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9262 ]
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:
SECTION 1. Short Title.- This Act shall be known as the Anti-Violence Against Women an Their
Chilren Act o! "##$%.
SEC. ". &eclaration o! 'olic(.- It is hereb( eclare that the State )al*es the ignit( o! women an
chilren an g*arantees !*ll res+ect !or h*man rights. The State also recogni,es the nee to +rotect
the !amil( an its members +artic*larl( women an chilren- !rom )iolence an threats to their
+ersonal sa!et( an sec*rit(.
Towars this en- the State shall e.ert e!!orts to aress )iolence committe against women an
chilren in kee+ing with the !*namental !reeoms g*arantee *ner the Constit*tion an the
'ro)isions o! the /ni)ersal &eclaration o! 0*man 1ights- the con)ention on the Elimination o! all !orms
o! iscrimination Against Women- Con)ention on the 1ights o! the Chil an other international h*man
rights instr*ments o! which the 'hili++ines is a +art(.
SEC. 2. &e!inition o! Terms.- As *se in this Act- 3a4 Violence against women an their chilren5
re!ers to an( act or a series o! acts committe b( an( +erson against a woman who is his wi!e- !ormer
wi!e- or against a woman with whom the +erson has or ha a se.*al or ating relationshi+- or with
whom he has a common chil- or against her chil whether legitimate or illegitimate- within or witho*t
the !amil( aboe- which res*lt in or is likel( to res*lt in +h(sical- se.*al- +s(chological harm or
s*!!ering- or economic ab*se incl*ing threats o! s*ch acts- batter(- assa*lt- coercion- harrasment or
arbitrar( e+ri)ation o! libert(. It incl*es- b*t is not limite to- the !ollowing acts6
1. 'h(sical Violence5 re!ers to acts that incl*e boil( or +h(sical harm7
". Se.*al )iolence5 re!ers to an act which is se.*al in nat*re- committe
against a woman or her chil. It incl*es- b*t is not limite to6
1. ra+- se.*al harassment- acts o! lasci)io*sness- treating a woman
or her chil as a se. ob8ect- making emeaning an se.*all(
s*ggesti)e remarks- +h(sicall( attacking the se.*al +arts o! the
)ictim9s bo(- !orcing her:him to watch obscene +*blications an
inecent shows or !orcing the woman or her chil to o inecent acts
an:or make !ilms thereo!- !orcing the wi!e an mistress:lo)er to li)e in
the con8*gal home or slee+ together in the same room with the
". acts ca*sing or attem+ting to ca*se the )ictim to engage in an(
se.*al acti)it( b( !orce- threat o! !orce- +h(sical or other harm or
threat o! +h(sical or other harm or coercion7
2. 'rostit*ting the woman or chil.
2. 's(chological )iolence5 re!ers to acts or omissions ca*sing or likel( to ca*se
mental or emotional s*!!ering o! the )ictim s*ch as b*t not limite to
intimiation- harassment- stalking- amage to +ro+ert(- +*blic riic*le or
h*miliation- re+eate )erbal ab*se an mental in!ielit(. It incl*es ca*sing or
allowing the )ictim to witness the +h(sical- se.*al or +s(chological ab*se o! a
member o! the !amil( to which the )ictim belongs- or to witness +ornogra+h( in
an( !orm or to witness ab*si)e in8*r( to +ets or to *nlaw!*l or *nwante
e+ri)ation o! the right to c*sto( an:or )isitation o! common chilren.
$. Economic ab*se5 re!ers to acts that make or attem+t to make a woman
!inanciall( e+enent which incl*es- b*t is not limite to the !ollowing6
1. withrawal o! !inancial s*++ort or +re)enting the
)ictim !rom engaging in an( legitimate +ro!ession-
occ*+ation- b*siness or acti)it(- e.ce+t in cases wherein the
other s+o*se:+artner ob8ects on )ali- serio*s an moral
gro*ns as e!ine in Article ;2 o! the <amil( Coe7
". e+ri)ation or threat o! e+ri)ation o! !inancial
reso*rces an the right to the *se an en8o(ment o! the
con8*gal- comm*nit( or +ro+ert( owne in common7
2. estro(ing ho*sehol +ro+ert(7
$. controlling the )ictims9 own mone( or +ro+erties or
solel( controlling the con8*gal mone( or +ro+erties.
3b4 =atter(5 re!ers to an act o! in!licting +h(sical harm *+on the woman or her chil res*lting to the
+h(sical an +s(chological or emotional istress.
3c4 =attere Woman S(nrome5 re!ers to a scienti!icall( e!ine +attern o! +s(chological an
beha)ioral s(m+toms !o*n in women li)ing in battering relationshi+s as a res*lt o! c*m*lati)e ab*se.
34 Stalking5 re!ers to an intentional act committe b( a +erson who- knowingl( an witho*t law!*l
8*sti!ication !ollows the woman or her chil or +laces the woman or her chil *ner s*r)eillance
irectl( or inirectl( or a combination thereo!.
3e4 &ating relationshi+5 re!ers to a sit*ation wherein the +arties li)e as h*sban an wi!e witho*t the
bene!it o! marriage or are romanticall( in)ol)e o)er time an on a contin*ing basis *ring the co*rse
o! the relationshi+. A cas*al ac>*aintance or orinar( sociali,ation between two ini)i*als in a
b*siness or social conte.t is not a ating relationshi+.
3!4 Se.*al relations5 re!ers to a single se.*al act which ma( or ma( not res*lt in the bearing o! a
common chil.
3g4 Sa!e +lace or shelter5 re!ers to an( home or instit*tion maintaine or manage b( the
&e+artment o! Social Wel!are an &e)elo+ment 3&SW&4 or b( an( other agenc( or )ol*ntar(
organi,ation accreite b( the &SW& !or the +*r+oses o! this Act or an( other s*itable +lace the
resient o! which is willing tem+oraril( to recei)e the )ictim.
