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NO. Word Part of

ses in Sentences
1. Avalanches Noun Description! A sudden
appearance of an
overwhelming number of
An HIV diagnosis can unleash an
a"a#anche of emotions: fear,
rage, guilt or despair could
appear singly or together.
. !aya" Noun Description! A small canoe
consisting of a light frame
made watertight with
animal s"ins
I am interested in $aya%
e#peditions along the coast of
southern chile or big wave
surfing around the world.
$. %oulder Noun Synonyms! &oc", stone.
Description! A large
smooth mass of roc"
detached from its
place of origin
I used to play hide and see" at a
&o'#der on the hillside when I
was a child.
'. (robing Ad)ective Synonyms! In*uisitory,
Description! +iligent and
thorough in in*uiry or
,he +etectives *uestioned the
thief for hours, pro&in( for any
inconsistencies in his story.
-. .phere Noun Synonyms!
Description! A particular
environment or wal" of life
,he political sphere e#changes
with other countries, particularly
in cultural, scientific and
economic spheres
/. .trutted Verb Synonyms! ,ittupped,
ruffled, pranced.
Description! ,o wal" with
,he boys str'tted around trying
to get the attention of a group of
girls who were nearby.
a lofty proud gait, often in
an attempt to impress others
0. &earing Verb Synonyms! (arenting,
raising, nurturing
Description! (rovide for
and care for during
.ome women ma"e a deliberate
choice to rear a child alone after
1. +abble Verb Synonyms! (addle, splash
Description! (lay in or as if
in water,
2y little brother da&&#ed his
feet in the river when my parents
were go fishing.
3. .couting Verb Synonyms! &econnoitring,
Description! 4#plore, often
with the goal of finding
something or somebody
,hey were immediately
confronted with an order from
5ommander 6ong"oo" to sco't
the %ritish camp.
17. ,oppled Verb Synonyms! ,umbled
Description! 8all down,
as if collapsing
,he tower of the 9orld ,rade
5enter topp#ed after the plane hit
11. +ensely Adverb Synonyms! ,hic"ly
Description! In a
concentrated manner.
:ld houses are often so dense#y
pac"ed that perhaps three or four
have to be demolished for every
new one built.
1. Insulating Verb Synonyms! Isolating
Description! (rotect from
heat, cold, or noise by
surrounding with
insulating material.
9e had my brother;s bedroom
ins'#ated before winter came.
1$. (ly Verb Synonyms! &un , travel
Description! ,ravel a route
.hips p#y the waters near the
coast that is very roc"y every
1'. %uoyant Ad)ective Synonyms! 8loaty
Description! ,ending to
,he weever fish does not have a
swim bladder, the device used by
float on a li*uid or rise in air
or gas.
most bony fish to "eep &'oyant.
1-. ."imming Verb Synonyms! ."imming over,
Description! ,ravel on the
surface of water. 2ove or
pass swiftly and lightly over
the surface of.
,he duc"s are s%immin( over
the river where I used to play
with my friends.
1/. .wells Noun Synonyms! 5restless wave
Description! ,he
undulating movement of the
surface of the open sea
,he boat was *uite small and, in
the moderate s)e##, viewing
conditions were often e#tremely
10. 2ended Verb Synonyms! 8i#ed, healed,
furbished up, touched on.
Description! &estore by
replacing a part or
putting together what is torn
or bro"en. <et healthy
2y dad has left my watch that
was bro"en by my little brother
at the )eweller=s to be mended.
11. Abound Verb Synonyms! (lentiful,
Description! %e abundant>
e#ist in large *uantities
,he east coast a&o'nds in good
farming land
13. 5hurned Verb Synonyms! &oiled.
Description! ,o move with
or produce great agitation
,he sea was ch'rnin( in the
7. Apparent Ad)ective Synonyms! 4vident, (lain,
Description! 5learly
revealed to the mind or the
senses or )udgment
,he effects of the drought are
apparent to anyone who sees the
parched fields.
1. +eclines Noun Synonyms! +iminution,
declination, descent.
Antonyms! Improvement,
Description! 5hange
toward something smaller or
lower. A condition inferior
to an earlier condition> a
gradual falling off from a
better state
,he saddest fact is that human
activities are bringing an ever?
increasing dec#ine in the number
of animal species.