of mee

And though there my unpolifb't 'lines can'c raire Your name, or give your workes deferved praifej Yet. give me leave towritt',~nd letthemLhew The Tefiimoeiali of my love 'to 1~lI. '



Ro, Turn«, hIed. Licenr ..


Arcanorum, Supremorum, Scnnato.ri perfeaiffi~o) Sciantifq uta, Qmatlfiimo, . Domino, Domino Johllnni HejQoII Equiei, amico meo delecuffimo.

n V'o te ufqUt lllgeni; rapitmt Speculamin; vafte .? ~ ~'o volitar Calami fteUa Sacrata tui: . ~id Mare, 9uitl7errIH ; qUid Dixi, Regna plutonH

In vahH 1 au, C~li "u",ina [acr« moves; Artlua C~lorum ("ptrafti immo imma forall; ~rrrarum, ulter;us qu.e cupientla rib, :

~,tl T ""dt", rrtper~/f.? {upeTeJI gravioTa ('DMitri, f!OC Solu. Juperell re {uperare priM.

~uld JUfJal Aflrorum Curflll, C.elique met;r;? ?,emd ItIglel10 fi "'Driente perH.

SCire ruum Nihil ejl, nihil & ribi {Cirefof.' 7",b;t

O . ,

mmll quantumfJM qu.e Cogitantla ';M

Dllmnll,i p.enM l\'o~i ; Noftique ]Jeat;

r : Pr .entia 'ltlle F ligaf qu.e rib; grata magi4

1 tfJt'~t' 1uam gratum eft, quam grata eftnoftra fJO/lIpt41 SIt rib; »it« tsle» for riPi vit« mor;.

Roml vIc" Die. jHnij, 1661.

Thomas Revell, Arlll_

.til .. ,:;it, •. :>~~.;..:.; :;.~".--:"'. ';

mI.. iI?azm~mmm

. ' ' ",~-:'T:~ ',' ; ': : " ';; :-,' JL,) : :

"to,theprad!i¢anReadett~!iupon ': The',r _tk.lI/'WtfdotJN,: ,;~aed by s,hopour¢ Frielct, 'Mr~ JiJ/MBeJdon.

. I ·

R' " Eader I tt;~ A~thor{~~r,~ith; iittle paynes) , Produc'4~h~s'lifue of his )abpuri~g BFaypes,,' To tell wh'at.' Galf.artl$ Telefnd ~amaees,', Did meane '? ()ur Aut~o~ hllth difcovered thefe, WhatlCattan '6~ught by,G~pmaJ1tick skill ", Our Author h,"~~m~qe,C9nlmon by his quill. ' I name rhefe two; and le,c'a~O:ne thereff, .. Becaufe rhefe two are ondy Eri'glifh dreif,. ,.' ' I've teen th'eltalian, French, arid Spanifh too, 'LIpon chefe Subjeas making much adoe,

And in compofure, to bevery neat,

But none of'rhern, till now Was ere compleat. Some men'reaJ this, forne that; we daily fee So many men, 'Io many mindes there bee; Who pleafure t~k~stofatisfy his mind ., JR unknown te'Crers,' here he may ehem find:

Ana' ir,whitt:'Gt1jftirel, and clittan Wrote,

Hath been accepted, I will give my Vore, ,

For this our Author, in rhefe unknown wayes He~e be '1()urG"Ue allale~ you out with bayes. Who ere wil I take the paines to try this Science, To purblind Ignorance, {hall bid defiance.

Hee's to bee prais'd, who ever doth impart.

The Hidden things of Nature, and of An.

lYfav, the St h 8h i$. A,M.


', 'I;; I rill ,!, . I... '" ,: ' " c~·" . '., .. , "," ; - , ~ : .;,

('i151\~f" ;,,_.; (~-_! "~:·:·'''':')-:-'''.\',\_.~'-l~;:)~··

~O hi~I~:~~~ti:~9: f~efid' M:t~

Joh._.~"'.~,,(_ont~s!:f.li~ mot! E,r': _ celledt Treati~ OfPllil'd(ijU~' ':; t .litb!'· · . ,''ili'ii*,if It -tJ'~i7_ihe Ti'iJI./et:: ~~" I;} '/J,,~jJ i,.·;"",1J , ',!I'o., .~; , "AA f.~ il(if«~rrfq"I::"

(j'~~it~ r~iW,~~i~~s,~~;~~;~~~~~4~~:

TIS th wa y ~~Q['~,J~~ 8..t!f ~.i(ol~\l tit.: ... But YOllr Strong MerCury Dreads no affaulrs ' From VHtier'l9irs; or fuch whore Judgemmt halts. Hee that fhall cmfure thefe your M~tique lines \ Mull Knowledge have in. Hermes Richer MYRes, Of Occult Lea",. mg:. p,lal1\.e Phi!o~lby now fa.l)!"fb,Q~ ('las <i~rs~,}~~'_o~oo1tandJou I (No Man a G]aMJ Bonnet off can throw

Unlefs h' have Srrengrb and Stature fo to doe) 'Tis not the D'IJIarfe in SCJnlce that fhall dare

Pretend himfelfunco your Temple Heire, '

Nor mull Pr9falitr Per{oHs, hope to find <.-

Tou, oftbat Gentle and Indulging Mind,' .

As to Ptotetl in this your Sanliuary ,

7ho[e, whofe unhallow'd Hearts and Hanas ~ifcarry.

The Rough-hewn FancJmuLl your Temple fiye, No ~oncubi'" of Art, fuall in her Lye:

She IS prepared for the Mufes Nine,

Who doe Command ( like Roman MfJJaline) 7hat JJonehut Kings tbere Enter! .--- If of hen Come Let them in ch' CDurt, or Porch, find out a Roo",_ '


Scorn then[ my FriendJthe Squi'nt-~Y'd Enemie, Shan dare to giveJoUT Boo~orJou~h~ Lie ~ ... ' ,_ Ifeh' Low-orb'd Spirits of this Bnttijbljle, ,-:", :

Being Ig1l'rIlHI of yoor Labours great thall emile:

Te\l them the Cage, or Stock.!, is much more fit, ( Unlefs ehey had a ~etter ~ank of ~'t) ;' , :

ForthtJfteo be acquaiured with, th~n !hI7,. ~,,~ Your 'IPOf'thy'lem,ple( here.} :ofWifdom:lS; .. ~_

For you may juftly fCgrn the Ltty~aHs fhi fc, , ',':-, . When schollllrs ( I doc think) Ke,!ch not Jozn:prift :

And now forbe.re, to trouble 10Uf Lofty Br~mts, With Elich Man's Comment on your Atla$ ~alHe, ; This Ile Pra:fage, Jour Booll of Wifdome is, ' ,

.A guith tbat Ltatlts to Naturu'MJfteries.

t, i,U I ... \ ~


iB lil


IIi ;~\





),. ~ .. ~

11~iltIoth ~ lib rr P.M. J66l.






WISDOME· -T~~fPBOok-:--

C HAp. I.

