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A 8rlef Culde Lo Lhe 8lCS AssessmenL of

rofesslonal CompeLence (AC) lnLervlew

rocess and Common 8easons for 8eferral
resenLed by: Aaron C'Para - M8lCS, MSCSl
1o: Srl Lankan CuanuLy Surveyors lraLernlLy
SepLember 2014

1. lnLroducuon
2. WhaL ls Lhe AC?

3. 8ouLes Lo Membershlp
4. 1he llnal Submlsslon
3. re-vemng Lhe llnal Submlsslon
6. 1he llnal lnLervlew
7. ass or 8eferral
8. 8eferral 8eporL
9. Common 8easons for 8eferral
1. noL 8eferrlng Lo AC Source MaLerlal
2. oorly resenLed uocumenLauon
3. Weak Crlucal Analysls
4. Lack of reparauon
3. lnadequaLe CSL
6. CompeLencles
7. Lack of Lxperlence
8. LLhlcs
9. noL followlng recommendauons ln
8eferral 8eporL
10. olnLs Lo noLe
10. Concluslon
1. lnLroducuon
lease Lurn o moblle phones or ensure Lhey
are on sllenL mode. l wlll sLop Lhe
presenLauon and ask you Lo leave lf your
phone goes o!!
Speaker lnLroducuon/role.
1he Loplc
2. WhaL ls Lhe AC?
1he AssessmenL of rofesslonal CompeLence (AC) ls
Lhe pracucal Lralnlng and experlence whlch, when
comblned wlLh academlc quallcauons, leads Lo 8lCS

1he ob[ecuve of Lhe AC process ls Lo ensure you are
compeLenL Lo pracuce as a charLered surveyor.
uependlng on your rouLe Lo membershlp, Lhe AC
process Lyplcally conslsLs of:
A perlod of sLrucLured Lralnlng
A nal assessmenL lnLervlew
2. WhaL ls Lhe AC?
lor Lhose candldaLes needlng sLrucLured Lralnlng, Lhls wlll
Lyplcally conunue for a perlod of approxlmaLely of 24
monLhs durlng whlch you musL compleLe 400 days relevanL
pracucal experlence. 1hls may Lake longer, dependlng on
your progress.
1hls Lralnlng perlod ls prlmarlly compeLency based and
requlres you Lo demonsLraLe Lhe skllls and ablllues needed
Lo perform speclc Lasks or funcuons. 1he compeLencles
are based on amLudes and behavlours as well as skllls and
knowledge. 1he speclc compeLencles you musL
demonsLraLe depend on Lhe AC paLhway you follow.
2. WhaL ls Lhe AC?
?our cholce of paLhway wlll be deLermlned by your employmenL as
you can only demonsLraLe compeLence on Lhe basls of acLual work
experlence. ln addluon Lo achlevlng Lhe requlred level of
knowledge, skllls and behavlours seL ouL ln Lhe compeLencles, you
musL also demonsLraLe LhaL you:
Are a good ambassador for your professlon, 8lCS and your employer
Are aware of Lhe professlonal and commerclal lmpllcauons of your
undersLand your cllenLs' and employers' ob[ecuves
Pave an up-Lo-daLe and developlng knowledge of legal and Lechnlcal
mauers relevanL Lo Lhe work you do and Lhe law of Lhe reglon or
counLry ln whlch you pracuce
Pave Lhe condence Lo work unsupervlsed
2. WhaL ls Lhe AC? - aLhways and

1he 8lCS quallcauon covers many dlerenL
professlonal dlsclpllnes ln land, properLy and
consLrucuon. 8lCS has ldenued compeLencles
requlred for each of Lhese dlsclpllnes - known as
1here ls a gulde for each paLhway, whlch explalns
Lhe compeLencles ln deLall and ln conLexL - vlslL
lL ls essenual you refer Lo Lhe 8lCS Culdance
documenLs durlng your Lralnlng.
aLhway Culde
Assessment of Professional Competence
Quantity Surveying and
August 2014
8equlremenLs and CompeLencles
Assessment of Professional Competence
APC Requirements and
August 2014
2. WhaL ls Lhe AC? - aLhways and

