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Issue 4: September 29, 2014 Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba

A Message From Tom
In this edition of the newsletter, you will
find a brief update about our first BOG
meeting of the year (more to come), our first
SBA Committee of the Month spotlight
(congrats, Tech Team!), and the names of
newly elected Section Representatives.
In addition, I want to thank all students
who ran for Section Rep as student
engagement is essential to representing the
Suffolk Law community to the best of our
ability. Toward that end, I took forward to
working with the new representatives to
have an exciting and effective school year.
Lastly, I want to thank committee and club
members who participated in last nights
A Message From Tom
SBA Happenings
SBA Committee of the
Month: Technology
Proposed Committees
Alumni Spotlight
Contact List & Preamble
BOG meeting. While we are all
disappointed by the outcome, I am
hopeful that next weekend will produce a
better result.
Best regards,
- Tom Davis
SBA President

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 4: September 29, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
! OFFICE HOURS with Tom: Tuesday @ 12:00-
1:00pm & Thursday @ 6:30 7:30pm
! Newly elected Section Representatives are:
Devon Woolf (1A), Tristan Peters (1B), Christopher
Gavrielidis (1C), Jess Barton (4A), Samantha Clark
(2A), Brian Patacchiola (2B), Gerald Glover III (3A),
Alvaro Aguirre (3B), Sarah Santiano (3C), Saige
Benavides (6B), Andrea Davulis (7A), and Jessica
Long (7B).
! Remember to submit SBA logo entries by 10/25!
The winner will receive a $50 Boston Brewin gift
card! See the section at the bottom of this page for
more information.
! Fall Ball tickets ($70) go on sale on Wednesday
October, 1 at noon! See your email from the Social
Committee for more info.
! The first Board of Governors (BOG) meeting of
the school year took place on Sunday evening.
However, because committee and club budgets were
not approved, there will be another BOG meeting
this coming Sunday (10/5 @ 6pm).
! ABA liaison Will Noel will be traveling down to
Washington DC this weekend to represent Suffolk
Law at the Fall Super Circuit meeting.

SBA Executive Announcements & Happenings
We need YOU
To design our new Suffolk Law SBA logo!
What: We are looking for a new Suffolk Law SBA
logo. What you design is up to you. Please submit
your entry by emailing it to marketing director Jess
Murray at
When: We will accept entries between now and
October 25th.
Prize: A $50 gift card to Boston Brewin
SBA Academic Affairs Committee held a
welcome back breakfast and dinner on
Thursday with food from Panera.
The first BOG meeting
of the year on 9/28

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 4: September 29, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Tip of the week
Read your emails
You receive many emails
each day and it can be
overwhelming to read each
one. But, taking the time to
at least skim emails
especially those from your
professors can be helpful
in case they contain
important information. If
you read an email on the go
and you dont think you will
be able to remember the
specific information it
contained, simply flag the
message for later.

SBA Committees Proposed
Budget 2014-2015
1A $500.00
1B $500.00
1C $500.00
4A $500.00
1L Cup $2,500.00
2L (at large) $2,500.00
3L (at large) $3,000.00
4L/7L (at large) $1000.00
Section Total: $11,000
Reserves $9,500.00
Operations $8,000.00
Orientation $2,000.00
General Total: $19,500
Academic Affairs $4,500.00
Alumni Affairs $4,500.00
Appropriations $200.00
Diversity and Inclusion $3,500.00
External Affairs $3,300.00
Graduation $4,000.00
Marketing and Advertising $1,000.00
Student Affairs - Concerns $1,000.00
Student Affairs Social $25,000.00
Sustainability $1,000.00
Committee Total: $48,000.00
Bar Association Liaisons (ABA,
Liaison Total: $1,500.00

Total Proposed Budget:

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 4: September 29, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
SBA Committee of the Month: Technology
Director Rajat Bhardwaj
Associate Director Jeremy Koufakis
Associate Director Christine Lee
The SBA is excited to announce that the Technology
Committee has been chosen as SBA Committee of the
Month. This year one of the SBAs goals is to reach
more students by being more open and accessible to the
student body. An integral part of achieving this goal is
by using technology to our advantage. The Technology
Committee has excelled at their job, as you can see by
visiting our new SBA website at
Currently, you can find an archive of this newsletter,
the names and contact info for all of the SBA Officers
and organization leaders for the 2014-2015 school year,
an events calendar, SBA documents, and more. In addition, the Tech Team is working on
their next project, which is to create an SBA app! Director Rajat Bhardwaja and Associate
Director Jeremy Koufakis shared some information with us below

Where are you originally from?

R - Im from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
J - Im from Manhasset, New York (Long Island)

What are you most excited about for the school year in terms of the technology committee?