How to projeC1 a Figure, the Rofie Crucian way.

~~~~=oT~:::7i 00 the Creator of all thing~, out of the Chaos, which was {he bodies of wicked Angels made the Earth, which is divided into twelve equal parts, which over rhefe Ruleth rwel ve Created ~~=:::==-====a IMP'S, which bring [he vertues

and influences of t heir (even Lords, upon all things created under the Sun: And there vermes or influences we receive, ill manner and form following, by fixreen Figures; and they {hew us alto all things pafl, prefenc, and CO come.

You mutt Note, chat when the Arllf1: to frame his Figure doth maxe pricks, he rnuf forme four,

A [hi

~ 1




, . ..:......_-----

.1 h 'l'e-m-p-i-t-O-f- .. ,-: .. \-:-:~itdumc. BoOK. I.

2 e _J _,-'--- -'·----f~l-e

_, ,-' _- .. - .. _, '---~I·.... to four Fm"er" 0 t 1

the II! it line 1'1 pnd;s IhC, Bllthe nr Cl.~ :>[0 that at

, .: I t COUIU 11l~ 1 . r •. , ,

Idc h,,11l1 , \';ltl1OU 't imber ofiixtcen m every

t\le\e,\{~tLel('ben~ me n,\, 'o'tl..el.I'ne<;ofnric'r."

, . l r 11 e ~ I Y OUI II I. r •

F Ip'~e!'; c',nd t IllI:-, 1 ~u .\ , nd \ ou mutt not hy

'I 1l:.ero\ llXteen. a, , \

unto cue nun 'II VOIl h:lve mace me

I I on the nancr, tl J '

"our lall-lUll r 1." 1 o'll"\:()Urneart,movmg

v ; 1-" ,;w IY' rOlluI In~ I J d

iI<t(enll1,"" ' 1.' t\r.FiClure:an LIll-

I 1. ·"'ore'" (HI nlJ~.e I -, I

the h.\!1u W,1.lvl _Ill. \ '\ttnbu~eu unto t ie

n 1 I t (he hr l me l~ c ' y

dCIIl.lnC) (t\1 \ A' theth'lrd rothel arer,

r.-, the ft:c(JuJ to t~le hire,,,, I. \{'u rliat ~Ill thefe

, \ \ J:art : [lIll "

r he 1.)\lJ" 1 ,to t le11J ,1 an there lines an Ele-

. .v. '{i"')lhe one r fa, anc fi ft 1"1" i-nr

l)I1U.S "', I \,,, 'Oll r tiri1: liller;, rhe I," '''ld1 E' \ ' m eu t 1 ;tl.lI I: - • (" \ four the tccon ~ e-

I I ~1'11C' (be e~(Jn(, h' d

I" i\:Col I~ I h. '" ',,~' •• the third four, th~ r 11'

me nr , v,hiel) !,s~h.~.,.:.e\V' rer : (hefon!' \altIIllCS,

f· \em::ll;, 1.11 iC:! IS t.\t:, \ '~ . the E'Htb' the \ines be {he reilnh Elt:mcTlt, wuic \ l~ \. O'f' tl1~ Fanb,vi.:::,

• \ s» tO"lf '10(l e:, l J

a' t'- .. , art llblFeJ to r 1 ", l' ,.' I :::>'llk~l bv fjur m:gncy

.• L if'<'it' 1·' orr!! ;O[,trJ, .. 1I1u I J

1 ,Ii ,I, ~.," ,

"I Jel• l l' ,_, :n'O"'~"-

1..' " b', I 11 ,~'c l' '''' a'.')Ui ,(n, are : , . J ".

I ' ··c (e [".J \t.., . l is

:\ II.' I' e: "" \ ·.1 . .. 1 t' !, v 1I 5' r. "( I~

- " wruc I ',~ 1l1.IU '-_ , .

r,llt;;,1 IIHO. a tl~.;lllC,\ '. '\' ,'I"I'1C'\( otthe Divn:e

\1 , .. ' 'PC oliu e ('I t:" ,

11,ltUI'..l Y ,I .L.e, I Ll~ '!i"I'I' .,.,t ,.'lrpirit. "l\t:t more

1'1 "'1\ IIZ'/ 1:.,,,\.,/./ ,I, Ji c

II"" \Idle I l~" '" t- WC!l .v e fi,nl-;en c,

. . . . , . 0'''"'1' IlI,ICC, .1 [cf' 11.

•. d till'; III iL' t'l 1" .11' , .1 l . '\1)'\ (his [\1'( mun

r hc kvcll i'tlt\t:r, ot l!C \\0: •• ': "", nd aU Artlit '

,. PI' .j,\l !lIe" II cue ,t\

l'e rC(CI\t": 11Iit>Jll· '·1' ·t:T<'lII;r.te,\ r his ro be . 11' ('t'Ci/!,"llifS la\'CL; .,.1,,","., 1" i

!.l . "' n, \.0)' ,. ,... utt s III lee to ton aIL

\ I I e \\:JeJeo. \.011· b. o,

(\\ofu l, l ie (;11 , ,C . 1,1.:" \"in have che prOiel.l-

, .;,,. 'JIIll (btl (,01 e ( , I r-. 'er'

('0, /""'''','. I ,'! I', I' uo 011 t let"!!, •

i;" u;'riw;-\rc tobem<ll,e,\\Ilt 1 l:'llo:'ri~epIO-I'eadrol'

, ~ . 11' III I, e t 1 C I a n , I , 1

T 'Jj:t' CrzIL'liZI; s a (): ,I s '. II_ . e i '\II d di reae'-..\

.. - I, ol1' IHowerhl1 V IIlO" L ' 1

worker to oe nl.~ .. , t",;.A,fct'lldandDdcfn

. If' ,(t'I'ItWlltl1 "')i' i h Iy

by the ,c.l',OI T 'J1 d 'U' e they tirH u[eJ 01.

ill rheu Fle;loIlS: ",,11 lHeIer • T-cpn·


7he Temple: of Wifdome.


Deprications, Incantations with other Rites and obtervations provoking and alluring Idea"sof this nature hereunto, as rhey move the Earth cyery hour-

And it is in the very So III it [elf of the projeCtor • wh2 he is carried to this work.with [om e great egrefs of his now defire.For thisArt hath a narural obedience to the Soul it felfe : And of neceffirv hath efficacy, and is moved co chat which the S~111 it felfe defires, and this is true and IHlre, neither matte rs it how there points are pro jetted, fo rhar there be Iixreen in all the lines at leafl, and lixceell lines ill all,

And this Art may be praftifed.when fa ever a m:!11 will) and according ro t he dem and that: is made, be itnight or day,Fair weather or Foul,Rain or Wind. And moreover you mufl: nore • That for any queftion Of dernan.l, YOII mutt make a figure, but one time, but rearing the figure and f\)rgecti!l~ the Tlldgment which was firfl made, if any fault be found in the demand or in the figure , And then make anorher in anothe-r manner, and Judge the fecond time, according as ~'ou {h"tll finJ your 1~1- gu reo

Many in making or rrojeCting their points do ufe Ieveral w ayes, hue che befl chat ever lfJwarethe[c! following, which afrer YOll have well obfer.ed, YOIl n1:Iy either ridiIlg, or walk~"g be refolve.I of what: (hall happen that Day, Month) or YCJ.!· in any place where you defire to enquire) an d of r his you ililil be inftructed further : In tb» H,lrllL:ry of the wor\d" Lib. 2.


'I he Temple 01' Vvifdome. Bp 0 x.I,

Here )'01t jhtJIJ halVe an example in o'fd" :

Bylhis CX,l1JJvlc, ;._u may mak.e trich..f:ft;oa~J, jiars, which you p!'are to wor" with, for you

need 1)0 urr,'r way blit tots,

~-------- -,-,

',fire. • ...... ~. - . ,_, ..... I l~c?

. 'Airt.:. ., • . • . • . • .•. .• . •.•.•• l.l~n(;$I Figure.

Fire Water •........•..•..••.• 3 line

.Earth. .. . . . • . . • . . . . • . . . 4 line

I line? l.linc" F'

J' eSl. Igul'e, 3 111



r llt. ..., •••••••••••••

Ail'c. 1· .. ··· .... ,· .. · .. ···

Water ! ..•..•.•...•...••••

Earth. . ••• I • , •••• " ••••

J line?

2. lme" 3 Figure. 3lme(

4 line )


Fire. I'"'' I •••••• " • f ••

A· ! ...••• , •.•. II I " .


V. atcr, Water •..•.•.••...••• .•.•

Earth. , .. ,., .. , ....•..•

Fire. IAirc.

ElM. W:lter Earrh,

1 lIne?

20 line '4 Figure.

3 liner t'>

4 line)

· , .

f ••••• •••••• ••••••••

• 1.1 •••••• • .

· .



Boo K. I. the Temple 0fWifdome.


Tile f1!a,.ner how to 10yne the Priclu; or Stro4/v, wbzch you l.pork.,by, With your Pen, or wlllkj_l1g Stal],

( File South I


L'\ ! re Ea ft * .-


~'I FJgure.< Water N irt h 110


Earth Weft I


---y- Fire - Sotlth ~--


I l\ire F,alr

? 2 Figure < fl H H H H H H H H H H H HI" If

'"l • W~ter North '* ,.


Earth Weft * *

tH H H H H H H H H H H l I I

---r~ - SOllth--I-

j Ii H. H H H H H H H H H 1 I

r Aire Eaft '*


~ 3 Fignre.< Water North ...


• 1 Earth Weft I

\ 'l H H H H H H H H HH H I

·----=r-A-i-re-----s;mh----J \


: Aire Eaft ,. ,.

,tT'l'4Figure<HHHHHHHH_HHHHH I ! *

li~li "/H:~~~HH~~)~~H 1 ..

. Earth Weft I I

. _---l.~~~HH I L. /

1 A > Chip. II. ,



'1 he Tern ple o!vVifdome_

C HAP. I I •.

1. b manner bow to frame this Art, end give .to each place his Name.

AFter that you have: fcc your pricks into lines, and thereof drawn out and formed the figure, <15 we ha ve {hewed unto you, you mull take and fer (he four tid! lilies of the ~rfi Figure, and Iet them Ol(ide, a nd this is cal led the tid!: Figure : chen mull you ta ke [he fecond of the fecond four lines,and fet rhern by the fidr,and Co have you then two Figure:

And then you {hall draw the third Figure, of the other four lines, confequenrly following and put that a part, and it is called the third ~igure : . And finally you {hall of the other four lines which arc tbe \ aft, take the four, Bgure, which is called the four Mothers, and fer that by the other three.and fo the third and fourth be companions, as you {hall tee by this example following; but above all take heed and place y'0ur fidt well, ~o m.a~e th~ other to tallow after, and YGtI {hall puc it all the nght hand according to this example following, which" is the

~ebrcw 008:01'5 way. '


\Eal:h,\WJ;er I t\i~'e'l Fi:'e'j

, 1~*\*;;l(.I::l(:*\;'¥'*"\

The left::l(. K * *:;If- *::If fhe right

Hand. I *.-~.* l ~ \' ~ ~ I t ~ I Hand,

_ !Ydl. North _ EaiS._.Somh.j

! Thefe four Figures be called four Mothers,where-

r oX the firtt is ~tmLuted l~ the Fire: The fecond to

L_ . the


bOOK 1.

The Temple o!\Vifdomc. 7

.----~---- - ----~- -----------

rhe Aire . The.chirdro the Wa.er : Aud t he Fourth [0 the Earrh : Ohh~!e four, cornc ;illodJ~r (\lW", ill taki~~ rhe poincs whirh are tlu 1;,' it }lU w~, \if t l.e M:)(,:ers, and gadH:ling ihem togCClj': 'i),,{. which

{I'l ~ 1 '.. _. f· I- " "

1.:., retu t out at POl1llS 0 t ne ~.' "'. l:i r '. r

which makerh the.~gll~·e of F.:!i,., the r tu c r W\!' )~,.f is by J;;:(cending from the fi.ll)eriolll' l'0illt~){ hrulli' It horh Mediums to the loweftjas J ou {liall IceLy example,

I - ~ \ -:/ 1- .6-, ,- ~ j -4 ,- ~-I- 2-} ,"--,

'* .... r* ~"I'\-JI: .I-1.~~"

:lI;:.,-.>o-+ >r~ *Jl.I~ *.l!- >I

I " I ~ I'" i * ~ I " I " I .: I"" I

** '* ~. ::-.,..iJf-lI- ~ '"If- + .. f

IEanh l\vatc'l Aire \_ hre IEarth j\varu/ Aire I hre ,. Weft INo~th bft I S()\lth I w-n North e.n iSClI:th

_____ ···4. •

_'---.--_._, -.,--,,__-,;--..--.~...._


Of the ftgniftciltica ofthe[e eight Figure.i} and iJ(:·w

from t bet» JOlt fJJUflm .. k._c [oure marc, .

THere figures. have fueh fi~nifie:ltion as We.' have already writreu , but yet when t ey be fer 1Il the twelve houfes as iha11 be declare,i here.rft er, they Ihall have orherlignitlcarwlls t he n we have yet fraken of, t lit herea tter ir Ihall be tre:tt"l of; A{,_t you !hall fee that tigllrcwhich i"fet fllr the .: .n h , ?l' that which is fer for the Eait, (hall h eve another uurorca1,ce, according to the Rules which we will

A 4 rb.:


'The Temple ojWifdome.



r [c- ~(: :~3 following: And now to make other foure 6- ~; \. '~S, you muft take the firft pricks of the firft and ic.-:ond figures, arid juft under them, if their Pricks be even, fa place them, and if they be uneven make bat one.and fa confequently from the fecond line of the fecond figures, and fo of the third and fourth, you muft do as much to make the tenth figure, as you did of the firft and fecond to form the ninth, and fo mull you doe of the refl to make the eleven and twelve figures: And fo there twelve will Hand as you Ihall fee here by example,

I 8 ri6IS\413\'1'1
*'* f* I:: I :: I *: I :: \ :: I :: I
'I **
'* * J * * I *;;: * ** * *
** 1* '* **.** ,.. ** **
11 12 I II 1 10 I ~ I
* ok * * * I * *
I * * I * * * * * I
* * * * * * I *
* I * * * * I
,I Earth Water Aire Fire I
Welt I North Ealr r South
---_- CHAP.


B 0 0 Kef. T"beTcmpleo/ 'WiKlome. 9


Holf' to [r1J1JJe tbe Witncffe and t he Judge.

NExt we mull teach you how to make the Wit .. ne{s &: the Judge, thac Out of them we nlJY have a certain Retolution , Sentence, and flay upon the queflion, and of the difference thereof; the right Witllfjfo is taken from the ninth and tenth figures; and of there two JYitnefJes cometh a Judge ~ unto whom appertainerh the difcuffion of the whole figures: And if he be good, the Demand will be; found good, and if he be ill, the quef ion is ill :

And you mull note that fometimes we fpeak of I· dea's and fometimes of Genii, you are to underfland by a Genius,« certain Divine fpirie that work-. erh fecret things in Name Miraculoufly,and by an:

Idea the Divine and Natural Form of your Figure; fo thar there is no great difference betwixt a Geni .. us and a Divine Idea, as you may read in The Har- I mony of the 'World~. Now here followes the Figure.



1'he Temple ofWi(dome.


IheTemple.oJWifdome. '


1(. -


eHA P. v.
7 6 5 .4. 3 2 I
'* * * .,. ,.. ,.. ,.. 7: .. " Of the Namel of the fe'l)elJ Rulers .oJ.1he Earth;
* * ..,
* * ,.. 7: >- '* ,. ,. ,. '* ,.. ... '(he nalJlCl of ,hei,. twelve Genii or Idea's, a.d
* ." * ..,
ok '* .. ,. '* .. uftheir ftxteenflg~res.
* '* * ... * .,. * * '* .,. 'k * * 'If





11 10 9 "
,. ,. .. ,,.. " !*
'" ... '" .. ,,..
,. ,. ,.. ''I( *
,. .,. '" .... J2



.. '* .. ,..



.. '* 7: ,. ..

'* ..

The left Witndfc.

.. > ,;';

:: The right Witnefs




NOw refleth it, that we declare the Names of the fevenRulers of the Earth, and of the twelve Idea's,and of their Inclofures, Velimenrs or Figures, . as they are to their Rulers; And you mufi: know that thefe Rulers,.bave fignifica'tlon in their places, and Rule the twdve Uea's which are attri· buted to the twelve ~gl()ns of the Earth, and we could never finde any more then fixceen Figures, let usrum the Pricks which way we would,and here . follow their Na.Ulc~,·~np. in order their feveral Na- . cures and SiS\1i~cations.


e. Bo OK.( arne. \

r The Temple ofWifdom
~ .1
, I Element. iFigure. N
l~ ----- -
;.if: Puer,
~ * A Boy.
~r Fire.
!e_ * ~ Yellow.
!;r *
. .11 Beard-I
ki -- Albus.
{;: oj(. ~
1'" '* ;I(- White
I i~ Aice.
t~ '* Faire,
*' *
Ii; - -- fa/111M.
I * *
~l *' '* People.
1 ~ 'Water. ~ '1(.
11 % ~ Congre
' ... -_
.' * AmifJi4.
Eart~. * .~ Loire.-
i' .. ;;¥. COlDprehe
* *
~'-;,.. --
(,,) * * Fortuna
Fi:e. *' ~ Gr~tF
*' Greater'
:;¥: Safegua
----.- -;-pueu;;:
Aire. * * A Girle
'* Beaurifu
1 *
*' '* Rubius.
WAter. * Reddifh
* :;¥: Red.
'* '*
-,----- -- -_
'* * ConjunCt
Earth. :;¥: Conjun
*' * An A£fe
. ----



nded witb6nt


ortune, Aid.

rd enrring.





io. aion. mbling.

Bo ox. I. "Ihs Temple of Wifdome. I~
Ruler. Name. 1 Genius f Name.
~ Barzabel, cfl Ma1chidael.
-------- ---
:t Taphthartharath ~ Ambriel.
-_ - ----.
S Hafmodai ~ Muriel.
-------- __ - ---
~ Kedemel a Hafmode1.
i ci1 Sorath. ~ Verchiel,

I ~ i )!
i . "Kedemel Zurie1.
I -e Barzabel s-,..,..., Barchiel,
1- _--_a_-
~ Taphtharrharath 1Q Harnaliel, , i



The Temple ofWifdome.


Elemen~ Fi§ur~I __ Name_. _~_ *' * I .Arquifito.

Fire, *' Obreyning.

*" *,;1(. I Comprehended with-

- OUt.

-;--;- TriJlitia.----

*' * Sadneffe *- * Damned', _%_ Crofle.

, :}(;. J---r;titia. -_-

*!If. Joy, Laughing.

\ ~ Z Healthy.

____ ._ Bearded.


I*' -c;..cer----

Earth. * *' A Pricm

____ I * *' *' I Bound.'

*' J =rzz: V"Y;co;;rs:-- I

Fire. ~ The threlhould going I

* ;1(. lout. :

---- _- __!!1elowel' threfhould I

* I Fortuna Minor

Aire .~ *' % Leifer FOrtlln~. I

. 1;1(. *' j Le(fe~' A. iJ fafeguard I

____ ---- gOlllgOllt. ,

I ~ Via-.------ ;

Water. ~ Way.

______ I~-' Journey.

1*'»(.*1- Caplld Drllcon--;;:---

*' The Head, The Thre-

I * I Ihould eutring {he upper Threihould. I





The Temple oj'Wifdome.


Ruler. Name. ; Genius


~ Hifmael, ! ~

I~ ~



ISorath. ~

I ~I


~ [Zazel,


~ Hifmael.

-1 -

~ 'zazeI. _I


I ~ .Zazel and , Barzabel,


-e 1----

i I

~. ! Hafmodai, I


I __ ~ __

I <\ I

V\ I. Hifmael, ~ 'Kedernel,









Zazel & Barzabel in all their Idea's.



Hifmael a~ Kedemel in all their Idea's.


TheTempleofWiCdome. BOOK. I ..

:rhe Temple oJ VVddome.

,oJZazel, a"d his general and p'rticular Signi-

jicalio'!J. , I~., : H' i 'J. 'I''''''L

ry .c r<"< ,-.? o(l C'-/ v If

n ZAzel delights in two of the twelve Idea't V ofthe EarthjBc in the places wbere rhep are viz. Hanael and Cambiel, he governeth the Ay:y Triplicity by day, which is compofed of Alblll, pueUaand TriJlicia: Heis.Diurnalcold and dry,Meo

"Iancholly, Earthly, Ma(culine, the great infortune, ~' ~

Author of SolirarinejJe, Ma/tvo/ent, he gove.es the l

Earth 3S4. years and four Months. Read the Harmony ofrhe world.

He is profound in ima~inatio~,~n his A8:!5 fev.ere,!n words referved.in fpeaking Sc glvmg very fpanng,m labour patient, in arguing and difputing grave, in obuyning the goods of thi~ life Ihrdious, and folicircus, ill all manner of athons AtJftere.

In fifty (even years, forty three, and thirty yean:,' being III pofired with his Idea's he iii envious, cove. reus, [ealous and miflruflful, tymerous, fordid.curwardly diflembling, fluggifh, fufpitious, fiubborne, a contemner-of wornen,a clofe Iyer, malicious, rnurmuring, ncv(/ contented but alwayes pining.

In Corporacure, he lignifies moil part of Midle fiatllre, cold and dry, wirh a p.ile Complexion, Swarrith, 01' Mllddy, Eye little and black, looking downwards, a broad forehead; black or fad Hair:

And.it hard or rugged, gnat Ears hanging, Roverin~ Eye- brows, thick Lips and Nofe, .3 thin Bea.rd, .. lumpiih unpleafanr Countenance, either holding his head forward or Hooping, his Shoulders i:-ro<ld


C HAP. V f~


-~~- -_'-._.

and L:rge, an d lIlany tin~,,~ c,rooked, Ius belly ron~~-

what iharp ~Jl~~ lankr, his ,TJ1Ighes (p:1re, Jean an d nor long; 111'; t\l~ees and f e~'r indecenr many Limes jho'.ellJl~ 01' IlIttm_!.! one agalfllt another.

. !ile <1:lalirit; of men he ti~flifierh,alJd (heir pro. td110llS, are H usbnn.l : 'J! e.1t, Cl.:;)~ms, Brgf,llfJ, rll~Y Labor_ ers, old Mm ; FJlth,9YS, GI'11Uri-tatht'I'S, /ViOnl(i, JeJlIits, a. nd~e[tardh: he fif!,lzijierb Carriers nieb: F~l1r7/ters Millers underf'Jouild, 71!mO'rs, P~ttcrs, B~'O(;l;~ 111m, l'I/(m~ mers, .R~ick,}ni1k.trs, Mill(tn~, cu I1II1Y (weepers, Sc'CtOI!t' of Cb'::Lbcs, Bt'arer!. ofDettd Corps, SC,t1It'lt(l,fTS, Hoii'crs; CoL,~'''rs, ~.lrtcrs, lHZ' deners ; D/tc/J"rs, Cbandler, IJ't'r! of b!'lUZ Cloth; an Herds HIll)!, Sheep-bcrd, or Cr,n' br:rdr"t'eper. '

He fignillerh all fnFeLlintents in the right care Tee.h, a1.quartan Aglles proceedil1:T ofcolJ dry' and MeLlIlchn)1 y d iHel1lper~, Leprotit's f{ hetllll/ C~llfllmp(lOn", black ]Jlllldi(~, Palfies,Tre01b'ings: v.uu Fear~, Fal~t;tlle,;, Dropfie, the hand arid foot Gaur) ~poplexles) Dog-huncier, to much flux of the Hernoroids, Ruptllres;ifin the fifth or eir-hr (ower bitter, (harp, and in nuns body he prin~ip;1Jy rlll~ erh (he -pleen. See tb« Holy Guide,

He governerh Bears-foot, ,rar-wort, \Voolf-bane, HeIl11oc:, Feme, Hellebor, white and black Henbane, Cererarch or finger Ferne, Clotbur orBnrduck, Parfuip, ~ragon) PU,lfe, :erlline, Mandrake, Poppy, ~ofs,Nlght lflace,Bahwl1ld, L'\lloelica <;;;jC'fe Eox, TUC[~!l,O!,.Ige o.r Goldfn I.lcrb~ ~pri:;;al:!e,ili~~~ herds Purfe , Cummin, Horflaile, f\ umiwl'Y.

OfPlams al~d Treeo;, he figni6es the Tamerisk, Sa~me, Sena, Capers, Rue or Herb-grare, Polipody, \HVtllow ?r Sallow tree, Yew tree, Cyprefs.tree

empepme tree. '



' .... ,

. ,



The Temple t1\Vi(dome'---~

] 8 7Le Temple of\i\'i[dome. BOOK 1.

, r. C r H ire Moufe, ,YlO'lt,

-.e Iignnierh the Als, 3, ~ "1' k C 'JI'~

" 'UO(T \\oolf, bal} IS, 10.:0 I,

Elephallc, ueal, t>' \ < I , Hou all m.muer

.. Toad Serpenr , t .iuer, h'

.. co:Teoll, ,"" ~, b ~ lin" of pllr r el.~[b.,II,

f 'lCepttifJ Cleat!lle~, If'~( ~ 'H ('

o (; ~'l lV' er or [J1.lIme.;ot 0\1 e~.

either III the Earr 1,_., at. 'G and all [hell tilllt",

He Iigrufiech the r ele, 1 OJ tol t', ' . Ll' de L l a. i:

