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Ref - LCNP-EN31-PUB-LET-RFL-00005

5 September 2014

Dear Resident

Platform works at West Hampstead London Overground station

Further to our previous letters regarding works at West Hampstead London Overground
station, I would like to update you on progress and how the next phase of works will be
carried out.

Since we commenced our main construction work in June we have successfully removed
over six hundred tonnes of earth from the rear of the platforms, and have installed around
thirty metres of steel sheet piles that will support the embankment behind Platform 2. This
section of the retaining structure will be completed this weekend. Future construction works
will continue with more sheet piles to be installed along the length of Platform 2, and the
construction of new platform extensions in preparation for the introduction of 5 car train
services next year.

There has been a short break in our weekend works over the last month and I want to advise
you that we will be restarting weekend works on Sunday 7
September, and will continue
until the end of December 2014.

As the worksites are adjacent to the live railway, we will need to carry out the majority of
work on Sundays while train services are not running and power to the railway is switched
off. Work will start early in the morning and continue throughout the day (i.e. approximately
00:30-20:00). We will not be working every Sunday; however there will be periods when
work takes place over consecutive weekends during the construction period mentioned
above. Subject to local authority approval there may be occasions where we need to carry
out works at night Monday – Saturday between 01:00 – 05:45 while passenger services
are not running and power to the railway is switched off. This is to ensure the safety of our
site team.

The remainder of the platform works will be carried out from Monday – Saturday on an
intermittent basis until the end of December 2014. Working hours are from 08:00 –
18:00 (with an hour either side of these times to set up and close down the site).

All staff will be reminded to be considerate to those living nearby and every effort will be
made to keep disturbance to a minimum. Noise monitoring equipment will also be used to
ensure we stay within the levels agreed with the local authority.

Impact on London Overground services
The ongoing platform extension works across the network will result in either no, or only
a partial, London Overground service between Richmond and Camden Road on some
Sundays in the coming months. Information is provided on posters at stations, on Twitter
@LDNOverground or on the TfL website at

The first longer trains will be introduced on the Highbury & Islington to New Cross/Crystal
Palace/West Croydon/Clapham Junction routes from the end of the year, followed by the
Richmond/Clapham Junction to Stratford route by the end of 2015.

If you have any questions about the construction programme you can contact us at (please quote Overground capacity) or for urgent queries you can call the
24 hour Community Relations Helpline on 0343 222 7878. Information is also on the TfL
website at We will contact you again to update you as
our works progress.

Please accept my apologies for any disruption you experience and thank you in advance for
your patience during these important improvements.

Yours faithfully

Rob Kirby
Project Manager