3h4 Chilren5 re!ers to those below eighteen 31?4 (ears o! age or oler b*t are inca+able o! taking
care o! themsel)es as e!ine *ner 1e+*blic Act No. ;@1#. As *se in this Act- it incl*es the
biological chilren o! the )ictim an other chilren *ner her care.
SEC. $. Constr*ction.- This Act shall be liberall( constr*e to +romote the +rotection an sa!et( o!
)ictims o! )iolence against women an their chilren.
SEC. A. Acts o! Violence Against Women an Their Chilren.- The crime o! )iolence against women an
their chilren is committe thro*gh an( o! the !ollowing acts6
1. Ca*sing +h(sical harm to the woman or her chil7
". Threatening to ca*se the woman or her chil +h(sical harm7
2. Attem+ting to ca*se the woman or her chil +h(sical harm7
$. 'lacing the woman or her chil in !ear o! imminent +h(sical harm7
A. Attem+ting to com+el or com+elling the woman or her chil to engage in
con*ct which the woman or her chil has the right to esist !rom or esist !rom
con*ct which the woman or her chil has the right to engage in- or attem+ting
to restrict or restricting the woman9s or her chil9s !reeom o! mo)ement or
con*ct b( !orce or threat o! !orce- +h(sical or other harm or threat o! +h(sical or
other harm- or intimiation irecte against the woman or chil. This shall
incl*e- b*t not limite to- the !ollowing acts committe with the +*r+ose or
e!!ect o! controlling or restricting the woman9s or her chil9s mo)ement or
1. Threatening to e+ri)e or act*all( e+ri)ing the woman or her
chil o! c*sto( to her:his !amil(7
". &e+ri)ing or threatening to e+ri)e the woman or her chilren o!
!inancial s*++ort legall( *e her or her !amil(- or eliberatel( +ro)iing
the woman9s chilren ins*!!icient !inancial s*++ort7
2. &e+ri)ing or threatening to e+ri)e the woman or her chil o! a
legal right7
$. 're)enting the woman in engaging in an( legitimate +ro!ession-
occ*+ation- b*siness or acti)it( or controlling the )ictim9s own mon$e(
or +ro+erties- or solel( controlling the con8*gal or common mone(- or
@. In!licting or threatening to in!lict +h(sical harm on onesel! !or the +*r+ose o!
controlling her actions or ecisions7
;. Ca*sing or attem+ting to ca*se the woman or her chil to engage in an(
se.*al acti)it( which oes not constit*te ra+e- b( !orce or threat o! !orce-
+h(sical harm- or thro*gh intimiation irecte against the woman or her chil or
her:his immeiate !amil(7
?. Engaging in +*r+ose!*l- knowing- or reckless con*ct- +ersonall( or thro*gh
another- that alarms or ca*ses s*bstantial emotional or +s(chological istress to
the woman or her chil. This shall incl*e- b*t not be limite to- the !ollowing
1. Stalking or !ollowing the woman or her chil in +*blic or +ri)ate
". 'eering in the winow or lingering o*tsie the resience o! the
woman or her chil7
2. Entering or remaining in the welling or on the +ro+ert( o! the
woman or her chil against her:his will7
$. &estro(ing the +ro+ert( an +ersonal belongingness or in!licting
harm to animals or +ets o! the woman or her chil7 an
A. Engaging in an( !orm o! harassment or )iolence7
B. Ca*sing mental or emotional ang*ish- +*blic riic*le or h*miliation to the
woman or her chil- incl*ing- b*t not limite to- re+eate )erbal an emotional
ab*se- an enial o! !inancial s*++ort or c*sto( o! minor chilren o! access to
the woman9s chil:chilren.
SEC. @. 'enalties.- The crime o! )iolence against women an their chilren- *ner Section A hereo!
shall be +*nishe accoring to the !ollowing r*les6
1. Acts !alling *ner Section A3a4 constit*ting attem+te- !r*strate or cons*mmate
+arricie or m*rer or homicie shall be +*nishe in accorance with the +ro)isions o! the
1e)ise 'enal Coe.
I! these acts res*lte in m*tilation- it shall be +*nishable in accorance with the 1e)ise 'enal Coe7
those constit*ting serio*s +h(sical in8*ries shall ha)e the +enalt( o! +rison ma(or7 those constit*ting
less serio*s +h(sical in8*ries shall be +*nishe b( +rision correccional7 an those constit*ting slight
+h(sical in8*ries shall be +*nishe b( arresto ma(or.
Acts !alling *ner Section A3b4 shall be +*nishe b( im+risonment o! two egrees lower than the
+rescribe +enalt( !or the cons*mmate crime as s+eci!ie in the +receing +aragra+h b*t shall in no
case be lower than arresto ma(or.
1. Acts !alling *ner Section A3c4 an A34 shall be +*nishe b( arresto ma(or7
". Acts !alling *ner Section A3e4 shall be +*nishe b( +rision correccional7
2. Acts !alling *ner Section A3!4 shall be +*nishe b( arresto ma(or7
$. Acts !alling *ner Section A3g4 shall be +*nishe b( +rision ma(or7
A. Acts !alling *ner Section A3h4 an Section A3i4 shall be +*nishe b( +rision ma(or.
I! the acts are committe while the woman or chil is +regnant or committe in the +resence o! her
chil- the +enalt( to be a++lie shall be the*m +erio o! +enalt( +rescribe in the section.
