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Install Google Earth in Ubuntu/Linux Mint/other Ubuntu derivatives (64bit / 32bit)

Install Latest Google Earth in Ubuntu 14!4 "rust#/131! $au%#/13!4 &aring/121! 'uantal/12!4
(re%ise/Linux Mint 16/1)/14/13/and other Ubuntu derivatives (64bit / 32bit)
Google Earth is a virtual globe* +a, and geogra,hi%al in-or+ation ,rogra+ that .as originall#
%alled Earth/ 30 %reated b# 1e#hole* In% It is a -ree a,,li%ation that allo.s users to -l# -ro+
s,a%e to #our neighborhood* sear%h -or s%hools* restaurants* ,ar2s and hotels* get driving dire%tions*
and +u%h +ore Google Earth ,uts a ,lanet3s .orth o- i+ager# and other geogra,hi% in-or+ation
right on #our des2to, 4ith Google Earth Ex,lore* sear%h and dis%over the ,lanet Google Earth lets
#ou -l# to see satellite i+ager#* 30 buildings* 30 trees* terrain* $treet /ie.* ,lanets and
+u%h +ore
google earth
google earth
google earth
5hangelog o- this version6
"he 7Enable 5ontroller7 o,tion in user ,re-eren%es is no. turned o-- b# de-ault "his ,revents
red dire%tional arro.s -ro+ dis,la#ing as a result o- un%alibrated 8o#sti%2s and other %ontrollers
being %onne%ted to Earth at startu,
9or enhan%ed se%urit#* 7Use :""($ -or Google %onne%tions7 is no. toggled on b# de-ault
9ixed a bug .hereb# the %a%he si;e rose above user<s,e%i-ied li+its
9ixed a %rash resulting -ro+ sear%hing on so+e 4indo.s +a%hines
U,dated the LE=( =(I to version 1!>
&edu%ed LE=( %ontroller sensitivit# to user hand +otions "his enables a s+oother -light and
greater %ontrol over #our -light ,ath .hen using a LE=(
I+ager# no longer sta#s blurr# u,on ;oo+ing in .hen the %a%he is -ull
5ertain ?/I0I= %ards* notabl# the Ge9or%e 66!!* 6>!! and @A)!* no longer su--er %orru,ted text
or navigation %ontrols in 0ire%tB +ode
9ont and tilt settings no. sti%2 bet.een sessions
"o install latest Google Earth in Ubuntu/Linux Mint o,en "er+inal ((ress 5trlC=ltC") and %o,# the %o++ands in the "er+inal6
DD 9or 32bit (=ll Ubuntu/Linux Mint versions/derivatives)
"er+inal 5o++ands6
.get <E google<earth32deb htt,6//dlgoogle%o+/dl/earth/%lient/%urrent/google<earth<
sudo d,2g <i google<earth32deb
sudo a,t<get <- installG r+ google<earth32deb
U,dated Method6 DD 9or 64bit (Ubuntu 14!4/131!/Linux Mint 16/related Ubuntu derivatives)*
=lternative +ethod
"er+inal 5o++ands6
sudo a,t<get install lib%6<i3>6 libglib2!<!6i3>6 libs+66i3>6 libglu1<+esa6i3>6 libgl1<+esa<
glx6i3>6 libxext66i3>6 libxrender16i3>6 libx11<66i3>6 lib-ont%on-ig16i3>6 lsb<%ore
.get <E google<earth64deb htt,6//dlgoogle%o+/dl/earth/%lient/%urrent/google<earth<
sudo d,2g <i google<earth64deb
r+ google<earth64deb
DD 9or 64bit (Ubuntu 13!4/121!/12!4/Linux Mint 1)/14/13/,revious)
"er+inal 5o++ands6
.get <E google<earth64deb htt,6//dlgoogle%o+/dl/earth/%lient/%urrent/google<earth<
sudo d,2g <i google<earth64deb
sudo a,t<get <- installG r+ google<earth64deb
I- #ou see Ugl# -onts in Google Earth then install M$tt5ore9onts .ith %o++and6
"er+inal 5o++and6
sudo a,t<get install +stt%ore-onts
DD =lternative +ethod 9or 64bit (Ubuntu 14!4/131!)
"er+inal 5o++ands6
sudo a,t<get install lib%66i3>6 lsb<%ore
.get <E google<earth64deb htt,6//drivenoobslab%o+/data/a,,s/google<earth/google<
sudo d,2g <i google<earth64deb
r+ google<earth64deb
U,date6 I u,dated %o++ands -or Ubuntu 14!4/131! (64bit)* that +ethod .ill .or2
"hat3s it