1, ~ h or coverueru (he t),I(" 01 U ~

f e,lt;nlllet ~ 1 G at Craue Pr.JI OC." Grat-

L L pOl' 1\" Ow e 11,\) " ,

~row, a I." k: B'rJ Ol1:rncb, Cuello'.:

hopper, i hrullr, ulac - '\.', . c-bicure Val\tes,

1 r I 10 ,)e1,lrt .. , YI)Ud',

H, ~ e IS He oIl'S ',' ()UIJ(.II1l~~,nrwllere men have Caves, Dens, H ", 'I f._ .. c f'\.uinolls budJings, befl111urieJ,' hurc :)~al(~' ./ll·,~l.illg muddy place"

' S'I\' c; , II rv or 1 " J

Core-m.ne-, , ., f' 0 ". " he b uierh cv el I tJ ,

,. 'I .1 H )lIteS U inces , {' ,

vve: ~ anu I drof. of a\1 Mecrals, as a: 0 t ue

the Load-HOlle, t ie I

Lu{l ~111l1 Rubb\llh °i evt~ \t~:l~' Lapis Lazul, all

He Rule[h t re ap Hie t \;Ih ,l)le and of a raj

. ' \ iheer 11:()t1e~, II() po .. " . , _

black ug Y \ .. He ii.Jl1Irleth cloudy.dai k, obafl.y or black co 01 11 Id, . d hurtful!) thick, black and Icure weather, co an

conJel1recloud~.. h £.,[1 quarter of Heaven, and

H d 1 ghreth III t e _"U h

,e e I . 'lid, at [betl1lJeofgat ermg any

cauferh i'aite~nWl " 'OuHlufttUme your face

Plaut belonrlll1_ ~o Ill~~ll }llf and let him be in the

die F;)h III lIS.W ,. I '

rowar s t 1 - I eleventh houfes where ie ~s Edt (eventh, r enr 1, .or, {l be projected in hIS

t\ d t be nsure om 1 _ 1

1honge ~ . 11 ~ fie Earth Will afceud 111 t re

hour, then (hat P,]ft °f[11 is. Admit }'OU frame

'I.: 1. I meumna 0 t us , 'I

~.ah; me c, ~Towll or Cicy,or rami y, or

a Building, erer a 1 ' e Ca.cer or TriJiitia in Pr11lcipality is bC:cgun, WI 1~~lltl1 or eleventh houfes,

. be in the event 1" .

nl,otlon " 'tia or F~rr/lna Major,tney lllcortoWith Acqllifi.tlo,Le~ as that you Illay Judge the F arate there fuch J ~' fly conrinue three hundred luily, new Houte, ',Dl fifty

hOOK r,

fifcyfoUf years ill h"l1ollr: and ifin a Nativity, you find your Fiaure 1'0; then accordlllg co Nature, IIt~ lIIay IIH' tit.} It-veil year", Iorr y three, or thirry, accordll1g a-i YOli find them W~ethcr; for he is cold an: dry, an.I IS an ellemy to Man,

He rules ch-fe (.(JIIJl(I'~es, i'iz, Baua.i«, Snx01ty, Stiria, R9nr.tndio!d, RmJ,'J:1:,t> Co.iti ant ia ; br,~o!dJfade , He ndnh SJClIrJay, and that Jar, [be firft and eight hours or, they ar: called his.



I', .~ ~-

f'\ t H' Ifm.1f! hath two Idea's, w.hich are in~ corporar ed inr o two Figures, uie; A«: qlliftio by dOlY, an ,j Letitia bv nighr , Alblls and Con:

jlmZiio Jdl:roy him, he dt:lighr~ to lie with ropl/lus, and her :dea: He is rick arid weak wirh Career: he ruleth the Fycry T riplicir, by night, 'Viz fuer, Fortun« m:tjQJ', and Acqui_(itio, and their ideas

He is nacurally Durnal, Mnfculine, temperarely, hot and rnoitl, t\iry Sanguine, the r;rcater fortune, Aut hor of temperance, Mo,!ei1:y, ~obriet y,.T till-ice

He governes the world three hunJred fifty and fOllr years, and four ~om hs , In {cvcmy nine, h: is Magnanimous,faithfIlI,balbftll,afpiring at high matter in an honourable \'.-ay; in all his actions a lover offairdealing, defiringto benefit all men, doing glorious things, hOllollrablt: and ReJigiolls,of [weft: and affable Converfation, wondenul indulgent co his Wife 311d Children, reverencing abed MCI1) a

B l _sreae

20 1 be 1 cnlplc vI \ \ l!Ll(llllt:. goo K, 1. great R.eliever of the poor, ful ot ,haritY and God}11\c(s; lioeral, hating ail fordid "aiom, lull', Wife, Prlldent, Thankful, Vertuous , ('0 th ar when VOlt find Hifmacl the fignificaror of any m;111, viz. Wl-\t~~l his hgures are in good rmnpany, you nHY Judge (he man to be thus (lllalifieJ, and many live fevcnry

rune years.

flit when he is unfol'tll11:lre, as you (hall hnJ him

by your figure : with in Idea's) viz rhofe that are incorporated 11l1:.ul>t'lIs, Carcer , T)ijiitia, C,lwi,l Draconis and Puer : be lIgnifies furry five, or twelve years, an d chen he wafrs hi,p,urimony; and fuffe rs every man to Cozen 111m; his Hipocrirically Rt::\I~IOtl'i, Ianacious and Hiffe in maintaining Llte reuents in Reli~ion: he i~ 19norant,carele[::,nothin~ dellg he ful in the love of h is friends, of a crofs, d ull capacity, 4Oichifmatical, ab.dlng himCdf in all com~nl1ies) crouch mj; an-I O:ooplllg where no neceffiry


He fignifies an upright, {haight and tall ftature;

brow ,ruddy and lov.Iy Complexion; of an 0,a1 or \()n~ Vifage, and is full or flefhy, high forehead, large gray Eyes, his Hairfoft, and a kind of Aburne brown 1 much Peai'd, a large deep Belly, {hong proportIoned Thighes and Lr:ggs; his Feet: large and 'unhandfome; in his fpeecb, he isfober and of grayf


The QQatit~es of men he fignifies are judges, 5e-

n ators, COlJllcl"llours, Ecclefiatlical men, BI!hOPS, Pri'dh;, '\IJinifi:err», Cardinals, Chancellors,OGE\ors ofthe civil Law, yOUfig Schollers in an Llniverfiry or Colleclg, Lawyer~, Clothiers, woollen Dra-


Di{hfes he figtlifies, are Plurifies, all infirmities

'in the Liver : left Eare, Apoplexies, inflammations of



~ 0 0 K0_:.__J!_c_T~mple oJ\ \ ifdorne. " of , the ~lIng~, Palpicacion -aI1X~;~-mi)li-I~{T o{.:-Hearr, Cr<lIl1p', pains in the Back- bon . lid· the

JyilJ~ lJl (he Velll:-i 01' D'I, • i e,.1 Ife~[cs

l\1,)', an, \1rO"e'J {'

COl'l'lIptiollofblood, (llt111l1:te, wir '!; L~~t ll'g I o III

fac.tIon of the b loo 1 0' fe ,." h in ns, all PJLre-

, 1I'.l\t:l~, proceed '

(0:) great abundanr e t hereof, - lilt; iro m

~egoverneth the [w e er and wei! Cent: 1 0 I

al~ cnar which is molt plea alit ' 'I l I ,C ?I)r~)

'''1(110 an, I" "'I" f 1

'Y tit extream ,'01 ' '. I f" - >;,.,' 1I

I' " ou rsj ne ICYIl'r)'c'l S'

D.lew, pllrple A,fh~.)1 .. H~[' .n e.li;:.:cnor

'I ' ' ) " L" Olll S, C r ), ;111 J 1) r " -r' ,

C O\eS;illdClove-rrellltlm',r.: " U~:.,~ J5

"" I ~ s ~ ve .. , I\J.I e, N UClllCn

b:U, r l_ xtaw berry, the herb i'll" "b' u; e_emory, H,IX, Artern.u- FU,··I (me, hC(COIIY, Piruperw el \Vall n', rr 0', ,llltOI.Y, LUllg WOIT,

R ' '-''', ["<IllY or ,t,: II M '

lllbarb Ie l fie Heal.f b • 1 ( , ar)(.)J'.!nl

,Ii !)urrarf(' f 0' - 1:' 1'1"1' _ r '

H.earbe, thorow,lea'fe Vio!~~~ ~LlIta'sl(k~ ~: \ ~,Ilt:;l,r, \·bll(lw >

B '1 P "",,'It Live' .

:ll!, «rnegranares, FYOllY> L, w1rdh' 1 \\~n,

tbck, the Dazy Feverfew, Sa/ra} , i'l'1I1U, "J<l-

Plants and Trees a, Cller' E· I

• C I " ca . .J, .n'cu rres M It '

r}, ora tree the Oake ,. 'bari ". II )ell' , , "oil ane, 01, G '

oerries, Almond tree the ]\'}' '1 ") ive, O(Jl-

\T I' ~, , ,'t an n a Md h

me, t re Fig tree the t\lh tl r ,ce,. [ e

, I, '[ , Ie c:arrree[hell I

tie .eech tree,rhePine H.ayfoll' Of ': '. - «z e, (he ~heep the H"S . 'JeaHs he rules

, art or (aOO the I) I

Elep~anr D. :--.." - OC, t ie Oxe

, raaon TY'>3J' U', I '

wl1lCharemild~nl ~l '( l11COIIlC; tlO[~Be;.tils

MI' gent t', and yet of areat: 1 fi

to an"lIId) are governed by him, ~ JellC t

He zovernes th S .

Eagle:the frock Deo~~o~I~:'P[;~~;'~ipe, the,Lal'ke, the Peacock the He' 1 f;C:, Bees, Phdanc,

:>. n.

S Fillies, The Dolphin, the \Vhale (hearh V'{l d

erpenc he Rulerh. ,1'1 1,an

He delighterh in plac 1\1

in publick C es neer n tars ofChufChc)'

on venuons SYll de· ,

places near fweer , - W d 0 50, onvocarrons , in

Oratories. ' s m ar Brobes,Couf(S ofJufi,ce,

s The

~ I:.

T~OOK I. dJeTt'mple (I! \VikLme. 1~

He I~ Mricu! ue alld N(£tUI"llaIIJl Nature hot a u d drv, choilenck an.1 l'r:r\" t l.e kiln III fortune

author or quarrels, fiilfe<CtlhlClllIO:tS '

He go\'erneb r h e worl.: [Idee hundred fifry four years an d foul' mour hs : ht rlller:, III .nan ft();n brry nile (~J tlay 11x yeJ.I~~ " ;~Ild 1II two huudrc.. Iixr y fUllr,alld llxry IIX, he Ie; in viucil-le in the illit h oufe, or (tilth, III explliyt~ of '~, a rr, dllli is ve rv courareous III r he e.ghc, j:'()l11ill~ u n v n10uid :xieell him, (llbjc:£t co 110 Plcat()IJ, 'hr'),:, conri.ieur , imrnovea b Ie, content ious, c h :.d le II ~ lilt: .11 I II 0110 U r r 0

rh ernfel ves , Val r.mr , lover, of \\'ar; a n d th m "pfr-

LI},'r~lIlg cbercu(o, h.IZMdillg him Cd t (0 all pcr.l« Wlillll!!ly wrll obey no bo.Jy, 1101' ful-nur to any; a bo,dier of,h is 0\''111 A O~, P roud, and one r h ill il \~h (S al l dllngs III com pari Ion or' V lI~torr; in a word at (he

bef] be is a Knave. •

But when he i1 unfortune in the Ficure in forty orfifry, thtn he IJgllifit'~ prinler:; wid{-;llt 'mollelt}'~ 01' honefly, a vert R(,glle, and never better, lcr hirn be where h,e will; bur a lover of fllllghter a n c. qll<1rrels, ruuruer, t heever y , a promoter of Sedu ion , ~ rayes and c_om motions, J. highway 1 heif, as wavermg as rhe wind, a Pick-pocket, a Traitor, ofTu.'bll~ent fpirir Perjured, Obfcene, R.ath, Inhumane, neither fearlJlg God-nor regdnling man, Ravenous, a Cheat, furious an.i violent.

Generally he figuifie.h one of a middle Ilature their bodies firOllge, and their bones blg, rathe~ leane tl~en fat,the complexion browll,l'udjy colour or an hIgh colour, round virage, hair read or [andy,fiaxen,and many times crifpiug or-curling, Iharp h~zle eyes, and they peircing, a bold confident

Countenance, and the man Active of body and fearlefs, Iometimes a dark haire,

E 4

''1/Je Temple 0fWifdo\TIf'.




The Minera\s and Preriow';(hlle~ he ~()¥erne~,:tre Tin Amechett.rhe Sal' hu t.',~l~e <.; mardg'd (If Ernrald , l:Iya~inth, Topa7" chr'lltui,. 8el";,' M~_rb\e, and that which ill England we call che r rcc-ttone : bee fhe Ho\v > uide

He '1{'uaU"II:;nifyeth ferent"p!eaCan~,:lnJ health-

fu\ North winds,

. He gove\'lledl the North wind, that p:trt which

tcndech to (he Eaft.

In (_.cneratlOI', he governeth the fecond, and tenth Mont h , his proper feat ill rv' an is the Liver, a ud in the Elemenr.~, ne ruler h the \ir.

Hegnvt'!'I,<!th the tecou d Climate and the Countries of babiloil, ftrjia, llIO:silri,r, ~ paine, Cullen: (he number three i~ art nbut e.i t:) him.an d lie Gov emz s Thurfday the firft" and eight hOl~rs thereof; ar~d thenyoll mart gatllt::l' his .Herb~, .If Populus .~e 111 the firft,fo urth or Acqll~tio 1tl the mnth, or Letiti« In thetwelfth, or Fortu1Jc Major in the fifth, for than vou wiH gather his vertue three times more power.;.

ful [hen at another rime, , .





or Barzabel, and his jig nificatioJl.

?J .

.... r"I B· Arzabell hath pure, and the Idea,for hii ~ 'day delight, and Rubeus, and that Ide/!. by night, he is exalted in the tenth houfe, and his fall,ruinc and Detriment is in the fourth hou~e; he governeth the watery '1 !il ~jcity night and day jVIZ.

t,p~I"" Rllb,,,,. utili".· II. ~

\ "I ,




Pre ..




2..t, "4 he Iernple of Wifdome. Boo K.1.

'--- .. _-- ._--_------ ._

Profeii-ons he Jigl1l6es <ire Souldiers, Be,lrrardc:, Hang-men, l:I<I)'lltf~, Sergeants, Marfhals, Eutchers, Gunners, Phvlitians, Apothecaries, Chyrurgeoll~, Alchimifl s, Smiths, Bakers, lheeves, Taylors, AI'· morers, Watch- makers, borchers.Curlers of [words and Knives, bar bers Dyer" Cooks, Carpenters, Gameflers, Tanners, Carriers

In Dife.ucs, he li~nifyeth t he Gall, the left Eare, Tertian {eavollr~, Pdtilent burning Fevers, Megrim in the heJ.d, Carbuncles, the Plague and all Plague Iore+, burnings, Ringwormcs, Llifiers, Phrenfies mad flldden dillempers in the btad, yeilow Jalln(lies, bloody Flux, Fi{lnlae~, all wounds and difeaft:b ill mens Genitores, the Halle both in the Rains and bludder.fcars.aud the frnu] Pox ill the fact:,ali hurts by hell, the Shingles, and fuch other difeafes as arife by roo much choller,angerorpaffion: Read the Harmony of the World.

He delighted in Redcoiour~ or vellow, fiery and (hilling like '-:atfron, ar.d in thofe favours which are bitre: ill! 1"1', and burue the Tongue, of humours, choller,

The Herbs we attribute ro Barz.abel ; are inch as come near to a r ed nefs, whore Ieave are pointed and Iharp , whofe taR- is coflick and burning, love to grow on dry places, and are corofive anJ pellerracuig the fleth and bones.with a moll fubtle heat; they are the Neale, all manner of Thiftles, reft Harrow or Cammock, Devil> milk, or petty Spurge, the white and red brambles, the white called Ram Lim.worr, Onions, Cives, red Sanders, Scammony, Garhke, MuHard-feed, Ginger, Leek!', Dirtand, Horehound, Hemlock, Tamarinds, all herbs attra~hng or drawing choller by fimparhy, Raddifh, Cafioreum, Arfemarr, Canthal·ides, Cardus bene-





B K I "fheTt'mpleof~Wird~me.'

00 ..

d;[tlls: All trees that are prickly, as the Thorn, Chefn He

Ot' Beafls he Governs the P,liltiJcr, Tig.er, Mnjli,tJl", Vufturt', Fox; Of living Creatllrt:s. (hutt: that are Warlike, Raveno\ls and bold; tilt: (~'llt'r, Hor[e, Mrdr, ()Jiritcb; ! he Goat, the Ireo/f, tile Le"/,Gr, the Wilde-AJJ!', the Gnats; f,'yts, Lapwmgs, Cork.!l-tri.c, the CiffM, F cart,

Amon" Fillies, he RilL s the Pikt, the Sb,zr!.-.t, the Barb{e)(h~ Forlz-fiJh, all flinging and flinking worms,

Scirpeons. .

Among Birds, The Haw~, the Vulture, the Kite or Gle,m; ( all ravenous Foule ) the l\'avOI, Cormorllllt, tbeOw!e, the Crow, the P}e; The places he jlgnifierh are Smyths Shops, Furnaces , SL.lll~hter-houfes places where Bricks and Charcoal es are burned, or have been burnt, ChinJlley~, Forges.

AUlOllgH MineraHs and Stones, Iron, Aur imony, Arfenick, Brimflone, Ocre, Adamant, Load-flone, 13lood-fl:on.e, Jafper, the many coloured Arnatheif], the Touch-Hone, Red-lead. or Vermilion.

He ficnifieth red Clouds, Thunder, Lightlling, Fiery l~prejIions,md pefhlene Aires, whicl~ urually ~Prear after a long time of d rineffe and, faire weather; by improper-and unwholfome Mlfis, he governeth the Weltern windes.

He f.;overneth the three Climate and the Countries of Savom4tiltJ Lal,wardy, Batavilt, Ferraria and Gotboland

He Rulerh Tuetday , and therein the lirH and eighth houre, and. in conceptions the third Month.

AU (he feven Rulers hate him, but onely K,drmel, Who is his friend.


.J s.








The Temple oJ W udorne.


C H'A P. IX.

'IM'.', ...

I.i .,



OfSorath and bis ji ?,nification; lind bow he a"d the reib receive ,hl;1r ziertues fr{)l~ abouc.

,...t~~ sr:ralh hath Verchiel for his Idea.and Cam~ ... I J ..._ biel for his derr imeur.

He is exalted in Matchidad, and receives his fall in Zuriel : In the f~venth haute he governerh the fiery Triplicity, VIZ. Mtz/chidllel, Vercbiel and Ad. 'tJlchiel, and receives his powe r from above-as all the [even d(~e; He. is the foul of all creatures upon earth, Water, Aire, Earth or Fire;

AndG~~d himfelf, though he be Trinity in Per. fons, yet IS bur one onely Iimple Effence. Norwichftanding we doubt not but chat there are in him ~any Di~ine Powers,which as many Beams flow from him, which the Phvlofophers of the Gentiles called G(Jds:Th~ Hebrews Mlliciferiolls,we accnbuee,as WI[dom,whlch Orphms calls Pallas,underfl:andin~ which he nils Mercury, the conception of the fonll which he calls Saturn,the produ6tive power which he calls ' Ntpru1Ie, the fecret narure of things, which he calls JII1IO, Love which he calls Venus, pure life, which he call 5 theSltn or APDt{" the matter of the whole world, he called Pan [he Soul, as it engendred things below, contemplatcth things above, and l'etrati:eth it [elf



~)oOK I. 'I he Temple ofWi(dome.

--------~~----~--~~ i-;-~i~ Iel t,he is P ououred with three n;tmes,viz.Ma-

vis, Neptune and Ocean, Theref~~'e1:he mol] P rudenc Tueologiaus ot the Gentile .. (no worthrp (he one God, under Divers names dud pown',;; ye~ diverfe fexes whom as Sr. Chr;rtopher HfyrlW 1,II(I1:f rail and we,l;';' mortality hath dL~eneJ. unto lIIore,belllg mtn~-

ful of his own frailry.rh,« every I1lJIl mighr wlldhlp that porti~n which he efpCl:\ally want.erll, fo thole who had need uf bith prayed to JupIter, they that wanted Provi :ence, Sol wifdorne, .MinavIl, and fo

as [hey \V an ted other things, they pra yeo [0 c:tber Powers: Hence arofc t hat gleat variery ot Deltlei,_ by reafou of the many and drverfe diitri.LlItlOllS ot Gracesvbut God is one from whom al] thmgs;therefore EUf,eilill) Theodidanus in his book called the K •

C, Pbyfick._, faith, whereas there is ~'ut ~)Jle Go~i and one power, yet he is named by diverfe names, for the multitude of fpecie~ : And as Sr , Jolm Heydon faith As all fouls are reduced to the one foul of the ~orld or univerfe , io are all the gods referred to Jupiter, who is rhe fa~e god,worlhiped under d~verfe namess therefore It 1S meet ro kno~v t he fe,~ liLIe properties 0f there ldea's , and pe~·tea:ly to 1Iltelleftuauze them by the way of moretecrec Auology: The: Learned Hebrews fay, that thefe [even Rulers we fpeak of,and the twelve Idea's that R.andeivouze here, and govern the twelve par.ts of the Earth, and chofe chat are incorporated into the fix teen figures, devided into fou~c Elements a.nd govern the foure Winds)have.rcce~v~d the ten pnn· cipal names of God, as CertalI~ Divine powers,or as it were Members of God, which by ten Srplerorbs and are as it were Veilimems, lnill'uments or examples of the Archecipe, have. an i~fiuence on an things Createdjthrougb the high things even to the







. ,.

28 1he Temple of V\/jf iome. B 0 O~K: J. loweli, yt!c by ;,t certain or,lel', tor tir1t a!lJ irnmediarely [hey have Influence on [he Hille order" of Angels, and quire ofl_)leHed [(lU!S;, and hy them into the Ca:lefl:al Sphears, Planets anJ lden, and by the which Sepberotb, every thiilg [hell receivedl power and vertue: The lirfl: of rhefe I~ the na me Eh(jn, the name of rile Divine Eflence, and his idea's is c.IUed Cetber; which is interpreted a Crown or Diadem and fignitierh the molt (imple Effence of the Divini~ ty,and it is callcd.rhat which theeycfenh not,and isanributed to God the Father, an.l hath his in. Huence hy the order of S(raphims, or as the Hebrews call them HtlJ:otb, Hacado,reb, that is creatllre, of holiilcffe; and then by the Primum Mobile, befiowes the ~~if( of being to all rhiugs filllJlg the whole univeue both throllgh the Circumference and Ce1ltre, whore particular intelligence is called M rattrom, rhar is, the Prince of FacesJ~ hole duty it IS to Lring others to the face of the Pnnce; and by him the

Lord (pske to Mores.

Tht; fecoud na!~le is G_od~ or Tetrngrnmmat01t, joyned with God; his Idee IS HoclJma, th3 r is, WifJomej and fignifieth the Divinity, full of Idea's, and the tirf} be:.:onen, an is attributed to the :)un,and hath his influence by the Order of Cherubim, or that the

Hebrews caIIOrphl1-1Zim, that is, Formesor Wheels, and from thence into the Starry Heaven, where he fabricareth Io many figures as he hath Id~a's in him(elf, and ditlinguithe(:tJ the very Chaos of the Creatures by particular illtelligencc;called I(aziel, who Was the Ruler of Adam, the third name is called 'Idrltgrawmllton Elaltim, his Ide« is named Prina, viz. P,.~.'Vdl'1lce and underftanding,and iignifies remufion, qllietncife the ] ubilee, penetenrial conversion, a great Trumpet, Reqemptioll ofche World, and life