In aition to im+risonment- the +er+etrator shall 3a4 +a( a !ine in the amo*nt o! not less than One
h*nre tho*san +esos 3'1##-###.##4 b*t not more than three h*nre tho*san +esos
32##-###.##47 3b4 *nergo manator( +s(chological co*nseling or +s(chiatric treatment an shall
re+ort com+liance to the co*rt.
SEC. ;. Ven*e.- The 1egional Trial Co*rt esignate as a <amil( Co*rt shall ha)e original an*si)e
8*risiction o)er cases o! )iolence against women an their chilren *ner this law. In the absence o!
s*ch co*rt in the +lace where the o!!ense was committe- the case shall be !ile in the 1egional Trial
Co*rt where the crime or an( o! its elements was committe at the o+tion o! the com+liant.
SEC. ?. 'rotection Orers.- A +rotection orer is an orer iss*e *ner this act !or the +*r+ose o!
+re)enting !*rther acts o! )iolence against a woman or her chil s+eci!ie in Section A o! this Act an
granting other necessar( relie!. The relie! grante *ner a +rotection orer ser)e the +*r+ose o!
sa!eg*aring the )ictim !rom !*rther harm- minimi,ing an( isr*+tion in the )ictim9s ail( li!e- an
!acilitating the o++ort*nit( an abilit( o! the )ictim to ine+enentl( regain control o)er her li!e. The
+ro)isions o! the +rotection orer shall be en!orce b( law en!orcement agencies. The +rotection
orers that ma( be iss*e *ner this Act are the baranga( +rotection orer 3='O4- tem+orar(
+rotection orer 3T'O4 an +ermanent +rotection orer 3''O4. The +rotection orers that ma( be
iss*e *ner this Act shall incl*e an(- some or all o! the !ollowing relie!s6
1. 'rohibition o! the res+onent !rom threatening to commit or committing- +ersonall( or
thro*gh another- an( o! the acts mentione in Section A o! this Act7
". 'rohibition o! the res+onent !rom harassing- anno(ing- tele+honing- contacting or
otherwise comm*nicating with the +etitioner- irectl( or inirectl(7
2. 1emo)al an*sion o! the res+onent !rom the resience o! the +etitioner- regarless
o! ownershi+ o! the resience- either tem+oraril( !or the +*r+ose o! +rotecting the
+etitioner- or +ermanentl( where no +ro+ert( rights are )iolate- an i! res+onent m*st
remo)e +ersonal e!!ects !rom the resience- the co*rt shall irect a law en!orcement agent
to accom+an( the res+onent has gathere his things an escort res+onent !rom the
$. &irecting the res+onent to sta( awa( !rom +etitioner an esignate !amil( or ho*sehol
member at a istance s+eci!ie b( the co*rt- an to sta( awa( !rom the resience- school-
+lace o! em+lo(ment- or an( s+eci!ie +lace !re>*ente b( the +etitioner an an(
esignate !amil( or ho*sehol member7
A. &irecting law!*l +ossession an *se b( +etitioner o! an a*tomobile an other essential
+ersonal e!!ects- regarless o! ownershi+- an irecting the a++ro+riate law en!orcement
o!!icer to accom+an( the +etitioner to the resience o! the +arties to ens*re that the
+etitioner is sa!el( restore to the +ossession o! the a*tomobile an other essential
+ersonal e!!ects- or to s*+er)ise the +etitioner9s or res+onent9s remo)al o! +ersonal
@. Cranting a tem+orar( or +ermanent c*sto( o! a chil:chilren to the +etitioner7
Directing the respondent to provide support to the woman and/or her child if entitled to legal support
!otwithstanding other laws to the contrary" the court shall order an appropriate percentage of the
income or salary of the respondent to be withheld regularly by the respondent#s employer for the
same to be automatically remitted directly to the woman $ailure to remit and/or withhold or any
delay in the remittance of support to the woman and/or her child without %ustifiable cause shall render
the respondent or his employer liable for indirect contempt of court&
1. 'rohibition o! the res+onent !rom an( *se or +ossession o! an( !irearm or eal( wea+on
an orer him to s*rrener the same to the co*rt !or a++ro+riate is+osition b( the co*rt-
incl*ing re)ocation o! license an is>*ali!ication to a++l( !or an( license to *se or +ossess
a !irearm. I! the o!!ener is a law en!orcement agent- the co*rt shall orer the o!!ener to
s*rrener his !irearm an shall irect the a++ro+riate a*thorit( to in)estigate on the
o!!ener an take a++ro+riate action on matter7
". 1estit*tion !or act*al amages ca*se b( the )iolence in!licte- incl*ing- b*t not limite
to- +ro+ert( amage- meical e.+enses- chilcare e.+enses an loss o! income7
2. &irecting the &SW& or an( a++ro+riate agenc( to +ro)ie +etitioner ma( nee7 an
$. 'ro)ision o! s*ch other !orms o! relie! as the co*rt eems necessar( to +rotect an
+ro)ie !or the sa!et( o! the +etitioner an an( esignate !amil( or ho*sehol member-
+ro)ie +etitioner an an( esignate !amil( or ho*sehol member consents to s*ch relie!.
An( o! the relie!s +ro)ie *ner this section shall be grante e)en in the absence o! a ecree o! legal
se+aration or ann*lment or eclaration o! absol*te n*llit( o! marriage.
The iss*ance o! a ='O or the +enenc( o! an a++lication !or ='O shall not +recl*e a +etitioner !rom
a++l(ing !or- or the co*rt !rom granting a T'O or ''O.