We are excited about incorporating new technologies into everyday life of the Suffolk Law
Community. Our goal is to increase student access to information and use technology to
streamline SBA processes.

What new initiatives do you have already started and do you have any planned?

We will continue to implement new features on the website to serve the needs of the
student body and the SBA. Additionally, we will begin developing an iOS and Android
mobile application in October with a release date of early November.

Are you focusing on any areas of the law?

R - I am concentrating in Intellectual Property. My interests are in copyright, trademark,

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 4: September 29, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
patent, Internet regulation and compliance, data
privacy, among other technology related areas.
J - I am doing a concentration in Legal Technology
and Innovation. Additionally, Im also taking
classes relevant to being an in-house lawyer in the
car business.

Did you have an internship/job over the summer, and if
so, what was it and did you learn anything from it?

R - I was a law clerk for the City of Waltham Legal
Department this summer. I learned how municipal
law interacts with state law, legal issues faced by
various city departments, and how politics plays a
role in enacting new local ordinances.
J - I interned at a boutique law firm specializing in car dealership representation. This was
a very insightful experience since I will be working in the car business when I graduate. I
also worked at the tennis US Open.

Are you currently a part of a journal or clinical or do you have a job/internship during the school

R - I am on the Journal of High Technology Law and the Intellectual Property and
Entrepreneurship Clinic.
J - I am currently not part of a journal but plan on doing an internship this spring for my
Legal Technology and Innovation concentration.

What do you enjoy doing outside of law school?

R - Outside of law school, I enjoy Muay Thai, running, going to concerts, Djing, and
J - Outside of law school, I love scuba diving, playing/watching all types of sports,
photography, traveling, and DJing.

What would you like to do after law school?

R - I would ideally like to do a judicial clerkship and then work at a civil litigation firm that
also has a technology law practice.
J - My family owns and operates several car dealerships and I plan on becoming an in-
house lawyer for them.

Jeremy and Rajat giving a presentation
at the first BOG meeting

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 4: September 29, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Alumni Spotlight
Cailin Campbell --- Class of 2009
Cailin Campbell, a graduate of the University of Massachusetts
Amherst, currently works at the Suffolk Country District Attorneys
Office in the Appellate Unit. This interview was conducted by Erin Knight,
Co-Director of Alumni Affairs.

What journals/activities/concentrations did you participate in at Suffolk Law?
I was on the Suffolk University Journal of Trial and Appellate
Advocacy. I was also on Moot Court. I was on the National Trial
Team. I also participated in the McLaughlin Competition, the Clark
Competition, the 2/3 Trial Competition, and the 3/4 Trial Competition.

What do you consider the best part of your job?
I absolutely love being in court as frequently as I am. I also love that Im in court for a variety of
reasons, including oral arguments at the Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court, evidentiary
hearings at the Suffolk Superior Court and in the district courts, and second-seating trials in the
Suffolk Superior Court.

What was your favorite class while at Suffolk?
Litigating Massachusetts Constitutional Claims, with Judge Nancy Gertner and John Reinstein.

Who was your favorite professor?
My favorite professor was Professor Frank Cooper.

What is your greatest professional achievement?
Hmm, tough one. My greatest professional achievement was litigating the appeal in
Commonwealth v. Shabazz Augustine, which involved whether a search warrant was required to
search cell site location information. It involved a novel area of law and researching cell towers
extensively, which definitely pushed me beyond my comfort zone.

Who is your favorite Supreme Court Justice, living or deceased?
Although I hardly agree with him, Antonin Scalia.

Any interview tips?
Just be yourself! Its okay to show personality. No one will remember you if you are boring.

One piece of advice?
Make sure to find something that you love doing. Being a lawyer is great because it offers so many
different opportunities. Just make sure that you are doing something you actually like to do.
Also, make the most of your internships. Try to get varied experiences with different types of law
to figure out what you really love doing. It was through an internship that I got my current job
and for that I feel so grateful.

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 4: September 29, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba

Contact Information
Name Position Email
Tom davis President
Monica Bellevue Vice President
Neil Lindquist Chief of Staff
Callie grossman Chief of Operations
Kelley Sweetser Treasurer

We the Students of Suffolk University Law School, in order to support and
encourage academic excellence and professional development; to preserve the
right of students to acquire a quality legal education in a just and reasonable
environment; to provide a means of communication between students and the
Law School; and to maintain a connection with alumni, do herby establish this
Constitution for the Student Bar Association of Suffolk University Law School.
SBA Constitution Preamble
For a full contact list of all SBA Directors please visit our website at
Vice President Monica Bellevue and
President Tom Davis