. of

, " ,



, .

1 r J 'IbeTem')leof 'v\·i(Jume. '.19

) 00 h.. • I ~ --_

f r lie World to come: ir is act! ibuted (0 the Holy. ~ . d "til mtluence by rhe or der of rhe

Spll It an 1a. 1 A li har i ,

., ·1 ich the I ebrews Lal I'll lin, t rat IS"

'Ibrones, or \ .. uc i ( I

1 '! 'y and Il ronz: an, rom t renee

(Treat Ange s, mIg 1, ,!'J'. h for I

b ~ h l.~ Saturn adnlllllHICt i torme tu t ie

by the ~p ere 01 oJ , • ••• •••

Ceded matter, whore particular inceligenr e1 I~

~~ bebie! or Zazel, the Ruler of Non'); and 'lno: ier , P , I J p')ici the Ruler of ."e,", aud

inrellizcnce name-, 0 ,.

t!1efea~e three Sllpre,ltl~ and high I~ell~, a~ It \~~rc

f h Div ie Perfons by whole commands all

fears ate 1 II , I he c:

I ' de but are exe ur ed by t ie or ier ll:-

[ lings are rna , ~ h I he e

ven II on the [even upon cart h, w ic 1 are C ,r-

for: cIIled the Divine Idea's framing ; ~here~or~ the fourth name is Ell, whofe IdM 15 f-:ff.t , ~ rc is Clemence cr Guodlldfe; and figniticrh Gr',lCr' ~31trc:y Piety Ma~nifi-'enc(, the Scepter an~l I Ig 1&

1# , , ~ 11 t h r d v oiDoml :

hand, and bath us 111 lienee )y teo ,c r

.' . which the Hebrews call !-Ja{mi1llm, and 10 ntons, I C fl ., e Irn I~es through the fphere of jupiter Iii 1l0llJl1g t,l \, 'T'

of bodies , bellowing Clc:me,l1cy a~lJ paCl,fYI.')~d/lIl·l

ft· all his particular intelligence IS 71' !1.JC

Ice on , . E! I.' G

the Ruler of Abraham; The firft name IS OJ,Wt ,e-

ber; that is the Ml~h[\ God; pU1l'!hlll~ the .w:cked; and his Idea is ('aBed Gebm·ack.., ~lllCh 15 (0 fa) ,Po)w: er, Gravity, Fortitude, -ecuruy, ]u,dgme,.t, I U I'lLhl1lg b [laughter and war, and It IS appl);d tOt

1 'd -. h G' dle the Sword anc

the Tribunal or Go ; 1 e 11', ~ d I' h

h L fi 1 .1 f God s it is alfo called P acba w llC

tne e t- ranu 0 , d f

. fe: and hath his influence through the or er 0

]S ear, 1\" h' id rhefe

powers which the Pebrews ca ~crllp.Oll, at

tnrough rhe fphear of Mars Illuminate theRojie Crucial,l, to whom belongs fortitude an~ p~l1d~nl~; It draweth forth the Elements, and hIS partl~~1 y inrellieence is Carnie! rhe Ruler of ~Ilnfpron,t~le I;t 1

name ~s f.lcha or a nauie of i1Ji1" joyned wlthdl hant-

a . II ,


. ~

i be Temple oj Wifdomc.

------------------------------------ ____


------~------- ---

LOuI\. 1.

yJJt: Temple oj VVifdorr.e.

1:1:(11 cJre~f the-ldea';; (~~~-le Ea rrb , of i he Hulcrs of

lahat, h i~ld;~ i~Til beretb, rhar is, A pp:1rell, Bea lIC}" [be 1 2 1)1' ifions and of r heir i11Jllgp or Fi~ll.res~alld

Clary, Pleafllre, ;!IId ilgndieth tile r ret! c:fLife>Jnd !lfthe cazii .1IlL! l\xeper~or men, and ddrnbut.etlt

hath his influence through the order ot Vermes, them; his Ceni! is l aErie'! who was [he Keeper ot Jo:

which the; ebrews call M,rbrcbiu) that is; Angels into Fpb, fojl!1la Jud Dililiel: I he [em!l name IS A.doitill

the fphear of the Srm,giving brighrnefle and life un- Mrlr:ch, hat i', Lord al~J I\'.iIlg, h.1S.d'>;l_ I~ M:lhb~l.tb,

to ir.and from thence pro.iucing Merrals,and there that is Kmado.ne andErnl'ln:,aIlU 11~nlheLhClllllch,

to make Aurum Pot abile his particular imelligence T(,l11p~e of~..JoJ, and a Gat.l::, auu ha r h his influence

is l:aphiel, who was (he Huler of lfanc an.l Joby the throuah the order of AmmuJlic~) 'VIZ. of bleir~ll

j ounqer, and the Angel Peliell RIder of ]acoh; The fouls ~hich hi the Hevnws l~ called AIm, tint IS,

feven name is Tetragrammaten, S,zboatb, orAdonai Sa. Nolles, Lord;;' and ~qllir~~~. r hey are i.nferior _to the

boatb ; that is,the God ofHuth, and his idea is !\ezab, Hzrarchie-, ;IIH.l have r lie ir influence 111 the nxreen

that is) Triumph and Victor}"; it iignifies the Eter- fi"lIre, the twelve ldea «, the Ioure Elemencs, and

nicv and Jufhcc of a Revensin_g Cod, it hath his ~ d~elr' twelve R gions,.or plll~·t·s divided, the twelve Influence through the orderofPrtncipalities;whom Windes which come forth frorn the twelve Houfes (he Hebrewe« call Elobim, that is GOl\, into the j ofrhe Earrh.an d on rhe Scns ofvtem And thus t~ley fphere of Venus; gives Zeal and Lo\:e, of R.ighte- J give knowledg and the wonderful] underltand1l1g oufneffe and produceth Vegetables, hIS lmelbgence 1 of thing alfo, induftry and pred tbO~l~, ~nd the preis l-lnvieland the Angel Ceruie! (he Huler of l}avidj , fidem arnoruz them is Vletl1tJYorz, which 15 called [he

The eichth is called Elohim Subaotb, which is inter- firll: Creature, or the foul of the World, and ~orath

preteJ~he God of Hofls, not of Warr and Jufiia, dlib ibuterh hIS verrues: And aft er this manner doe

but of Piety and .Agrecmenr; For his Name 1ignifi. the Earthly po\\ers receive (heir. Conumllion s,

eth borh and precederh his Army; the .dea ofthis r which are fi(TlIrJtI\ely incorporated 111[0 feVell,a~ld is Rod, which is interpreted bo: h Praife, Confeffion, t they a;ain ~1 their Narures aiven it to twelve.which

Honour and Famoll{ne{fe,it hath influence through alto in twelve pl.u es, ll~njty all things Pafr, Pre-

the Order of the Archangels, which the t-tebrews call fent and (O( orue iu all the WOrill.

Ben Elohim, that is, the ions of God into the Iphere Therefore Sortuh amoncfl the feven is naturally

of Mercury, and gives Eligaucy and Confonancy of .~ hoc and dry, bur more ~empera~c [hen .B,lrzabd,

Ipeech, and produceth living Creatures; his Idea is be is Mafculine Lin r n., I anu Fquivolent 1Il a good

Michadl who was the R.uler of SolomoN.: The ninth place (0 a fortune: He rule! h the world three hu~-

name is called Sadai, that is, Omnipotent, fatisfy- " dre.l fifey four yeafs and four mOlHhs,~nd \\her~ 111

ing all, and E!ha), which .is the living God, his lde_4 the firfl hundred au.: r w ~ !II}' then he IS very faith-

is 1e{od, that l!t, Foundation and Refi, and hath his ful, making thole rne.t he figJlifieth vl.ery honell,

influence through the order of Angels, whom the keeping their prornifes WIth ull t'ullCtua Ity; a greac

Hebrewes call Cherubim into the Iphere of the Moo1t, detire to governe, rute and command where he

caufinC the increafe and decreafe of things, and U· ., comes,

kerh W -




" J

The Temple of Vvifdome. BOOK. T4

comes; prudent, and ofincompal'ablejuJge!::c::nr of greac rna jetty and It.trelineis, ind ufirio{[s to ac~ quire honour and large p,lcrinwll';', yer as wtllingly dep~Htll1g therewith again. tuefe me, nfurlly fpeJk w:th gr<lVlt>:" bitt not mallY wo rds ; and bkewire w,.ch great confidence and command of their own atfctti<m, full of thoughts, feefers, tL'lIlly, Ipeaks deIi.icrurely, and norwirhlluuding their great hearts, yet they are affable) Cl'aCt,tblt: an d very humane to ~ll people, only lovin.; nunpruoufnefs and magnifice.ice, and whatever is honorable, no fordid thoughts can enter their hearts Sec,

When he is unfortunate, in fixry nine & nineteen he fignitits proud aud .' rrcgil fit men difdayning all: cracKing of his Pedegree he is purblind in light and judgement, refllets.crovbleforne dornineermc

~ , ~,

a meer vapour, expenlive, foohfh endued with no

gravity in words, or fobernefs in aCtions, a Ipend thrift, wafiing his patrimony, and hanging and beholding to other men, yet thinks all other men are bound to him. becaufe a gentleman borne.

He ufmllly lignifies a man of a good large and flrong Corporature, a yellow faffrou Complexion, and round large Forehead: goggle Eyes or large, fharpeand piercing: a body Ilrong and well compof;u, not fo beautiful and lovely l ut pretry and amiable, ful ofhealth,and their hair yeHowifh. and therefore quickly bald, much hair on their beard, and .ufually an high ruddy Complexion, and their bodies £leiby, in conditions they are very bountiful honefr, fincere, well minded, of great arid large heart, high minded, of healthful Conlhturion, very humane, yet fufficiently fpirired nor Loquacious.

The qualities and profeffions of men) he fignifY'" erh, are Kings, Princes.Emperours, 8c.c. Dukes, Ma~ qUj:Ifc!,

BoOK 1.

1 he Temple 0/ Wifdome.

queries, Earls, Barons, Lieveeeuaucs, lJeputy Lienerenanrs of Counrres.Genrlemen in r eneral Courtiers delirous of ~onour and preferment, J ufhces of Peace, Mayors) high Conflables, high ,"lheriff'i) great Huntfmen, Stewards of noble mens houfes the principal ~agiitrate of any City, Town) Callie or Country Vtllage; yea, thouKh a petty Conllable, where no better or greater Officer is ; Goldfmiths, BrafIers,Pe~(erers,l opperlmichs, "lin[ ers of ~oney.

PImples III the Face, Pa'piturion or T rembliuz ?f any: ~ifea[e of the Brains or He.rrt., Timpanic~:

JI~filn~ltles of the Eyes, Cramp" fudden fwoonings, dueatesof the Mouth. and fiillkinC1 breaths, Catars rotten feavers, principally 1Il meJl:he covernerh th~ hea~t, ~he brain and right Eare and Eye, and vital fplflt} III \Vo;l1C~n the left Eye.

Of Colours, he rulerh t he Yellow, the colour-of Gold. the Scarlet or the clear Red, and all reddith colours; In fa VOUIS, he likerh well a mixture offour and (weer together: or the Arornarical fa VOUr being a little bitter and Stiptical, but withall Co~for.

}' tat ive and a little (harp,

Thofe Herbs which are fubje8: to Soracb do fmel fleafantly, are of neat favour, their flowers are 1 yellow 01 redd ith.and in grO\nh of majethcal forme, li~ the}' lo~e open ;: nd Sunllnne places, their princi pal j vertue IS to Ilrcugrhcn the Heart, and comfort the i V.ltal~) to c1e~r the Eye fight, relif] poyfon, or to dllTi)1 ve any witchery; or malignant influence, callfeJ by allY artlfl; and they are farfron, {he Laurel the Pome Citron, rhe Ville, Euula, Can~pal1/ Sc Johns> wort, Ambre, Must, Zmger herb, Grace~ ~~al ~""1 ~1arygold, Rofema ry, KofafuliJ, cir.tnam0J11'

• Celaudine, Eye bright, Pyony, B:lrly, Smckr6y' ,SplcknilIdJ LIgUUU1i Aloes, Arteuick,

~ Of






34- \ The Temple of Wifdome. Boo K. t. -- Of Trees : the A(b, the Pal me, Lawrel tree, the Mirth tree, Frankinfence, the Cane tree or Planet, the Cedar, Helecropian, rhe Orauge and Lemmon

tree. h R' h

Of Beafls e the Lvon, the Horfe, team, t e

Crocodile, the Bull, Goat, Night-worms or Glo-

worms. I C b

OfFifhes : the SeaCalfe or Sea F01t, t ie ra-

FiO" the Star fith. L'

. Of Birds: The Eagle, the Cock, me Phzml',

Nightingale, Peacock, the Swan, the Buzzard, the Flye, Cautbaridel, the Gofhawke ..

Of Places : Houfes, Courts ofPnnces,. Palaces, Theater all Magnificenr, Strufiures being clear,

and det~nt Halls; dining Romes. , .

Of Minerals, Metrals and Scone; he figmfyetb Gold, the Hyacimh,Crifolite,Adamant, Carbuncle, the Elites Itone found in Eagles Neafr!!, t~e Pantar1l4 or Philofopher frone; of it you may read in my Boo~

called the Wife Mans Crown. . .

The Ruby, he ~gnifieth 1tl the. Spring, ge~t1t moiftning (bowers in Summer heat) In A mum mills,

in Wmter fmal Rain: He loves rhe Eafl part of the world, and that wind which proceeds from the H.ellefpontus Subfolanus and Vulturnus parts, or houfes of th~ Earth; the Countries he gover~eth,

a re Italy, Sicilya, Bohemia; and the fourth CIll~me Phmiciachaldell: He ruleth Sunday the tirftand eIght bourJi thereof and in numbersjthe firfr and fourth, 1 'and in concep~ions the fou~·th. month, he loves all: ':~,;,'\ the Rulers but Za~l who is his Enemy: I ~hougbt • ~ood to w':ite at larze in this Chapter of this Ru~er jhat you rna y unde~fia~d ~he reft the better, 'VI$, '1

~w they receive and lhfinbute ths venues. &B

" CH~.


BOOK.1. 1beTempleo!VVifdome. ~~


Of KedemeJ, alld IIer jignijiclltio1l.

,,* K, Edenlcl, Rofie Crucinns fay, is Lady ofrhe . ~ . fecond and fevenrh Houfes of the Earth: {be is exalted in the twelfth houfc, and that Idea: Ihe receives detriment in the tilO:, and ciaht houfes by their Idea's and Figures: and in the ft~th by that Idea, {be hath her fall: the govunes the earthlyTrophic~t1 by day, viz. AtltifTto conjr/1tCiio, and Canetr : Cle IS naturally of the Aire and Water, temperately cold and moifl, notlurnal the lelfer fortune, ~tithdrof mirth and Jollity: Which faic~ the, fignifieeh Flegrn and blood, with the fpirit and Genital feed, {be receives her vercue as Soratb~ and the reft do.

; She rulet~ the world three hundred fifey four >:ea~s" fhe glv~th eighty two when {he is tleong, and ttglllfietha quiet m,an,notgivc:n to Law, quarrel or wrangling~ not .vitiC?us: but pleafant, neat and rp~UCI, loving MIrth In hIS words and a8:ions .cleanly In Apparrel, rather drinking much, then glutto~ou~; vrone co. Love, oft entangled in Love, zealous In their affelboni, Mufical, delighting in Baths, and all hOlleft merry meetings or balls, Masks and Stage· plaies, eafie of belief, and not given to labour, or, take ~nr pains, a c?mpany keeper, cheerful. noehing m~ftruftful) a rIght vercuous man or woman .. oft had In forne jcalbufie withour caufe

. When lheis weak, the fignifieth forty five, and eight ye~rs, and perfons that are riotous expentive, "hoUYIlyen to loorners and lewd companies)cich(r

- c: ? men


i be T ctnple 01 Wifdome,

.1.' .• •· II:


36 The Temple oj'VVildome.

me-I-l-o-r-w-~men, 110thlllg regarding their Rqn!LJ.llous covctinO unlawful beds, IllcefilOu:;,<lIIJ"\~luirerer Fantaft,cal; ~ meer skip lack, of 1\0 b.:tl1,.

no Repute, no CI·e(\j.c, frendlng hi~ means 1Il Ale .. houCes, Taverns, and amour; fcanJal:)tls look peo-, 111e; a rneer la7.X c~mpanioll, JH~thlflg calefll~ o,i

[he things of rh is life, or any thlllS Kelgious, a

meer i\thIH, or riatllfa\(U. .. .

~he lignitieth a man of Fair corp~ratute: but not very ta)l,hi~ Complexion being white, celldmgto a little darknel"s which makes hun more lovely; very fair, lovelv Eyes, 0111(1 a htrle black, a rounu fa~r, 'all d notlarge, f.lil' ha ir, fmoorh, and plen ty of 1(, and ir u[lI,illy of a tight brown colour, a lovely mouth and cherry Llps, the face pretty flefhy, a rowling wandering E}e, a body very Jel~ghtful, lovely and exceeding we.t! ~aped, one defirous of trimming and makin~ himfelf neat al_ld c?mplear, Loth in clotus and boJ~,a love ulmple 111 his cheeks,

a HeMafi Eye.and fill ofamoron:s e!1tice~ellt~. .

The Q!alicies of men and their protelfiolls! (be .. fignifier\l, are ,'I,'JlJiirf;rm, Gameflers, Silkemen, ~er~ t e;'r~, liuncn Drapers, PaI11ler~, }:wen~r~, Players, 4 Lapldarc .. , Embroiderers, women Taylors, WJV~S':l. Nlo(herc,VJr~ ill',Charifier,Fidlers, Pipers: when in I the fourth, Ballad makers,'",itlffrS,Pnfumers,Sei.' pfit'l'~, p\[tur.:-Lirawer~, Gravers, Llpho.Ilers, LUllmel s, Glovers, all Iuch as fell rhote commodities,

w 111ch adorne women, either in body or Cloths, or

in Face, as Complexion water.

Difeafes {he rignifieth, are principally 101 the Matrix .'nd Members of generation, til the Reim,6e1IS, Back, Navel and rhofe parts, the Gonhorrea or runnu.g of the Rain,;, the loatbfome Freuch Pcx, 01 n y diteafe arifing by inordinate lull, PJ'ia I,ifme,


Imporency in Geuerarion, Heru.as, S;c. I he DIi~beu; or P,lIing Jilt:J.lc In c o iour- the fi:.;n:fieth wuue, 0;:' mJxy cO:(Hll',:I,I)(eli wir h brown or a lit r ie green in {ii "OUf, {he dt.'ights in r h.u which IS pie.ifaut and [Ooth(()lfie~ ufuali . in mo.fl uud fweer, or w hat is very deleCtable, ill trnels IN hac is UllttlulIS and A 1'0- marrcal, anJ incu es to \V,I1H()nJ',tl~: Herbs and PLmrs Ihe Iignifieeh, are, the Mil ce alw aies green, and rhole which have a tweet fa-r.ur, 'and pleafanc {mel, a \/th .tt: flower ot a ge:llt!e humour, whole leaves are (moo. h .nd not j Ig;el\, (he gove1'lleih the lilly, bru not Wi!.iatJl: ail other bach of the Valley and Water, wluce or yellow, the Satyrion or C',ckoe-rint!e, Maiden-hair.Violet : the white and ydlow D.ttfadil.

Sweet Aprle:;, the white R.oCe, the Fi~, the white Sycamore, wilJ -\10., i ur penruiecreej.Ohve, fweet Oringes Mugworr, Ladles rnaurle, Sanicle, llalme , Ver"iu, 'v\ aluur-, Almon:h, Mll\e[~Vateriall,Time, Ambre, Ladanum, (,ViC or Musk, Coriander, french Whea~, Peaches, Apricocks, Plums, Hayfons.

Ofbeafis: the Han, the Panthar s fm.il Cattle, Coney, the Calfe, Goa~.

Of birds : the Sparrow.Wasr aile. the ~t<d~llove, the Hen rhe Nighnncale. the Thrulh, PeliCJII)Par~ tridge, Firedula,a litt.ie bird fee,llIlg 011 G ra t\es~ the Wren. the "wall, the Swallow. the Q\\'Ce1 or blackbird, the Pye, the Parrot, the Parakitt o.

Of Fillies: the Dalphin.

Plases are, Gardens, Founraines.bnIe chambers, Fair lodging, bed hangings, dancing Ichoolcs, \\' ardrobes.

Mertals, Minerals, and ftones, {he fignifieth are Copper, efpecial1y the Corinthian aud Whice :

C 3 ' brats,

The Temple ofWifdome. 800 K.I.

The Temple oj Vvifdome.

brats, Lacten ware, Oornelion flone, the sky coIour Saphire, white and red Coral; MargaRtt, Alablafler, I.apis Laxuli, becaufe it expels Mclancholly, the Beril, ChrifoJice: the governerh thefouthwilld) being hoi: and moifl in the temperamenr of the Air, Ihe ruleth the lEtefie, {he tignifiech in fummer Cereniry or deer weather, in Winter raine or fnow,

COlintriesArabia,Aujlria,Gom,altilt, Vienna Poloma the greater, Turing, Pa,-tbia, Media Cypru~ and the fix . Iimare.

Her d.iy of the week is Friday, of which fhe ruleth the lirft and eighth hour, and in Conception the fife monthyher friends are all the Rulers or Lords ofthe

Eafth.,except Zazel. . .


Of Taphtharrharath, a"d his fignificatiot1'i

Nature and Propert}.

..., ~A ~ongn the Idea's ~f the Earth, he detoT lights in Ambriel. and Hamaliel: be is exalted in Ha7flaliel, he receives detriment in Adllacbiel,and his fall and Imbecility is in Amnexiel, and (hat part of the Earth; he ruleth the Arry T ripliCity by night, viz. Albus, Am.iffio and TYijiitia.

He receives hi~ Nature as the others do,and rules the world th ree hund red fifty foul;' yean: heofccimes changes his Nature, ui«, with good he is good, and with evil apt to be perfwaded to evil: yet naturally he is nob), & free hearted ,but cold and dry, Melan.. . _ .. . (holly,


rl i


cholly , he is of che Element of the Wat~r, am?~lft the humors there mixr, he rules the Animal Ipirir, tbcauthor of good wits, ingenious and apt~ Kojic Crucians, fober, grave, Religiou{1y honell, JOl1lg to all others as they would others fbould do unto them.