SEC. B. Who ma( !ile 'etition !or 'rotection Orers. D A +etition !or +rotection orer ma( be !ile b(
an( o! the !ollowing6
1. the o!!ene +art(7
". +arents or g*arians o! the o!!ene +art(7
2. ascenants- escenants or collateral relati)es within the !o*rth ci)il egree o!
consang*init( or a!!init(7
$. o!!icers or social workers o! the &SW& or social workers o! local go)ernment *nits 3EC/s47
A. +olice o!!icers- +re!erabl( those in charge o! women an chilren9s esks7
@. '*nong =aranga( or =aranga( Fagawa7
;. law(er- co*nselor- thera+ist or healthcare +ro)ier o! the +etitioner7
?. At least two 3"4 concerne res+onsible citi,ens o! the cit( or m*nici+alit( where the
)iolence against women an their chilren occ*rre an who has +ersonal knowlege o! the
o!!ense committe.
SEC. 1#. Where to A++l( !or a 'rotection Orer. D A++lications !or ='Os shall !ollow the r*les on )en*e
*ner Section $#B o! the Eocal Co)ernment Coe o! 1BB1 an its im+lementing r*les an reg*lations.
An a++lication !or a T'O or ''O ma( be !ile in the regional trial co*rt- metro+olitan trial co*rt-
m*nici+al trial co*rt- m*nici+al circ*it trial co*rt with territorial 8*risiction o)er the +lace o! resience
o! the +etitioner6 'ro)ie- howe)er- That i! a !amil( co*rt e.ists in the +lace o! resience o! the
+etitioner- the a++lication shall be !ile with that co*rt.
SEC. 11. 0ow to A++l( !or a 'rotection Orer. D The a++lication !or a +rotection orer m*st be in
writing- signe an )eri!ie *ner oath b( the a++licant. It ma( be !ile as an ine+enent action or as
inciental relie! in an( ci)il or criminal case the s*b8ect matter or iss*es thereo! +artakes o! a )iolence
as escribe in this Act. A stanar +rotection orer a++lication !orm- written in English with
translation to the ma8or local lang*ages- shall be mae a)ailable to !acilitate a++lications !or
+rotections orer- an shall contain- among other- the !ollowing in!ormation6
1. names an aresses o! +etitioner an res+onent7
". escri+tion o! relationshi+s between +etitioner an res+onent7
2. a statement o! the circ*mstances o! the ab*se7
$. escri+tion o! the relie!s re>*este b( +etitioner as s+eci!ie in Section ?
A. re>*est !or co*nsel an reasons !or s*ch7
@. re>*est !or wai)er o! a++lication !ees *ntil hearing7 an
;. an attestation that there is no +ening a++lication !or a +rotection orer in
another co*rt.
I! the a++licants is not the )ictim- the a++lication m*st be accom+anie b( an a!!ia)it o! the a++licant
attesting to 3a4 the circ*mstances o! the ab*se s*!!ere b( the )ictim an 3b4 the circ*mstances o!
consent gi)en b( the )ictim !or the !illing o! the a++lication. When isclos*re o! the aress o! the
)ictim will +ose anger to her li!e- it shall be so state in the a++lication. In s*ch a case- the a++licant
shall attest that the )ictim is resiing in the m*nici+alit( or cit( o)er which co*rt has territorial
8*risiction- an shall +ro)ie a mailing aress !or +*r+ose o! ser)ice +rocessing.
An a++lication !or +rotection orer !ile with a co*rt shall be consiere an a++lication !or both a T'O
an ''O.
=aranga( o!!icials an co*rt +ersonnel shall assist a++licants in the +re+aration o! the a++lication. Eaw
en!orcement agents shall also e.ten assistance in the a++lication !or +rotection orers in cases
bro*ght to their attention.
SEC. 1". En!orceabilit( o! 'rotection Orers. D All T'Os an ''Os iss*e *ner this Act shall be
en!orceable an(where in the 'hili++ines an a )iolation thereo! shall be +*nishable with a !ine ranging
!rom <i)e Tho*san 'esos 3'A-###.##4 to <i!t( Tho*san 'esos 3'A#-###.##4 an:or im+risonment o!
si. 3@4 months.
SEC. 12. Eegal 1e+resentation o! 'etitioners !or 'rotection Orer. D I! the woman or her chil re>*ests
in the a++lications !or a +rotection orer !or the a++ointment o! co*nsel beca*se o! lack o! economic
means to hire a co*nsel e +arte- the co*rt shall immeiatel( irect the '*blic Attorne(9s O!!ice 3'AO4
to re+resent the +etitioner in the hearing on the a++lication. I! the 'AO etermines that the a++licant
can a!!or to hire the ser)ices o! a co*nsel e +arte- it shall !acilitate the legal re+resentation o! the
+etitioner b( a co*nsel e +arte. The lack o! access to !amil( or con8*gal reso*rces b( the a++licant-
s*ch as when the same are controlle b( the +er+etrator- shall >*ali!( the +etitioner to legal
re+resentation b( the 'AO.
0owe)er- a +ri)ate co*nsel o!!ering !ree legal ser)ice is not barre !rom re+resenting the +etitioner.
SEC. 1$. Barangay Protection 'rders (BP's)& *ho +ay ,ssue and How - =aranga( 'rotection Orers
3='Os4 re!er to the +rotection orer iss*e b( the Punong Barangayorering the +er+etrator to esist
!rom committing acts *ner Section A 3a4 an 3b4 o! this Act. A Punong Barangay who recei)es
a++lications !or a ='O shall iss*e the +rotection orer to the a++licant on the ate o! !iling a!ter e.
parte etermination o! the basis o! the a++lication. I! the Punong Barangay is *na)ailable to act on the
a++lication !or a ='O- the a++lication shall be acte *+on b( an( a)ailable Barangay /agawad I! the
='O is iss*e b( a Barangay /agawad the orer m*st be accom+anie b( an attestation b(
the Barangay /agawad that the Punong Barangaywas *na)ailable at the time !or the iss*ance o! the
='O. ='Os shall be e!!ecti)e !or !i!teen 31A4 a(s. Immeiatel( a!ter the iss*ance o! an e. parte ='O-
the Punong Barangay or Barangay /agawad shall +ersonall( ser)e a co+( o! the same on the
res+onent- or irect an( baranga( o!!icial to e!!ect is +ersonal ser)ice.
