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A very good morning I bid to Sir Ashari and my fellow classmates.

Do you ever think that

you have the ability to pick up someones life in just one single click? There is no such thing in
this world because we are all the same, the creatures. God is the one and only who have the
power to give and take someones life. I believe all of you might be wondering what kind of topic
I would like to talk about. Have you ever heard word of Euthanasia? This one single word is the
all thing I am going to talk today. Euthanasia is one of the social issues which had made all
people around the world talk about it.
Before I go much further, let us do some friendly introduction what is Euthanasia. The
word Euthanasia is came from Greek word which is refer to the practice of intentionally ending a
life in order to be relieved from pain and suffering. It was first enunciated by a historian
Suetonius who stated that Euthanasia is a painless inducement of a quick death. Meanwhile,
Francis Bacon define Euthanasia as an easy, painless, happy death, where the responsibility to
take away the persons life lies on the physician. In a simple way, Euthanasia refers to the
practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering. By definition,
euthanasia is illegal and immoral.
Basically, there are five types of Euthanasia which are passive euthanasia, active
euthanasia, voluntary euthanasia, non-voluntary euthanasia and omission. First and foremost,
passive euthanasia is the withholding of respirators and other life-sustaining equipment,
procedures, or treatment and is not typically objected to by law or most religions. While active
euthanasia is intentionally causing the death of another person through specific actions.
Meanwhile voluntary euthanasia occurs when an individual has chosen and requested for his or
her life to be ended. Non-voluntary euthanasia is when it has not been requested or consented
to. Lastly is omission, which is the intentional causation of death by not providing the care
necessary to sustain life.
Nowadays, euthanasia has become the massive debatable topic. Some vote for
euthanasia and vice versa. Each of us has our own opinion it is depend on us which path we
prefer whether to support of oppose. Today, I will point out two main points each for pros and
cons. I am not going to make a controversy but the fact that is I want to make all of us thinking
out of the box regarding this issue as it has come out as global issues.
For the pro-euthanasia side, they claimed that Euthanasia is something good because
by commit euthanasia someones unbearable pain can be taking away permanently. This is
because the stand by the fact that everyone is going to die. So, everyone should have the same
degree of control in choosing the circumstances surrounding their death as they do in choosing
the manner in which they live. Besides, it also can relieve some of the guilt and shame they may
be feeling towards the person who took care of them.
Furthermore, there shall be no elements of coercion in our life. This statement makes
them feel that they have the right to do so. There will be no such reason to force a person to live
without ability to breath, eat, and think for themselves. Besides, there is no guarantee that a
person will recover from his disease after so long bear with it.
Apart from that, anti-euthanasia claimed that euthanasia is morally and ethically wrong.
It is because act of euthanasia contradicts with our norms. United Nation Declaration of Human
Rights clearly emphasize that everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
Furthermore, the act of euthanasia was fully forbidden in all religion whether Islam, Christianity
and also Buddhism. This is because life is precious and valuable gift from God which only god
can take it from us and also as it against human rights.
On the other hand, the act of euthanasia will devalue of human life. This is because, just
because of one act euthanasia, it will give a warm welcome to another act in the future time.
This is because once the door of euthanasia is open, it becomes increasingly easier for ethics
and law to be edited, changed or even repealed. Consequently, this will make a huge loop holes
in human rights defence.
I believe that today you have gained new knowledge regarding social issues which is
Euthanasia. This act was illegal in Malaysia but there are many people nowadays want this kind
of act to be implemented in Malaysia. In my humble opinion, this kind of act should be banned
throughout the world as it contradicts to our social norm and also our religious upbringing. Also,
each government of the state should make a meticulous decision when it comes to implemented
it. I can say that Euthanasia is evil because it takes away the innocent people life. That is all
from me. Thank you for your attention.