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What is Clariti?
Reliable and secure web delivered solution
Can be re-branded to match your website or
corporate profle
A wide range of confgurable interactive reports
customers can easily adjust and tailor, to suit
specifc reporting needs
Easy to use graphical interface
Aggregated view of data from multiple sites
Quick and easy to deploy
No capital outlay or infrastructure costs
Subscription based service
Customers have immediate access to energy
usage information and reports 24 hours a day
Leverages existing time interval data
Presents a value-added service to your customers,
which gives your company an obvious point of
Facilitates demand side management
Helps customers meet their environmental
New features released through continual
product development
Clariti is a fully web-based energy information
reporting tool that can be customised and
re-branded to match your website or corporate
profle. Clariti provides your key customers with a
critical insight into their energy usage, delivered
through a range of actionable on-line reports. Your
customers can easily access, navigate and use this
information to better manage energy usage, and
can clearly view when, where and how much energy
has been used.
At a glance your business customers
can use Clariti to:
Compare current energy use against
historical usage
Highlight variances or problem areas and monitor
individual sites for operational efciency
Consider what if scenarios
Compare energy data across multiple sites
Implement energy management strategies
Meet and actively maintain environmental goals
and objectives
Obtain an enterprise view of all metered sites
Monitor and evaluate the efectiveness of
energy saving measures
Provide timely access to the interval data via
exportable formats for in-house analysis
Through leveraging existing time interval metering
data, Clariti makes it easy for you to complement
your core energy ofering by delivering a cost
efective, value-added service to your business
customers. In addition to providing a new revenue
source, Clariti will clearly demonstrate that
your company is innovative, refreshingly responsive,
genuinely customer-service oriented and
environmentally responsible.
A product of Energy Intellect Ltd
Other Report Types Include:
Time of Use (TOU) CO2 Emissions Import/Export Voltage
Baseline Comparison Time Interval (Gas) Usage Variance Tarif
Report Types
Displays energy usage at the selected report
aggregation level
Displays daily energy usage and highlights peaks
over a selected month
Time Interval

For a complete view of CLARITI functionality or a free
no obligation trial contact us:
International P +64 4 801 4700 F +64 4 801 4709

Australia P 1 800 667 994 F +61 7 3890 0651