The +arties ma( be accom+anie b( a non-law(er a)ocate in an( +roceeing be!ore the Punong
SEC. 1A. 0emporary Protection 'rders - Tem+orar( 'rotection Orers 3T'Os4 re!ers to the +rotection
orer iss*e b( the co*rt on the ate o! !iling o! the a++lication a!tere. parte etermination that s*ch
orer sho*l be iss*e. A co*rt ma( grant in a T'O an(- some or all o! the relie!s mentione in this Act
an shall be e!!ecti)e !or thirt( 32#4 a(s. The co*rt shall sche*le a hearing on the iss*ance o! a ''O
+rior to or on the ate o! the e.+iration o! the T'O. The co*rt shall orer the immeiate +ersonal
ser)ice o! the T'O on the res+onent b( the co*rt sheri!! who ma( obtain the assistance o! law
en!orcement agents !or the ser)ice. The T'O shall incl*e notice o! the ate o! the hearing on the
merits o! the iss*ance o! a ''O.
SEC. 1@. 'ermanent 'rotection Orers. D 'ermanent 'rotection Orer 3''O4 re!ers to +rotection orer
iss*e b( the co*rt a!ter notice an hearing.
Respondents non1appearance despite proper notice" or his lac2 of a lawyer" or the non1availability of
his lawyer shall not be a ground for rescheduling or postponing the hearing on the merits of the
issuance of a PP' ,f the respondents appears without counsel on the date of the hearing on the PP'"
the court shall appoint a lawyer for the respondent and immediately proceed with the hearing ,n case
the respondent fails to appear despite proper notice" the court shall allow e. parte presentation of the
evidence by the applicant and render %udgment on the basis of the evidence presented 0he court
shall allow the introduction of any history of abusive conduct of a respondent even if the same was
not directed against the applicant or the person for whom the applicant is made
The co*rt shall- to the e.tent +ossible- con*ct the hearing on the merits o! the iss*ance o! a ''O in
one 314 a(. Where the co*rt is *nable to con*ct the hearing within one 314 a( an the T'O iss*e
is *e to e.+ire- the co*rt shall contin*o*sl( e.ten or renew the T'O !or a +erio o! thirt( 32#4 a(s
at each +artic*lar time *ntil !inal 8*gment is iss*e. The e.tene or renewe T'O ma( be moi!ie
b( the co*rt as ma( be necessar( or a++licable to aress the nees o! the a++licant.
The co*rt ma( grant an(- some or all o! the relie!s s+eci!ie in Section ? hereo! in a ''O. A ''O shall
be e!!ecti)e *ntil re)oke b( a co*rt *+on a++lication o! the +erson in whose !a)or the orer was
iss*e. The co*rt shall ens*re immeiate +ersonal ser)ice o! the ''O on res+onent.
The co*rt shall not en( the iss*ance o! +rotection orer on the basis o! the la+se o! time between the
act o! )iolence an the !iling o! the a++lication. Regardless of the conviction or ac3uittal of the
respondent" the Court must determine whether or not the PP' shall become final 4ven in a dismissal"
a PP' shall be granted as long as there is no clear showing that the act from which the order might
arise did not
Sec. 1;. !otice of Sanction in Protection 'rders. D The !ollowing statement m*st be +rinte in bol-
!ace t(+e or in ca+ital letters on the +rotection orer iss*e b( thePunong Barangay or co*rt6
Violation o! this orer is +*nishable b( law.5
Sec. 1?. +andatory Period $or 5cting on 5pplications $or Protection 'rders D <ail*re to act on an
a++lication !or a +rotection orer within the reglementar( +erio s+eci!ie in the +re)io*s section
witho*t 8*sti!iable ca*se shall rener the o!!icial or 8*ge aministrati)el( liable.
Sec 1B. 6egal Separation Cases. D In cases o! legal se+aration- where )iolence as s+eci!ie in this Act
is allege- Article A? o! the <amil( Coe shall not a++l(. The co*rt shall +rocee on the main case an
other incients o! the case as soon as +ossible. The hearing on an( a++lication !or a +rotection orer
!ile b( the +etitioner m*st be con*cte within the manator( +erio s+eci!ie in this Act.
Sec. "#. Priority of 5pplication for a Protection 'rder D E. +arte an a)ersarial hearings to
etermine the basis o! a++lications !or a +rotection orer *ner this Act shall ha)e +riorit( o)er all
other +roceeings. =aranga( o!!icials an the co*rts shall sche*le an con*ct hearings on
a++lications !or a +rotection orer *ner this Act abo)e all other b*siness an- i! necessar(- s*s+en
other +roceeings in orer to hear a++lications !or a +rotection orer.
Sec. "1. 7iolation of Protection 'rders. D A com+laint !or a )iolation o! a ='O iss*e *ner this Act
m*st be !ile irectl( with an( m*nici+al trial co*rt- metro+olitan trial co*rt- or m*nici+al circ*it trial
co*rt that has territorial 8*risiction o)er the baranga( that iss*e the ='O. Violation o! a ='O shall be
+*nishable b( im+risonment o! thirt( 32#4 a(s witho*t +re8*ice to an( other criminal or ci)il action
that the o!!ene +art( ma( !ile !or an( o! the acts committe.