A compeLency ls a sLaLemenL of Lhe capablllues requlred Lo perform a
speclc role. 8lCS compeLencles are dened aL Lhree levels.
Level 1 - knowledge and undersLandlng.
Level 2 - appllcauon of knowledge and undersLandlng.
Level 3 - reasoned advlce and depLh of knowledge.
Lach paLhway requlres Lhree Lypes of compeLency
mandaLory - personal, lnLerpersonal and buslness skllls common Lo all
core - compulsory and relaLe Lo Lhe prlmary skllls of Lhe chosen paLhway
opuonal - selecLed from Lhe llsL for Lhe chosen paLhway.
3. 8ouLes Lo Membershlp
8lCS recognlses comblnauons of
quallcauons, experlence and Lralnlng, whlch
form Lhe rouLes Lo membershlp. All Lhe rouLes
end wlLh a nal assessmenL lnLervlew.
1he followlng Lable ouLllnes Lhe baslc
requlremenLs for each rouLe.
Membership route Qualifications requirement Experience requirement Assessment
Graduate 1 RICS accredited degree None
24 months structured training
(12 months must be after graduating)
Written submissions
APC final assessment interview
Graduate 2 RICS accredited degree
5 years relevant experience
(pre-degree experience counts)
12 months structured training
(must be after graduating)
Written submissions
APC final assessment interview
Graduate 3 RICS accredited degree
10 years relevant experience
(pre-degree experience counts)
Written submissions
APC final assessment interview
Adaptation 1
Relevant degree
or RICS approved
+ 450 RICS study
hours from
accredited degree
10 years relevant experience
(pre-degree experience counts)
Written submissions
APC final assessment interview
Professional Experience
Degree (any subject)
or RICS approved professional
5 years relevant experience
(must be after graduating)
Written submissions
Preliminary assessment
APC final assessment interview
Senior Professional
Relevant degree
or RICS approved professional
5 or 10 years relevant experience
(dependent on level of qualifications)
(2 years must be after graduating)
+ senior industry experience
Written submissions
APC final assessment interview

4. 1he llnal Submlsslon
MosL rouLes Lo membershlp wlll requlre a nal wrluen submlsslons
demonsLraung Lo your assessmenL panel Lhe knowledge and
undersLandlng you have galned and Lhe compeLencles you have achleved
durlng your sLrucLured Lralnlng. 1he wrluen submlsslons comprlse:
,%("-. "/ $-"0-%** 1'. ("#$%&%'(%
A summary of your Lralnlng achlevemenLs LhaL you record over your
perlod of sLrucLured Lralnlng and experlence.
2-"/%**)"'13 .%4%3"$#%'& -%("-.
8ecords of Lhe 48 hours' professlonal developmenL you musL underLake
for each 12-monLh perlod of your sLrucLured Lralnlng
!-)5(13 1'136*)*
A 3000-word reporL of a pro[ecL or pro[ecLs LhaL you have been lnvolved ln
durlng your Lralnlng. ?our crlucal analysls musL explaln Lhe pro[ecL
processes followed and Lhe rauonale behlnd your declslon maklng.
3. re-vemng of 1he llnal Submlsslon
?our submlsslon wlll be pre-veued by Lhe 8lCS and Lhe
AssessmenL anel.
1he anel wlll revlew Lhe candldaLe's submlsslon and
advlse 8lCS lf Lhey would llke Lo go ahead wlLh Lhe
lnLervlew or noL.
lf Lhe panel declde noL wanL Lo progress wlLh Lhe
lnLervlew, Lhe chalrman wlLh Lhe supporL for Lhe co-
assessors wlll be requlred Lo compleLe a pre-veL
1hls reporL wlll be senL Lo Lhe candldaLe and Lhe
candldaLes counseller/supervlsor advlslng on why Lhe
submlsslon ls noL Lo Lhe requlred sLandard.
6. 1he llnal lnLervlew
lnLervlew anel usually conslsLs of a Chalrman
and Lwo Assessors (buL can by [usL 2 people).
Chalrman wlll manage Lhe lnLervlew,
lnLroduce you Lo Lhe panel and lnLroduce Lhe
panel Lo you.
SLrucLure of Lhe lnLervlew ls slmllar Lhe world
over and slmllar beLween paLhways.
6. 1he llnal lnLervlew - SLrucLure
lnLroducuon and guldence on Lhe presenLauon (4 mlnuLes)
CandldaLes resenLauon on Lhelr Crlucal Analysls (10
Cuesuons on Lhe Crlucal Analysls (10 mlnuLes spllL
beLween Lhe Lwo assessors)
Cuesuons on MandaLory, Core and Cpuonal CompeLencles
(23 mlnuLes spllL beLween Lhe Lwo assessors)
Chalrman's Cuesuons on Common CompeLencles,
rofesslonal racuce, 8ules of ConducL, LLhlcs (10 mlnuLes)
lnLervlew wlll Lhen be closed by Lhe Chalrman and Lhe
CandldaLe wlll be glven an opporLunlLy Lo clarlfy any of hls
answers (1 mlnuLe)
7. ass or 8eferral
llnal AssessmenL - Lwo parL process:
documenLauon and lnLervlew.
Assessors Lake a hollsuc approach Lo Lhe llnal
AparL from Lhe LLhlcs compeLency, candldaLes
are rarely referred on Lhe basls of one lLem.
1he lnLervlew anel wlll revlew Lhelr noLes and
reach a declslon on Lhe candldaLe.
1he declslon ls fully documenLed and kepL on
record by Lhe 8lCS.
8. 8eferral 8eporL
usually wrluen by Lhe Chalrman and approved
by Lhe oLher Lwo Assessors.
Alms Lo advlse Lhe CandldaLe where Lhey were
declenL ln Lhelr submlsslon, lnLervlew or
CandldaLe should address all Lhe lssues ln Lhe
reporL prlor Lo resubmlsslon.