Being {hong, he fignifieth feven~~ fix, a":d ~el're- • rents that man of a tubule and politick bram,mte! .. letkand cogitation; an excellent difpntan~ Or Logition arguing with learning and difcrecion, anti ufing much Eloquence in h is fp~ech, a Iearcher ~nto all kinds of mifteries and learnmg, Iharp and Wlttf' learning almofr any: ~hing wlthom,a ,teacher, am'utious of being exquilice 111 ~very Science, defirous naturally of Travel, and feeing forra~n par_ts; :- man of unwearied fancy, a great fhident 111 Philofophv, and if any attain the Panfar"a, it is them that is curious in the fearch of any occult kn()wle~ge,ab\e b.y his own Genius to produce wonders, g\~en to DIvination and the more Iecret knowledge; if'ne turne Merchant no man exceeds him in way of cr~dc: or invention of new wayes, whereby to obtaine

wealth. .

When he is weak in forty eight and twenty, ~e fignifies a vrry quarrelforne wit, apt to take excepu .. on at other mens faults and reprove them, many times by trying conclufions, \('o~es his ellare , very unconitanrj eafie of belief, Iometirnes a rneer London 'D.uTHal! maker, a Politicus, MfrCl!riHs.' a ne:v. I.yer, every day of the week you may read 111m a 1 rifier, a meer VerbaH fellow.

Corporature be vulgnly figni fie~ h, i s~0ne of a high ftature, • ftreightfpare body, a high F~rehe~d and fomewhat narrow, loner Face, long Note, fair Eyes neither perfettly black ~r gray, thin Lips aud N.ofe,

C 4 . little:

1 he Temple ofWifdome.

Boox I.



little hair on the Chin, but much on his head, and it a fad.;,brown inclining to blacknefs, longe Arm~ Fing~tS and hands; his Complexion like an OlJy~ or Chefnut colour , YOLI mull obferve T aphthar_ fhar~tbJ for i~ his Idea's and Figures be with others, they have a great influence one UPOll another,info~ much as ~nt:partakes of the Nature oft he orber, as

• if he be with Zabd,tlu:n heavy.if with Ha[mael more rernperate, with Barzilbel more rafh, wlth~oralh more noble, honefl and gentle, with Kedeme! more merry conceited or full of jetls, with HaJmodai more moveable.

~he Qualires of men, and their profeflions, he i1gn~fi~th are all learned men,Philofuphe:rs, Mathematmans, Aftrologers, Merchants Secretaries Scriveners, Geomanc~rs) Scul pters, r;ophets, Poets; Orators, Advocates. ~choolmaaers,Stationers,Prin_ eers, Exchangers of Money, Attnrneyes, Empe-

rours, Embaffadours, Comrnflioners, Clarks, Artificers, generally Accomptancs, Soliciters Minifiers honelt.noble Religious men.haeing all evil and vice' I' . G ~ , aomenrnes . rammarians, Taylers, Carriers, Mef-

{engel's, Footmen, UCerers.

He fignifieeh A 11 Vircigoe's, Lethargies, O'iddinefs in tbe Hea.d, Ma?ners either lighcner: or a;;y difeafe oft.he Brain, Pcifick, a~lltammering and irnperfedion m t~e Tongue; vam and fond Imaginations, all

defeCts m the l\!iemo!'Y, Hoarceuefs, dry Coughs, too much abundance of H.heuOl in the head and mouth, oIl frlaffiing and fnuffiing in the Head or Nofe, the hand. and feec, Gom, DlIl'ntf~, Tongue evil, all evils III the tancyand IIlceJJectual parts.

Mixed and new colours, [he gray mixed with ~ky colour, fuch as is on the neck of (he Dove, and fiJgePJJ) ~t,:c~-pq'(e~ ~ud· fuch fine Colours: aI(o, . . . Lilley

'~heTemple ojVVlfiil'llle. 41

._--- _ _;_

Li~~:Y.\Voolfi~~lours, (\1' conti lilt; of many _cow lours, mixed in, ne 0\ Cavalli 8, 4 IlI'~ rode: .ot all thing- together. fo_ rha n01~e can give It all~(rlle name; vet ufually tuch JS l1;)t'. quicken (he ~P'!ltS are fubtile and penetrate, auu III ,I m .. nuer iufen-. fible,

Hearbs and Plants attributed to h'rn, are known by the various Colour of l~e flower 3.nd love [andy barren plat-es, they bear t nerr fteds.lIl . cods, [hey frnell rarely or fubtilly, and have p rincipal relarion ro the Tongueybrain, Lunas or, Mem.ory; thry difpell winds, and comfort y e Animal :-'l'lI'It5, and opens Odhu8:ions, bears thre~ leaved f;r<ltTe; the Walnut and \Valnut nee, the fo Ilbt:rt tree and Nllt, the Elder-tree, Adders- tougue, I )raq;on, wore, two penny grafE, Lung-wort, A1l1lJreeld~, ; tll.f.bs, M~. riorum: what herbs are ufe.l for tile M1ife" and DIvination, as Verveine, the Reed; of Druggs, trea-

cle, Hiera Diarnbra. ._

OfBeafis the Riot"", Apr, Fox, .c::q"lfrel, "'(arel,

d (., d' I'

the Spider, the Grey.hJuJt ,the H~rmop,.,ro ite, ~)emg

partakers ofboth S~xes, all cunning cr_eatlll:~~. _ Of Birds; The Linnet, the Parrot, r he I01l1~1- nian, Jay, the Swallow, the Pipe, the Be(tle~ PI[~ mi- es, Locufls, Bee, Serpenr, Crane.

Of Fillies; The Mu\let,the Forkfifh. .

Of places; Tradtmens-fhops, Markets, Fall'e~, Schools, Common-h-Ils, Bowlmg· AlIe) es, Ordl-

naries, T ennis-Courts. _ .

Of Minerals and .l[ones; Quick-hI ver, the M1IIlene, MarthafitcorFireHone, the Achates, Topaz, Vitriol; all flones of Divers Col.urs.

He: Iignifies, Windy, Stormy and violent boiflr(JUS weather, ana fhrs up that weather, the Ruler and his lde4'sjgllres lignifies in whore; Conlpany ~e

-. IS


The Temple 01 Wifdome. Eo I

. OK ••

is fom~lmes Hayle, L~~hcnifi!;, Thunder and "elllpefls ~ III hot Countries Earth-quakes, but this according to the feafon of the year.

The Countrjes he governs, are Grecia, Fl4nders, JEgypr, Pari,.

He Gove~net ~ Wedlte{da}, the firfl and eighth hour there?f, his friends Hizmael Keunul, and Za1:J1 hill

enemies all the other Rulers. . l


Of;Dafmodai 4"d 6er N4t,.,. a"d jg"ific.'io »,

~ HA{1Hotlai hath one Idea which you rna,

.J call her houfe, and that rules one part IIIW!!I"""!~ of the Earth, and is incorporated into two figures lI'~ .. Populilf by day, and Vi~ by nighr, and ther: fhe IS {hong: but If rhefe be m the tenth houfewith CltrCer or Trijiitill~ by that Ruler and h ~ Idea9s and

figures, {he then there receives derrirnenr , in the fecond houfe the is exalted,' and in the eighth (he f~1Js, the. ~overn~th t.he earthly Triplicity by night, .1.1&. AmifJio, COn}UnlilO, Career.

She Rule~ the World three hundred fifty foure year~, ,and In one hundred and ~ight {he is Scrong, F eminme, NoaQrnalJ, Cold, MOlfi: and Flegmacick by Nature.

The manne~ or AB:ions {he. fignifieth, when in good houfes WIth goed figures, is one of com pored manners, a foft, tender crearure,a :cver of all honeft snd Engenious Sciences, a fearcher .)f~ and deligh-





. ,

BOOK.I. 'TbeTeQlpleojWHdOme.. 4~ ter in Novelties, llaturaU, prope~fe to ilite and {hift his habitation, unftedfaft, wholy carrying for the prefent times, Timourous, Prodigal, and ealil, frighted; however, loving Peace, and to live free from tbe cares of this life, if a Mechanick, the man Learns many cccupaeioas , and fre<'i~ently will

be tampering with many wayes to trade m, .

When with in ill houfes with ill figures {he figl1l" ties fixty fix, and twenty five, and is a meer vagabond idle perfon, hating Labou~,a ~runkar.d,a Sor, one of no Spirit or Forecall, dchshtmg to h.v~ beggerlyand dueleUy, one content m no condition of

life, either good or ill. .

She fignifierh a man of faire nature, whitely (0- loured, the face round-gray eyes, and alittle lowring, much haire, both on head, face and other parts, ufually one eye a little larger then the other, Ihort hands and 8eLhy, the whole bod y inclining co be fiefuly, fomtimes plumpc corpul~nt and ~~gma. rick, if {he be in Afpea: with Sorath rn a.N~tlv1ty or Q.!!_cftion,fhe ufually lignifies fome blemifh m or ftCcr the eye, a hurt in or neer the eye, ifher figures be in fucccdant houfes, a {he be unfortunate by company with ill figures and ill Afpeas in Angles) he

fpoileth the ~ght. .

The qualities of men and women; {he fignifieth are, Q!!eens, Coumeifes, Ladies, all manner o( women ~s alfo the common people, Travellers, Pit .. gruns, Marriners, Fifherrnen, I~ iihm?ngers, Brewers, Tapflers, Vintners, Lecrer-Carriers, Porters III Cities, erach-men, Huntfmen, Me~engers, (fome fay the Popes legats). Mi1le~., Alewives, MaHlers, Drunkerds , Oifler-wives , !' iiher-women" Chafewomen, Tripe-women, and genel'all)'fuch,wo~en as r;.ury comoduies in the ftrcc:ts; as alfo MldwlvelO, .' Nurfes,

Tht Temple ofWifdome.


Nurfes, &c. Hackney-men, filch as "Ca~ry Sedans,

Water-men, Water-Bearers.: "

," ~ickneffe6, ar~ Apop~exes2' Paille, the Chollick, theBelly-ake, d.fe~fesm the 'left fide, Stones, the S,ladder and Mem~crs of Generation, the Menftrues and Liver In W0t!ten, ~rop6e;Fluxcs of the Beliy, all col~ Hhumatick Olfeafe5, cold Scomack, the Gout l~ the ~lft8 and Feet; SCiatica, Cholick, W~r~s :0 Children and Men, R.humes or hurts in the eyes~ viz, in the lefc of Men, and right ofWomen, Surfeits,. rotten Coughs,Convulcionfits, the Falling lickndfe, Kings Evill , Apofthume, .small Pox and Meafles. '

Of Colours, the White, or pale Yellow, White pa\~ G~een, or a little of the Silver colour; of fa~ VOUl'5, ehe &e~ or withou~ any· Savour, fuch as in h~r~s before they be ripe, or fi.lc~ as demoiflen the

8ralfl, &c.' .

The Werhs Plants and Trees, which are Cubjelt to Ba{moaaijHer Idea and figures have fofr and thick Ivory leaves, of a Waterifh or a little fweetifh calle, th~y love to~row in watry places, and grow quick. 'ymt~ an Ivory magnlrude,. and are tbeColwort, Cabbaze , mellon guord,.' -Pompilion , Onion, Mandrake~ Poppy, Lettice, Rape, the Linden tree, M~lfhroms, Endire~ all orher' Trees or Herbs,who ~ave rou.nd, fhad y, great fpreading lea ves, and are Iirrle fruitfull.

,All f~chBeafts or the like which live in theWater, the figulfieth Frogs, theOtter,Snails, &c~ the Weefie, the Cunny; all Sta Fowle, the Cookoe, Geefe, Ducks, ~he N~Sh[, Owles, ' .

Of F ifhes : The Onier and Cockle, all thell Fith,

t\!=,crab and Lobfter, Tcrtoife, Eele, .

. Places

BOOK: 1.· The Temple o!Wifdome.

. Places fheGovernessare F.eildi~Founc.!jns,Baths, Havenli of the Sea, High wayes and defere Places; pow, Towns, Rivers, Fifh ponds, fbnding Pools, boggy places, common {boafb,littie Brooks, "prings,

Harbours for Ships or Docks, . .

Of Minerals and Stonesj Silver, the Selenite, all

foft ftonc5,Chriibl~. '

If her Figures be with the Figures of Zazel; thCJ fignifie cold Air, if with the Figures of Hi{mae/, viz. AcquiJitio and Letitia, in which are incorporated the Idea"s, AdvacbUl and Amnixiel, they figllifie ferene weather w.ithBna;abel,alld hisldeas and figures, winds and red clouds, with the fi;ure~ of S~llth, according to the feafon: with the figurer; cf Kedemel and 1"llphthartharath,trewel's and winds, III hermeticall operation, the delighreth in rhe North angle of the Earth, in the firft hou ' e with good figures, the JlgnifietIi:':o w inds acccording to the N ature of rhofe igures, are ill company or Afp,a with her.

The Countries {he rulech, are ue« -s, Zea/IlHtI, Scotland, Denmarks~ Norre;;;b~rg~; fl,·nafrs: her day is Munday, rhe fidl: and the eight thereof, her enimies are Zazel and Barzabel, viz. their Figures are contrary one td another 11\ tigllification.Aud thus much of the Nature and fignification of the fevcn Rulers of the Earth: Now let us fpeak of thejr twelve Idea"s, but firft let us (hew you how to attribute the Rulers to the Figures, and the Figures to the R.ulers,as well good as evil.

C H A r. XIII.




46~_,TempJe~YVifdotne. Bo OK.t

Qhap.I~. H;rP tb,lnm R~sdftbe "'wlds, IIttrOu,d to lite Pig.rtf tI1Id the Figures tt tI1etJ1; bOtb goid tIIItl ,vile

·'ZAter. , '_'I tat" 'If. :If.
\l :If. *' ' Ma1icious;~ ~
~ *' '.' :If. oJ(. ,
'If. ' Iilthe tentti. 'oJ(. The e1evenill.
Hi{1IIael *-}f. Elifmad -;Jf.~
FortUnate. *' *:1(.
: '\\_ :If ~ , . *:1(. The twelfth,
I(. in the ninth. :Ji;
Bar-z..abet *' BIt/'{abel :If.:1(.
* Rc:trograde~ :1(.
~ ~~ The Firft. *"*
-;Jf.-)(. ~ * The Second
SoratfJ in thcjf jf -
S.ratb in the :J(.
Spring. ~-)(. fall. *'
ct.\ '* , ~:J(.
*' I 'If:1(.
J(.tdtmtL :J(. l{e,k17lel , :J(.
~ :If. '* '* 'K-
:J(. * In the fecond
*' . In die feventh. *' '* Houfe.
r~hthal'tbarlllrJ(. 'If. T apbtba-(tbar at"*, oJ(.
~ :J(.:1(. *"
:If In the third * In the
oJ(. -)(. Haufe. ** ruth.
Hif_:{ai :1(.:J(. Ha{l1l6dai :1(.
by Dight. ** - by day. '*'
,'$ ** ~
-;If. ~ In tbe founh. *' In tbe eight
Hlfmad and I(,etiemcl. Z4"el and illY,-abel.
'-\ .~:J(. ~ ~ ~
*' ~*
In the d7thth I1.th t1iJd id. In the rcrh ut 6rfiand $[11. i :.1 1


I !



8 0 0 K.I.. 'fie TeMple of Wifdome. 41

Theyareatti'ibuted to the Rulers" as abo'Vefaid, Bad in the 6rft tbeRultn are ttrong, in the oehee envious inthcfitftfortunate, in tbeftcond Crofs, backwa~ in the firft, direa in the fecond Retrograde In the firft they fpring, in the fecond ,the, fall. i~ the firft jocund, in the fecond full en; in the lirft direm, in the fccond Retrogra : in the firlt they fignifie theda" in the fecoad the nig~t : and have fuch fignificaaon as the feven Rulers give them :.the Dragons head and the Dragons Tayle excepted .. for they altertheir Natures,.the firft is good, and of the narureofrhofeewo Rulers, Hifmael and Ketkme4the Iecond i» evil, of the Nature ofZlzzel apd JJ"r~4b".




._ --------------.----~-----.-------


Of the N~lrI1'e, Place, COII",rie.t. gener," DefcripliOll1 a"d Diferl[es fig.ifted. 0J,be Iflelvc Ideas.

'" .: M' Alchitlael, is M,,{cv..!int DitmJIII, moveO!,· able in Nature, Fyery, bot and dry. Chollerick, Befliall, Lu~urious, intemperate and violent: Thedayl. delight of Barz.abel of the fiery Triplicity, and of the; Eaft: Difeafes he fignifie5. are.all.Whelks, Pu(hlsand Pimples in the Face, emat Pox, baire Lips, POfJplII) (Noli me,,,ngCflt) ring \Vorms,FaUing .. 6eknefs, Apoplexies, Megrims, Toorh-ach, Head-ach, and Baldncfs.

Where Shcepo.t fmal Cattle do fced,or ufe to be,

. he

'1 he Tern ple oj W itdome.


B 0,0 K. I.

1 be Temple o!VVifdome.


ii~ figmtieth fau.df aud htlly Grounds, a. p'lace of Refuge for Thelves (or fom~ unfrequented pla,ccs) in houies, the covering, feeling or plattring of It, a Rabie of fm. 1 Peafts, Lands newlytal\en 10, or newly plowed, or where bricks have been burned or

lime. "-h·d l

. The defcription of the body or {ha~e, ~Ui. ~ '"

reprefencs is a dry body, nor exceeding In h~lgh~, lean Of fpare, but lufty bones, and the party III his limbs ftrong, the viCage long; black Eye, brow', a long N eck, thick Shoulders, (he Complexion dusky

brown or fwat'tifh.. _./')

. Kiogdomesfubjefr; MlIlchidaelO! are Getmany,

SWfvia Polonia, Burgundy, France, fngland, Denmark.,., Silejia,' the higher India, ,\jria, Cities are, Florence, capna, Naples, Fe.rrara, yermo, Vtretcht, Mar[elle;, AZl(!U!tfrL44rca, Padua, Bergonto.

'3 Haimodel,is of an earthly quality,cold,d.ry and I\''leianrholly, t eminine ; The Nofturn~' ~t'~lght of Kedemel fixed Be)tial, of the Earthly Tripliciry and

~btl[h., .,

Difeafes (he fignifierh, are the Kings-evil, fore Throat!', Wens, Fluxes; ufRheums fa\lmg 111 to the Th mac, Q!lil)lic=s, Impofthurne s ~n thofe ~ans.

Places noted are Stables where 1101'fes are, .1~w EouCe., Houfes where (he implements of Cattle are laid up.paflure or feeding grollnds,where no hou es are ueer, plain grounds,(,rw~ere bufheshave lat~ly b.en ~rubbcJ up, and wherein Whear, ~Ild COJJle arc Cowed fome little Trees not [ar of, 1Il Houfes" Sellars,.1c~ Romes The fhape it preCems, is one of a 1110rr, pur ofa full, firoJlge and well fee [la rure, a broad Forehead, great Eyes, \:ig Face, large,fironge Soulders, great Mouth, thick Lips; grofs Hallf,\s; black rugged hair. The

1 !

, ,


:. The Countries i.t rules, are folonia, rhegreac North part of Sweadland, Ruffin, Ireland, Sw itzcrlllni., Lorain, Campania, perfid, Cyprus, Parthia.~ .. ~

The Cities N~.vograde, Parma,- BOJionia, PIlI/orf}t1(f, M,antua, S(va, Brl;tCia, Carolftad) Nants, Liepjig, Her .. bipolis.

: ~ If Ambriel-, his quality al~d pr.operty, is' Aerial,hot and moift, Sanguine, common, double bcdyed, humaine, the Diurnal houfe of Tapbtbartb4r6th, of the airy Triplicity, Weflerne, Mafcu ..

line.. ,_ ; .

All Difeafes in the Armes, Shoulders, Hands; coerupred blood, windineCs in the Veins, deflem-

~~rcd Fancies.i. ,.' .

:.:~ noreth wainfcor Homes, Plaiflring, and walls of Qqitle.s, the Halls, or where plays is uled, Hills and rt1ount,ai,ns, Barnes, Storehoufes for Corne, CoffeF;

Chefts, high places '. .

. Kingdomes and Countries, are Lumbard)" Brabant, 'F:lftJtders, the Wefiand fouth Weft of England, Arme .. nie, _

The Cities, are London, Lsuaine; burges, Norem. terge, Corduba, Hlls[ord,Mentz, Bamberge, Gerena

", In A_lbIH,it figoifieth an uprighr.rall ~raight boiy, either' ~n man orwoman.the Complexion fanguine, not deer, but obfcureand dark, long Arms, but niany timesthe hands and feet fhorr, and very flefhIy, a darke hair almoft black, a {hong aCtive body, a good peircing hazel Eye and ,:"a'_lron, ana of p,etQd: fight)of excellent underflanding.honefl & J uditious in worldly affairs, when this Ide« ilgnifjes the perron, (hat is,. if Albfj! be in the firft houfe, the party is noble; wile, Religioug, and the moll accamplifhed of all the: other, if Fortuna Major, Pudla, .ti,·quifitiQ

-- ~. _

,., qJ,.'





'the Temple ofWifdome.


.he Temple 0fWifdome.


or Letitill, be in the Iecond Houfe, in company with him. 5 .. . . , ..

t:f Muriel, IS the only d,~l,ght of Hifmodat, and ss corporared in~o the firf\: Flg~res of the w~[ery Triplicity, it is watery, cold moifl Phlegmat~ . ick, Feminine, and is No8:urnal, moveable, mute iftld flow of voice, fruitful, Northerne. ".

It fignifies inll'erfettions all over ,or in the BrcaftJ Stomach and Paps, weak digeflion, cold Scomack', Pcifick, fait Flegm, rotten Coughs, Dropfical Humours, Irnpoflhumations in the Stomach, Cancers which ever are in the Breaft,

Places it norerh are, the Sea; great Rivers, Na4 vigable waters: but in the man~ C9untries~it nOtt.sf placell near RIverS', Brooks,Sprmgs,.Well!i? ~eUa~ 111 Houfes, walh houles, Mar(h grounds; Ditches With· Ruffes, Sedgs,Sea ban~5, "!re':lches, Ciftertlcs.

The fhape and defcription 1S a low and fmal tt~ .. ture, the upper parts of more bigncfs then the lower, a round vifage; fickly, pale; a whitely Complexion, the Heir a fad brown or Chefnut a~d variable, little Eyes, prone to have many Children, ifaWoman.

Kingdomes, Countries and Cities it ruleth are, SClitland, Zealllnd, Holland, Frugia, 'Iunis; Algier, ConJtllntilfople, Venice, MiL'an, .Genoa, Amjfn:dam, IDTk,t, MltlJ~berge) Wittenberge, Sain; Lucas, CadiZ.

~~ . . '

~ Vercbiel, i~ the only delrghrof Sorath,and

is by Nature fiery, hot, dry,chollerick,Oiurn.al,~~mminding, Befhal, barren of the fiery TflpI!CICY, Mafcu1ine, and of the Eaft, and rules the fifth houfe

All ficknefles in the Ribs and fides, as PluriGes,

. Convulfioni,

I, l !

I 11