A 8*gement o! )iolation o! a ='O ma be a++eale accoring to the 1*les o! Co*rt. &*ring trial an
*+on 8*gment- the trial co*rt ma( mot* +ro+rio iss*e a +rotection orer as it eems necessar(
witho*t nee o! an a++lication.
Violation o! an( +ro)ision o! a T'O or ''O iss*e *ner this Act shall constit*te contem+t o! co*rt
+*nishable *ner 1*le ;1 o! the 1*les o! Co*rt- witho*t +re8*ice to an( other criminal or ci)il action
that the o!!ene +art( ma( !ile !or an( o! the acts committe.
Sec. "". 5pplicability of Protection 'rders to Criminal Cases D The !oregoing +ro)isions on +rotection
orers shall be a++licable in im+liel( instit*te with the criminal actions in)ol)ing )iolence against
women an their chilren.
Sec. "2. Bond to /eep the Peace. D The Co*rt ma( orer an( +erson against whom a +rotection orer
is iss*e to gi)e a bon to kee+ the +eace- to +resent two s*!!icient s*reties who shall *nertake that
s*ch +erson will not commit the )iolence so*ght to be +re)ente.
Sho*l the res+onent !ail to gi)e the bon as re>*ire- he shall be etaine !or a +erio which shall
in no case e.cee si. 3@4 months- i! he shall ha)e been +rosec*te !or acts +*nishable *ner Section
A3a4 to A3!4 an not e.ceeing thirt( 32#4 a(s- i! !or acts +*nishable *ner Section A3g4 to A3I4.
The +rotection orers re!erre to in this section are the T'Os an the ''Os iss*e onl( b( the co*rts.
Sect. "$. Prescription Period D Acts !alling *ner Sections A3a4 to A3!4 shall +rescribe in twent( 3"#4
(ears. Acts !alling *ner Sections A3g4 to A3I4 shall +rescribe in ten 31#4 (ears.
Sec. "A. Public Crime. D Violence against women an their chilren shall be consiere a +*blic
o!!ense which ma( be +rosec*te *+on the !iling o! a com+laint b( an( citi,en ha)ing +ersonal
knowlege o! the circ*mstances in)ol)ing the commission o! the crime.
Sec. "@. Battered *oman Syndrome as a Defense. D Victim-s*r)i)ors who are !o*n b( the co*rts to
be s*!!ering !rom battere woman s(nrome o not inc*re an( criminal an ci)il liabilit(
notwithstaning the absence o! an( o! the elements !or 8*sti!(ing circ*mstances o! sel!-e!ense *ner
the 1e)ise 'enal Coe.
In the etermination o! the state o! min o! the woman who was s*!!ering !rom battere woman
s(nrome at the time o! the commission o! the crime- the co*rts shall be assiste b( e.+ert
+s(chiatrists: +s(chologists.
Sec. ";. Prohibited Defense. D =eing *ner the in!l*ence o! alcohol- an( illicit r*g- or an( other min-
altering s*bstance shall not be a e!ense *ner this Act.
Sec. "?. Custody of children. D The woman )ictim o! )iolence shall be entitle to the c*sto( an
s*++ort o! her chil:chilren. Chilren below se)en 3;4 (ears ol oler b*t with mental or +h(sical
isabilities shall a*tomaticall( be gi)en to the mother- with right to s*++ort- *nless the co*rt !ins
com+elling reasons to orer otherwise.
A )ictim who is s*!!ering !rom battere woman s(nrome shall not be is>*ali!ie !rom ha)ing c*sto(
o! her chilren. In no case shall c*sto( o! minor chilren be gi)en to the +er+etrator o! a woman who
is s*!!ering !rom =attere woman s(nrome.
Sec. "B. Duties of Prosecutors/Court Personnel. D 'rosec*tors an co*rt +ersonnel sho*l obser)e the
!ollowing *ties when ealing with )ictims *ner this Act6
1. comm*nicate with the )ictim in a lang*age *nerstoo b( the woman or her chil7 an
". in!orm the )ictim o! her:his rights incl*ing legal remeies a)ailable an +roce*re- an
+ri)ileges !or inigent litigants.
Sec. 2#. Duties of Barangay 'fficials and 6aw 4nforcers. D =aranga( o!!icials an law en!orcers shall
ha)e the !ollowing *ties6
1. res+on immeiatel( to a call !or hel+ or re>*est !or assistance or +rotection
o! the )ictim b( entering the necessar( whether or not a +rotection orer has
been iss*e an ens*re the sa!et( o! the )ictim:s7
". con!iscate an( eal( wea+on in the +ossession o! the +er+etrator or within
+lain )iew7
2. trans+ort or escort the )ictim:s to a sa!e +lace o! their choice or to a clinic or
$. assist the )ictim in remo)ing +ersonal belongs !rom the ho*se7
A. assist the baranga( o!!icials an other go)ernment o!!icers an em+lo(ees
who res+on to a call !or hel+7
@. ens*re the en!orcement o! the 'rotection Orers iss*e b( thePunong
Barangy or the co*rts7
;. arrest the s*s+ecte +er+etrator wiitho*t a warrant when an( o! the acts o!