Session 2 2013

Referral Report

Candidate Name:
Membership Number:
APC Pathway:
Route to membership:

The panel regrets to have to inform you that you have been referred.

The panel set out within the body of this report guidance to assist you with a future re-submission for assessment.

The APC is a holistic view (except for *Ethics) of your knowledge, practical experience, written submissions and
communication skills through a professional interview.

* If you fail to reach the required level of competence for Ethics, you will be referred

At your next assessment the deficient competencies outlined in this report must be signed off again by your
counsellor to show they believe that the deficiencies identified have been fully addressed.

You will need to record all your experience since referral, concentrating on the areas of deficiency highlighted.

Please note: if there is no comment in one area, this is because the panel will have assessed you as
satisfactory and therefore no reason to make any comment.


Critical Analysis

No title provided

Submit another 3,000 word critical analysis on another project; or
Re-submit the critical analysis from this assessment suitably up-dated or amended

Presentation and interview

Mandatory Competencies

Competency name
and reference


Level the
assessor panel
consider you
have achieved

Reasons for referral

Technical Competencies

Competency name and
reference number


Level the
you have

Reasons for referral

Professional Development

Conduct rules, ethics and professional practice


Next Application Date

The panel advises that you should not apply for re assessment until Session x in 201x

The panel hope that you will find the above comments constructive and helpful.