Boox I.

Convulfions, pains i!l the Back;. trembling or paffion of the Hea~t; vlO!ent burning F eavers, all weakneffes, or difeafes m the heart, fore Eyes the Plague; the Peflilence, the yellow Jaundies. '

A. place where wild Beatts frequent, Woods, Fortefts, Deferr piaces,lieep rocky places, C}caves,unac_ ceffable places, Kings Palaces, Caflles, Forts Parks, in Houfes were fire is kept neer a Chimney. ' ,

. It reprefent a great round head, big Eyes Ilarnng or fiarmg our, Or gog~le Eyes, quickfighred, a full and large body, and 1S more then of Middle ftature) broad .Shoulders, narrow fides, yellow or dark, flaxen hair, and is much curlifl~ or turning up, a fierce countenance, but ruddj, high Sanzuine

Complexion, Ilronge; valiant and aEtive. :;,

. Kingdomes, ,Countries and Cities, it fignifieth~ are Italy, Bohemza, the Alpes, Turkje, Sicilia, Apulia Rome, syracu[a, Cremona; RavenHIl, Calmatia, Prague' Lintz, Confluentia, BrijtQ/. '

10 ~ltma[iel, is an Earrhly col.l, Malanchol ..

Iy, Barren, Feminine, natural. Southerne Idea, (he figure ofic, viz. Conjunttio is the exaltation of T"phtbartharath, of the Earthly Triplicity, Hamalie! iig. nifies a ftudy where books are, a dairy houfe, Corn feilds, Granaries, Millt houfes, Hay Ricks, or Mows of Barley, ~heat or Peafe : ora place where Cheefe and ~utter IS preferved and flared up,

Difeafes, the Worms, wind, chollick, all obfirllfriens in the Bowels and Mifcrairks; crokinc of the C:;Ut5, (niitmntfs in the Stones, allY Difea[~ in the

lleUy. __ . .

" The ~igrifc of fltl~IJIl!iel (reci:.i\'es) being afro one ~f the FIgure Taphthartharlltb) vertue from [he Ruler, aiid td~'; and reprefems a Ilender body.of mean

D l heighr,

I ,.



5:l 'rhe Temple oj Wifdome. Boo x.I, I~~ but decently competed, a ruddy brown C()~l )Iexion, bl<,lck Hall', well favoure~ or lovely,

l 1 beauti ful Creature, a (i.mal fhl'll vOice, all

rue no I', •.. dif S I

membersindining to brevity, a Witty I cT:et, on,

J ,I" , 11 I ex"ellentiy well fpoken, fludious aur]

uu ItlOUS) au" .

t Hitiorj whether man or woman, It pro-

snven 0 , ,,- I V' b .

:-, I are underflandina : IfPopUMor lit- em

uucerh a r 'J,'

[ (". rd Houfe they are vel'y unfiaolc.

t ie ecot I~, ,':_,'. {j ifi

Of King domes, COllntneS, and C,ltty, It 19n~ -

eth Grace the South part of.it Croatia the Atboua» "['erito rv 'Mt:[opotamia"Aj[rica, the S<:mh Wefl:pa~t f France' Paris reru(alem, f hodes, Lions, Tbauris m ~ "fin, Th:Jr.u,)a fit, fi ,;d,lbllrg e, Brundu fill In. .

\(t ZlIriel is Aireal, hot and mOifi,Sanguil.lIt,

M ble HU11lttile Diuru al, of the AIry

MtlCIU[l1U, ~)~,~~n: .: cheif dellgotof Kedemfl

Tr~p lelty am . II .) i.iifeafes ill tl~e Gravel, in [he

1 he -r one, .1 J d'(i r '

'. - I B 'If KidmY5· heats j ano I eaies III

l'all1Sotcle _a(-., '. Ll lcers i h

I L· '. or H iuchcs, Impotlbumes 01' c~lj.m t e

t)~ oYII,l;d e ~' ~r bladder, weaknels in tl~,;back,

Pt.;! ins, \.1 n y, ,

corruutiou of blood.. ,HI' d·

1'1 L" \ 1 - 'It rep refents ·grcunds neer. vv in -

III t re L' el us, {' f

'I ' lome il rag ing barn,or 011 t hou e, or _ a w

n~l s, 01 I 'Co()pers work, or Wood is Cur, tides Pits, 01' W icre 'G d .h e hawofHilb, tops of Mountames, roun S, w ir fi :Id kl11(T and hltrtcillg is ufed, Sandy and grave }. et s,

b' I ,A" ~'tl 1 Iharp.rhe upper Rooms 111 hnu-

r\UC c et'l rre au. . b . 1.

~. C] ambers barret~) one Churn er wit 11n ano-

.e~, .na U ,

there '11 C d L d r fi -eiahr tall

It reprefents a we rrame uocy, lb.' d

and more fubrle 01' [lender then p~~.;: a JOlin lovely anJ be aut irul, vJfage, a pure S~llb:l {lecoltur • It I! n: aLlltldance or excel" 1I1 eit .er w 11~e m YOe~ ?'uc in Aoe u[ually rome pimples, or alveI Y1 or revr v ~ 1:;1





The Temple oj VVildome.


1 ~

i I



high culour, the Hair yellowiili) fruoothtllld

long; .

Kingdi:>mes, Countries, Ciries, the higher Attjirea Savoy, It" ~)llkdome, AIJtltia, Lauoni«; Lisbon» in Portugal, Frank..eford~ tTienna, Flacmtill, the Territory in Greece where fomecnnes ; the CirylThcbcs, flood ArIes, Friburge, SPiTes.

~ ~rcbid, is a cold, watery, No8:urnal, Flegm<ltick, Feminine,ofthe watery TriplIciry, fixed and North, the houfc, and joy ofdrceitflll falfe trechemus BaTz-abel, u[ually ir doth reprefem fubril, deceitful mel), per .ured and wicked,'] heeves, there is nO[fuch nor houefly in them very Knaves.

It lignifies, the Gravel, the {tone in the fecrer pans, bladJer,Ruptllres, Fiflulaes, or the Piles ill Ana, Gonorrheo's, Priapifrnes, all affiiltiolls in the Privy parts,either in man 01' woman, defeCt:sin tl-e Matrix: P laces where all forts of creeping beaRs ufe, as beetles, &c. or fuch as be without wings; and are poyronous;Gardem, Orchards, Vineyards, ruinous Houfes neer Water, moorilh grounds, fl:inking Iakes, Q:.!_agmires, finkes, the Kitchin or Larder,

wafh houfes. '

A Corpulent, thong, able body,foll1whar a broad or fquare face) a Linsky, muddy Complexion and fad, dark hair much, and crifping, an hairybc~dy, fomewhatbow-ledge"i, Ihort necke.], a ft]uac, well [flIfled fellow.

Kingdomes and Countries, the North part of Bavaria, the woody parr ofNortbwJlY, rartary; The Kingdome of Ferz, Catalonia in Spcine; J"almtilf, Vrbi1te and 'Forum; 1ulij in lta~", VWZT:Il, M~Ji'Z1Z ill Irary, Geunt, F~an~foTd upun Odnr,


Boox L

1 he Temple ofWifdome.


~ ~dvaChiel, is of the fiery Trip1i~ity, ~aft in N .1ture,hot and dry, M-afculine,Cholleru:k, Diurnal common, by corporal or double bodyed, the.

Ide~ and delight of Hifmael. .

, It ruierb the Thighs and buttocks m ~he parts of mans body,and all Fiflulaes or hurts falling m thofe members.and generally devoterh blood, heated fevers, Peftilentia', falls from horles, ?r ~ur[s from them or four footed bt""Ifl~, alfo pre [udice by fire,

heat and inteQlperatene[s in Iports. .

, It noterh a ftable; or places where troop horfes for War are fet up: where great four footed beafls are kept; It reprefents ill the Feilds, Hills, an~ the higheft places of La~ds or Grounds, that rife a little above the reft ; so Houfes, upper Rooms n~a~ the fire,

It reprefents a well favoured Countenance ro~e-

what long vifage, but fun and rl1ddy~ or almoO: like fun burnt the Hair light, Chefnuc colour; rhe flarure foo.:ewhat above the middle fize: a Conformity in the Members, and a firon~~ able body. .

Kingdomes, Counrries and Cltl~S, are. Spaml, ElunglJry, SllJvonilJ, Moranztt, Dal",atla., B~d:~ In Hu~ gary, Tolei NaThon, C~lle~, S~a~i.ar~ ..

¥ v:. Haltall, is the Idea ofZazel,an,d !s ~oaurnal,cold, dry., Melancholly ,Earthly, femu~l~c,move-

able four footed.' .

It hath Government of the Knees, and ~ll dlf· eafes incident to ehofe places, either by ~rames o,r fra&urcs, it notes Leprofie, the Itch, the Scab.

It noteth an Oxe houfe.or Cow houfe, and where Cal ves'aIe kept)or rooles for Husbaudrjsoc where old . • . "woo4


. The Temple 0fWifdome.

wood is laid up. or where failes for Ships, and Iuch nacerials are flared, alfo theep pens, and grounds where Sheep feed, tallow grounds, barren Feilds, bulli, and thorny; dunghills in feilds, or where foyle is laid, in Houfes low l dark places, ncar the ground or Threfhold,

It ufually fignifies dry corporarure-, not high of fiat lire, long, lean and [lender vifage, thin Beard, black hair, a narrow chin, long, fmal Neck and narrow breafl.

Kingdomes, Countries and Cities, are Thrace, Macedon in Gruce, new Tllrkje, Albavia, Bulgaria, S~xon_y the ~outh weft part, 1Ye(t lndias, Stirie, the Hles Orchades, HaJi{1.) Oxford, lrdecblin, CleeusJBrandm-

bergt. t\.4,

t! c".Acambiel, is an Aireal, hot, moifl Idea, of Aiery Triplicity, Diurnal, Sanguine, fixed,rationaJ, Humane, Ma[cu!ine, the principal/dc4 of ZI11:.cll it isweO:erne, and in it he rejoycerh,

It governeth the Legs, Andes, and all manner of infirmities incident tothofe members, all Melan .. cholly, winds, Coagulated In the Veins, or diflurbing the blood, Cramps, 8{:c.

Places new digged: hilly and uneven places or where quarries of Scoue are, or any Minerals h,lYe been digged up in Houfes, the Roofs, Eaves or bpper parts, Vineyards, or neer fome little Ipring or Cond,uit head. It notes a [quat, thick cOfJ:orature, or one ofa ftrong, well compofed body, nor tall, a long vifage, Iauguine Complexion; if Care, r, or 'friJlitia be ill the tenth 01' eleventh Houfe, [he party isofblack Hair,andofa fanguineComplexion,witlt diflorred Teeth; in any other Honfe, the party iii of cleer white Or fair Complexion) and of fandy

D 4- coloured

S6 'IheTempleofVVitdome~ BOOK.I. coloured Hair or very flaxen, and hath a very white Skin.

Kingclomes, Countries, and Cities, 3re'Tartary Croatia, Valachitt, Mu{covi.a, WeJt pha/in. in Germany:

Pitmont in Savoy,che Weft and Sotlth pans of Bavaria, Arabit1~ HamboY6ug,h, Breme, Monts Eerar, and Pi-

fa11;u;n in Italy, Trent, lngol{lad. .

· X "

t.1J Amnixiel, is of the watery Triplicity, Northern, cold, moifr, fiegmatick.feminine, Nocturnal, the: Idea of Hi[mael, by Corporeal, common or double bodyed, Idle, effeminate] fickly, envious, reprefenting a covetous, malicious for, of no ACtion.' I

Jt fignitieth all difeafes in the Feet, as the Gour, and all Lamenefs, and all Aches incident to thofe Members, and fo gc:nerall y falt Flegrns , Scal¥.,;..(tch, Botches, breakings 'out,. Boyles and Ulcers, proceeding from blood:putrefacfred, cold and moift dif-

eafes.. .

The places it prefents, are grounds full of Water, or where many Springs, and much Foul are, alfo Fifh Ponds, or Rivers full of Fifh , places where Hermitages have been, Moats about the Houfes, Water-mills, in Houles near the Water fide, as to fome Well or Pumpe, or where Water Ilands,

It prefenrs a (bore nature, in compared, not very detent, a good large race, palifh Complexion, the body flelhy) or {welling, not very Itreight : but incurvating tornewhat with the head.

Kingdomes, Countries and Cities, are Calabria in Siciti«, Portugal, Normandy, the North of Eg)pt, .Alex. Ilndria. Rb~~;J~s, WQf11W) R{ltisbofl~')C(impoJteililo



Ii 'f (





BoOKA. 7'beTemp1eofWifdonie. S7

. '"~ j_ ••• ;



C·H'At>. XV.-

flaw the Idea's are infufed into theflxteen Figures . by'tbe{e1Jen Bulers, through the help oft!e soul oftbe World; . Ana how the Rulers. and Idea's incorporate their Nature and propertier into the Figures, and have li/te fign1.ft'calion as the R.uler sand Idea's.

THus.all inferior bodies are exemplified by the fuperiour Idea's; Now theydefille an Idea to be a form above Bodies, Souls, Minds, and to be but one fimple, pure, immutable', indivifible, incorporeal & eterual.Sc that the nature of all !deil's is the fame; Now.they place Idea's in the firft place in very goodneffeic felf : God by way of caufe., and th <It they aredifiinguifhed amongft thernfelves by lome relative confiderations only, leaft whatfoever is in the world, lhould be but one thing wichout variety, and that they agree in effence , leaft God Ihould be a Compound Subftance: In the fecond place, they place them. ill the very inteltigable it (elf, in the foulcfjhe world.differing the one from the other,bJ abfolute forms, fo that all the Idclz's in God, indeed are but one form, but in the foul of the World they are many; the] are placed in the minds of all other things, whether they be joyned to the body, or feparared from the body.by a cer~ain lui-

ricipanon ,

The Temple ()!Wifdome.



ticipaclon ~ and Q.OW by degrres are diftingui{he4 moreand more; They place ehem in Nature, as certain fmall feed of forms infufed by the ldell's i and la~ly, they place them in there fixceeq. ~ures following; Hereunto lJlay be added, that m the (oul of the World, there be as many feminal forms of things, as Jd.t~·' in the min de of God; by which forms file did in the heavens above the Stars, frame to her felffhapes aUo, and ~amped upon all there Come properties: On there Fl~ures. therf!for,e, Ihapes and properties of Y~rtues, of mferiour fpecles, as alfo their properties doe depend, fo that every figure hath its lae. , that is fuitable to its forllle, w~ich .lfo proceeds of a \fonderfull power of opperatmg, which proper gift it receives from its Ruler,through the Seminal forms of the foul of the World, for I· d,II's are not onely effeEtuaU caufes of every Species~ burare alfothe caufe of every Vertue which is in tbe Species; and this is that which Mr. 7'ho"'lH Heydon faith, that the properties are in the Nature of things; which vermes indeed, are the operations of the ldell.~s, are moved by rhefe figures, and thefe Venues have a certain and fure foundation, not f'ortuitoUt nor cafual as fome fay, but as Efficaciolll,a, A(\rology, and powerfull anc::l fu~cient, do~ng n?ehing in vain. Now thefe Idell's do not erre an their "S;ings but by accident, ~;lG. by reafon of the impurity of the Artift or Q9_erent,or inequality of the matter or thing fought after; for upon this ~ccount, there are found things of the fame Species more or lefs powerfull, or according to the difpoficion ofrhe thing good or evil}; for all there influences may by rbefe fig II res be received, Be may alfo be hind red by theinditpofirion of the matter or its infufficiencyaccording to the quality of the PcrfQR,fuch i~ the f1g-

, nification


, "

S;K I. _ .,.. Temple ofWifdome~-'-- -. sit ni6.cationofthefig~ei; \,!hich receives thtIV~rtue$ and powers of th~ Rulers and 1I1ell's, according to the defert ofrhemaeeer, wherefore chofe things in which there isletfe of the Idea of t~ matter, fuclt things which have a greater rcfemWltnce ?f thirig&..! feparated, have Iqore powerfull venues It; opera~ non, being like the operation of a feparared Idea; we fee then that ehe fciruarion of the feven R.ulers and their lekll'i incorporated into rhefe f1¥teen figures, is the came of the vermes ,of)he figures of their fignification of their predi&ing,aU things Pa,.I,..,Preferitand to Come, and the figures have the fame fignifications as thefe ~d'I&'s in their places incorporated into them, and here follow the figures and

the ~del&' s.. ' .



______ ~~ ... ~,,.., --~~,-,F"_--"

:60 The~:re.mple fo'Wit401ne. BOO'K. L

r Chap. 16, Tb« manner to attrih~te,~h~ 'Igea's to th;-ii,.

I gltres, and tbe Flgures'to tbe Idea'r; . . ... ,

----------_.__--.~:.... .:' ~ ,:,'.: ' '

'tJHafr~:~I. . 3
. ~ 1:ill1'Jlbriel. ~ Murid,
" ,. ,. ,. • ..
>I- ". , ; '. >f
", .. ..
'f .... ' ., .. >t ..
'" .. ,,. ,. ' .. .. ,. .. ' .. ~Pucr.

~Ver'bi~l •.

.. " .. II-

_;__A!!!ijJ'fP. Albus. 'POp~tlIlS,

~ -6 -\'..1...'--1' ~-8~

~. Ramaliel. T> ZlIi'iel L.J:O . ~drc/;ifl •

,. >t ,. .....

>t II-


',. ,.

'* >f Jf. 'T. *. ,.. *

Fortuna Major. conjllnClio. Puella.· NII/mlS.

AHadV:'-::;;.':t- Hav:e~ t ca~biel. --;Ham~:1C1

~- .. ,. ... .. .. . .

* )to * ** ,. ..

.. "

>t ,. ..



Foi'tla~a M.ljor. I

calld.t. Dracenis

caput Di'acolJ.is.

The Rulers of the twelve Idea's have power over the face of the whole Earth in their figures and pIa. ces.buc foure figures naturally .delighr in the winds, • and their Genii, and they are Fortuna MinoY,Via, Caput Dreconis, and Cauda. Draconis, a fortunate (lull Moon in AfpeB: of the Sun, to them is admirably good. Chap.


,.. ..

. " .. OJ

THere are foure Elements and qriginal Grounds of all Co,rpof,c::~Il'. ~t.~'in.gs', Fi~~~l\ire, Water, Earth; o(w~ich all Elemenced inferiour Bodies are comprehended) nptbyway ofheapiQg up together, but by tranfmuration and union, <and when t,hey are deflroyed , they ~re refolved into Elements, for there is none of the Ienlibleelemencs that is pure, but they are more 'or leffe mixed, and apt to' pe changed one inrorhe orher : even as earth becomiilg dirty, and being diffolved becomes water, and the fame being made thick and hard, become's earth again; but beiilg evaporated throughhear, paffed into Aire , and that being kindled, pa.Irt:th into Fire.and this being extinguifhed, returns ba,ck jgain into Aire,but being cooled again after its bur;' ning, becomes earth, 01' fione,or fulphur, and this is Manifefied by lightning; this faying ever teach-

eth you.. .

The Number. and the Nature of tho{e things'

• Call'd Elements,,,h,tt Fire, Earth, Air» forth brings, From whence the Heatienstbeir beginning had) Whence tide, wbence Ruin-be» in gray colours .lad ; What ma~s the clouds that .'!,f1therei are? and black..; Yofmdfurthlightning, and a Thrmdrillg Crack,) What dotb the Nir;,ht!y Flames, andomets ma~ ? Wbat makts the Earth '0 [weel, a1zd tbm to Qllnk.; ?

. What

B,o.o K.f. 'f'htTempleoJ Wifdome. ~.

I ".

eH AP'.XVU.:

" ,~

Of the FOlire Elel»e~u~', .'hel',. N~"';re 'and Pro. pertier, ' ,"

~ .

i; I'




.,1 '1





The Temple o!Wifdome.


What is the reed of Metials, and of Gold?

-What Vertrtes, Wealth, doth NatNf'tseojfers hold.

ptato was of that opinion, that Earth was wboly unchangeable.and that tbe reft ofrhe Elements are changed as into this,fo into one another fueceffive)y; Sr .Chriftopher H~don faith, rhanthe Earth is not changed; but relented and mixed with other Elementewhich doe diifo(ve it, and that it returns

back into it felf. . ,

"Now every one of the Elemrnts hath two fpecial . 9ualitie~, the former where~f it r~[aiilS,as p~oper to It felf, in the other, as a means, .It agrees with that which comes next after it, for fire is hot and dry, the earth dry and cold; the water cold and moift; the aire hot and moift, and fo after this manner the Elements accord into two contrary, qualities, are contrary one to the other, as Fire to Water, and Earth to Aire,mor~over rhelilemenrs are upon ana. ther account oppofiee one to the other ; For fome are heavy as Earth and water, and others are light

as Alre and Fire. .

Wherefore the RofieCrucillns ca lied the former paffives, but the tatt~raaives, And yet Do8:or Cutp:;. per my predeceffour diftingLlHbcth them after ana. eher manner, and. Affignrs to every of them three qualities, vii. td the fire brigh rneffe, thinne1fe and motion, but to the Earrh.darknefle, ehickneffe and q uierneffe, and according ro there qual ities , (he Elements borrow their qualities from thefe, fo that the Aire receives two qualities of the Earth; darknelfe and ehickneffe, and one of fire, viz. Motion; but fire is twice more thin then Aire, thrice more moveable, and foure times more bright j and the Aire is twice more bright, thrice more thin, & foure times more moveable then water; wherefore wa ~r

. ~

BooK I. _7 be Temple oj VVifdoQle.