)iolence e!ine b( this Act is occ*rring- or when he:she has +ersonal knowlege
that an( act o! ab*se has 8*st been committe- an there is imminent anger to
the li!e or limb o! the )ictim as e!ine in this Act7 an
?. immeiatel( re+ort the call !or assessment or assistance o! the &SW&- social
Wel!are &e+artment o! EC/s or accreite non-go)ernment organi,ations
An( baranga( o!!icial or law en!orcer who !ails to re+ort the incient shall be liable !or a !ine not
e.ceeing Ten Tho*san 'esos 3'1#-###.##4 or whene)er a++licable criminal- ci)il or aministrati)e
Sec. 21. Healthcare Provider Response to 5buse D An( healthcare +ro)ier- incl*ing- b*t not limite
to- an attening +h(sician- n*rse- clinician- baranga( health worker- thera+ist or co*nselor who
s*s+ects ab*se or has been in!orme b( the )ictim o! )iolence shall6
1. +ro+erl( oc*ment an( o! the )ictim9s +h(sical- emotional or +s(chological
". +ro+erl( recor an( o! )ictim9s s*s+icions- obser)ations an circ*mstances o!
the e.amination or )isit7
2. a*tomaticall( +ro)ie the )ictim !ree o! charge a meical certi!icate
concerning the e.amination or )isit7
$. sa!eg*ar the recors an make them a)ailable to the )ictim *+on re>*est at
act*al cost7 an
A. +ro)ie the )ictim immeiate an ae>*ate notice o! rights an remeies
+ro)ie *ner this Act- an ser)ices a)ailable to them.
Sec. 2". Duties of 'ther 8overnment 5gencies and 689s D Other go)ernment agencies an EC/s shall
establish +rograms s*ch as- b*t not limite to- e*cation an in!ormation cam+aign an seminars or
s(m+osia on the nat*re- ca*ses- incience an conse>*ences o! s*ch )iolence +artic*larl( towars
e*cating the +*blic on its social im+acts.
It shall be the *t( o! the concerne go)ernment agencies an EC/9s to ens*re the s*staine
e*cation an training o! their o!!icers an +ersonnel on the +re)ention o! )iolence against women an
their chilren *ner the Act.
SEC. 22. Prohibited 5cts - A Punong Barangay" Barangay /agawad or the co*rt hearing an a++lication
!or a +rotection orer shall not orer- irect- !orce or in an( wa( *n*l( in!l*ence he a++licant !or a
+rotection orer to com+romise or abanon an( o! the relie!s so*ght in the a++lication !or +rotection
*ner this Act. Section ; o! the <amil( Co*rts Act o! 1BB; an Sections $1#- $11- $1" an $12 o! the
Eocal Co)ernment Coe o! 1BB1 shall not a++l( in +roceeings where relie! is so*ght *ner this Act.
<ail*re to com+l( with this Section shall rener the o!!icial or 8*ge aministrati)el( liable.
SEC 2$. Persons ,ntervening 4.empt from 6iability - In e)er( case o! )iolence against women an
their chilren as herein e!ine- an( +erson- +ri)ate ini)i*al or +olice a*thorit( or baranga( o!!icial
who- acting in accorance with law- res+ons or inter)enes witho*t *sing )iolence or restraint greater
than necessar( to ens*re the sa!et( o! the )ictim- shall not be liable !or an( criminal- ci)il or
aministrati)e liabilit( res*lting there!rom.
SEC. 2A. Rights of 7ictims - In aition to their rights *ner e.isting laws- )ictims o! )iolence against
women an their chilren shall ha)e the !ollowing rights6
1. to be treate with res+ect an ignit(7
". to a)ail o! legal assistance !orm the 'AO o! the &e+artment o! G*stice 3&OG4 or an( +*blic
legal assistance o!!ice7
2. To be entitle to s*++ort ser)ices !orm the &SW& an EC/s9
$. To be entitle to all legal remeies an s*++ort as +ro)ie !or *ner the <amil( Coe7
A. To be in!orme o! their rights an the ser)ices a)ailable to them incl*ing their right to
a++l( !or a +rotection orer.
SEC. 2@. Damages - An( )ictim o! )iolence *ner this Act shall be entitle to act*al- com+ensator(-
moral an e.em+lar( amages.
SEC. 2;. Hold Departure 'rder - The co*rt shall e.+eite the +rocess o! iss*ance o! a hol e+art*re
orer in cases +rosec*te *ner this Act.
SEC. 2?. 4.emption from Payment of Doc2et $ee and 'ther 4.penses - I! the )ictim is an inigent or
there is an immeiate necessit( *e to imminent anger or threat o! anger to act on an a++lication
!or a +rotection orer- the co*rt shall acce+t the a++lication witho*t +a(ment o! the !iling !ee an other
!ees an o! transcri+t o! stenogra+hic notes.
SEC. 2B. ,nter15gency Council on 7iolence 5gainst *omen and 0heir Children (,5C175*C) In
+*rs*ance o! the abo)ementione +olic(- there is hereb( establishe an Inter-Agenc( Co*ncil on
Violence Against Women an their chilren- hereina!ter known as the Co*ncil- which shall be
com+ose o! the !ollowing agencies6
1. &e+artment o! Social Wel!are an &e)elo+ment 3&SW&47
". National Commission on the 1ole o! <ili+ino Women 3NC1<W47
2. Ci)il Ser)ice Commission 3CSC47
$. Co*ncil !or the Wel!are o! Chilren 3CWC47
A. &e+artment o! G*stice 3&OG47
@. &e+artment o! the Interior an Eocal Co)ernment 3&IEC47
;. 'hili++ine National 'olice 3'N'47
?. &e+artment o! 0ealth 3&O047
B. &e+artment o! E*cation 3&e+E47
1#. &e+artment o! Eabor an Em+lo(ment 3&OEE47 an
11. National =*rea* o! In)estigation 3N=I4.
These agencies are taske to !orm*late +rograms an +ro8ects to eliminate VAW base on their
manates as well as e)elo+ ca+abilit( +rograms !or their em+lo(ees to become more sensiti)e to the
nees o! their clients. The Co*ncil will also ser)e as the monitoring bo( as regars to VAW initiati)es.
The Co*ncil members ma( esignate their *l( a*thori,e re+resentati)e who shall ha)e a rank not
lower than an assistant secretar( or its e>*i)alent. These re+resentati)es shall atten Co*ncil
meetings in their behal!- an shall recei)e emol*ments as ma( be etermine b( the Co*ncil in
accorance with e.isting b*get an acco*nting r*les an reg*lations.