Kind regards

9. CCMMCn 8LASCnS lC8 8LlL88AL
1. noL 8eferrlng Lo AC Source
AC guldes and LemplaLes
aLhway guldes
WebslLe lnformauon
Correspondence from Lhe Lducauon
2. oorly resenLed uocumenLauon
Cverall sLandard of presenLauon
3. Weak Crlucal Analysls
very lmporLanL componenL ln Lhe llnal
AssessmenL process - Lakes up 1/3 of Lhe
lnLervlew (20 mlnuLes)
1he one area of Lhe lnLervlew over whlch you
have conLrol
lmporLanL Lo Lake a careful, planned and well-
LhoughL approach Lo Lhe Crlucal Analysls
when preparlng documenLauon
3. Weak Crlucal Analysls
1he ob[ecuves and requlremenLs of Lhe
Crlucal Analysls are seL ouL ln Lhe CandldaLes
Assessors complaln LhaL ln many cases Lhe
Crlucal Analysls ls oen a bland narrauve, and
provldes no crlucal appralsal of Lhe
candldaLe's role on Lhe pro[ecL/s
Many candldaLe pass llnal AssessmenL ln splLe
of buL noL because of Lhelr Crlucal Analysls
3. Weak Crlucal Analysls
Crlucal Analysls musL provlde a crlucal
appralsal of Lhe pro[ecL LogeLher wlLh an
ouLllne of your learnlng ouLcomes.
rovldes evldence of Lhe compeLencles LhaL
you have achleved - mandaLory and Lechnlcal
- relevanL Lo your AC paLhway
MusL lnclude key lssues, Cpuons, roposed
Soluuons, Concluslon and Analysls of
Lxperlence Calned
3. Weak Crlucal Analysls
Assessors wlll use Lhe Crlucal Analysls as a
sLarung polnL Lo quesuon beyond whaL you
acLually dld, problng your undersLandlng of
Lhe wlder lssues.
?ou wlll need Lo Lhlnk abouL Lhese whlle you
are preparlng and wrlung Lhe Crlucal Analysls.
locus on mauers LhaL crossed Lhe whole
4. Lack of reparauon
8ehearsal of presenLauon
Mock lnLervlews
3. lnadequaLe re-Cuallcauon
SLrucLured Learnlng
Assessors looklng for evldence LhaL a
candldaLe has Laken a well LhoughL ouL,
planned approach Lo galnlng meanlngful
sLrucLured learnlng
CSL acuvlues can lnclude: lecLures,
workshops and semlnars, ln-house Lralnlng,
slLe vlslLs, self-dlrecLed readlng and research,
posLgraduaLe sLudy - and even volunLary work
3. lnadequaLe re-Cuallcauon
SLrucLured Learnlng
CSL musL be llnked Lo mandaLory and Lechnlcal
CSL musL be galned across a range of medla,
and Lhe 8ecord of CSL musL noL over-rely on
parucular forms of aualnmenL - eg, readlng of
perlodlcals, slLe vlslLs.
lncreaslngly menuoned ln referral reporLs.
CSL should be regarded as an opporLunlLy Lo
supporL your work and Lhe aualnmenL of AC
compeLency levels.
6. CompeLencles
1he ob[ecuve of Lhe llnal AssessmenL ls Lo
conrm LhaL you have achleved Lhe
compeLencles of your chosen AC paLhway:
logbook, record of progress, CSL 8ecord and
Crlucal Analysls.
lmporLanL LhaL you fully undersLand Lhe
compeLencles of your paLhway, Lhe levels Lo
whlch Lhey are seL, and how you wlll
demonsLraLe Lhls ln Lhe documenLauon and aL
llnal AssessmenL lnLervlew.
6. CompeLencles - Core
lor many AC paLhways, Lhere ls a seL llsL of
core compeLencles and no elemenL of cholce.
Core compeLencles - Lechnlcal skllls LhaL Lhe
professlonal group deems essenual ln order
for a candldaLe Lo become CharLered ln LhaL
area of speclallsm
Many candldaLes presenL for llnal AssessmenL
wlLhouL havlng aualned Lhelr core
compeLencles Lo Lhe requlred levels
6. CompeLencles - Cpuonal
LlemenL of cholce - buL lmporLanL Lo choose
7. Lack of Lxperlence
MosL perunenL Lo Lhose underLaklng CraduaLe
8ouLe 1 - 24 monLh AC.
1hls ls a mlnlmum ume requlremenL - ulumaLely
you musL have aualned Lhe compeLencles of your
paLhway Lo Lhe requlred levels.
A [udgmenL LhaL musL be made beLween Lhe
candldaLe and Lhe counselor.
1he counselor can only slgn you o for llnal
AssessmenL lf Lhey are saused you have
achleved Lhe compeLencles.
8. LLhlcs
Appearlng more and more ln referral reporLs.
lallure Lo demonsLraLe an awareness of and
wllllngness Lo acL ln accordance wlLh Lhe 8lCS code of
conducL wlll resulL auLomaucally ln a referral.
SLand-alone quesuons by Lhe Chalrman aL Lhe end of
Lhe lnLervlew.
Powever, panel wlll be mlndful when readlng Lhe
documenLauon and llsLenlng Lo your answers
LhroughouL Lhe lnLervlew of lndlcauons LhaL you are
aware of Lhe eLhlcal lmpllcauons of your work and Lhe
requlremenLs of Lhe SocleLy.
8. LLhlcs
8ehavlour aL lnLervlew also falls under Lhe
headlng of eLhlcs, as you should behave ln a
manner LhaL ls approprlaLe of a CharLered
- 8ad language
- ConfronLauonal manner

9. noL lollowlng Advlce/lnsLrucuons
ConLalned ln Lhe 8eferral 8eporL
8eferred CandldaLes musL read, undersLand
and acL upon Lhe lnformauon conLalned ln Lhe
referral reporLs.
SubsequenL assessmenL panel wlll be seeklng
Lo conrm LhaL all hlghllghLed lssues have
been addressed.
MosL common reason for a candldaLe Lo be
referred a second ume or more.

10. olnLs Lo noLe
noL a compeuuon
1echnlcal lnLervlew
repare sample experlence ln respecL of each
uon'L waMe!

1hanks for Lhe opporLunlLy of presenung a Cu on Lhls
l hope lL beneLs Lhose of you who are lnLendlng Lo go
forward for Lhe AC.
llnally lf you have any quesuons on Lhls presenLauon, l
would be happy Lo Lry and answer Lhem now.
no quesuons on Lhe Lype of quesuons we ask, Lhls ls
largely dependenL on Lhe CandldaLes submlsslon!
1here ls no sLandard llsL of quesuons.