is twice more bright then earth, thrice more thin; and foure times more moveable; As therefore the Fire is to the Aire, fo the Aire is to the Water, and Water to the Earth; and again, as the Earth is to the Water, fo the Waterto the Airc,and .ehe Aire to the Fire: .And this is the Root and Foundation of all Bodies, Natures, Vereues , and wonderfull Works; And he which {hall know thefe things, and their Rulers" Idea's and Figures, Ihall eafily know all things, Pall, Prefenr, and to Come; and alf<J fhall bring co paffe fucb things that are wonderfull, and aftonifhing,and fhall be perfea in this Art.


Of a thteefold to"ftderal;o. of the Element'

THere arc then as we have faid, foure Elements, without the perfea knowledg whereof, we can dfe8: nothing in this Science ~ now each of them is three foldj . that fo 'the number of foure may make up the number of twelve Idea's incorporated into fisteen Figures and twelve houfes, or parts of the Earrhjand by palling by the number of feven which fignifiech the feven Rulers, into the number ten, (which f1gnifieth the Creleftial powers, are ten principal names of'God, as 100 read in the ninth Chapter) there rna,. be a progreffe to the fnpream unity upon which all vertue and operation depends, of the firft order are the pure Elements, which are neither compounded, changed nor admit of mixion, but are incorruprable, & not of which, but through whi,h the vertues of all natural things are brought


I !

6~-, ~r~ple,orWildOI;Jl~ •. ' B ()-o.K~ I. forth in[o)\r[~ No maI~ ~~.able [0 declare their VertueS, b~ap[e1:hey 9P, do all thlllgs_l.\po~,aU things, He\y.~lch i~ ign()ranc ~fthefe,lliall never bJ,'ing to paite,at~y wonder~llll matter, nor undernand whath,e,w.?~ld know.j of the fecond Order are Elc:mcllts.~haJ: a~e compounded.changeahle an.d Impure, ye.~~llCh,as may ~y Art be red?~ed to their

ure fimphclty~: whofe 'V,erme when t~ey are ~h_u,~ ~educed to'th~,r fimplicity ~ : doth above all .t,hmgs. Ferfett this.Arr, and [he(~.~t;e the FoundatlO~l~ of the work'; Ofi:he.t~irdQ~~,er are thofe Elements which.originaJly, a~d of themfelves are n~)t, E~e. ments , but are twice compounded; va~lOus ~l1d changeable one into anothergrheyare t~e.mfall~ble Medium, and therefore are called the middle Na~ cure.

I '


~~. By tber~JouJhar~.fee from whhence aft!! thinhgs-fiow.,. &- -f;>

, JYhence Mtl'lZk.!nde,Beajls,w ence re~w ence -ram ;tOri

I Whence eart~ quabeJare, why tpe:wh,o{e ()~e~n ~e{lti, _,

Over his banTv"and t~en again retreats, _~.' , . I

Whence (lrengt, h, of Herbs, 'l!'hCf1, .~~" courag_e ,r, a~e" ',Of ~rults,. AU PJnde of S~011:eJ of creep~?~: tbmgs and Fruzts: ..

Itr Ve,ry few the, '~,'~ 'are dial: ~llldertland the JieprniL1e':'!

~'. 1'10»5 of th_i~ ,Art. (In i~ is) by means of th<:>[e t~lI1gs

ji: aforefaid, rheperfefrion of every eife,a In. w~at

! thing foever, they are full of wonders a~ld~.tflef1e~

,I and are operative, as in)\ihology,. fo In this ~rt:

For from chefe, through them proceeds th.e bindings, loofings and tran.fmuta~ions ofall things, the knowledge and foretelling things to come.

Let no man therefore, without thefe three forts ofElemems and the knowle?-g ther~of, be confiden~ that he; is able to cure all Difeafes in the body, bll~

, - \'ihofo:vc;

Boo K. I. 1-he Temple 0fWifdome. 6 .. whofoever thall know- how to prepare his Mede. cines, as. parely told you, in m, Method of Rofi~ Crucian PhJfic/t, and how to reduce thofe dfolle order inro thofe of another, impure into pure, compounded into tim pie, and lhalJ k now how [0 underHand difti,ntUy) the Nature, Venue and powerof them in Number, Degrees and Order, without dividing the fubftance, he {hall eafilj, attain to the knowledge and perfett operation of all rhefe narural thing~ conteined in this Book. '






" ...,;..

Boox I.

lheTempte o/,Wifdome.


fhe TelDple~fWifdome.

i i

C A H P .. XIX.

Of I he wo"derfull Natures of fire and Eart" a"d their FigltYes.



, ,

THusthe Earth is divided into twelve parts?r ! 1. houfe\i, over whieh the feven Rulers and rheir twelve Idea's govern,and you. muit know how to re-

_ d oe rhofe of one Nature mto thofe 0f another,

U which

which are alfo manifold, let us come again and fort our fpeeches; firft we m ult treat of the Elements> then of the manifold Dlvifions ofthe Earrh, and of her twelve Regions, e-c.

Firfi there are lWO things, uiz: Fire and Earth, which are fufficient for the operation of all wonderfull rhings.ehe former is active, the latter paflive Fire,( as CaithEugenius Theodidau1I5,)in allrhings and through all things, comes and goes away bright, and at thefarne rirnesfecrec and unknown, when it is by it (elf (no other matter eomming to it, which fhould manifeft its proper Actions, it is boundleffe

• • and invifible, of it felffufficienc for every Action,

• that is proper to it.moveable.yeelding it felf after a manner to al things [hat come next to it, reviewing, guarding nature, enlighcning, not comprehended by lights, that are vailed over.cleere parted, leaping back, bounding upwards, quick iii motion, and giving motion to the Earth; and. that the reafon the earth moves, as my friend Mr. John Boo~r will demcnflrare to you; fire is high, alwayes railing rnotion, comprehending another, not comprehended it Celf,. not flariding in need of another, fecrerly increafing of it felf, and rnanifefls irs great-: neffe to things that receive it, Attive, Powerfull, Invifible, Prefent in all things at once; it will not be affronted 01' oppofed , but as it were in a.

, way of revenge.it will reduce on a fudden things in. to obedience to it Ielf, incomprehenfible, impalpable, not lellened, molt rich, in all difpenfauons of it {df; Fire, as faith my friend and very neer r~inrman, Sr. Job» Hcyaoll Knight, from his own ex~erience, that fire is the toundlcffe and mlf-

. chievous part of the nature of things, it bein~ a

, E ~ - qu e{l; lOB


68 The Temple oJWifdome. Boo K. I. queflion, wheth.er ,it de~roye; or produce~h moft things ~. Fire It (elf IS one and penetrates through all things; (as fay alfo the Rofte C;uci. am) alfo fpread ab~oad in the Heaven~, and {bining, but in the infernal place, ftreighrned, darke and tormenting, ill the mid way it pertakes of both; fire therefore in it felf is cine, but in that which receives it manifold; and in differing fnbjetts, it is diftributed in a 'different manner, as you may read in my. Book called., Tbe Holy Guide; That fire th~n, which we ufe, IS fetched out of other things, it is in Stones, and is fetched out by the {hoke of the Steele; it is in Earth, and makes that, after digging up to fmoak; It is ill .Water and heats Springs and Wells: It is in the depth of the Sea, and makes that, being toffed with winds warrne , It is in the Aire, and makes it (as we fomtimes fee) to burne, and a11 Animals and living things whatfoever , as alfo all vegitables are preferved by Heat, and every thing that lives, lives by reafon of the inclofed heat; the properties of

" the fire that is above, are heat, making all things fruitfull and light, giving life to all things; ehe properties of th~ infernal fires are a partchi_ng hear, confuming..aU things; and darknefs making . all things barren, Fire drives away all in things, in as much as it hath an Analogy with, and is the vehiculum of that fuperiour lighr; as alfo of him who ftith, I am the light of'the World, which is true lire, the Father of lights, from whom every good thing, .ehar is given comes: fending forth the light of his

Fife, and communicating it felf to the Sun, and tht rea of the Superieur bodies, and by rhefe, a~ by Me. d~at\nglti.flr.lments, conveying tbat light iftto,?ur









800 k.l. The Temple o/Wifdome. . 69 rice; and the great Jehovah himfelfe in the old Law commanded that all his Sacrifice s lhould be offered J"lth FIre, and that Fire lhould alwayes be burning lj?on t.he Altar.: And that they mult not fpeak of God wiehouc a Itght : good Angels are augmented b~ the Sun, ~nd .al.fo by the light of our common ~tre, and evil Spirirs, are driven away; therefore lights and fires, lhould be kindled by the Corps of t~e Dead, and here follow the four Figures of the FIre. . .

. Nowthe Bafis and Foundation of all the Element"·' IS the Earth, for that is the ob~ea: fubJ"e.o.. d re a

I f II C I . J' u, an re-

ceptac e ~ a e efhcal rayes and influences, in it

ar~ contained the feeds and feminal vertues of aU

things e and therefore it is (aid to be Animal Vigitable and Mineral, it being made fruitful b; the 0- .[h.er Ele~ents, a.nd the: Heavens brings forth all th!ngs of It (elf: ~t receives the abundance of all things, and. as It were the firfi fountaine, from whence all things fpring; it is the Centre, Foundanon, and Mother of all thinzs, take as much of it as you pleaf~, ~ep~rated,walhed,depuratedJubtillized; ~f~ou let It Iie 111 the open Aire a little while, it will l>e!ng full, ~nd ab~nding with heavenly Vcrtues ~f~t felf,. bring forth plants, and worms, and other ~l'img thmgs) alfo flones and bright fparks of Met ..

E 3 t~15.

'1heTemple o!VV'ifdome.


tals, in it are great fecret~, . if at any time it {hall ~e urified by die help of Fire, and l:educ~d. unto us

P.i·· I' ·ty by· a convenient wa(bmg; It IS the firft .

Imp lei , n, dici matter of our Creation, and the trueit Me icme

that can reflore and prefervc us, and there be the

fOllr Figures of the Earth. .




, "

1 I


oft'h~ fVater, a~d of her Figures.


THe other tWO Eh~m~nts, viz.' Water and ~ire,

( '.I. not lefsefficacious) then ~he forrner j neither

are the Rulers, and their Idea s, .wantmg to work wonderful things in them; there IS f? great a ~lecef- ,I \ fiey of water that with it no living thmg can ~Ive?no hearb or pla~t whatfoever,w~tb?ll~ the mOI~mng

of water can branch 'for[~, 1Il It 15 ~he fem:nary vertue of all things, efpecially of Animals, "h,ofe feed is mallifefilywJterifh; The Seeds alfo of T lees end Plants, although they are Earthly, mufl notwithftanding ofnecefilty be rotted in ~at~r,bef?re they can be fruitful, whether they be 'ImbIbed ~l~h

'he moiftllrf: of th~E?arth, Or with Dew, o~ R~1fie~

.' " .,' . ' ... ' .,. " ... ' or


The Temple o!Wifdome.

or any other water, that is on purpofe puc to rhemi for Mores, the cheif among the Kojie Crucians ill his time wrote, that only Water and Earth, bring forth a living Soul;1 but afcribes a twofold production of things to water, viz. of things fwimming in the waters,and of things ~ying in theAire above the Ea~lh; and that rhofe productions that are made in, ana upon the Earth, are partly attributed [0 the very Water; The fame Scripture refiifies, where it faith, that the Plants and the Herbs did not grow, becaufe God had not caufed it to Rain upon the Earth; fuch is the efficacy of this Element of Water, rhar fpiritual revenerarion cannot :-e done without it, as Chrift himtelfcefhfied to Nicodemus) very great alfo is the vertue of it, in the Religious wortlup of God, in expiacions and purificarions ; yea the necefliry of it, is no Iefs then that of the Fire, infinite are the benefits, and divers are the ufes ~hereof, as being that, by vertue of which all things fubfif], are generated, nouriChed and increafed , thence it was that Paracelfus,and thofeofEgypt, Arllbia,and [he further fide of Greece) Eemelius Eicinus, old Hermes and Hip-

, pocrates by name: (concluded) as if they had been together-chat water was the beginning of al thing:; and faid,it was the firft of all the Elements, and the: molt potent, and that becaufe it hath rile nUll'cry over all the Rell: As YOII may Read in my Book called The Harmony of the WDrld. For as Card-anus fairh.warersfwallow up rhef.arth, excingllith f!InH'S, afcend on high, and by the Ilrerchins; tunh of the Clouds) challenge the Heavens for their own ; 't he fame falling down, become the caufe or all things that Grow in the Ear&j very many are the wonders that are done by waters, according to the writings ,orPlin},' solinus, and many ocher Hlnori~m; of-the

E 4 wonderful

7:1 . 'The Temple ofWifdome. Boo K. I. wonderful vertue, whereof Virgil alfo makes mention in there verfes,

E/or,,'dHafumons Waters at High Noon, :...tire col4; Hot at Sn» rife and Fetting Stin Wo~d, put in bnbling Athemas is !ir'd

Th~ M80n th~n fartheft from the Sun retir'd C;r:onia1l Streams, cong,eale his Guts to fione fhat thereof Drink.!: and what therein il thro~ Crathis Itnd :ybaris (from the Mountains ro/J) Colour the H a;~ li1!l Amber, or pure G61d;

Some fountains .f a mO't prodigious bJNil

Not only chant_t the body, but the Minu

Who blZth not ~eard of obreene Salmacis

Oftb' 1Ethiopianla1te~ forwhooftbis

But only taft, their ~its no longer 1<tep,

Or forth with fall in,t, a deadly fleep !

Who at Cliuriu« fountaine thir(f remove

L9ath wine, and abft~n,mt meer water love, With Stream.apporel to th~fe Linct'jious flows -:Ihe] reel liS drunk." who drin"'-too mucb of th,o!e;J

.A La~ in fair Arcadi~(lands of 6ld "

eall'd Pheneus,[u{pelkd as twofold,

:Fear IZM forbear to drilt~ thereof b, Night" .By Night 1t14w.h1!fome ~ wholfame by Day light.

]fJr,phus, alfo makes relation of the wonderful N~ rure ofa certaine R.iver betwixt Arcbe«; and Kha. phalres., Cities of Syria: which runs with a ful Channel all the week nllche Sabhoth day, and thenen a fudden ceafeth, as if the Springs were flopped; and on the Sabboth day it is diY, but aga.in the, next day, .rhe Waters returns againe in abundance a~ before: wherefore it is calied the obedient River, The: Gofpelalfo' tcft~fiesof a Sileep pop), into which

. , . , Vi hofoever


Bpo~.I. 1".eTempleofWifdome. 7~ whofoever ftepped firt], after the water was troubled by theAnge1,was made whole of wharfoever difeafe he had; 'The fame vercue and efficacy we read was in a Spring of the ]onia" Nymphs, which was in the T~.fritories belonging to the'Towu of Elis, at a village called Heraclee, near the River Citheron, which whofoeverftepped into, Popul~ ~eing in the firft houfe, Letitia in the fix, and Acqrtifitio in the tenth with pue/a, being difeafed came forth whole and cured of all difeafes, G. Agricola alfo reports, that itt Lyce~, a MQuntaine of Arcadia, there was a Spring calie d Agr~a) to which as often as t~e drynefs of the Hegion, threatned the deftrucbon of Fruits, they caft a figure, and ifany ofthe figures of the water and ldea's were incorporated in any of the four Angels, they took the Bows of an Oak, and Fut them into the water: Then the Ruler of that Region, and his Idea's troubled ~he waters .. and a vapour afcending from the~ce m~o t)le Aire, was blown into Clouds, With which being Joyned together, the whole Heaven was over fpread, which beingalitdeaf[er diffolved into rain, watered all the Country moft wholfomely, Moreover Ruff~ the Phyfitian, obferved (~e F 19l1:r~s of the w~ter 111 all Difeafes, and gave his Medlcl11es accordmgly: ~~d here fO"low the foul.' Figures of the Water.

.. lI'

\ .

., !

The TeOlpleofW ifdome.

Boox I~


Of the Aire, aDd of his Figuru.

IT remaillc:sthatIfpe~kofth~Ail.e.this is a vital fpirit palling through all things, giving life and fub1iftance to all things, binding and moving, and ' filling all things: Hence i~ is that the Hebrew Do8:ors r~ckon it not amon9.ft the Elements.bur count it as

a Mediumor glew, Jqyning thingsrogerherj and as .the refounding fpirit of the Worlds inftrumenr, it immediately receives into it felfe, the influences of

Celeftial bodies, and their Idea's, and then cornmunicates rhern to the other 'E{emt;nts, as alfo to all mixt bodies; alfo it receives into it Ielfe, as it were a divine looking Glafs, the Species of all chings.as well natural, as Artificial, as alfo of all manner of fp.eec~es, and ret~ine~ them; and carrying them 'WJth It, and encrmg 111(0 [he bodies of men and 0- ch~r animals,through their power.makes an irnpref~on· upOJ~ them, as well when they Ileep, as when they be awake, and affords martel' for divers ttrong dreams and Divinations; Hence they fay it isthai a .


'The Temple 0f\Vifdome.

Boo~ I.


man palling by a place, where a man was Ilaine, or the carcafe newly hid,is moved with fear and dread, becaufe the Aire in that place being ful of the dreadful Ipecies of man Ilaughrer, doch being breathed in, move and trouble the fpirit ofthe man with the like fI?ecies : when he would kFOW where the party dead JS, let him cal] a Figure, and w hat he finds in the firft boufe obferve well, and fee what place his Ruler and Idea fignifie, and chere you lhall fiud the; dead body, orany thing loft; whence it is that he comes to be affraid, for every thing that makes a fuddenimpreffion, aflonifherh Nature; whence it is chat Mr.Thomas Heydon, and fame of his pupills were of opinion, thar Aire is the caufe of Dreams, and many other impreflions of the Mind, through the prolonging of Images, or Syrnilitudes, or Species; (which are fallen from things and fpeeches, multiplyed in the very Aire) until they come to {he fenfes, and then to the Phanratie, and foul of him that receives them; which being freed from cares, and no way hindredj expecting to meet fuch kind of [peCie!' is informed by them; for the Ipecies of things although of their own proper nature, they are carried [0 the feafes of men, and orhenAnimals in general, may notwirhflanding gee fome irnpreffion, from the Heaven, with the holy company of unbodied Idea's whilell rhey be in the Aire; br reafon ofwhichjtogerher with the apmefs, and difpofition of him that receives them, they nlay be car ..

. ried to rhe fenfe of one, then of another; hence it is poffible, naturally, and far from all manner of fujerfiition, no other fpiric cornming becweeu, t~at a man fhall be able in a very (horc rime, to tignifie his mind unto another man, abiding at a very great ~hd unknown dillance from him; although he can-

, . not

The Templed! Wifdome.