SEC. $#. +andatory Programs and Services for 7ictims - The &SW&- an EC/9s shall +ro)ie the
)ictims tem+orar( shelters- +ro)ie co*nseling- +s(cho-social ser)ices an :or- reco)er(- rehabilitation
+rograms an li)elihoo assistance.
The &O0 shall +ro)ie meical assistance to )ictims.
SEC. $1. Counseling and 0reatment of 'ffenders - The &SW& shall +ro)ie rehabilitati)e co*nseling
an treatment to +er+etrators towars learning constr*cti)e wa(s o! co+ing with anger an emotional
o*tb*rsts an re!orming their wa(s. When necessar(- the o!!ener shall be orere b( the Co*rt to
s*bmit to +s(chiatric treatment or con!inement.
SEC. $". 0raining of Persons ,nvolved in Responding to 7iolence 5gainst *omen and their Children
Cases - All agencies in)ol)e in res+oning to )iolence against women an their chilren cases shall
be re>*ire to *nergo e*cation an training to ac>*aint them with6
1. the nat*re- e.ten an ca*ses o! )iolence against women an their chilren7
". the legal rights o!- an remeies a)ailable to- )ictims o! )iolence against women an their
2. the ser)ices an !acilities a)ailable to )ictims or s*r)i)ors7
$. the legal *ties im+ose on +olice o!!icers to make arrest an to o!!er +rotection an
assistance7 an
A. techni>*es !or hanling incients o! )iolence against women an their chilren that
minimi,e the likelihoo o! in8*r( to the o!!icer an +romote the sa!et( o! the )ictim or
The 'N'- in coorination with EC/9s shall establish an e*cation an training +rogram !or +olice
o!!icers an baranga( o!!icials to enable them to +ro+erl( hanle cases o! )iolence against women an
their chilren.
SEC. $2. 4ntitled to 6eave - Victims *ner this Act shall be entitle to take a +ai lea)e o! absence *+
to ten 31#4 a(s in aition to other +ai lea)es *ner the Eabor Coe an Ci)il Ser)ice 1*les an
1eg*lations- e.tenible when the necessit( arises as s+eci!ie in the +rotection orer.
An( em+lo(er who shall +re8*ice the right o! the +erson *ner this section shall be +enali,e in
accorance with the +ro)isions o! the Eabor Coe an Ci)il Ser)ice 1*les an 1eg*lations. Eikewise- an
em+lo(er who shall +re8*ice an( +erson !or assisting a co-em+lo(ee who is a )ictim *ner this Act
shall likewise be liable !or iscrimination.
SEC. $$. Confidentiality - All recors +ertaining to cases o! )iolence against women an their chilren
incl*ing those in the baranga( shall be con!iential an all +*blic o!!icers an em+lo(ees an +*blic
or +ri)ate clinics to hos+itals shall res+ect the right to +ri)ac( o! the )ictim. Whoe)er +*blishes or
ca*ses to be +*blishe- in an( !ormat- the name- aress- tele+hone n*mber- school- b*siness
aress- em+lo(er- or other ienti!(ing in!ormation o! a )ictim or an immeiate !amil( member-
witho*t the latter9s consent- shall be liable to the contem+t +ower o! the co*rt.
An( +erson who )iolates this +ro)ision shall s*!!er the +enalt( o! one 314 (ear im+risonment an a !ine
o! not more than <i)e 0*nre Tho*san +esos 3'A##-###.##4.
SEC. $A. D$unding - The amo*nt necessar( to im+lement the +ro)isions o! this Act shall be incl*e in
the ann*al Ceneral A++ro+riations Act 3CAA4.
The Cener an &e)elo+ment 3CA&4 =*get o! the manate agencies an EC/9s shall be *se to
im+lement ser)ices !or )ictim o! )iolence against women an their chilren.
SEC. $@. ,mplementing Rules and Regulations D Within si. 3@4 months !rom the a++ro)al o! this Act-
the &OG- the NC1<W- the &SW&- the &IEC- the &O0- an the 'N'- an three 324 re+resentati)es !rom
NCOs to be ienti!ie b( the NC1<W- shall +rom*lgate the Im+lementing 1*les an 1eg*lations 3I114
o! this Act.
SEC. $;. Suppletory 5pplication - <or +*r+oses o! this Act- the 1e)ise 'enal Coe an other
a++licable laws- shall ha)e s*++letor( a++lication.
SEC. $?. Separability Clause - I! an( section or +ro)ision o! this Act is hel *nconstit*tional or in)ali-
the other sections or +ro)isions shall not be a!!ecte.
SEC. $B. Repealing Clause - All laws- 'resiential ecrees-*ti)e orers an r*les an reg*lations-
or +arts thereo!- inconsistent with the +ro)isions o! this Act are hereb( re+eale or moi!ie
SEC. A#. 4ffectivity - This Act shall take e!!ect !i!teen 31A4 a(s !rom the ate o! its com+lete
+*blication in at least two 3"4 news+a+ers o! general circ*lation.
S+eaker o! the 0o*se O! the 1e+resentati)es 'resient o! the Senate
This Act- which is a consoliation o! Senate =ill No. ";"2 an 0o*se =ill Nos. AA1@ an @#A$- was
!inall( +asse b( the Senate an the 0o*se o! 1e+resentati)es on Gan*ar( "B- "##$ an <ebr*ar( "-
"##$- res+ecti)el(.
Secretar( Ceneral o! the 0o*se o! 1e+resentati)es Secretar( o! the Senate
A++ro)e6 HA1C0 #?- "##$