not precifely g~ve anefiim":te of the rime when it is, yct ofneceffity It mufl: be ~lchu~ twenty four hours, and I my felfknow how to do It, and have taught m~lly, and they have often done it, alfo when cettame appearances, not only fpirirual, but alfo nat~l'al do flo~ forth from things, 't'i:?;. bra 'certaiQ. kind of flowings forth of bodies from bodies and do gather flrength in the Aire) they oifer,'and fhew rhemfelves to us,as well through light as' Motion, as well to the fight as to ocher fenfes, and fometimes workwond~rful things upon us, by the help of Pigures, Idea s, and their Rulers; and by thefe means we fe~ how the South wind condenfeth the Aire in: to chin clouds, in wh.ich as in a Looking-glafs, are tefleB:ed, reprefentacions at a great difrance ofeaft;. Ies, Mountains, Horfes and meu, and other things, which. when ~he Clouds are gone, prefently varnfh, and Sir. Chrt/lopher Heydon, fhewes in one of his &:>oks)th.at a I\ain~ow i~ conceived in a Cloud of the Alre, as 11l a Looking-Glafse and Hermes faith-,that ~he effigies ~fbodies may by the ftrength ofN~ture m a moif] Aire, be eafily reprefenred ill the {arne nl~nner, as the reprefenrarion of things, 'are in things : And .Ari{fotle tells of a man to whom it happen~~, by reafon of the w~aknefs of his fight, that the Airerhae was nea- to him, l ecame as it were a looking-glaffe to him, and the Oprick beam did rdle8: bac~ upon himfelf, and could not penetrate the Aue ; fo that whetherfoever he went he t~ough[ he faw his own image with his face towards htn~, ~o before him; if anyone Ihall take images a~C!ficlally painted.or writren letters, and in a clear JI Ighr fetrhtnl againfl the beams of the full Moon wh~fe refemblances,being multiplyed in the Air~ ~ aDd caught lIpwar~'sJ and refteae~ bark, together

• wkb

'8 00 K. I. _- rbe Temple tif Wifa~e.--- 77 with the beams ofthc 1\106'n, any other man that is privy to rhe ~ng, at a long difiance,ftes, reads and knows them III the very compafle and circle of the M?on; which Art of declaring fecrets by this way, IS 'rery profitable for Townes and Cities that are be1ieged ; being a thi.ng which PJthagoras and many other Mallers of this Art, long Iince did ofrendoe, and which is not unknown to fome in thefe (layes, I will not except my felf, and it will be the

. be~ter if Populus via Albus or ConjunCiio be in the til'll: houfe e And all there and a great many more, then there, arc grounded in the very nature of the Aire its Ruler and Idea'~, and have their Reafons and caufes declared in this Art: befides there are more fecret rhingsin this Art then what we have Ipoken of: Namely fuch whereby anyone may at a very remote diflaneeheare.and underfland what another fpeaks or whifpers foftly , But our Genitu forbids as to teach there fecrec truths to thofe that may die vulge rhem publickly: and here follow the foure figures of the Aire.



Oi'kc.ttPe/ve pat'IJ olthe Earth and the Regio"r.

Cn,eumd TOfPnr~'beJ contai. the Natural psrtr of lie Bod" C%llrs and Winds they s;gnifie.

YOu fee before how the Rulers and Id:a's Govern. t _ the Earth, and the parts thereof, and how they , together


VHde( the feco;zd bot/ji.' are there Regions, Cities, Towns, Members of man, Wind; Colours, and other

thittg s following.

The fecond houfe or Iuccedent part of the Earth is Iub iefl to the Ruler or Governefie, of Kedemel and her Idea f]n{modllee, and its figure is Amiffio; it is the exalta~ion ~f ,Hifmodlt! her figures and Idea, the houCe 15 feminine, the JOY of Kedemel, and the derri-

ment of Barzabel '

Ir conteyns t?C 'Regions of Ruffia,poionia rhegrear, Ireland, Larranie, Campania Helvetia Rhetia Fran .. c~via) Parthia, PerJia, the Il~nds of C)~!(ldcs, C)preffi.; and pare of .Afi~ the Iefle, - - Cicic:i

The Temple o/VVifdome.



Cities 'and Townes, are B~n(JHia Seu« Maif'"

1 'U 'p ::> 1 .. fit arrentem, $]et ~', arlHa, Brixia, Tieur« Llle' ,

?oT ' ., G ,r. b' erne

~vanlZ, Lip[zg,F'j1lO'lIza, Ne/lIll. '

~he wind that, cometh~'f~olll that part is called Cecie« or He/fe[fDntlH, It IS hot drying up all things,

The p~rt of the body it fignifies, is the Neck and'

Throat, It notech green or white. .

The third Houfe Contailfcl.

SordoHill, part of Lombardy, 'Flanders, Brdbdnt the D~kedomeof Wittcnherge, Hircilvia, Armenia, [Jre~ Hatea, and Egypt the lower,

, Of Cities and Towns, London, Cordubd TuriHum VIreo/1M, lovlline, Btuger in Flanders, Mllgu~ti a, Bam! berge, Noremberge.

, Tap~th~rtharath, and A1ubriel rule this Houfe by day, J~ I,S l'yfafcuI111e, ,and the cxalc.uiou of Caput Draconu,.t IS ~he Detriment of Hifmael, becaufe oppofite to the ninth, and you may fee before: it is alfoCadent.

It no~ee~ t~e North-eafl, and by North wind called AqUllo, It IS cold and dry without Rain, it hurt ... eth the flowers and fruits of the Earth, and efpecially the Vines when they bud.

It fignifieth in man, the Shoulders and Armes 3!D0ng colours it is Skye colour) or blewifh .. fom: tImes mixe,

The fDurth Haufe Containes,

In this Figure of the Earth going before, all be. t,~ten the two lines where the figure four ftands, is (ailed the fourth Houfe, and is the North Angle feminine, '




!' Ii I :1 rf


'fh~ Temple ofWifdome. B o 0 K. i.

ferninittt;f1i{modai and t~c Idea .Muriel Gover~e this HOIl(e, it is the exaltation pi Hifmael, ,the Detr~. ment ofZiizel, and the fall of Barz~el; [he Houfe IS ~hite orydlowiLh, it ruleth the Breihnd Lungs, it noretb Scotland, Gra1Jaa9, JJ14rgtmtlia~ tht.lower HDl. laml, Zeland, }{ufJiti, Numidia~ AJfriciI, BJth»tia, Pbri-

gill., Co/chis, Carthage. , ....' '..

Of Cities and Towns, CanJlantmople, Tunts,Vemce,

Genoa Luce; Pifa, Milaine, Vincentia, Berne, York.!, St • ./J.;drews,Luhec1<F, Mllgdeberge, Wittenherge, Gor.

liC~t norerh the 'North-wind, which is called ~praliiaJ:sit is exereamly cold and dry, prohi.bitingRain, it preferveth h~alth ~Y cl~~;lDfing the Alre of all Pe~ fiiferous mfeaions; but caufeth dry colds,and hurtech the fruits and flowers of the Earth.

The fifth Houfe Containes.

Galli" Togata, the At,s, Italy, Sicily, APuli.e, Bohemia a part of "[urltje, Ph£nicia, Caldea.

And of Cities and Townes, Dama/cus, Syabu[lt) Rome, Ravenna, Cremona, vtms, Confluence, Prague,

Lintz, Cremfum. . .. .

It is ruled by Sorath and Verchtel, It IS Mafcuhne, of red Or faffron colour, and the Detriment of Za- 1:.el; it fignifieth in man, the Heart, Back and Stomach: and is the fuccedenr from the North An ..

gle. , . .

It prediderh the North-weft, and by North-wmd, which ill called Syru: or 'Irachias, iscold and dry, of Earthly 1\ature, breeding fnow and wind.


BooK I. 'C1Je Temple 0fWifdome.


The jixth Houfe Conttii1teJ.

Ach4i:li, GreeCe", cr~~, Corimbia, Arthejina a parr of GaUia,CoJlfttta, a part of the Rhine, Silefia the lower

Me[opota,.ia, Btlbilon~ Ag;ria. . ,

And of Cities and Towns, Jeru{a!em, Corinth, Novaria, CUIII", Br~dufium, papir, Tholofe~LJ~1IS,Paris, BRjzl, Heidelberge, F.rphortl, Vrat;jlavia-

Arid there are Governed, by Taphthartharatb and Hamitliel,and here he is exalted; when Albm or Con. jun{lio be in the Houfe, it fignifieth purple colour; and being feminine~tn oppofieion tothe ewelfch ; it is the Detriment of HirnilUl, and rhe faJl of K~de",el; ir rulerh the Navel and Belly in man; it norerh the Weft, North-weR: wind, which cornmerh {rom that quarter, and is called Corlll, which is cold and moifr~ without any great Rigaur.

'The (evenlh Houfe Container.

The Regions of Aujlria, Altia, Livonia, Siloaudiil, DelphiHltte, TbufCia, B4fJtiaHa, Ciz[pia~ ThebUir, Tuglo. ditica.

Of Cities and Townes, LisboN, ArIes, Cajl't4, u«: d", Flarentilta, Fri/!urge", Argentina, Spires, Fra,!/zford upon the.maine, HallinSwevia, Heilbrose, Fri" finga, Mofsbm;bnum, Vienna in Au/trea, Antwerpe.

And thefe are Governed by Kedemel and Zuriel by day, here Zazel is exalted, Biir~ahel detrimentetl j t here SDrath hath his fall.

:rhe Reins and Loynes are attributed to thiS Haufe, Which is MafcuIine, and of a dark green co-

lour. ,

To this \V,1t Angle, the Weft wind is atrribnred,

F called

8 The Tern pIe of Wifdorne. Boo K.I. __ 1_----- , .. ternperately,hot and moift, and called Zephzrm, It IS " ~ it diflolverh Frait, lee,

h lf . 1 the eveml1::., f '

w 0 lome 11 _ k h fl wers and grar.., to prmg,

and ~now~ and mah eFi(Tu7:es f~ll, it caufeth Thunand fomerimes as r ,e ::.


1:he eight Houfe COHtaines.

. • Bavllrilt Co »lagena, CapatJo-

Norway the higher, C talo~ia the Kingdome

cia Idume«, Mauntnnlit, a, .

of Fez, Getulie, ~ A/gires Vale1tS, T~'apezun~'t

OfCiries and To~n~" Tar;i'lum, t orum, Jult-

Vrbinum, Aquilt~, F1Ji?rfn~~:nce ~onachium, Franck..-

um MfJJana; Vunna m l' " .

ford upon Odar. d b Barzabd and Barcbiel

And there are GovcBrne b /del~ghteth, but l(ede-

, h d here ayza e f 11

by rug r, an d d Ha[modai hath a a .

mel is detrirnente ,and C"'_ :l .ent are attributed

, t an r Ulh am M C

T~e Pnvy par ~ i is red or tawny and 1 a cuto this houfe, whic 1

Iine, ft and by Weft wind, na-

It notet~ th~ ~outtta~ld moifi, C~Ufillg Rain. med ApIJYlCM) It 1S co

h " eth Houre Containrs.

1 emit J'

. Dalmatia _ Slavo1Zia, Bun-

The Regions o~SpameJb'tt Felix' ,

'fi' CeltlCa Ara 1 , • , ~ Mtltz.-

gal'ia, Ml ma; , Toledum, Vo ateraJ, d '

Of Cities and T ~wlleiolo1Zia Agrippina, ~lag,ra e,

<! Narbone Avenlo~J, ,

'11Im, I., ) hi l

BiuJa. d t, Hifmael and Advac . e

:\l1d there ar~ Gov~r_ne lauda Vraconi1 is exalted ,,' b v and in It they JOlYh, h tb - s detriruenteJ, . Y lh'" 'lloufe' here -rap ~t art ar« . ~l' ,he

III t is, .


Bo-o x.I. .lPc. Temple 0fWifdome. 8~

L.._~__ __

the Houfe is Mafcllline, yellow and red is attributed Unto it, and the Thighs of man.

The South-weft, and by ~oUth-w;nd, commeth (com this part of-the Earth or Haufe: it is called AUJlra Aphriel«, and is temperately hot, and yet breedeth ficknefs, and fometimes Rain.

The tenth HrJufo Containes.

Macedonia, H..'Ivis, 7hraeia, Alba11ia, Bitlgaria part ofGre~ce, Ma[oi'1ia, Litllanilt, Snxonia, Hallin, Tburingia, Stiria, Indilt: The Wand of Orchades.

Of Cities and Townes, Oxford, JuliaeTlm, Clivia, Berges; Mec}ifin, Gaunt, Vi[va, f,rl1ndeJlberge, AlIgujia, Vindelicorum, Con fiance, Florence,

And thefe are Govewed by ZI17:,c! and Havat'! by night, the Haufe is feminine, being the South Angie, and exaltation of Barzabel, it is the detriment uf Ha[madai, and the fall ofHi[mai!l,black and gray is attributed to ir, with the Knees.

The South-win.] is attributed ro ir, which is cal .. led Au(tcr or NotUf, it is hot and moif], breedina thick clouds, great' Rains and Pefiiferous Aire. b

The elevmth Roufo Coutainrs,

1mllzonia, SarmatitZ, great Cartaria, V 1l1l1cbia, ',,:ufCOVill; the ;So~th Eafl, and by Sourh part ofSwe.zd- 111~d'.'Pefipl')alld, Mofol, Pede1nont,pa rt of Bilv.lria, ft~ thzopla, Sogdi1tia, Media, Arabia the delarr.'

OfGi,ties and Towns, Ham6orolfgb, Ermie,Mol:J[errat; Pi{iluru11t, Trent; Ingoljiadl'.

And there are Governed by Zeszel and Cam'ie! by day; the Houfe iii the detriment of SorntbJ did Mar ...

F 2 ' •


'the Temple of Wifdome•. BOOK~.

84 d dark yellow are attributed to It,

culine, green an ,

. and the I egs of man. I E it and by South wind?

It noteth the sou~ 1- ar 'EllrOHotus, which ishot w hich i~ caned Eduroa cfouds and ficknefs.

and moift, bree mg

7. he twelf. h H w{e CCHtaines.

. . rJi ~G4"

al bri Portug41 Galttut, Norman "

cilicia, C .Il flil, ., i ipt the higher.

cvmalttes, ~yrJta, paTmphllza, 11exandria, HiJpolis, ComOf Ciues and ownes,

W Ratisbone 7e'IJerton. . . 1

pojtella ormes, ) d by Hifmael and .Amn~u

And dlefcate Govern1e d in chis Houfe, Ha[moalli

. h Ked·mel tS exa te I d .

\~y mg t? . 'b i phthartharath is both eCrlme,: delights in lt~ ut. Il ace the feet of man ~ue attn-

ted and falls m thhS pl I' een white nuxrures.

bute.d to it, and t fte ~~u~hrE~ft wi~d, called Eunu ot

It noteth t~e E~ hot and dry;he bloweth loud.and vultllrnJU)~hlcl~ IJ AltifONaM, Vnlturnus: Yuu,hav.c therefOl'e isca e b f, e how ~he Earth IS dl" 1 (en ill the F igure here e o~l:d houfes, w hereof the vided into tWO parts, are ca f the Orient, with the fir(\: is called the Angle 0 h South and makech (welfth and eleventh un~a;c~ine: lignifying [h.e the O(i~nta' q oarhte~ f ncy of man, which of hls Spring (lBle, and. ( em a

NatUie is Sanguine .. h i I Angle of t4eSouth,

The other part whic . 1~ t ie com rehending the

1'l'3Ching unto the. ~~c~~~:~~~, umE the fev-enth is (cmh,mnrh and erg femi . e lignifymg the caned' M~tidioJtIlI q~lartCr, bem~lHn. g 'to be dioUe),outh of man, which then egmnm rick


'l"he Temple DfWifdome.

. rickalldbeating :Tbe third part, which is the angle occidental, reaching unto theSeptmtrion'!l, conra ining, thefcventh, fixth 'and fifth Houfes; to the fourrh..is occidenrall Mafculinr, lignifying Harvell: and age of man, which is ehenmoft commonly Malencholly: The fourth quarter, which is the AngJe Septentrional reaching unto the Oriental, compre. hen ding the fourth, third and fecond Houfes, unto the 6rft is called Septentrional quarter, feminine, fignifying Wimer, and the crooked age of man, w~ich then doth begin to be flesmatick, old and

fulnt. .

, Thofe two parts) which be from the Angle Mered14n:z_I, Unto the Angle Septentrional be calledthc M.o"'e~ afcendanc ~ the two other pares, which be from the Septentrtonal unto the Meridional, be cal-

. led the Moities defcendanr, the four Angle!t be the lira four, Ieventh and tenth HouCes; the [econd, fifth, eight and eleventh be called the H~lIfe~ Suecedent; the third, fixch, ninth and twelfth be callet! .tbe Houfes 'Cadant!;; therefore, when and as often as in thefe rour AngJes,you find a good figure, that place alwayes ftgnifies, force,.conrage of body, good ~nd p:rofperous, .Fortune Valiantnefo;, fleutnefs With frlend~1lffoClaCed with a better hope.

The fecond {jgnifi~th halffortune,by occaGon of g?ods; the fifth ligl1l~eth halffortune,comming by gifts, Or by tbe. gett~ng or ConceptiQIl of Son or Daughter, that IS to fay ofhollnHror joy.

Theeigbth fignifies halffortune,becaufe(\f death or ofthiogs hidden , the eleventh fignifies halffor: tune, commmg by the Mother, or of [he Prince; or of the year.

The C~dant do figni6e weaknefs of Hearr, feeblenefs or fammers of body an d damage: the third

F 3 and

'IheTerople oJ:\I\iifdome. BOOK:I.

and ninth excepted, which figilifie a reHe8:ion of a C rnmon Wealth Iikewife honour and reveren~eJ th~{ixthand t~etfi:h, do fignifie cowa~dneifc::wl[h a wickedn~(fe)afwell of perf ens as of chings.



Qfthcfixtee1J figures and their manifold

Divijons. '. ; ..

T· 'Hefe Fjgur~s are divided many' wayes as.' ~rft into foureQLladrants' or Q!:!arters ,anf~.ermg

to the toure quarters of the year. , ':' " ..

, The Vernal or Spring Quarter, IS Sangutn~,.lb~t and moiO:, and conreynes tbe firft fou~e figures; 'VIZ

TJ A' miJfi' o IIlbus and Cauda Dr, Ilc,oms. .,

, 'lef, ,,' " h t'd yand

The EUynal orSumnlerQuarte~lS ot, ,r.,. •

ollerick, and conreins o~her>Iollr'e figures,. V1Z.~6~U. Ius., ,Fprtulta Maj~t, C~njunllio,C4P~t Dr~eonts., . "",

. The Autumnal or Harveftq.uar-ter, IS co~d, moifl . d'p'hlegmatick conteinsthefe)figtJ,' res.whichhave

an :) 'h D , ..• d

as well as the reft their vertues frem t e n.u er;s~~l

Idea's the four figures are Puelle,' :RubeUl, ACq«ifi·

, , " .

.,jlJ,.Fortuna Minor." . Id

The Hyemllall Brumal, or Winter quarter 15, co moifl and flegmarick , of the nature .of the tenth, eleventh and ,twe,lfth hOll~es and t,he,r, ~,-!lers a,~~~ }dca's and their Figures, 'VIZ. "Career", ,{,f'ijhtta, Lstit

and Via. di 'fi f hi £Ie' . They are again divided in iviuon 0 e e. ,-

. s: ,k e teas m

ments for fomefigures.receive lUCIi v r u ,

nat ure they are fiery, hon and dry, arid they are

o • • • Fortul!JZ_




The Temple ofWifdome.



Fortuna, MIl}or, Puer, Acqllijitio, and Cauda Drll;oni~ three of rhefe make [he fiery Triplicity) over which Soratb rulerh by day, and l-li[mlfel bv night.

. O~hers are cold and earrhly, viz. Amif!io, COltj1mllto, Csrcer, Caput Draconis, un d chefe contlirur e the Earthly Triplicity; over whom Kcdcme! rules by day,and Ha[mQd,;i by night,

Ochers are Aiery, hot and moift;viz Albus Puelr!, Trijiitia, Fortuna Minor; over whom Zaze! R~l1cs by

day, and Tllphtbarthllrllth by night '.

Othersarewatery, cold and m()~!t 'V;·z. "Pl1tJ!t!US L~ti~ia) Via, Rubens, and arecalled tille w;lrery'Tri~ plicicy, over whom Barssabel rnleth both day and night.

Some figures are MafclIline, and therefore hot as PUel", Albus, Fortuna M.1jJr, PTlela, Acq!'ifitio,7ri!liti,; Populus, f!:aput D, aconis, fom e are l- erninrne, N call r. nat, therefore cold, Amif!ia, Vi,t, C01tjll1tCiio, Bubeu«

Career, V titia; Fortuna Mi1lor, Cauda Drllconis• '

The ufe whereof, is [his, that if you have a Mafculine figure in a Mafculine houfe, governed by a Mafculine R.uler,ic imports him 01' hel' mal e man • , Iy, and fo if a Malculine figure bein a Feminine

houfe, the man or Wonlan is)effe couragious, e-c.



"f~e Tel11p~t; ofWifdOine.


- .

tiooK~I. TbeTempleo/Wifdome. -~9


.A Table oft~e. A[peCis oflhe BONfu.

The ufe of the Table of arefaid,

. '. h and S Dexter.

You may fee 11l t e 2, 3,4, . h;5Firfi Hou{~

Column, III the upper part of t . (,Sinifier.

Table. . Yott.

You fee in the fecond line & Jirft Column 11 10 ~ & in tbe foure Columns over againft them;) 7 the meaning is thus :. A figure in tbe firft 2, 45 Houfe, and another m he eleventh, he that is poteed in the fieft Houfe, doth behold the other in the eleventh, with a St#4ilt D~[er Afpe& •

A figure in the firl and another in the tenth_, he in. rhe firft behold the figure in the tentb with a

9l!1~ti/~ Dexter. . .

A figure in the ficA beholding another in the ninth, cds his TrilU Dexter thither.

A figure in the firft, beholding another in the feftnth, calls his Dppofitioll A(pet} unto him.

l\g~in2 over againft Sinifter~ and tinder t-he firtl you node 3, 4, ~. that is, the firtt behol ds the third with aSt:ctilt Sinifter, the fourth with a~rtileSinifier, and the 6fth with a Trin, Sinifier; obferve the Dexter Afpct\: is more forcible then the Sinifter, this underHand in the othcrColumns,viR:;.that Dexter Afpe&s, are contrary to the fucceilion ofhoufes, Sinifter as they follow one another.

The houfes ag~n are divided, into moveable, fixed and common.

The moveable, are the lidl, fourth, feventh and ceneh, and there fignifie the foure months of the year,1Jiz. March, ]rnu, S,pttmbtT and Vtct'mber,and

as moveable. .

The fecond, fifth, eighth and eleven are fixed and fignifie Aprill,]uty, Ollober and January, which are fixed fcafons of Heat or Cold,Moi1iure or Dryneife.

The third) fixrh, ninth and twelfth are common becaufe they are February, Ma), .AuguJt and Novemher, and are conftituted alfo between moveable and fixcd, and rC!Gain a property or nature, perraking both, with the preceding and conrequent houfes. _

. Albus and ul~tia arc by corpo{cal or double bo- .

died, . The